Who Did You Tell?

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A brilliant twisty story! Astrid is an alcoholic, she has moved back home to live with her mother as she desperately tries to recover for good, lots of awful things have happened in her past and someone is determined she will pay for her mistakes. 

Brilliantly written and fast paced with a fantastic twist! Loved it!
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Astrid is living with her mother she is a recovering alcoholic trying to get her life back on the straight and narrow .
Astrid is going to AA meetings but Astrid is sure somebody is following her sending her letters and how do they know about her past. Astrid can’t remember things from her past as she had blackouts. She thinks it’s her ex Simon that is following her but how can it be he’s dead.
Plenty of twists & turns
Thanks NetGalley
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Astrid had lost her way during her teenage years. There’s no sob story behind her alcoholism. That was decades back. Now she’s sober for over 180 days. Staying with her mom, Astrid reflects on her life and her mistake. She’s anxious and socially inept. Just the moment she was putting everything back in place things go haywire. She’s being haunted by something or someone sinister. The hopes and changes she brought in life will turn for worse!

Astrid narrates her story and we can see the entire being played from her perspective. She is a recuperating alcoholic so you can hear her thoughts. It’s rare when we hear thoughts from the other side. There aren’t many characters, but all of them have pivotal roles. The story focusses on Astrid, her couple of AA friends and Josh, someone she started seeing.

While the story is captivating, what impressed me most is the character of Astrid. Lesley Kara brought out the depth of the character without many efforts. You can see her fights (mental fights to keep herself away from alcohol).

I’d not say every page is exciting but riveting to keep turning pages. The book is a slow burner but had content that keeps you hooked for more on each page.

The central theme is about guilt, and it has a ripple effect. It also deals with controlling behaviour and alcoholism. The author has touched a sensitive with grace and substance. It is a unique crime fiction book for regular crime fiction fans. 

Thank you, NetGalley and Random House UK, Transworld Publishers for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Fantastic book I love it what a thrilling read I just couldn't put it down I enjoyed it that much I just did not want it to end
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Having thoroughly enjoyed reading Lesley Kara’s debut novel The Rumour I was excited to dive into her latest offering. The words flow so easily making it an incredibly easy read; I literally flew through the pages!
The central theme of this novel is alcohol addiction and how this impacts on not only the alcoholics themselves but family and friends too. Astrid is in recovery, back home living with her mother, basically on her final chance to prove she can stay sober and maybe mend bridges in their troubled relationship. But the past haunts Astrid, ashamed of the person alcohol has turned her into and the guilt she carries over being instrumental in her lover’s death.
The author captures perfectly the daily struggle Astrid and others like her endure to not fall off the wagon. Temptation is everywhere and I felt great empathy for this woman and was willing her every step of the way to not fail. Whilst the reader is made aware that she hasn’t led an exemplary life, you can’t help but admire her grit and determination to not allow alcohol to define her future. So easy for someone not in the throes of addiction to pass judgement but the writing leaves you in no doubt what an uphill battle this is. It’s clear Astrid is trying so hard to redeem herself and attend the AA meetings but the path to sobriety is not smooth and it would appear someone is desperate to make her pay for past misdemeanours.
I think the tension that Astrid is under is palpable with each turn of the page, as too is her very real worry that someone wishes her harm. Or could her mind playing tricks?? Most of the characters in this novel seemed suspicious to me in one way or another making me try and second guess the next scenario but largely failing! The author was always one step ahead so whilst some of my gut instincts proved correct, she cleverly diverted my attention and made me doubt my judgement. With a couple of unexpected twists this novel is enjoyable with an ending that greatly improved my overall opinion of the storyline. 
This is also a novel about grief and how it can make you act out of character as well as the extent to which a mothers love can be tested in the extreme. Fortunately it isn’t all doom and gloom as within these pages is a message offering hope and maybe the possibility of better days to come. 
I don’t think I liked this quite as much as her debut but I would still recommend and happily await her next book.
My thanks as always to the author and publisher and Netgalley for allowing me to read in exchange for an honest review.
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The bestselling author of The Rumour is back with her new psychological thriller, Who Did You Tell? Having set the bar high with her previous book, Lesley Kara had a lot to live up to... and pulled if off with style in this story of alcohol dependency, secrets, lies, mistakes, blame, lack of trust and guilt. 

Astrid is a recovering alcoholic and has returned to her hometown of Flinstead, reluctantly moving back in with her mother, and focusing on her recovery. In the quiet seaside town, far away from the temptations and painful memories of her life before, Astrid is hoping to turn things around, but she is also harbouring a secret - one that she believes nobody knows about.

In this suspenseful mystery novel, Lesley Kara keeps her cards close to her chest. It was wonderfully intense and fascinating from the start. I was really delighted by Lesley Kara’s writing, and just like her first novel, Who Did You Tell is an explosive page turner, as it highlights the psychological aspects of a closely guarded secret that the lead character is desperately trying to move on from, along with the errors she has made.

Told from Astrid’s perspective, I was able to glean enlightenment into this emotionally wrecked character’s life, including her spectacular downfall, difficulties, uphill battles, anxieties, and her abundant moments of despair. I relished that it was left to me to decide whether or not to completely trust Astrid’s judgement or perception as the narrator. I also fully appreciated the author's naked, warts and all approach to the impact of alcohol dependency and its associated problems. It made this a very emotive read. Lesley Kara’s plotting was astute - she keeps the reader locked into the story right the way through this novel made easier by the short and succinct chapter format. There was no long-winded and meandering passages here! The characterisation was very assured, especially in Astrid's case but also the supporting cast. The additional protagonists helped to provide an air of suspense and mystery along with a general sense of the unknown. 

I found this a nervous read, but always with a strong undercurrent of anticipation, along with the unexpected. I didn't guess the ending although I had fun trying, and the finale was fabulous!

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my request, from Random House UK, Transworld Publishing via NetGalley and this review is my own unbiased opinion.
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I enjoyed this book but I felt the outcome was predictable.
3.5 as it is an easy to read book and definitely worth giving it a go.
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I enjoyed the first book by this author. I jumped at the chance to read this one. Alcohol is at the heart of this story. There is also a stalker adding atmosphere and a hint of a new romance. At times this was a harrowing read, as the alcohol again took command. But there was again a theme about the parent and child relationship. This was not always a positive relationship. Many layers to unpack, but it ended on a reasonably happy note. Another book to make you think.
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Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy of Who Did You Tell.

I’m sitting here trying to find the right words to describe this book. I did really annoy it but it was also sad to see what Astrid, a recovering alcoholic, goes through on a daily basis to stay sober. When she starts receiving threatening letters and feels as though she’s being followed, she knows it has to do with her ex boyfriend Simon. She confides in a new friend from AA, Helen, who tries to help her make sense of things. But is she really a friend?? And what about Rosie, another frequent attendee at AA. She asks a lot of questions and kind of creeps Astrid out. Is she being overly paranoid or is there another reason why Rosie is trying to insert herself into Astrid’s life?? Overall, another good book by Lesley Kara. It definitely won’t be the last one I read by her.
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This was a great suspense filled story about Astrid, a recovering alcoholic with a secret filled past. Through AA she meets a couple of other people I’m recovery and tries to stay on the straight and narrow. And then she meets Josh.... and quickly falls in love. This is a story about survival, deceit, and temptation. Lesley Kara is a talented author who keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and constantly wanting more with each turn of the page. Bravo!! 5 stars!!
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I’m finding this a difficult review to write.  I didn’t particularly like or dislike the book, it was a bit “meh”.  I plodded through it hoping it would become a bit more exciting but it just didn’t do much for me.  I’m happy to have been given my ARC and from reading other reviews I will try another of Lesley’s books.
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A really interesting read - a strongly written look into the psyche of an alcoholic. Unfortunately it was possibly just a little too slow for my tastes and I did struggle to keep reading in parts.
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I struggled to finish this book. Although not badly written, it was slow, repetitive and predictable for the most part, with several clumsy twists at the end. And the darkest secret promised by the blurb and mentioned about a thousand times throughout the book? Complete disappointment. A mediocre thriller that failed to thrill.
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Lesley Kara tells a really insightful story about relationships, addiction and guilt. Astrid is struggling with guilt and frustration We get great insight into the mother daughter relationship through Astrid’s (and Simon’s) efforts to break away from parental expectation and rules and live life on your own terms. What makes this so powerful is Astrid’s growing insights into what fuels her contrary behaviours, what triggers she reacts to and how her mum’s attempts to help just feel like judgement and disappointment. The story is gripping. I ended up finishing it in one day as I couldn’t put it down for long. I was gripped by the parallel storylines of alcoholism, relationships and revenge. There were a number of hints which led me to suspect  what was going on but enough red herrings to keep me guessing.  I loved the honesty of the constancy of maternal support  and hearing how all of the good intentions felt to Astrid. The ending was perhaps a little too cliched but that’s very satisfactory for me. Just enough hope with a healthy dose of reality Great read
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This is the story of an alcoholics struggle with recovery whilst she is the target of someone who wants revenge.

I enjoyed the story line and the twists, but for some reason it just didn't quite reach its full potential for me. Astrid, the main character, was not likeable and I found her irritating and sorry for her herself. I think this was why it struggled to reach its potential.

The insight into the process of AA was enlightening, as well as the struggle of recovering alcoholics. The romantic aside was hard to believe and was just too much, too soon for me.
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Another excellent suspense novel from Lesley Kara. Until the very end we don't know what Astrid did, nor who is stalking her. I did suspect the right person, but hadn't worked out why. A mixed cast of characters as we follow Astrid's story. A recovering alcoholic, who's not yet sure she wants to be recovering. She is haunted by events from when she was drinking despite being home with her mum, who is terrified that Astrid will once again relapse. We see Astrid making steps with a new relationship but then she begins to receive anonymous letters, and a feeling of being watched. Who is following her? And whose story is in italics that wants Astrid dead. I truly hadn't worked out the ending and it came as a shock. Reflecting the sadness of life, and different angles of how addiction wrecks lives. #netgalley #whodidyoutell
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Set in the small sleepy town of Flinstead (Same town as The Rumor), the story follows Astrid, a recovering alcoholic who is staying with her mom after a tragic loss and a secret that she is trying very hard to forget. She attends AA meetings in the town, and it's not easy mingling with the others in the group. She feels awkward and uncomfortable and it takes so long to get herself a friend there.

Meanwhile she meets Josh one day at the beach, who is easy going and nothing like her ex-boyfriend. Immediately drawn into him, she decides to help his father with a painting in their gorgeous bungalow. Using her skills and training as a professional set designer, she considers this as a distraction she very much needed!

Things are better, until one day she gets an envelope with the photo of her ex-boyfriend and a sticker of a woman's bloodstained hands in the back of it. Who would have sent her this? What kind of a sick person does something so terrible to haunt another person? Should she be terrified or is it just a nasty prank? But the most important question is, who knows her most darkest secret?

If you'd read Lesley Kara's first book The Rumor, you'd know how brilliant she describes the town of sleepy little Flinstead and it's people. The gloomy yet pretty beach town is the perfect atmosphere for her books and I was very surprised to see it in 'Who did you tell?' as well. I loved reading The Rumor last year and has never found an equivalent book yet. So you must imagine the level of curiosity and excitement I had for her second novel. I got to admit, this book is completely different and not something I expected from the Blurb. Although I totally enjoyed the suspense that was building up right from the page 1 and the narrative adding mystery to the story. I just couldn't put the book down without finding out Astrid's secret because it was kept so much of a mystery and not revealed until very late in the book. That's how good Lesley is when she has to prolong her surprise element without boring her audience! A small town mystery where she makes you suspect every single character you meet, giving them the starry eyes, and walking down the roads with the fear of someone following you! That's why you'll have to pick up her books without a second thought.

Many, many thanks to Alison Barrow from Penguin Random UK for my proof copy. All opinions are solely mine and are no way biased.
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This book will continuously keep you guessing. A whole lot of twists and turns that will keep you turning every page.
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This was a great book, with unexpected twists until the very last page. 

The story is about Astrid, a recovering alcoholic who attends AA and lives with her mother in a small seaside time. 
She is well on the way to 'recovery' although there are demons from her past. 

When her past comes back to haunt her - almost literally it seems to be on the path to destroying all her hard work. 

Te author has successfully combined great characterisation as well as understanding the difficulty of addiction and all the mixed emotions attached to it.
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This book captured my interest from the first page until the last. I had read The Rumour by this author and loved it so, I was keen to read this one, it didn’t disappoint.
It was thrilling and twisty all the way through to the end and I found I just couldn’t stop reading until I had finished it which only took two days.
I love finding new authors and when they are as enjoyable as this was I’m so pleased and hungry for more.
My thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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