Frog’s Rainy-Day Story and Other Fables

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It contains 8 fables with moral lessons for little kids.
Best part is its artwork which is eye-catching and well suited to story.
It conveys extra message even more than intended by captions.
It is soul and highlight of the book.
I liked story of fox and rabbit  and story of turtle on wood log; the most.
Other stories are fine but at points they seem to end suddenly and unexpectedly.
You can't predict it is going to climax.
Vocabulary is suitable for kids above 6 years.
Thanks netgalley and publisher for review copy.
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This is a lovely collection of fables and stories for young children. Each fable teaches a life lesson thats easy to grasp and understand. The illustrations are delightful. My children and I love this book. It's one we'll return to again and again. We highly recommend it!
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Thanks to Netgalley for giving me this ARC!

I really liked this picture book. I think it had very good messages in it for children. The drawings were not the best, but efficient and nice. I didn't really like the Christian part after a chapter where there were Bible parts mentioned. I don't think children will understand them, so they probable could have been left out. The messages at the end were enough I think.
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I liked the first story -- Frog's Rainy Day -- but the rest seemed too on the nose and had a browbeating flavor to them. The illustrations were good, but overall I was underwhelmed.
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I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

This book is beautifully illustrated and full of wise stories with lessons to learn from them. 
After each short story is a page with quotes on relating to the lesson learned in each story. 
The tales are short but well written, easy to follow and understand.
I definitely want to get a paper copy of this book.
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This was a fun book to read, a lovely one to be loved by the younger readers :)
I love how there's bible verse and also quote that is connected to the story. The illustration is also very lovely, add the whole experience of reading even more enjoyable.
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This book is just what you need for a fun day or night with the kids! Each story is exciting and entertaining. My children  thoroughly enjoyed this book and have added it to our favorites list!
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True happiness can't be found as a goal we must achieve; When we know God's love for us, it's a gift that we receive.

This is the most delightful book I have read in a long time. With funny animal characters that share the virtues of our broken hearts.

Ms. Hen's boyfriend is a Hen that has the roosters clambering for her beady eyes and slender neck. Ms. Hen has turned each of these suitors away for one reason or another that has left her alone and the roosters with riches that you cannot buy.

It is stories like that that will delight your kiddos as they laugh at the antics of animals that can not seem to get it right as they are wise in their own eyes. Each chapter ends with the World's Wisdom and God's wisdom. The contrast will stick to your heart as well as the hearts you care for. Highly recommend.

P.S. Hannah and Rachel your copy has been ordered and is on its way to share with yours.

A Special Thank you to Carpenter's Son Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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A witty collection of Biblically-informed, entertaining stories that children and parents can both enjoy.
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Many are familiar with the fables of Aesop and the lessons they teach. In this selection of short stories, we learn about (among others) Pig who doesn't want to follow the rules, Turtle who spends so much time bragging he doesn't see an imminent danger and Gander who is offered a great honour but keeps getting distracted along the way by things that seem more exciting and important in his eyes. Each story has a simple moral that could be used as a teaching point for young children, particularly if relevant issues arise in the classroom. Between the stories are quotes from the Bible and famous figures and works of literature that link to the message of the previous fable.

Children could be encouraged to suggest what the message of the story is and what lesson the animal learned at the end and could talk about what the animal may have done differently. 

I would probably recommend this book for use with KS2 pupils (age 7-11) as some of the stories may be a little complex for younger children to understand and follow.

I received an eARC of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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These fables are based in Christianity. I liked some of them, but found others odd, especially the diversity one. The artwork is brilliant. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the entire book yet. I will probably have to edit my review. Some of the fables had what felt like a strong foundation, but others I was at a loss to which way it was going to go. 

Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced reader's copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I found this book to be very insightful and it's potent truthtelling to be just as effective on the adult conscience as it will be for children. "Frog's Rainy-Day" is worth having on the bookshelf or coffee table of any reader interested in stories that reveal truth and wisdom for life.
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A fun book about morals. This book has one major issue though and it's not the stories. It's the abstract way they try to teach the lessons and their target group. Young children will not be able many times to extract the moral being taught in the story.
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I don't know if it was the review book format but this book did not excite me to encourage patents or children to read it.  It was unimaginative and unstimulating.
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Frog's Rainy-Day Story and Other Fables is a collection of illustrated fables for kids, it is written at a 2nd-3rd grade reading level so that it can be enjoyed with a parent or without. There is a glossary at the end and each fable concludes with a simple wrap up and quotes that go along with the fable - Wisdom of the World, which is quotes from famous and important people and Wisdom of the Word, which is verses from the Bible. While this book is geared to be religious, it can also just be read as fables with out the other piece, so it may appeal to a broader audience that you might think.

The fables are beautifully illustrated and the characters are all animals, it is very cute. The fables themselves teach many great lessons for both young readers and adults like. The fables are short and quick to read and would be great at bedtime.

Overall, I think that if I wanted to buy a book of fables, for me this would not be the best fit due to the Christian element, however if you don't mind that aspect, then this might be a great book for you to use to share those religious values with your children or possibly grandchildren.
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I wasn’t that impressed with this book. It was alright, but not what I expected it to be. Some of the stories were good, while others were kind of weak. The messages of each story were crystal clear, but how some of them were delivered wasn’t that strong. The illustrations looked pretty good, and some of the characters were quite likable. I can see some people liking this book, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
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What a fun book! Reminds me of Aesop’s Fables with a Christian twist! Lots of virtuous stories that have a lesson to share. Illustrations are great too. This would be great for homeschool families!

*Thanks to NetGalley for this review copy!
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These were fun fables that had both cultural and spiritual applications. I think that these types of stories have a larger impact for children, because it gives them something to compare the spiritual lessons too. If my child is anything like me I need something real and concrete to help myself fully understand.
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Unfortunately, this book is not one that worked for me.  My primary issues are that I felt the fables are too abstract for the age group that is being targeted.  Generally, between preschool and lower elementary the general concepts we try to install (outside of Bible stories) are how to be kind to others, sharing your toys, obeying your parents, and being a good neighbor,  However, I'm not sure a preschooler will understand or know how to apply these 'next step' lessons that are here to address puffing themselves up, or attempting to find true happiness as a goal.  Also, some of the stories felt that they left off in an unfinished place, such as when pig wanted to put on a play.  The farm animals were all giving pig their input about times or how to do the play in general, and then it stopped without the moral of the story coming through clearly at the end.
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This collection of short, simple tables is very enjoyable for all ages but especially children from preschool to 3rd grade.  I read a few stories each day for a week to the boys I nanny that are ages 2 and 4. They both loved the fun illustrations and tales. I was pleasantly surprised that the 2 year old day through this 5 minute tales just as well as the 4 year old. My 11 year old daughter then decided to read the book and she was also very entertained. I highly recommend this delightful collection of fables.
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