First Time Embroidery and Cross-Stitch

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This book is ideal for anyone new to embroidery. The chapters  on materials and equipment is comprehensive and the detailed explanation of different stitches is brilliantly described in written and photographic form. 

This is a useful  book for a beginner or anyone wanting to extend their stitching knowledge. Perfect reference book for a sewing enthusiast. 

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for my chance to read this fantastic book.
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Go for it if you want to sew with a needle
Linda Wyszynski's book "First Time Embroidery and Cross-Stitch. The Absolute Beginner's Guide - Lear by Doing Step-by-Step Basics and Projects" was published by Quarry Publishing Group - Quarry. After the introduction the book is divided into four sections: 1) Getting started, 2) Creative Embroidery, 3) Crewel, and 4) Cross-Stitch. It also contains a glossary and an index which is very helpful.
In the "Getting Started" section Wyszynski gives a detailed overview over stitching equipment and supplies, fabrics, threads (included is also information about "Blending Threads" and "Conversion Charts"), charts, diagrams, and patterns, transferring patterns and stabilizing fabrics, and stitching basics. The "Creative Embroidery" sections presents a vast array of stitches and how they are done as well as some projects. A similar approach can be found in the "Crewel" and "Cross-Stitching" sections. The book presents great photos and graphics / diagrams. The glossary and index are highly appreciated. It is a very thorough book and can be  a really great guide for beginners. The projects can be reproduced or used as inspiration. It can also be a great gift for those who are interested in embroidery and cross-stitch.
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This the perfect book for any first timer. The instructions have been well written, with pictures to make it easy to follow. The designs are lovely. I feel that a little more on cross stitch would make this book the perfect companion.
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Thank you Netgalley for a review copy of this book.

Having been an avid cross stitcher when I was younger I have been wanting to get back into it but needed something to help me get used to the stitches again. This book was perfect for that.
It has very clear pictures of how to do the stitches and instructions are step by step. The information on equipment needed was great as well.
Although this book has not got many patterns in it it is a good reference book to start any project.
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A perfect little book on the basic stitches for Embroidery, either with thread or yarn. There is also a small section on Cross-stitch as well. Besides the well detailed set of instructions for the stitching, the author also includes a few examples to practice these on.  A great book for a beginning, and even for a novice like me. Highly recommend this book for a reference or easy teaching tool.
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This beginners guide to embroidery and cross stitch is a truly pleasant surprise.

I am an experienced cross stitcher, and so won't be commenting on those sections in particular, though they do appear to cover most of the major points. This is an introductory book, and I am not the intended audience here.

I am however a complete novice who has felt intimidated by Embroidery/Crewel. Every piece of information is relevant, and all easily accessible. Personally I particularly appreciated the details about alternative methods on how to transfer patterns. This book would one which I would happily purchase to keep around as a stitch reference!

I have looked at many books similar to this in the past, selling and recommending titles to others — this will be on the top of my list from now on. The stitch diagrams are so wonderfully clear. There are also excellent photographs of what a stitch should look like as you are in the process of stitching, and as a final result.

A few more sample projects would have been a pleasant addition, and this really is my only major criticism.

[This eARC was given to me via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.]
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This thoughtful, well organized beginner's guide will make any embroidery and/or cross stitch novice comfortable with the tools, materials and instruction for a first time project.  I wish I had had a copy when I made my first attempt!

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this title.
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Such a comprehensive and detailed book. I've never done much embroidery beyond the odd bit of cross stitch and with this book I have been able to create some amazing crafts. 
Might even be able to enter them into the local crafts show!!
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It is amazing to see how many people are teaching themselves embroidery and cross stitch these days. (Cross stitch being one of many embroidery stitches.) Just search Flosstube on Youtube. As much as is available on Youtube and the Internet, you can't beat having everything in one place and spending your time and energy learning this hobby rather than parsing through online research to find instructions that are presented well - and this book does that. You will find tips that would otherwise take time, trial and error to learn or hopefully stumble across them on Internet searches. It is all here in one place. Why waste that time or lose hope in what can be a rewarding lifelong hobby. 

This is an excellent book tailored specifically for beginners although there is useful material for self taught intermediate and long time cross stitchers as well. As someone who learned the craft a-hem lot of decades ago, it is the most comprehensive and high quality reference manual on embroidery I have come across. The crisp layout of the pages is not bogged down with more than the eye needs to focus on, when glancing from one's work in hand back to the book for instruction. Each stitch fills an entire page and a short text description of the stitch is placed next to step by step photographs as well as line drawn stitch steps numbered from start to finish. Outside video, this gives the readers all of the other ways stitch training is offered and the ability to see instructions in both forms helps especially with more advanced stitches. 

Reference material includes descriptions of the full variety of needles used in embroidery and when they are used. I found this useful as I have a few needles that I had questions about before reading this book. Scissors, stitching frames, assorted necessary small tools, fabric, thread, pattern transfer, stabilizing fabric, and how to deal with different kinds of thread are all included. There are so many new fancy threads on the market and the useful tips on handling these and also specialty fabrics is particularly use to more advanced stitchers. The practice projects are simple and doable, yet attractive and the patterns can easily be adjusted to a different medium than those in the book, even by a beginner. 

I give this book a five start review. In my rating system this is “I absolutely loved it! It will stay with me for a long time and/or I would read it again in the future. Highly recommended.”

As a reviewer for NetGalley, I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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I loved this book! I have never embroidered anything before but have seen so many beautiful pictures online and always wanted to try and this is the perfect book to help me get started! It was such a good introduction with things explained very clearly and all the stitched shown in such detail and with great pictures I feel very confident in starting my own project.
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For anyone who is interested in learning embroidery, crewel, and/or cross-stitch, this book is a great choice. With colourful illustrations and step-by-step, clear instructions, the reader is taken through a comprehensive list of what materials are needed and how to do each stitch.  

I liked that there were pictures corresponding to each informational blurb, and I - being a longtime cross-stitcher - even found some helpful tips that I plan on trying.  

My only criticism in an overall good experience was that I was hoping for a few more patterns and projects to try. There were two for each skill, but it would have been helpful to have a few more.  That being said, this book would make a great companion piece to any other pattern book.
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I love doing cross stitching. 
I loved this book because: it was informative, gave tips and yes it is perfect for begginers and these such as myself rookies who just want to learn more. 
Highly recommended book!
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The “Getting Started” portion of this book gives very clear information regarding the tools and materials one will need to take up this craft. The fundamentals of preparing fabric, transferring patterns, and stitching basics are well described and reinforced through helpful photos and diagrams. 

The chapters on “Creative Embroidery” and “Crewel” include extremely good descriptions of a wide variety of stitches with very clear photos and diagrams of each. These are some of the best I have seen, having looked at many such books over the years. 

The chapter on “Cross-Stitch” is the weakest part of this book. While a variety of individual stitches are shown, the chapter does not address a run of stitches or the best way to transfer from one line of stitching to the next, or working with multiple colors of floss where the color on a line of stitching may change a multiple of times. While the projects given for creative embroidery and crewel are practical, the first one given for cross-stitch is not. 

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book from Quarto Publishing Group via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review and received no monetary compensation.
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This is a good beginning introduction to embroidery and cross stitch that is simple to follow. The embroidery stitches can be a bit hard to remember, and the book illustrates them well along with pattern ideas to use them. I wasn't a giant fan of some of the ideas, like a fedora, but the stitch can be applied to anything and the accompanying idea completely discarded. I liked that the steps to complete a stitch were illustrated clearly and labelled with numbers to guide the reader. I read on an ebook arc, but I would suggest using a physical copy to follow the directions since it's a pain to juggle thread and a phone at the same time. 
Again the cross stitch section was pretty bland with patterns, but really good as an introduction to the stitches used. There are basically just flowers to choose from, but the directions are clear and helpful, and good as a reminder of some stitches I forget about. If you already know how to attempt cross stitch and embroidery, this may be very dull for project ideas, but is a great refresher and teacher of stitches.
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Whilst the book states it is for first time embroidery and cross stitchers, it also includes a chapter on something called Crewel.  Plus the Getting Started chapter doesn't explain what the difference is between embroidery, crewel or cross stitch.  As a first timer, I would expect this to be there rather than telling me all the equipment I might need; the first explanation what each method is doesn't come until page 45, 79 and 107 respectively.

In this book you learn 8 cross-stitch stitches, 16 crewel stitches and 21 embroidery stiches, which all come with good colour photography, drawings and steps to show how its achieved. 

Once you have mastered the stitches, included are six simple projects to carry out: Embroidered jacket collar, Embroidered pillow case, Paisleys & pearls pillow, Fedora hat band, Candle band and Journal.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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First Time Embroidery and Cross-Stitch: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide by Linda Wyszynski is currently scheduled for release on September 3 2019. This beginner’s guide teaches everything you need to know about a variety of hand stitching techniques. It is filled with detailed descriptions of materials and tools, the easy step-by-step instructions for classic embroidery, crewel, and cross-stitch will have you creating and embellishing projects like jewelry, journal covers, pillows, fashions, and more with confidence.

First Time Embroidery and Cross-Stitch was a wonderful reminder for me, because I used to do a great deal of needle work but had switched most of my crafting time to crochet- mainly because I can read on my kindle when crocheting and that does not usually work out so well when working with a sharp needle. This has inspired me to get back to it and maybe get through some audio books or my Netflix queue instead of my reading pile once and awhile. I liked getting the refresher course on tools and supplies, and think that newcomers to the craft will get a good understanding of the options- but they might be a little overwhelmed. There are so many options out there that I had never even considered and details I was unaware of that I was eager to try something new, but all that information at once might be too much for someone that has yet to thread their first needle. Beginners might just want to take it in small pieces or read what they are interested in at the moment. I found all of the writing to be very accessible and clear, both in the supply descriptions and the instructions. The pictures and diagrams were helpful and were well placed for optimum usefulness. The handful of designs included were simple and well explained- a nice starter set for beginners. I now how a few personalized pattern ideas running through my head.

First Time Embroidery and Cross-Stitch is a nice stitch guide and a good resource for beginners. I would have liked a few more patterns and a little less about supplies that a beginner is not likely to need, however it offers exactly what the title suggests.
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This book features some cute beginner projects and really easy instructions to finish each one. It will help a new stitcher stay motivated to learn more. A more experienced stitcher can also enjoy these projects, most of which can be wrapped up quite quickly.

Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for the digital ARC.
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Thank you to NetGalley,  the author and publishers for this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

This book would make a welcome addition to any crafter's bookshelf.  There are only a few projects featured but the appeal of this book for me was the variety of stitches showcased.

The intro with equipment needed was informative and helpful

It would make the perfect stocking gift for crafting friends and I think will particularly appeal to crafters looking to try something new.
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Very thorough for the beginner stitcher.  Great description and great visual references.  Highly recommend.
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Thank you, NetGalley for the preview of this eBook.

First Time Embroidery and Cross-Stitch by Linda Wyszynski is a very useful manual/book for anyone interested in embroidery and cross-stitch. The instructions are easy to understand to follow which makes it a good gift to all the beginners out there.
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