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I'd never read anything by this author before so I didn't know what to expect. Now I will look out for her books!
Stay is the bittersweet story of Lucas Painter's coming of age in the summer of 1969.  Lucas Painter tells the story at some point later on in life, but we only find out how old he is in the final chapter.  
Stay deals with difficult issues like marital discord and fighting, depression, abandonment, war, drug addiction, tragedy and the effect it has on people.  It could have been a very sad story to read, but it's told from the perspective of a man who seems to have made peace with life. 
This is not a book to read in a hurry or if you're looking for a lot of action.  Stay invites you to reflect upon the meaning of life, the human condition and the importance of friendship and caring for each other. 

I thoroughly recommend this book!

With thanks to Lake Union Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC.
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That's the second book I read from her and this was simply stunning. I wasn't expecting that ammount of sentiment, pain and grief. I just couldn't put it down plus I cried all the way through the end. The characters are so life-like, with all the qualities and flaws you can think of. It's so realistic in a way that hurts. Be aware of that addiction issues, depression and suicide are subjects of this book. Overall I loved this story very much and can't wait to read all Catherine's books
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Stay dealt with some important, heavy topics that are as relevant today as they were in 1969, when the book takes place.  Catherine Ryan Hyde took these important topics and wove them into the story and throughout the development of the characters. The effect was a read that did not feel heavy but still left me contemplating things like mental health, family dynamics, the value of friendship, the importance of mentorship, and how one action can change the trajectory of multiple lives. I also love how the positive effect that animals can have on our mental health was part of the story.

Although there were no big wow moments or any extremely emotional & poignant moments I still really enjoyed this book. And maybe that is the point, pushing forward in every day life and learning how to love and support those around you in the best way you know how. 

I would recommend Stay by Catherine Ryan Hyde.
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My first Catherine Ryan Hyde book and it won't be my last! Such a beautiful written story that gives one cause to pause and think at points. I love Lucas ...I cheered for him and my heart broke for him. Very relateable characters.
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Stay was a very good read for me. The characters were well-developed, the relationships were complex and the story had both depth and breadth. The book was well-written and I flew through it., finding it very engaging. The insights into psychological trauma, addictive behaviors and depression will stick with me.
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I do love Catherine Ryan Hyde books but I think they're all beginning to read the same! She always writes with a message in the story which I get but change the characters and setting and  it's nearly the same story!
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The story was good just not great.  There wasn't much up a build-up. The part two portion of the book felt flat to me and left me a bit disappointed especailly for the main character.
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Another beautifully written book by Catherine Ryan Hyde!  I absolutely loved Stay and am giving it 5 stars! 

Lucas’ character was such an incredibly thoughtful, mature, and well-natured 14 year old.  I found myself rooting for him during each instance he was trying to help the people he cared most about.

I also loved Zoe’s character.  Reading about her losses and how she’s handled the difficult times throughout her life, I found her to be an inspirational character.  

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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Yet another can't-put-it-down novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde! Stay is primarily a story of friendship and love, brotherhood and redemption. As per her usual, Hyde creates an unusual yet completely realistic account of both non-traditional and typical friendships and families in small-town 1960s America. Never a disappointment, Hyde's most recent story engages the reader from start to finish.
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Oh, how I love this book! It was heart grabbing from page 1. I loved the characters and the dogs! I loved the brotherly love, and the little sayings, that were so understandably true. Really a terrific story. Even though I cried like a baby at the end, I still walked away with a warm heart. The cover stole my attention, but the story stole my heart! ❤️ Thank you to Netgalley for having this wonderful book on Read Now.
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I truly enjoyed this book.  A 14 yr. old is holding a lot of stress within, with a brother in vietnam,  parents who can't seem to find peace together and a friend with family problems, is a lot for a teen to struggle through.  He goes for walks to get relief and stubbles upon 2 dogs who follow him and helps with all the thoughts and stress he has.  But, with the dogs, comes and owner, a female, who wants left alone, to get out of life.  This is his chance at saving someone and, by trying what he thinks will work turns out to be a benefit to all involved.
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I received this arc from netgalley for my honest review.

*Spoilers Below*

The start of this book seemed to not flow and I was worried that it was going to continue like that the entire book. When the main character, Lucas, brought up his brother being in the war it made it seem like it was going to be more important early on. He jumped from his brother, to his friend Connor, to the woods and wandering and running. Just seemed to jump around alot.
The main focus of the book seemed to be about dealing with pain and fear. And the characters did this through thoughts of suicide and drug addiction. Zoe tied well to the other characters and her story was very sad. It kept me wanting to read to see what happened.
Although the book was not what I was expecting, I enjoyed it l, was happy that the ending had closure with the characters, and was very happy that nothing tragic happened to the dogs!!
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This is one of my favorite authors, and I like how her stories make one feel. She always gives us a glimpse of the positive, giving one hope even in hard circumstances. The way she has her characters interact, the words used and wisdom given, so spot on. She uses a straight forward and relatable style.
The story follows best friends Lucas and Connor, both 14 and a woman, Zoe Dinsmore who lives in the woods outside of  the town, with her two large dogs. 
Both Lucas and his friend Connor, have difficult family lives, both sets of parents are very dysfunctional.  Lucas has a family that is constantly fighting and Connors family do not really talk and both fathers are distant.
The way Lucas, deals with his stress is that he likes to run in the woods, where he runs into Zoe's dogs who have decided to make this their ritual as well.
Zoe in her mid 50's has had tragedy and repercussions from that tragedy throughout her life, and has a hard time wanting to go on at times.
Both she and Lucas finally meet when one day on his run, where he sees her dogs distressed in front of the cabin, when he sees that she may be unresponsive he calls the authorities. After that Zoe and Lucas become friends, both helping the other get through things. 
She also helps him navigate life, by listening and answering his questions, something that his parents should have done. Connor also with his troubles is introduced to Zoe, and they all benefit from this friendship.
A beautiful story of people who even though, they may be lost in their own situations, are able to be there for each other.
Like the saying, “don't judge a book by it's cover” here it is more “don't judge a person for their faults.”
I cannot wait to read her next book.
I would like to thank NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC of this book.
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I loved this book. Illuminating, enlightening, thought provoking, touching to my core loved it. Touching on serious life subjects there was so much wisdom in this story.. Catherine Ryan Hyde has done it again with Stay!!!
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Stay was my first Hyde book and I’m officially a fan! Lucas, a fourteen year old, teaches us that friends can become family and that personal connections can mean everything. This heartwarming, honest read will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book. I’m typically drawn towards fast paced thriller novels, but this story kept me entertained and engaged throughout! I will be reading more from this author.
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Have you ever met someone who seemed an unlikely friend, but they changed your life? That’s exactly what happens when Lucas stumbles across Zoe’s cabin in the middle of the woods and saves her life. Their unlikely friendship changes his life - and the lives of those around him - for the better.
Such an amazing book! Very eye opening to how much of an unexpected and unknown impact we have on others, and the ways in which our lives have value. Definitely recommend!
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I'm a big Catherine Ryan Hyde fan. Stay is another hit. Interesting and thought provoking. I liked that the majority of the book is told from a 14 year old boy's point of view. Very different from an adults take on life.
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what an amazing book. i couldn't put it down. had my attention from start to finish. plenty of suspense and twists and turns. just when i thought i had it figured out i was proven wrong. will definetly reccommend. can't wait for more.
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This is a story about Lucas a 14 year old boy who has the tendency to take on responsibility for things out of his control. His parents fight all the time. His brother Roy writes to him from Vietnam about the war only for the letters to be censored before Lucas gets them, which leads to him worrying what his brother was trying to say.  His best friend Connor is struggling because his mom is too dependent on him and his parents never talk to each other. All this pressure has Lucas running through the woods where he comes across 2 dogs. Lucas runs everyday with the dogs and the owner Zoe doesn’t seem to mind. Then one day the dogs won’t come running and they sit by the cabin door. Lucas goes to check it out and Zoe is not waking up. Running as fast as he can he goes to get help. That is the day Lucas saves Zoe’s life. As a result, they become friends and Zoe’s straightforward talks help Lucas to navigate the storms of his life. Can Zoe help Connor when he becomes depressed? Can Zoe encourage Lucas when Roy returns from war not himself? Can one decision made alter the course of Lucas’s life?

This is a story written from a 14 yr olds perspective in how he sees the world. It gave you food for thought when seeing life from that perspective.
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This book was FANTASTIC...I read it in 2 days! Connor, 

Roy and Zoe are all brought together by Lucas . Throughout the book they form a special bond where they're all taking out of each other through friendship and a bond caring for others - all though it may not always seem that way.

Zoe sums this all up in the book by telling Lucas - "People need help with perspective sometimes. If they’re all alone in their own head, they can lose perspective. Sometimes you need to use somebody else like a mirror. Let them reflect back to you the way the world really is."
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