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I really enjoyed this book and I ended up giving it a four star. It is a real page turner. I was drawn in from the beginning.
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Terrifying read. Cash, Rob and Theresa are headed cross country for a Vegas trip, and a possible wedding, when life as they know it is forever changed. Everywhere they turn people are turning Canni and wanting to kill those around them. How do you survive?  What a read for the 2020 COVID19 pandemic. 

Thank you NetGalley,  Daniel O’Connor and Blood Bound Books for this edition and hearing my honest review. Looking forward to reading more with you
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I loved, loved, loved this book until about half way through, when it suddenly lost the plot and became a rushed, chaotic mess. There were hints of humor sprinkled among the social commentary and gore in the first part of the book, but the second half was farcical and made me totally rethink what had gone before. It is a shame, and I’m not really sure what the author was thinking. The first half would get 4 stars from me. I delayed whether the second half would reduce it by one or two stars, but I went with two stars after careful consideration, because the ending ruined the whole book for me.
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This book felt like a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated genre.

It would be a standard zombie survival book except that the virus causes people to temporarily become flesh eating zombies for 10-15 minute stints, then return to their senses with no memory of ripping off the faces of their loved ones. It means that killing these zombies has more ethical connotations than your standard zombie, that’s a whole world of fun to explore and amps up the tension because you wonder if the character is going to be able to wait it out or if they’re going to have to kill grandma… As the virus isn’t transmitted by bite, it also means that anyone can turn at any time.

The story starts from the perspective of multiple characters and I was surprised by all of the ways they tied in with each other near the end, it was incredibly well done and seamless.
Some of the characters are much more likeable than others, I found myself enjoying most of the secondary characters more than the main couple but there’s plenty to go around!

The author has really thought outside the box with this one, the ending being something that you’ll either love or hate. I’m feeling pretty whimsical at the moment so I really enjoyed it, I’m really curious at to what other people will think about it.
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This was such an interesting take on zombies, it kept me so entranced. Could you kill a loved one if they had turned zombie if you knew they’d be okay in a few minutes?

This question drives the story in a major way, with lots of twists and turns along the way. I really enjoyed it!
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I loved this post apocalyptic story. A unique and different zombie tale this is a fantastic twist on what has become a somewhat flooded genre in the past few years. Definitely a standout for me. Thanks to the publisher and netgalley for the arc.
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   Thank you NetGalley.

Canni is a .. fascinating read, that's for sure.
During a road trip, friends find themselves traveling through a "changing" country.  
There's a man-made virus causing people to turn into murdering creatures, but the shocker is that they return bqack to themselves after!   How is this possible?   How do you defned yourself against this, and how do you live with this?!
    The storyline was unique, and easy to follow.    

I'd love to read more by this author.
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I really did not much care for the book, “Canni” , which I received as an ARC digital copy form Netgalley.
The plot is a variation of  curse of the zombies. It seems that a forging power, use aircraft to verily the US, spreading a bio Che iCal compound that turned people in to psychotics  who, or that, would attack anyone standing near. They would tear through throats, leaving gory bodies everywhere. 
I realize that when talking about a zombie a attack it may sound ludicrous to complain that the. Book’s characters were not particularly likeable, but they were not. One might think there was someone to care about, but everyone seemed like a refugee from a teen slasher movie. “Canni” read like the first effort of a self- published author. There is a plethora of zombie novels on the book lists And some very good ones. Look elsewhere.
Not much to recommend here.
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The story was a great take on a z0mbie apocalypse. It's different than the typical story about a zombie virus outbreak. The story and characters were interesting. I enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it to all fans of zombie stories. It's one of the best.
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I am not personally one for "virus" type horror, but O'Connor placed a spin on the sub-genre that truly intrigued me. 

I am thankful for trying this book out, as it far surpassed my expectations. What I love about genre writing, is plot and pacing. This has both, and in spades. I will most certainly be trying the new stuff once it comes out.
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What would happen if the zombie virus was temporary? How could you go back to your normal life after you had eaten your spouse, or your children? Several characters try to process what they've done, and work to stop it from happening again. There are quite a cast of characters in this book, from naked tunnel-dwellers to the President. They do find a "cure" that is unconventional, and everything works out in the end. Or does it?

I loved this book. I left it at work one night- I read during lunch- and really thought about making the hour drive each way to get it.  It's that good!
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What an great book. This was one of those unique zombie books that I couldn't put down. Held my attention from the start with plenty of suspense, twists, turns and made me laugh a time or two. Highly recommend!
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I received a copy of Canni from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
 I am honestly glad I did not pay for this book. I was excited to read it based on other reviews. However, I didn’t find it good at all. I didn’t think it was scary at all. And the “cure” was just ridiculous, in my opinion. Oh well.
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I enjoyed the book. Every now and then I'd wished for more connection to the characters but it was a good writing of a non-zombie-horror-tale.
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Okay, I wanted to be critcal of this (for no reason I could identify really) but I just can't. I enjoyed this a lot. This book was like World War Z, only grittier and darker and more cannibalistic. I really do enjoy these apocalyptic survival scenarios, I'm not sure why, but this also felt unique and fresh. I didn't see a lot of the plot twists coming, or honestly expect that many plot twists in a genre that is usually pretty straightforward: survive. Will definitely be looking for more from this author in the future.
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Firstly, many thanks to NetGalley, Blood Bound Books and the author, Daniel O'Connor, for the opportunity to preview this excellent read, in exchange for my honest review.

"This book is dedicated to you" .... it had me even before the first page!

I think this is such a good read. It's not my normal genre, but, the storyline is fantastic - there is a virus spreading across America that turns ordinary people into flesh eating zombies, but, only for a short time.
Alongside this mayhem, a group of young people travel to Vegas.

The book follows many strands, including the President of USA who is frantically trying to find a cure / antidote. It really gripped me and as a YA read I reckon it will do so well. The great thing for me, was that this isn't just a horror read, it's got such soul and some fabulous cultural references and human challenges woven throughout.

My only gripes are; it is VERY American and so, as a UK reader, some of the references were lost (however, this could also be down to my age)!
The first part of the book is very much better than the second part, which became more of a struggle to stick to. However, I'm glad I did, as things are nicely rounded up at the end.

All in all, it's a strong 4* excellent read as the positives far outweighed my gripes.
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Wow! Absolutely outside of my romance junkie addicted comfort zone, but memorable and exciting if a bit spotty at times. I will, however remember this one for a while.
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Thankyou to NetGalley,  Blood Bound Books and the author,  Daniel O'Connor,  for the opportunity to read a digital copy of Canni in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion. 
Unfortunately,  this book did nothing for me. I found it didn't hold my interest and it was disjointed at times.
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For the first 3/4 of the book I was absolutely sure I was going to give this a 5star rating. It was well paced, full of tension, a great change on the concept of biological/chemical terrorism and excellently written. Interesting characters, places outside of the norm we expect and a boat load of action makes it an easy page turner. Then we got to the final part of the book. I was so disappointed. The supposed short term 'cure' for me was absolutely ridiculous, the way it was rolled out seemed absurd and the ending was a little lacklustre, though it did leave room for a second book. I cant deny that most of this was great but the final part totally ruined it for me though others may disagree. All in all I'll give this ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 only because the beginning of the book was done so well. 

My Synopsis: Terrorists have released a chemical agent from planes flying over the USA that turn normal human beings into raging cannibals for small periods of time. We follow multiple storylines concurrently experiencing the same phenomenon and all the different ways it is being dealt with to find a cure.
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what a wonderful story!   Nice change from typical writings.  This one was right up my alley!  Thank you NetGalley and Publisher for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review
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