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I received this book from netgalley for review and could not have been more pleased. I found this book to have an excellent pace. Well developed characters and an absolutely riveting storyline. Though this is somewhat out of my usually reading line, I found it absolutely riveting. A definite must read for suspense, thriller, mystery, horror fans. A 2019 must read in my personal opinion.
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This was a great book! It held my attention and I couldn't put it down, kept me awake at night because I just wanted to keep reading! It was an easy to follow along story and contained good easy to follow characters. I highly recommend this to anyone and can't wait to read more by this author. Thanks for the opportunity to read and review this.
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I enjoyed reading this book from the beginning. I have been burnt out on zombies for a while so Canni was a refreshing new take on cannibal killers. By the end the book was losing it's charm. I was not a huge fan on how Rob treated Cash and I was a little disappointed by the end, though I guess the cure makes some sense. There were a few moments and characters I felt the book could have done without but all-in-all this was a fun concept.
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Great read, couldn’t put the book down just had to know what happened. I thought I had it figured out but nope I was wrong. Excellent take on zombie, apocalypse, doomsday type stories . Much more realistic so to speak, worth the read you won’t be disappointed.
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5 stars!
This was such a fun read!

America has been the subject of a terrorist attack, with a virus being unleashed across the country, infecting all its inhabitants. Now people are becoming cannibalistic, looking to attack and eat anyone who is within close distance. It is not clear when a person may “turn”, and people are no longer safe within the confines of their own homes.

The story revolves around a friend group who are nearing the end of a road trip, ending in Las Vegas. This trio meets a range of interesting and funny characters who are all learning to deal with this sudden and strange turn of events.

This was a compulsive read! It was like reading a screenplay and I could easily see this book becoming a TV show or a movie.

Would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good zombie story!

Thanks to NetGalley for a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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what an amazing book. i couldn't put it down. had my attention from start to finish. plenty of suspense and twists and turns. just when i thought i had it figured out i was proven wrong. will definetly reccommend. can't wait for more.
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Enjoyable novel right upto the ending - felt cliched and just a little silly.  Great writing though and an interesting premise.
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Well written well developed characters sci-fi/horror with a touch of humor entertaining.#netgalleys#blueboodbooks.
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An act of terrorism that turns everyone into killers.  

Canni is about the end of the world as we know it.  Terrorist have unleashed an attack on the US that turns everyone into a killer. At any given time, a person may switch to an attacking killer; your husband, child, father, strangers.....anyone.

I love end of the world scenarios.  I was completely captivated by the first few chapters of this book.  However, about halfway through, the author lost his way.  The story started lagging and the plot started to feel like a bad comedy.  I was so disappointed, as to that point, I was enjoying the story immensely.

The two main characters, Rob and Cash, I disliked.  Rob was a controlling freak who couldn’t stand not being in charge of Cash and what she wanted to do.  And Cash in general, just irritated me.  I think my biggest issue was how she let Rob control her, even though she didn’t always want his protection or advise.  Thankfully, the author had a plethora of colorful characters that overshadowed the irritating aspects of the two main characters.  Some of my favorites included Paul Bhong, a marijuana smoking, biker who kept trying to get his Utube channel to go viral, Don Russo, who ran a small community of people trying to survive, John G, who was blind and his new buddy, Willie, and my favorite character was Joe Isley, a janitor and more at the White House, who at any given moment would string together a bunch of cuss words in the midst of his conversation.  

I gave the book 3 stars solely based on the first half of the book.  If the first half had been as bad as the last half, I would have only gave it 2 stars.  

Thanks for the opportunity to read and review this book, NetGalley.
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Everyone you know wants the same thing... they want to kill you.
Rob and Cash are on a road trip to Vegas with hopes of food, fun, and possibly even wedding bells. However, their vacation is derailed when a terror attack transforms the landscape of America into a fight for survival.
Daniel O'Connor's Canni is a glimpse into at a future that may be closer than we think. A time when no one can be trusted. When everyday citizens can turn into monsters without warning. As America begins to fall, a small band of friends and underground dwellers make their final stand in the tunnels beneath Vegas.
Cannis are not zombies. They are much worse. And Sin City is about to become more dangerous than ever before.

Well stating from the start I seem to be going against others with this one. I for one really enjoyed this different take on the zombie tale.
This one is a man made virus terrorist attack and the zombies are also different in the way they are also.
I love the way the plot and story line are written very well in a way you can see something like this being done today.
The characters have been fleshed out well and like the way they interact with each other.
I recommned reading and giving it a chance.

I voluntarily reviewed this complimentary digital book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my very own!
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this was a great horror/scifi novel, I think what worked was that it felt like something that could possibly happen in the real world.
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This book doesn't make any sense! It's a lot of disconnected paragraphs that switch stories every few paragraphs and introduce so many new characters. It could have been a great zombie story if the writing would have been better.
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Not your typical zombie tale....which is a good thing.   Terrorists conduct a mysterious "fly over" the United States ahd spread a disturbiing new virus.  The symptoms of this virus his suddenly making the victim want to kill and eat anyone unlucky enough to be near by.  Children and parents, lovers and friends, brothers and sisters, strangers....they all attack and kill suddenly and then after about 15 minutes the inflicted recover only to find that their mouth tastes horrible and they've killed their loved ones.   No one is safe.   
Cash and Rob have taken a road trip to Las Vegas when they begin to encounter these events.   Through new friends and allies they find safety among the people society prefer not to notice.   Meanwhile scientists work to find a cure.   Little do they know, the cure will come from a most unlikely place.

I liked Canni because it was a new twist on the tired zombie genre.  Some of my favorite characters were the ever-naked Don Russo and the President of the United States.  A nice touch is how several characters that you meet in the very beginning are tied in to characters later on.   The ending stretched on a bit long for me with follow up on people's lives after the cure, but that's my only real gripe.   
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Hilarious stoner zombie outbreak story written by a retired police officer. I found it especially fun because I also live near Las Vegas where the majority of the story is. I will be looking at the flood tunnels a lot differently now.
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Canni is a unique zombie book that made my laugh a time or two. This is a enjoyable and entertaining book. Well written and well developed characters.
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I just finished the Novel Canni, by Daniel O’Connor, and the only thing I can think of is ” Dave’s not here” as stonners everywhere can rejoice. Nothing so relevant for the lovers of all things htc related has come out since Cheech and Chong. Even as I write this my head plays it’s own soundtrack , with Cyprus Hill playing ever so softly in the backgroud.

In the foreground an amazingly gripping story takes precedence over the humor as well as the social and political commentary of the book. A book that elopes The Walking Dead, The Dead Don’t Die, Cheech & Chong with a smidge of CNN. A combination that wouldn’t work in almost any cook book works smashingly in this novel. Why?

The answer is simple, good writing, well developed characters and great story telling. There is tension, fear, gore , humor, and more than a little marijuana. So basically, real life in an unreal situation.

This book takes you, not into the overdone and over-hyped post apocalyptic world, but a new world. A world of chaos, terror, fear, and a man made virus intent on destroying America. The America loved by some and despised by others comes under attack from terrorists dead set on destroying us. The weapon of choice, ourselves, and all the destruction we can create. Which turns out is a lot.

And while many , many others have tackled this theme, Canni offers 1 monumental difference. The world does not crumble at this hurdle of destruction, in fact it maintains the most crucial of our societies foundations. Police are still working, hospitals are still open and POTUS is still working to navigate this new threat. To some , this may be a no bueno, but for me it was one of my favorite aspects of the story. How the world keeps turning , the mundane, the annoying, the rights and wrongs as monsters claw everything in their path the fuck apart.

Now, I’ve been reading all genres of books for longer than I like to admit, and I’m not one to swing my balls around (or my chesticles as the case may be) for people to take me seriously when it comes to my opinion, but I’m going to for this book. It had the tension, gore, chills, and anxiety of a good horror story. It had the subtle backdrop of social and political commentary. It also had humor , that at times hit me right in the giggledick and made me snort with a giggle. And lastly, it had weed….lots of weed.
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Great thriller, I couldn’t put it down. The author has a great way of keeping the reader interested and developing characters.
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In the best movie trailer narration…In a world gone mad only one thing stands between the sane and insane. Can you guess what it is. Cutely enough, it can be abbreviated to the same thing that sent the world spiraling out of control in the first place. But…let’s start at the beginning. And this book begins with a series of violent seemingly random brutal attacks on ordinary people by ordinary people. Don’t worry, though, these are not completely random and will actually tie in very nicely with the narrative later on. But the attacks are terrifying and are in fact only a preview of the chaos to come. This apocalyptic scenario is US specific and involves citizens going mad with rage and attacking each other, not just attacking, also snacking on, hence the Canni moniker, because we live in a world where abbreviations are totes all the rage and Canni is an abbrev most delish. Quite literally. So this is the mad new reality that the characters of this book (main bunch of youngsters on a Vegas trip) and their peripherals have to deal with. So essentially you have a very entertaining survival story that midway through devolves (or evolves, reader’s choice) into a stoner comedy. Apocalypse Cheech and Chong style. This is where mileage may vary, based on personal preferences. For me, the direction wasn’t ideal and actually detracted from overall enjoyment, because it took an exciting story and stupidified it, in a way. I mean, I was really into the original direction, so the 420 detour seemed to cheapen the entire thing. It’s just that I wasn’t expecting Sean of the Stoned. If you go in with expectations properly adjusted, I’m sure it’ll be a much more agreeable experience. Not that there’s something wrong with having your scares and action served up with comedic flavor, it just seemed almost incongruent with the main course, at least until you get used to it. But all that aside, it was still a very fun ride. Apocalyptic scenarios based on sudden violent outbursts have been done before, the original spin here is that they are short lived outbursts, which actually makes a huge difference when it comes to self defense. If a raging lunatic can transform back into a normal person in 15 minutes or so, then when it comes to fighting or managing them, there are moral considerations in play that no longer exist in more traditional scenarios where attackers are just goners for all intent and purposes. And the characters were a likeable  diverse interesting bunch. Plus good pacing, good writing, good story. This book, unquestionably, worked. It just didn’t quite work as expected. I’ve never heard of the author, but it stands to mention that he is a retired cop, if only because this might be the most progressive liberal and wacky book I’ve read written by a current or former cop…those usually tend to be serious suspense thrillers, procedurals, etc. I believe I’ve read at least one book by the publishers before, which was very good. So the entire thing is definitely very professional job, nice, cover, well edited, etc. Quality all around, just go in expecting a violent, lighthearted, high (def high) comedy. Stoners delight, but also fun for general audiences. Genre fans….get ready to go Canni for this one. Thanks Netgalley.
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Fascinating. This book was scarily on point. Set in the future it was incredible. A fast paced story that had me crying out at parts
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Storyline was pushing it and the characters were not believable at all. I didn't feel any passion behind this book whatsoever. Very disappointed.
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