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This is a delightful (and accessible) book about a mother who is craving more out of life (which is entirely relatable!). The routine of lurching from one socially acceptable crutch (Wine Wednesday - we have it in this house too) to another (Fizzy Friday) is relatable. I laughed out loud more than once (embarrassing on the train, to be honest...).
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This really is laugh out loud, there is a story to it too, with wanting to know whether Hannah will finish her book and get it published, and if she will find another job. Hannah's life is so typical of any mum of teenagers that it is so easy to identify with. The hamster/rat part had me really laughing. Such a fun book, and a good read.  #netgalley #morethanjustmum
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Cute chick lit and a quick read.

Hannah is 43, wife, mother of 3 and part time teacher and pretty fed up of her day to day life. She wants to be be ‘More than just mum’, but isn’t quite sure how to go about that.

Hannah is quite funny, but not hilarious in my eyes. Nevertheless, it was a fun read and I rushed through it and enjoyed also seeing how she and her husband Nick interacted with their kids.
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The pace of this book was honestly breath-taking. Hannah is a part-time English teacher, a mother of three and a wife of Nick. Her days are filled with children, work, friends and worries about her oldest son Dylan leaving home for university and how to make ends meet. The children are a handful. Especially Scarlet, who would like to add another t to her name.
So Hannah, who is only working three days a week, decides to write an erotic novel inspired by The Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. She has always wanted to write a novel but then life happened. And this being a humorous book everything does not go as smoothly as intended.
I liked the characters. They all felt like real people. Scarlet is my favorite with her snarky comments. The ending came too quickly. There are loads of things I would love to know. Maybe there will be a sequel?
Thank you NetGalley and One More Chapter for a copy of this book
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As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

More Than Just Mum was such a pleasant surprise in terms of my end of the year reading. I've been having more misses than hits as I tackle my backlist, and I am so glad my luck has finally looked up. Due in part to its sheer hilarity (seriously, I was snorting in laughter at different points and I am proud that I didn't choke on something whilst doing so because Rebecca Smith kept the funny coming) and its likable charm, and the connection readers are able to form with its writing, More Than Just Mum has got to be one of my favourite novels of this last month.

At first glance, I wasn't expecting this to be more than a fun and fluffy romp of a novel. I love being smacked down a peg when it comes to assumptions, and judging books by its cover, because this was (ahem) more than just a quick read. Not only did Smith incorporate many stunning and light qualities within More Than Just Mum, it felt very much so like truth of life reflecting back to us.

Some of the best pieces of fiction are those that are able to bend into something that is equal parts real and unreal. Something that is equally escapism or a way to connect with something you've felt. More Than Just Mum will bring joy to its readers and many mothers will be quick to spy parts of themselves, or their lives, in our leading lady, Hannah.

I found the novel itself to be a great balance of honesty and humor; of family and work, and much more. There's a little something for everyone in More Than Just Mum that will keep you in place for the day. Side effects may include adoring these characters and breezing through the novel. When I finished, I sat back for a minute and was a little disappointed with how quickly I finished it.

The only (!!!!!!!!!) downside to More Than Just Mum is that I felt some things were left a bit unanswered. Or, at least, when it comes to my personal preference, I wanted just a little more to wrap things up. (This could be just me being greedy. I was an only child, after all.) Beyond that, I can't say enough good things about this novel and it left me feeling bubbly!
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Hilarious at every turn and relatable in so many ways, MORE THAN JUST MUM by Rebecca Smith is the must-read book for every mother out there who just feels like they can never get it right.

Hannah Thompson is a wife,  a mum, and a part-time teacher so life is pretty busy. Scrap that, life is crazy and Hannah is fed up with everyone dropping the ball and expecting her to have all the answers. With so many balls in the air, it is natural to drop one every now again but Hannah feels like she has lost them and hasn't a clue where they are hiding. She adores her kids but sometimes they drive her crazy, and then at work, she has to deal with other people's little terrors, and while her husband is caring, she could do with a little more of something from him to help her keep her sanity. And as usual, they need more money - a lot more money. So Hannah has decided it is time to make a change. She has ambitions, she has dreams, and she is determined to make her family realise that she isn't just 'mum' but her own person too, and it's about time they sat up and took notice. 

MORE THAN JUST MUM by Rebecca Smith will make you shake with laughter and sympathise with the craziness that is life and is sure to please all fans of humorous fiction everywhere. The characters are realistic and while there are plenty of mishaps, drama, and misunderstandings, you never lose sight of the fact that they are a family who love each other no matter what. I wasn't sure what to expect with this novel but I really enjoyed it and I look forward to more from Rebecca Smith.
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5 stars! This book was fantastic and just what I needed at the moment. As a mum of 2 boys I could completely relate to the main character and the story was hilarious. I love discovering new authors and can’t wait to read more from this author! 

Thanks kindly to Netgalley, author and publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Hannah Thompson is a mum of three, a wife to Nick and recently appointed part time English teacher after cut backs in the Biology department.
With the job at risk, Hannah decides that maybe teaching isn’t for her and starts to explore her options. After a recommendation from friend Cassie, Hannah reads the famous Fifty Shades and after a few glasses of wine decides that she could write something far better.
Hannah Thompson is no longer just mum but future erotic fiction writer.

I really liked this novel but I didn’t love it. At some points I felt the book centred more on the novel Hannah was writing, rather than focusing on her being a mum or teacher. I enjoyed the chapters that explored the other characters and would have loved to know more about teenagers Scarlet and Dylan. 

Overall it is a good read and is written with great humour. The author explores Hannah’s character thoroughly and you really get a sense of her multidimensional personality. Although personally I would have liked more exploration of her role as a teacher.
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3.5 stars 
I can easily see myself in this story although I am younger and working but have two children. 
I laugh out loud many times, I felt her struggle in so many moments and I love the kids, each one with their own personality and so reliable. 
But for as great as the writing was, the great mixed of characters and the story overall, I just couldn't get to like Hannah. There's something I just can't put my finger on it but I cannot get her close to my heart. 
I will recommend this book because the story overall is very good and interesting.
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Hannah Thompson loves her family but needs to be more than just mom sometimes, a lot of people will relate well to this book! Hannah is a bit overwhelmed by parenting and trying to make some extra money, so there are a lot of funny things taking place at home. Funny and light read!
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This book was a funny read that was very entertaining!! I had a little trouble getting into it at first but at the 30% mark the story picked up and ended up enjoying it very much! By the 60% mark it had me laugh out loud and I was totally engrossed in the story!

It was relatable but with added unexpected bits. I loved the main characters and couldn’t wait to know what was going to happen next!

I would recommend checking this one out if you’re looking for a fun read! 

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This book really appealed to me as I love humour, rom-coms, chick-lit, etc. Being a mum myself, I can always relate to this type of book, nodding my head in recognition! My child is fully grown now, but it doesn’t take much to transport me back to his teens.

Hannah and her husband have three children and have reached the stage in their lives where the romance is almost non-existent, and they’re more concerned with whose turn it is to put the bins out.

All the characters are totally relatable and true-to-life, and this reads much more like real life than fiction.  There are many laugh-out-loud moments and I found it so hard to put it down; I would’ve liked to have read it all in one sitting but sleep called.

You must read this book. It’s brilliant.

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Impulse for an advance reader copy in return for an honest review.
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I was sent a digital arc copy from Netgalley. 

When I read the synopsis of "More Than a Mum"  I just knew it was meant for me. I can definitely relate to Hannah. Being a mom and feeling lost with myself. 

The story was hilarious and kept my attention. Once the plot picked up, I couldn't put the book down!
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If you are a mother then this is your book. You have to read it! I am a mother and, even if I'm not 43 years old and my baby is just 6 months, I felt this story. It's about every mother who lost her way, who thinks that her babies are more important than herself. They are important but you shouldn't forget about yourself.

The book shows this problem in a funny perspective. The main character, a part-time teacher named Hannah, has 3 children and all she wants is to reinvent herself. Because of the greatest E. L. James and her bestseller trilogy, Hannah big dream is to be a writer of por... I mean erotic books. She will finish her debut novel or she will give up while she's drinking Prosecco?

This was a fun read and I loved the characters. It makes you think at what you really want to do with your life while you're feeding your baby. Thank you NetGalley and One More Chapter for this lovely book.
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I recieved this copy through NetGallery for an honest review.

The cover of this book totally caught my eye. Its height which makes it stand out. The pink and white work well together.

The plot of this sounded funny and relatable.

I dont normally read comedy books but I'm glad I read this one. It's funny, relatable and fast-paced. It kept me gripped from beginning to end
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I’ll tell you now that when you start reading More Than Just Mum, it will seem familiar. You’ve met these characters before, you think. There’s Hannah, the hard working mother, her husband Nick and their three children, dog and hamster. The genre of bored middle aged housewives and their struggles has been overworked, you think. Stop right there. More Than Just Mum, Rebecca Smith’s debut novel, is different. Do not put it down. Please, please, please don’t put it down.

Hannah, the before mentioned hard working mother, worries about her relationship with Nick which has devolved into a “whose turn is it to take the trash out” thing and her children, who are discovering social media, sex and drugs, although the youngest boy is still focussed on his pets. Because Hannah thinks she may lose her job teaching English to rowdy 14 year olds, she decides to write a novel. Inspired by a lunch room discussion of Fifty Shades of Grey, she begins… I wish I could describe to you what comes next but I don’t want to spoil one of the funniest books I have ever read. 

Rebecca Smith has produced a real gem with vivid characters, laugh out loud moments and endearingly touching family scenes. More Than Just Mum is a gift. Enjoy!

Thanks to NetGalley, Harper Impulse and Rebecca Smith for this ARC
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Hannah Thompson is in her forties, married, has three children and is a biology teacher turned into an English teacher to a class nine students more interested in writing on each other's clothes with felt - tip markers than learning about George Orwell. At home, her eldest son Dylan is soon off to University, the middle one, Scarlet, not only bothers her parents about her name all the time (have you noticed the single "t"? Exactly!) but also asks rather suspicious questions about specific crimes and the youngest Benji loses his hamster. Hannah and Nick try to not only to tame this chaos but also desperately need money. As an avid reader, Hannah decides to write a book and channels her inner E.L. James, writing erotica and researching some of the scenes on her husband... Can Hannah make it to Wine Wednesday?

It was probably one of the funniest books out there about motherhood, and what's more, this humour didn't feel forced, no, it run smoothly and naturally and this is what makes the book so brilliant. I loved how the author always found humour, even in the most dull situations but without being patronizing.

Hannah was a great character, and if you're a mother yourself you're so going to completely understand her and relate to her. She was actually my hero, juggling everything that comes her way, but still with her dreams, ambitions and with finding the courage to fight for her dream come true. And she's not alone in all of this, as she is supported by her lovely, though rather clueless husband Nick, who's always ready to help, even if it's about trying new positions from Kamasutra for Hannah's book, and her children who were brilliant and written in a great way, especially Scarlet with one "t", but all three of them were really well developed: Dylan spends a lot of time in his room revising (albeit with his new girlfriend) and the lovely Benji is still the baby of the family, and even though he's the patsy of his siblings, he's still innocent and all he wants to do is play. I loved Hannah's relationship with them, it was so natural and I would love to stay as cool as she was in some of the more burning situations with my daughter. She treated her children also like partners, depending on their age of course, and I could really put myself in her shoes, and my daughter talks also so much, and Hannah had it thrice multiplied. They are dysfunctional, full of flaws but it makes them so true to life and I really wouldn't have wanted them different - they had me in hysterics, honestly. The banter, the interactions between them were not only incredibly funny but felt so natural and real.

The author is such a great story - teller! Her voice is distinctive and funny, and she describes Hannah's life so well, vivid and colourful, with all its ups and downs, but making all the small details of daily live double interesting.

"More Than Just Mum" is an absolutely brilliant read to lighten up your day. And for me this book has ticked all the right boxes: humorous insights into real life, where the sink is full of dishes? Check. Lovely kids that are in turn absolutely charming and the next second whiny and argumentative? Check. Forgetting world Book Day costume? Check. Ordering take - aways because you can't be bothered about cooking? Check. Rebecca Smith has written a book about me, ha - mum, wife, daughter, friend, teacher - how funny that usually all the scrummy mummies are teachers, no? Ladies - we are not ALONE! We all make mistakes, our children will do whatever they want, no matter what we say, we are absolutely not in control but it's not the end of the world! And there is always place for love, friendship and fun. It was a warm, witty and laugh - out - loud story not beating around the bush what it's like to be a mum and that I can't recommend enough!
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A lovely humorous take on the life of a mum of 3 kids with all its bells and whistles. 

My first book by author Rebecca Smith, and I was smiling/laughing my way at the antics of this family. The main character mum Hannah was etched in a detailed manner. Losing her job, becoming a part time English teacher and looking after 3 kids and a husband, she had to find her humor, else go bonkers. Fast. 

I loved the way the author wrote the incidents in Hannah's life. They were the perfect snapshots where I got to see her life. Some of the incidents were so real, not that I am admitting to the disaster with the wax strip. But you know what I mean. And then Hannah decided to write a book. Genre: Erotica... Yes... The research led to some hilarious moments of being made fun by the entire family... Sometimes, some books do remain on kindle. 

Situations in this mum's life were tough, and it was wonderful to see her rising above it and find  solution, at least try to find one. Some battles were not worth fighting/arguing for especially with teens. Every line was written with a honest heart. I loved seeing this mum finding her way out to be more than what she was. 

A sweet humorous read. Definitely worth a look into. One needs laughter in life.
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I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! I laughed from beginning to end. I loved the Thompson family and felt that they were extremely relatable and well developed. I would recommend for those looking for a fun and light read. 

Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins – One More Chapter for providing me with a copy of the book.
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A hilarious but oh so relatable tale of balancing motherhood with life.
Hannah and her husband have three children, and come to the realisation that in order for their eldest child to be able to go to university, their income has to increase. As Hannah is only teaching three days a week on a temporary contract that means she has to come up with a plan for her employment.
And so commences a hilarious venture into EL James's territory whilst placating the awful Miriam and braving the abysmal Year Nine Class C, which is infamous in the school. All this has to be done alongside her wife, mother and daughter duties.
The writing is great - it flows along and you find yourself chortling at scenes and recognizing either yourself, your partner or your kids (& pets!) in various scenes.
The characters are well-written - I especially loved Scarlet (with one 't') - she is sassy and all her various questions regarding the legality of various scenario's really bamboozle Hannah and make both Hannah and the reader wonder what exactly Scarlet is up to. Sadly, this particular story-line is not explored and the reader is left to make up their own mind as to what Scarlet's antics are by using her questions and the comments others make to Hannah about Scarlet.
In the end though, Hannah discovers that there is so much more to herself than "just mum".
Its really a perfect holiday read.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me the chance to read this book.
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