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Really enjoyed this one - a great buddy book which would easily translate to the big screen. Very funny with some very witty dialogue. The 2 central characters were excellent and worked so well together. Throw in the FBI, motor cycle gangs, Greek mafia and boys from 'the hood' and you have a great story.
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There was a LOT going on with this book. A lot of characters, a lot of different plots and it all seemed to happen really quickly; it felt like reading a trilogy in just one book. I didn't 'get' the motivations of a lot of the characters.
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This was a fun novel that kept me entertained.   I loved how different this story was!  And the two anti-heroes had you really rooting for them!  I could totally see this being a movie.
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What an action filled story! It is well written and well developed with interesting characters. The story line is engaging.
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What happens when two down on their luck small-time crooks get in way over their head? The Last Getaway by Clay Savage explores that possibility. 

Calvin Russell and Richie Glass were hired to be getaway drivers for two bank robbery crews. Little do both groups know they are hitting the same bank at the same time. During the chaos somehow Calvin and Richie get away with a bag full of rare coins. 

Almost immediately, the two find someone is hunting them for the coins. On the run, they have to figure out how to sell the coins and keep alive. 

Author Clay Savage writes a fun, quick read. Both Calvin and Richie are likable antiheroes. Both are losers who agree to be getaway drivers in hopes of turning their luck around. Yet they have redeeming qualities. 

These are not actual die-hard criminals. They are guys whose life just nudged into a wrong spot. 

As the story goes, there are a few good twists. Points, where all hope is lost yet dumb luck, allow an escape. Other twists involve people changing their allegiances, no spoilers not saying who and at what point. 

Overall I liked this book a lot. A few points of police procedure seemed lazy. But to move the plot forward, it was reasonable to have the officers act as they did. 

Anyone looking for a fun adventure to escape into should pick up The Last Getaway. 

A few review copy was provided via NetGalley for this unbiased review.
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Fast action and well written novel!  Loved the main character.  Funny and entertaining read that has you flipping the pages the pages along because you want to know what is going to happen next!
Excellent read!
Thanks you in an ARC Ocean Pack And press and NetGalley for the advance.
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Excellent psychological thriller!  It moved at a fast pace with twists and turns throughout!  Well-developed characters and plot.  Highly recommend!
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Pretty entertaining light read that feels like a script. Certainly not high art, but if you're seeking a fun story with some high-jinx this may fit the bill. Some good action and characters. 3.5 stars.

I really appreciate the advanced copy for review!!
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A very action filled story that's well written and with very good characters. The complications are very amusing at first, but after a while the stupidity is just too much. But it's good entertainment, never boring.
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Clay Savage has been around movie industry long enough tom pop out a perfectly by the book as it were buddy comedy straight out of the 80s. You know the formula, a mismatched pair from different walks of life, preferably of a different race, united on some sort of quest. Only instead of cops, Savage went with robbers. Although not a high grade pros, more like a couple of amateurs who, due to various dire sets of circumstances) find themselves driving for two different teams of criminals robbing the same bank. Oh, what are the odds. The bank robbery goes bust, the two find themselves on a lam, stuck together, trying to negotiate obstacles, gangsters and an entire bandwagon of variegated circumstances that get in a way of getting away. Mind you, the protagonists’ approach to getting away is something like a crazily navigated course of going from frying pan into the fire, but eventually they’re bound to manage, right? After all, that’s how these things work. The narrative is action driven, lightly humorous and thoroughly entertaining, especially if you’re into that sort of thing. In fact, being only kinda into this sort of thing was enough to have fun with it. The main characters were amicable enough to carry the story, although the family man obviously won out over a degenerate gambler personal appeal wise. Side characters were enjoyable almost uniformly, be it for their basic decency or the garish opposite of that. All in all, a perfectly nice, reasonably diverting quick read with a throwback appeal. The kind of book that really wants to be a movie. Thanks Netgalley.
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4.5 stars. This was a thoroughly entertaining story about a bank heist gone very, very wrong. The two main characters (Richie and Calvin) are flawed anti-heroes who you’ll end up rooting for. 

Richie is a gambling addict who has been on the losing streak to beat all loosing streaks. Calvin is a husband and father who chooses to work for a gang of thieves in the hopes of bettering his family’s financial situation. 

Before the book ends, there are double and triple crosses, angry drug dealers, psychotic bikers, repugnant racists, lots of injuries and deaths, the FBI, and much more. The author also chose to insert some almost realistic consequences, which was a nice and much appreciated deviation from most similar books/movies. 

This book will definitely appeal to people who like Reservoir Dogs and The Departed. It’s a high octane adventure that will probably be classified as something men will enjoy, but as a woman, I also loved this crime/action story. 

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an ARC. This review contains my honest, unbiased opinion.
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Lovely feel good story. It was well written and flowed well. Easy to read and hard to put down. Perfect on these summer nights
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