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The Body on the Beach

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This was a good police procedural, but did not have much tension.  I was interested in the story, but not on the edge of my seat.  

Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy of the book.
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I really enjoyed this book as the first in a series. The characters were likable and fun to compare and contrast.  This had plenty of action to keep me reading not knowing what to expect next! 
Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This took me a little while to get into.

I felt there were a few too many cliches and at times the writing felt forced however overall the book was a quick, fast paced read (after the initial lull).

Unfortunately the book didnt add anything different to books I have previously read and whilst it is described as the first in the series I dont think I'll be reading more.

Thank you for proving me with an arc.
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Now this one was an excellent read. It honestly surprised me a lot! I’m glad I was able to read it and recommend it to others!
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Quick read, was a little slow and predictable for me. Couldn't connect to the characters and felt the romance was thrown in just to fit the demographic of the readers. 

Thanks to the author, publisher, and #NetGalley for sending me a copy of this book in return for an honest review. #TheBodyOnTheBeach
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So happy to have found a new crime thriller series. 

The bonus is the setting in North Friesland and the islands off the coast. This is a great location and it is to the Island of Amrum that DSI Lena Lorenzen is sent. The investigation is not straight forward. She feels her boss isn’t being completely honest with her; there is more to the case than the suspicious death of the head of a children’s home and it is trickier still for Lena as this is the island she grew up on herself.

This is a clever police procedural where Lena has a number of additional resources to call upon. However, while we do not know why she was chosen to led up this politically sensitive “murder” enquiry we quickly learn she is tenacious, determined and a seeker of justice. The windswept island and the connections to her past and first love give an extra dimension to his story.

I like the novel throughout. Great credit should go to the translator as it was easy to read and flowed naturally. The investigation is difficult but working with a young male officer seconded to her team the facts are presented clearly and unfold logically. It isn’t so much an whodunnit as to the background to the case and why she was sent in the first place. This slightly off centre approach made for an interesting read and the whole plot seemed fresher for the angle the narrative was revealed. 

The author has written further books in this series and I shall look forward to their release into English.
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Whilst this was a solid read, nothing about it screamed particularly original to me. 
I loved the setting of North Germany, as I have read very few books set there so this was a nice change. Unfortunately, I did manage to figure out the whole premise and the murderer at the 40% mark, which was disappointing, but I still enjoyed the remainder of the book. 
It's definitely a slow-burner and not one for those who prefer fast-paced action-filled mysteries.

Overall it was okay, but nothing very special. I don't know whether I'll be picking up the next book in the series yet, but I did particularly enjoy the German setting.
Many thanks to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for sending me a copy of this book in return for an honest review.
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I enjoyed the story, and hearing about the area of Germany when the story was set. I found the story a bit stilted at times, and it didn't flow as well as I would have liked. That said, the story was a good one, and I would probably read the next in the series.
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This was a very good police procedural set in Germany. There are many questions to answer in this investigation and Lena is busy searching for those answers. Great series. 
Many thanks to Amazon Publishing UK and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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This is the first police procedural novel about , DI Lena Lorenzen. The novel is set on a North Fresian Island called Amrum where the body of Hein Bohlen is discovered on the beach. The small island was  DI Lena Lorenzen’s home and she is selected to return and discover if the death was a murder or just natural circumstances. Hein and his wife run a children’s home and right from the start there are hints at the tale that will unfold.
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, the characters were well portrayed and believable. I enjoyed looking up the local refrences to traditional homes and discovering what a ‘beach chair’ looked like. I look forward to reading more in this series.
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The Body on the Beach is the first in Anna Johannsen’s translated “Island series,” but if you are looking for warm tropical sun and those drinks with the little umbrellas in it, you’re thinking the wrong kind of island. Set on one of the North Frisian Islands on the German North Sea coast, this solid police procedural provided me with a glimpse into an area of the world with which I wasn’t familiar ---something I always enjoy. I also enjoyed the strong female protagonist, DI Lena Lorenzen, who I thought was authentic and multi-layered.  The prologue at the beginning sets such a creepy and ominous tone, the author had me hooked from the start.
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A very interesting book  personally for me to read.I have Dutch family so this book piqued my interest immediately...I thought Friesland was Dutch, you learn something new everyday! Apart from the geography, this was a really good book which has been translated well. A first book in a series that can be read alone also. I thought the characters were well described so I almost felt like I could know them. A police procedural with all the right ingredients for me anyway, would like to read more from this author.
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This was such an amazing read that I couldn’t put it down. It went everywhere with me. To the doctors office, the dentist, the eye doctor. IT WENT ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. I was so sad when it ended that I immediately went and bought more books from this author!
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One victim. One murderer. Which of them is guilty? A man is found dead on a beach on a small island off the coast of Germany. The gruesome discovery rocks the close-knit community of Amrum: in a town where nothing stays secret for long, who among them has a motive for murder? DI Lena Lorenzen is brought in to investigate. For her, it is an unwelcome homecoming to the isolated island she turned her back on fourteen years ago. But now her past – and the island’s – is catching up with her. As her investigation leads her to a children’s home, where rumors of abuse by the murder victim are rife, she learns that the town she thought she knew housed secrets darker than nightmares. When it becomes clear that this is just the beginning, Lorenzen is faced with an unenviable task: in a case where the victims have blood on their hands, can she bring the true criminal to justice?

My Review:
The Body on the Beach is the story of DI Lena going home after fourteen years and being thrust into solving the murder of the director of the children's home in Norddorf. There is a reason why DI Lena has not returned home in all those years - but the real issue is what she finds out during her investigation.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. As mysteries go this cover some sensitive issues, but overall it is very well written and I highly recommend it.
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Really enjoyed this novel, the 1st of the island mystery series. I found Di lena lorenzen to have a very harsh interview technique. At the time of reading I didn’t realise it was a translation which probably explains it. That aside I am very much looking forward to hearing more from these characters and feel it has the beginnings of a very good series.
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#TheBodyOnTheBeach #NetGalley 
A dead body is found on a beach in Germany. DI Lena Lorenzen is assigned to the case. How she would catch the killer? The book is all about it. 
Characterization is clever and it makes you guessing about the killer. A clever whodunit.
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The body on the beach  is the first book in the Island Mystery series by Anna Johannsen. This is also the first book by Anna Johannsen that I have read. The story is fast paced, with plenty of twists and turns. It has a touch of romance too. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and can not wait to read more in this series.
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I love reading mysteries set in foreign countries and The Body on the Beach by Anna Johannsen is no exception.  It is set on the island of  Amrum, Germany, where the lead character DI Lena Lorenzen is from.  DA Johann Grassman is assigned from another police force to assist her. 
     Without giving away the plot the story centers on the death of a director of a children’s home under somewhat suspicious circumstances.  
     The story is interesting and the characters well developed.  I especially liked DS Grassman and hope he will return in subsequent books in the series.  Description of Amrum definitely makes you want to visit. 
     This is the first book in a series and I look forward to reading the rest of the series as they become available.  I definitely recommend this book without reservation and thank NetGalley for letting me read an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Set on a small island off the north coast of Germany, THE BODY ON THE BEACH is the first in a new series by Anna Johannsen. The island of Amrum is one of the North Frisian Islands in the North Sea on the German coast and right away, there is a feeling of separation and isolation of a close knit community where everyone knows everyone but also where dark secrets can hide.

Hein Bohlen and his wife Sabine run a children's home on the island of Aumrum where both are social educators and Hein is a director. Then when Hein's body is found on a beach, local authorities write his death off as a heart attack. But his wife demands a post mortem and it isn't long before poison is suspected but not confirmed throwing a different light on the case.

DI Lena Lorenzen knows the island of Amrum intimately as it's where she grew up but has not returned back to for 14 years. So when her superiors send her off to the island from which she'd come to investigate a possible murder, she does so with mixed feelings. Lena left a lot of unfinished things behind on Amrum - things she would rather not have to face upon her return. Luckily, she has DS Johann Grasmann seconded to assist from Flensburg Police and it isn't long before he proves himself an invaluable investigator and asset.

It isn't long before Lena and Johann uncover several irregularities surrounding the case. Starting with the local police's arrival at the scene and the notification to the doctor who issued the death certificate. What happened in that missing twenty minutes? What was Sergeant Reimers hiding? And then there is the mystery of former teacher Anna Bauer's sudden resignation from the children's home. Why did she suddenly quit without notice? Were the rumours true about her affair with Hein Bohlen? And that she was pressing him to leave his wife? Or was she a victim of sexual harrassment by her employer, as another employee recently claimed a similar incident? Where did Isabel Muller come from prior to applying for Anna's job before the position was even advertised? And where did Hein Bohler really get the €800,000 he put towards the purchase of the home? He claimed he won the lottery, but after a quick and detailed look into the source revealed the letter he put forward stating the fact was indeed a forgery...and he he hadn't won the lottery at all. So where did that money really come from? And why had he taken large amounts of cash from his account over the last weeks before his death? And what of his wife Sabine? Is she as cold and heartless as she appears? But the questioned remained - who would want to kill Hein Bohlen?

With several rumours surrounding the deceased, the questions and irregularities facing Lena and Johann have them digging deep to discover the truth. But what they end up uncovering is something far more sinister, disturbing and shocking.

Well-paced, THE BODY ON THE BEACH is an excellent start to a promising new series. With the inclusion of Lena's childhood love, Erck, leaves the way open to explore more of her backstory hopefully in future books, as well as that of her Aunt Beke who was both a delightful and engaging touch to the story.

I hope we see more of Johann in future stories as I found he and Lena worked incredibly well together and I would love to see him permanently attached as her DS.

Apart from the addition of the odd chapter from an unnamed and rather troubled narrative, THE BODY ON THE BEACH is primarily told from Lena's perspective in the third person. I thought the identity of the unnamed narrative was somewhat obvious but then that could also have been a "red herring". While the reader may think they know where the story is headed, Lena's narrative does provide solid information that will leave readers questioning the truth. Nevertheless, this is still an undemanding and intriguing read.

I would also like to thank Lisa Reinhardt for her smooth translation from German to English. Many books that have been translated from their native tongue usually lose something in the translation making the story a little convoluted in parts but that was not the case here. It's as if the book had always been in English so fluid was her translation. I am grateful to have the opportunity to read this excellent procedural thanks to her effortless translation.

I would like to thank #AnnaJohannsen, #NetGalley and #AmazonPublishingUK for an ARC of #TheBodyOnTheBeach in exchange for an honest review.
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I received a free electronic copy of this police procedural set on the islands of Germany from Netgalley, author Anna Johannsen and translator Danice Hamilton, and Amazon Publishing UK.  Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me.  I have read this novel of my own volition, and this review reflects my honest opinion of this work.  I am pleased to recommend The Body on the Beach to friends and family. Lena Lorenzen is a character I thoroughly enjoyed.   

Anna Johannsen brings us an excellent German police procedural, taking place on the small insular islands of the Kiel and Amrum.  Our main protagonist is DI Lena Lorenzen, who is from Amrum, though she hasn't been home in years, or spoken to her father.  When she is called into Detective Superintendent Joachim Warnke's office in her cop shop in Lubeck she assumes she's in it deep again, but instead he is assigning her to investigate a questionable death on the beach of her home island.  She is smart enough to know there is something hinky going on, or she would have been at the bottom of the list of detectives for this job, and that goes double when she finds she will be working with Sergeant Walter Reimers who she knows she can't trust to have her back.  But she finds DS Johann Grasmann, The Amrum police officer who will be working with her, is competent if perhaps a little too focused on coloring within the lines. 

The body on the beach was first diagnosed as a heart attack - the victim, Hein Bohlen, had a history of heart problems.  He was the owner and head of a residential children's school under a great deal of stress and pressure, and interviews with his employees and wife, GP and banker point to an uncontrolled constant edge of anger and frenzy in his final days that makes the heart attack sound more and more certain.  But for Lena, it just doesn't fit.  And there is so much else that just doesn't fit - the thirty minutes of lost time between Sargeant Reimers' arrival at the scene of death and the notification placed with the coroner.  Why did Anna Bauer quit her job without notice after years at the school?  One recent employee reported a heavy pass pressed on her by Bohlen - did Anna experience the same thing? Who is Isabel Muller who applied for Anna's job before an ad was placed for the position?  Where did Hein Bohlen actually get the 800,000 pounds he paid for the school?  Why didn't the bank figure out that he didn't actually win the lottery, which was apparent after a simple computer search?  Why did he take out a shedload of cash from his account over the last weeks of his life? Is his wife simply well-controlled or cold and heartless?  Who would have wanted to Kill Bohlen?  More to the point, who wouldn't want to kill Bohlen?

Throw in a boyfriend getting too attached back home, and the re-appearance of the old boyfriend from long ago, also still too attached, and Lena has her hands full.  But she can handle it.  All.
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