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I enjoy skimming through this book although I didn't agree with a lot of it - I always try and read a broad spectrum of people's ideas of what constitute healthy eating. It is worth looking at but not, in my opinion, a final book on eating yourself to health.
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I chose this book because I have a keen interest in healthy eating. I'm not a major healthy eater (I'm the wrong size and shape for that) but I try to make good food choices, I like cooking from scratch, and i'm interested in the science of food. 'Eat yourself healthy' also appealed to me as it didn't come across as a standard diet and weight loss book, this seemed to just be focusing more on the whole health of your body.
This is a really informative book, Megan Rossi knows her stuff and relays that information in a straight forward and understandable way. The book is also interactive, as you can follow links (if you have the e-book version, hardcopy readers will just have to do it the old fashioned way and type in the web address) to take different types of self assessments. So you can learn where you are within mind and body at the moment of reading, and take re-assessments along the way to track your journey.
Of course this wouldn't be a complete healthy eating book if it didn't contain some recipes, so of course it does. There are some 'interesting' recipes within, not all to my taste, and some contain ingredients way beyond my standard shopping list but they could be worth a try. (The sautéed Brussel sprouts and tenderstem broccoli with pesto and wild rice sounds tempting)
My top take away from 'Eat yourself healthy' is the suggestion for gut goodness bowls. Rossi provides you with various ingredients divided into columns like 'Fibre Base' 'Fermented Flavours' 'Healthy fats' and 'Dress and Coat'. You then essentially mix and match ingredients from these columns to create your own gut goodness bowl. I think its a great idea, you know you're making healthy choices, and with just a few ingredients you can create a whole variety of different choices.
On the whole 'Eat Yourself Healthy' is a useful and informative book, not exactly ground-breaking in the science and diet department but still a great source of information.
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At times Eat Yourself Healthy felt like a plug for the author’s website and nothing more, particularly as the assessments mentioned by her were predominantly only on the website. Otherwise, this was an interesting and informative book and I would purchase it.

The author has broken everything down into easy to understand section and explains any technical language in a way that is easy to understand. She is clearly very passionate about her subject as well which helps to make it more fun to read.

Eat Yourself Healthy is all about gut health and your gut microbiota or GM.

“Your GM is incredibly powerful- in fact, this newly appreciated organ is pretty much essential to whatever your health goal is. It’s not only capable of thousands of functions, going well beyond what we could achieve on our own, but it has also been linked with successful weight management, improved fitness levels, healthier skin, boosted immunity and even our happiness.

What really blows my mind is that, unlike our genetic make-up, over which we have no control, we have the ability to shape our GM simply by how we treat it- which means that a bit part of our personal health is in our hands.”

Gut health is a lot more complicated than just increasing probiotics and these can actually hinder gut health for certain people.

I found her seven principles for gut health were useful. In particular, emphasising that diversity is key and that whole and natural foods should always win out over processed

Finally, there were some useful and delicious looking recipes in the back which I will be using.
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This book was ok. The information given was vast but I felt the recipes were complex and not accessible to the average person
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As a woman in her fifties and not feeling quite as healthy as I once did, following major surgery which affected my gut, I committed to reading up on looking after my insides. This book is great, not only does it have some delicious recipes but it’s educational. I couldn’t see the assessments so I intend to purchase a paper copy to get the full benefit of the book’s offerings. Thumbs up from me.
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I have wanted to try this for quite some time so this book is now my bible. So out with the bad in with healthy eating and here's to a new me in 2020. Wish me luck.
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This book has been such an eye opener. Unlike other "health" books this one gives you so much information on the science of the body and how it needs to be treated to be healthy. To learn about the body to be able to be healthy is so much more important than just going on a diet but to be able to change your diet for the best. Definitely recommend to those who want to change the way they see their body and want to be more healthy.
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A short book about our gut health. The Dr talks through triggers that can exacerbate bad reactions from the gut and explains how to overcome and adapt our lifestyles to improve gut health. Interesting book with recipes to try
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Initially I thought this was a recipe book but it’s not solely that. There are some recipes and information on understanding the gut and the science behind it. Well worth a read if you suffer any issues but alas this wasn’t for me. 

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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A very interesting introduction to how to look after your gut - and yourself as a whole. Ms Rossi's advice might be centred on your gut but her advice (eating a more plant based diet, managing sleep and stress and getting some exercise) is going to improve your whole body heath too. I felt more confident reading this too, given Ms Rossi's medical background. A good read
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Sorry, this book  did not come up to my expectations. I found it hard to read and I don’t think that I learned anything new. Unfortunately I did not enjoy it.
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I was given a sample of this book in exchange for an honest review.

In this book, Dr Megan Rossi explains the importance of the gut for overall health and well-being. There are tips and advice on how to improve your gut health which will lead to improvements in all aspects of your life.

The information is useful and thought-provoking and is explained in an easy-to-understand way. I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, and while some of the ingredients might not be readily available in all supermarkets, the dishes look very tasty and interesting. 

I recommend this book to anyone interested in improving their gut and overall health.

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Life for the opportunity to read and review this title.
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I’m sorry, I just didn’t fall in love with this book. I think for a healthy eater or dieter, it could be good. Put found the review copy to hard to read and it wasn’t for me.
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Have dipped in and out of this book - I requested it to compare with another book about gut health.  Some useful information.

As this is essentially a "self-help" book, it's not a book to sit down and read in one go, so can't really review like an ordinary book.  Useful references if you are concerned about your gut health though.

My thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for an ARC>
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I have various gut problems so was interested to read this. It's an easy read but didn't tell me much I didn't already know. There is an option to do an online questionnaire which would add extra informations and advice, but the link wasn't working in the ebook I was sent so I can't comment other than to say I like the idea and it would probably take this book above the others in this category.
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Really enjoyed this, informative but not patronising or preachy. I learned lots and I’m excited to see the benefits!
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An excellent look at how having a happy gut leads us to having a happy life
This is much much more than a book on diet
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I was given an ARC of a sample of this book to review. I can only base my thoughts on the part of the book I was able to read.

I have an interest in maintaining a healthy gut as I have some issues from time to time. Most of what I read in this book was new to me.

My take aways from this book are:- the advice to ask yourself these questions "How will I feel if I continue versus if I stop?" and What will my life look like in one year if I continue versus if I stop". I felt these two pieces of advice could be applicable to any change in your life and worth remembering. The other one is to eat misshapen fruit as apparently it contains more polyphenols.

There are also some good recipes in the book including one for Prebiotic chocolate bark and my favourite Banana, fig and courgette breakfast loaf which I hope to make.

There is a website which when you have a full copy of the book you can access certain things such as a stress assessment. As I haven't seen these extras I can only comment that it seems a useful addition to the book, however, how detailed they are I am unsure of.
Edited: to say that I have now received a copy of the full book. I've been able to access the assessments and they really do add an extra dimension to the book and I was pleasantly surprised by my results. The book is set out really well, with lots of clear text for dipping into and some lovely colour photography. A book you will want to refer to again and again.
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I am very pleased to have now had access to the full book, rather than just the excerpt, and my belief that this would be a book with much to offer has been confirmed.

There is just so much common sense and guidance in this book that it should be recommended reading for everyone on a processed "Western diet". I loved the detailed explanations of why one should eat various things and why one should not. Also interesting were the remarks regarding possible interaction with allopathic remedies. Basically, I cannot get enough of this book and the recipes are a bonus.

I have just two challenges with Eat Yourself Healthy, one is small the other less so. The small one is that I disliked the use of the word poop, for me too much like potty training for a small child. The larger and more serious challenge is that I feel the majority of people who will read this book will be the ones least likely to actually need to heed all of its excellent advice.
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Although not long this well written and easily understood book has something for everybody. It sets out clearly and simply the latest medical understanding of the digestive system and how it works with the rest of the body, it gives advice on lifestyle, and it even gives useful and workable recipes for healthy living. A contemporary touch is the way it requires its reader to go online to take part in surveys. Some people may appreciate this more than others but my view is that this could have been developed further, or simply dealt with in the text. A book/smartphone interface is an interesting development of the genre. The book is an invitation to be drawn further into the range of services that the author provides and there is a sense that this is an attempt to monetize the concept. This may be very successful and popular but for me the basic book added little to a number of recent well written books on the subject.
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