Truth Hurts

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 30 Nov 2019

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Could you meet the perfect man when you are at your lowest point and agree with him never to discuss your past? To start fresh from this moment forward 
How will it work? Surely your friends or his will talk about your past 
Is it safer to keep your past hidden and never ask him about his?

I think a relationship between 2 adults is their business or is it friends will drop hints won't they?

Lies or secrets which will Drew and Poppy choose ?
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this book and I really enjoyed it. Well written. Not my usual style but very refreshing. Didn't guess the story line at all can full recommend this book.
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A gripping story that spans between past and present uncovering lots of secrets. Well worth a read. I recommend it
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This is the first book I have read from this author and it’s not what I usually read. But it was truly excellent. The writing was great. The story was captivating and very enjoyable.

I f you haven’t read it. I would strongly suggest you do. It’s a love story that’s almost a mystery.
It’s about a girl named Poppy who is a Nanny that is 28 years. She meets Drew who is over 10 years older. After 3 weeks he proposes. They make a pact not to discuss each other’s pasts. But Drew has secrets. The story goes to the present then the past of Poppies earlier Nanny job. 

Drew truly loves Poppy and you can feel his adoration towards her. But the pact is eating Poppy alive. Do yourself a favour and read this great book

4 1/2 stars great job.
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Many thanks to Random House and Rebecca Reid for the opportunity to read and review this book.  Truth Hurts was an intriguing book that had me captivated from early on. Poppy has been working as a nanny and recently fired after being mistreated.  She hides a secret. She meets up with Drew who also hides a secret about his past. They both agree to move on from the past and build a life together, but is the past about to come back to haunt them.
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I found the book engrossing and couldn’t put it down! The story between Poppy and Drew was a delight to read.
I think the novel deserves a sequel especially so we can see how the characters Poppy and Drew develop! Loved reading this.
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Thanks net galley for an early copy of this very different and interesting story.
Poppy and Drew met each other when Poppy was fired from her job as a nanny, and Drew came to her rescue.
Drew had plenty of money and he and Poppy moved in together.
They then decided to get married but drew told poppy that they must not ask each other what happened before they met.
They both had secrets and it was decided to keep to their secrets.
But Poppy wanted to know more, and when Gina her friend came to stay she got to know secrets about Drew.
Then the story got interesting and poppy found out more about Drew, and their house they were living in, a wedding present from Drew.
I enjoyed this story very much.
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Now this is a thrilling novel! At the start I felt like it was a sequel and I'd missed something but I was wrong.  It begins at the end in a wonderful way and the story unfolds before your very eyes.  It's unguessable, unbelievable and just like the main characters, is too good to be true.

Fantastic twists and turns, a perfect blend of modern thrills and past confines.
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   Absolutely brilliant thriller had me hooked right from the beginning.  Would highly recommend.
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Just outstanding! I was gripped by this book from the very start and held till the last page. Full of twists and turns, the plot unfolds beautifully between the present day and Poppy’s past but keeps you guessing right to the very end. Wonderfully written with believable characters and a cleverly crafted plot. I completely loved it - and highly recommend reading it immediately!
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Poppy has been badly treated by her employer, but when she complains, is thrown out of the house in the middle of the night.  She is rescued by Drew a wealthy, intriguing man, who helps her stand up to the unpleasant Mrs Henderson.  A whirlwind romance follows, culminating in marriage.  But there's a deal to be made, which to Poppy seems like a dream come true.  But there's two sides to every story.

I found this story a bit slow because I couldn't see where it was going.  However when the climax happened, it was a real surprise and a great twist.  I had some questions that weren't really answered, having finished and looking back at the book, but enjoyed it nevertheless.
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Truth Hurts has ended up being one of my biggest surprises of 2019 so far book-wise. I've read many, many, MANY thrillers this year so sometimes they can all sort of blur into one and it takes a lot for one to stand out but this has done more than that. And to be totally honest, I went into this not expecting a great deal. Like I said, a thriller has to be something really special now for me to think WOW but that just shows I wrong I was about this.

Right at the start of the book, we meet Poppy, a nanny for a fairly rich family, on holiday in Ibiza with them. After a few tense words with the mother after coming home late, Poppy is fired and thrown out on the street. With no where to go, she ends up in a random bar contemplating her next move, and then Drew turns up. He's a few years older than her, clearly well off and he's interested. It doesn't take long for Poppy to feel like her luck has turned and for them to fall in love. Soon after Drew proposes...but there's a condition. They never talk about their past. Sounds suspicious? Well I'm sure this is when most people would call things off or at least have a discussion about it but Poppy with secrets of her own, says yes. After a few months of wedded bless, things start to unravel though. Drew's friends make comments that Poppy doesn't understand, her best friend Gina doesn't trust Drew and Poppy is just desperate for a real family for once. It all starts to get a bit real and Poppy realises she might have let herself in for more than she bargained for. 

Whilst this isn't a book full of twists and it's not BAM, BAM, BAM, one thing after the other, it had just the right amount of suspense I think. There were little drabs of information dropped in now and again that made you question Drew and even Poppy at times and those little seeds were enough to keep you turning that page each time. We also occasionally go back in time to when Poppy used to nanny for another family, people she clearly doesn't want to talk about but why? And I liked that it took right up until the final chapter to really put everything together. I think Rebecca has written this in such a clever way because even though loads doesn't happen for quite a while, once you're invested, you just can't stop reading.

I don't want to give any spoilers away, I worry I've already dropped too many hints, but the ending is a shocker. I genuinely think I sat there speechless for a good while afterwards. It made me re-think EVERYTHING! I realised I didn't know some of the characters aswell as I thought I did and I could never have guessed what was going to come. I'm so impressed and I can't wait to read more from Rebecca in future!
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I did enjoy reading this book  - it is well written and easy to drop into.  It is perhaps the sort of book I'd take on holiday and know that it would be a page turner but not much more.  The story of Poppy, the nanny who is taken advantage of by her employers and who gets rescued as if by magic by a rich handsome man, then faces disturbing consequences, is a pleasant escape but not a deep read. 
The people described were slightly too stereotypical for me to get really engaged with them.  Poppy herself was struggling to survive on her own, with no family support and thus vulnerable to abuse and always in danger of giving herself away to anyone who would 'take care' of her. The cruel heartless employer. The charming mysterious man with secrets. The loyal girlfriend with issues of her own.  There were few surprises in the story however, I can recommend it as a light and enjoyable read.
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Wow. What a great read!!  Poppy and Gina are well researched characters. I felt I knew them very well by the end but Drew always seemed an enigma ....  the way, I suppose he was to Poppy?  It’s all very well saying lets start fresh and not bother with the past if there is nothing to hide but in Drew’s case ......??  Well, read it for yourself and see!
A really good read!
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Wow this book was not what I was expecting.
The book focuses on Poppy and after losing her job as a live in Nanny in Ibiza she bumps into Drew and they hit it off. With no where to go he offers her somewhere to stay untill she can afford to go home. They end up falling for each other and after a whirlwind romance they end up marrying after a month of being together. Before the wedding Drew asks if Poppy is OK with not discussing their pasts which Poppy gladly accepts as she has some skeletons she wants to stay hidden and turns out so does Drew!
This book really kept me gripped and wondering what drew was hiding. I had halfed guessed Poppy's secret and had a feeling about Drews but both surprised me as did the events on the lead up. I just felt the end was a tad rushed.
Would recommend it for anyone looking to be kept on their toes and will definitely look for more books by Rebecca Reid
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Truth Hurts was an enjoyable read, and although I was a bit unsure at the start, the book grew on me and I wanted to find out what happened.

When Poppy, a nanny, loses her job and home in one fell swoop she is at a loss of what to do. Whilst sitting at a bar on a street in Ibiza an attractive man approaches her. Suddenly, she's staying with him and then quickly marries him - which I found rather strange. They also both agree not to speak about the past.

When they arrive back in England, Poppy is surprised to find that Drew has bought her a house as a wedding present. But the reaction from the villagers, when they realise where they are staying, is surprising.

Poppy sets about redecorating the house, with her friend Gina's help. But strange things keep happening...

When their pasts become known and their secrets are out it all makes for a rather surprising and macabre ending.
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A thriller following nanny Poppy who is thrown out of her employer's house in the middle of the night and meets Drew. They marry within a month and move to Thursday house. Both decide to keep their pasts secret. When the truth about their pasts are revealed to each other they realise they are the perfect couple who are destined to be together, never mind the devastating consequences. A gripping read and the author made the characters likeable. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for letting me review this book.
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A good read with just the right amount of tension to keep you hooked. Interesting characters and setting to differentiate it from other books in this genre. A good book to read on the beach
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Firstly thank you to Net galley and the publisher for this copy in exchange for an honest review. 

I went into this book having not read anything else by the author, and therefore had no idea what to expect. 

This was a well paced and intriguing read, indeed I finished reading in under a day as I was dying to know the outcome of the story. Poppy and Drew were both interesting characters, and I enjoyed that both seemingly had a mystery to unravel as the story rushed along. 

The pacing of story was punchy, and intertwined with a back story of another character which kept me suitably intrigued. However I did find the conclusion to be somewhat unsatisfying, and with not enough detail to close up all the loose ends. 

The side character of Gina was also a great addition to the story, as her perspective of events mirrored what I was thinking almost all the way through. 
Perfect for fans of thriller and mystery novels.
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I liked the plot – “let’s not discuss our past just move on from now”.
But it’s such a cliché when the girl is pretty but poor and the man is handsome and rich.
An easy read with characters that whilst interesting whilst reading didn’t remain to long in my memory. A good first novel.
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