At Daddy's Hands

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I'm honestly not sure how to go about reviewing this book. It make me uncomfortable and sick at times, but I'm pretty sure that was the intent. While I can't say I "enjoyed" the the book, I did find it interesting and had a hard time putting it down.
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At Daddy’s Hands: Courage Knows No Age by Jacob Paul Patchen may be classified as teen/young adult, but it certainly has enough appeal for adult readers of all ages. I wouldn’t necessarily classify this as a psychological thriller, but it could be called psychological suspense. 

Jim Handler is a homicide detective who solved a major murder case and turned himself into a hero in his small hometown. Jim has a wife, Ashley, and three children, Ally, Tyler and Nikki. The Handlers should be a shining example of the All-Amerįcan family and appear to be on the outside, but the Handlers have a terrible secret. Jim is an abuser. He subjects his wife and children to physical, mental and sexual abuse on a nearly daily basis. 

Ashley, the abused wife, has given up so much of herself that she is unable to save her children from their father’s abuse. 

Tyler, the middle child, has reached his breaking point and comes up with plan to free himself and his siblings from their father. 

Ally is the eldest child at sixteen. She’s an artist, but has resorted to cutting herself and attempted suicide to have some control over her life. 

Nikki is the youngest child at eleven. She loves journaling and writing poetry to document and escape the cruel reality of her home life. Nikki becomes the word she uses in an essay that leads her teacher to realize the situation Nikki is in: courage. 

The secret is out, but no one wants to believe it. Jim is a decorated police officer. His fellow officers and the local judge all refuse to see what’s right in front of their eyes. He receives a slap on the wrist for the horrors he’s inflicted upon his family, and it emboldens him. He will never stop. He is omnipotent. Where children should feel the safest Jim Handler’s children felt only fear and pain: At Daddy’s Hands.

The children realize that they must implement Tyler’s plan if they are to ever get out from under their father’s hands. They want to live without fear and hate. They want to be free. 

At Daddy’s Hands is very well-written. The story is mainly revealed through the varying viewpoints of each family member and through multiple timeframes. This could have been awkward but the author handles it competently so there is no confusion. Patchen has done a fantastic job of making a very uncomfortable subject into a story you want to read. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to everyone. 

My thanks to Black Rose Writing and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.
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This book was fast paced. Hard to put down. It flowed well and it was very well written. It caught hold of me and had me hooked from the start . I was literally on the edge of my seat reading this book.
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Jacob Graham is former Marine who is writing by the name #JacobPaulPatchen.  I knew what I was to expect when I agreed to read and review his book #AtDaddysHands but even knowing what this story is about,  you're not actually PREPARED to read a story like this.  

Mr. Graham uses extremely sensitive and taboo topics in our society/media regarding sexual abuse, rape, incest, and Domestic Violence against women and children and puts them in such words that they are guaranteed to rip your heart out and make you feel feel sick to your stomach,  but at the same time want to run to your children and make sure they're safe, because if this could happen in a family such as the one portrayed in this story, how do you know it's not actually happening in YOUR OWN family?  

The father/perpetrator in this story is a decorated Homicide Detective, and a "Hero" to the town.  When his oldest daughter gets to old to molest in his opinion,  he starts on his 11yr old daughter at the time (though she could have been younger, as the book never actually says how old each girl was when the molestation started for them).  In the reading of the book though, the youngest girl is 12yrs old and in 6th grade.  The girl opens up to her teacher and a Counselor at school and their Father is arrested,  but it's not without a lot of disbelief and questions,  but he never actually goes to Trial because the Judge doesn't want to embarrass himself,  the father, or the Town.   The father is given counseling for three months as punishment instead of jail time, then he's allowed back home where the abuse starts back up.  The children make a plan to rid themselves of their torturer but things don't go as they plan, which causes the climatic showdown.  

There's  a scene in the book where the boy, the middle child,  performs an act against a fellow football player, and a year later he's trying to help another team member when he realizes the act he performed was something his father would do to him or his sisters, and he runs to the bathroom where he gets violently sick.   He didn't want to have anything of his father in him and for him to act like the monster who sired him shook him to his core.  He realizes he has to get help or he will continue to become just like his father. 

#AtDaddysHands will make you cry, make you angry, make you question what you think you know to be accurate, but most of all it will make you rage against the injustice of women and children (and yes, some men) just like those in this story.  

I think Mr. Graham/Patchen did a remarkable job with the description in this book, making it as realistic as it is.  He brings the readers into the book and won't let them go,  no matter how much they want to put it down (some parts more than others, and yes there are parts you WILL want to put it down), but there's just something there that keeps making you read on because you just have to find out how this book is going to end. 

While I admit I WON'T be reading #AtDaddysHands again (no matter how WELL WRITTEN it is), I WILL be searching out more books by #JacobPaulPatchen reading them to see if they are just as good as this is,  and if they are just as well written.
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I DNF’ed this book at page 50. I didn’t like the writing style I felt like it was quite average, nothing special. The beginning of the book was extremely fast paced, a little too fast paced for a beginning of a book. I felt like we were just forced into going straight to the disturbing scenes instead of giving a more broader backstory as to why their mom was a drug addict and why the dad sexually, physically, and emotionally abused these kids and why the dad was an alcoholic. This book just wasn’t it for me.
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# At Daddy’s Hands # Netgalley 
A extremely powerful message well written book. Of incest, sexual physical, emotional, mental abuse. Of a farther on his three children. It probably the closest books on this subject I have ever ever read. Even when his children conspire to try and get something done to stop it. It often fails. Just like it did in the 70s and 80s. When sexual abuse was rampant. Yet no one would of could do much about it. Due to the. High ranking police, court judges, Queens councils. Politicians where involved in the abuse. The children where a comodotiy. Not worth much in the eyes of such powerful men. Where blind eyes where tuned and a child was made to suffer more. For taking and bringing attention to the sexual assault, abuse. Oh how the mighty felt untouchable. Because they where. Children where sent back home. Children where sent back to children’s homes. It often been said when reports started to come into the police. No one really knew what to do. Because these children, where naming big stars names. Who where being protected. This book is so life like back to that era. A absolutely brilliant written book on the horrors of sexual abuse where no one seemed to want to do anything about it. I can honestly say although it’s such a extremely in-depth story line. I certainly would advise a cautionary paragraph for anyone who has been through the horrors of incest or any type of sexual abuse. I say this with such a well meaning reasons. Someone who just happens to pick this book up, yet knowing it’s on a dark horrific subject. Of someone having been through this kind of think. Often read books like this. I have found it’s like the read them looking or hoping a fictional or true book will help them find answers to why. Yet I feel this particular book. Is such a exceptional eerie almost real life book. The author has dared to cross a line between fact and fiction, in such a way, that I really believe some sexual abused people could read this book and it quite easily be read in the wrong way. It’s actually so well written and storyline so absolutely phenomenal real although it’s fictional. Because the author has actually put so much research it could quite easily be mistaken for a factual book. Hence bringing such strong and powerful messages that if someone where to read this I would hate in to be confused with reality for some. Provoking horrific memories from the past back I would be exceptionally concerned. For a person who has not dealt with their own experiences properly. I can not express how extremely powerful and emotionally charged this book is. After of 50yrs of reading I can honestly say. The author has gone to the edge of fictional to the boundaries of reality. As I stated at the beginning it’s the closest read to the actual real thing. It’s not just the closest it’s the fear written in the book is actually so much on the edge of reality I found myself thinking this is a factual book. Then I had to keep telling myself no it’s a fictional story not reality. However there’s such a fine line between the two. I have such a immense., respect to the author for bringing this subject so close to life. That crossing the line from fact to fictional storyline. Is such a touch of brilliance. He has surpassed any other author by far. By being as close to the actual truth I think without him realising how much brilliance and such a a piece of genius writing. What a great fantastic read above and beyond anything I have read in years. Probably more for the realism, he’s caught the true  essence  of a survivor and of a abuser like no one else ever has done both so well ever before. A pure pure brilliant thriller. This is really really one book no one can pass by. You really would be missing out on a brilliant almost realistic storyline ever.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a chance to review this book.

A brutal tale of abuse and survival,  this is a tough book to read and might be hard for abuse survivors.  A book about the bond of siblings, the failure of law enforcement and the importance of caring adults.
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This book is tricky for me to review because I understand the importance of it. It’s not really designed to be an enjoyable read, so it’s hard to measure why things worked. I will start by saying that the author knows how to write and yet this book was so hard to read.

Nikki, Tyler, and Ally, the characters that Jacob Paul Patchen brings to life, grab your heart and lead you on their personal journey of dealing with being abused sexually, emotionally and physically (by their own father no less). The strength of this novel is that author can make you feel their pain. They are all witty, sympathetic, but frustrating characters. Patchen makes you want them to succeed in their plan and paints a vivid portrait of being a victim that is electrifying.

This isn’t really meant to be a book that you’re supposed to enjoy. It exists to make you think about sexual assault and rape culture and how those who aren’t directly participating in sexual assault are still a part of the problem. Kudos to Mr Patchen for his adroit handling of the Handler children's story.
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this book was good but i found it hard to read due to the sexual abuse factor and i so wanted to kill the dad Jim myself . It goes on a lot in real life too as some people show a different side to the outside than they do at home. Story was realistic
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What if your father was not only abusing you but abusing your whole family? Would you tell someone? Now what if that abuser was a respected Homicide Detective in a small town? Would you still tell someone, and what if you told and it was disregarded because such a well respected man would "never do such a thing"?
This is the reality for one family in this book that delves deep into matters that are seldom discussed in real life, we are on a journey with not one but 3 children and a mother who are victims and when the youngest finally speaks outs her story is minimized and swept under the rug. Than what do you do to protect yourself and your family? This was a great read that both horrified me and warmed my heart. A families survival and how they beat the odds. Great characters, great plot, a very easy read if you can handle the subject matter. The author is brutally honest in his story but it is done with class and respect.
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I really want to like this book but unfortunately I just didn't. 
I hate to leave a review even though I didn't enjoy it. I don't think this was a bad book, just one that wasn't for me in particular.
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This was a not the easiest subject matter to read. Sexual and physical abuse from anyone is HORRIBLE! But when its from a parent its exponentially more horrendous is my opinion. This was very well written and sad to read. I LOVED the victim stories that were included in the end. 

Thank you Netgalley, the publisher and to Jacob Paul Patchen for allowing me to read and honestly review this ARC.
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This book was totally gripping! It starts off with 3 kids coming up with a plan to get themselves out of an abusive situation At Daddy's Hands. This chapter ends on a cliff hanger.  Then it sends you right into the back stories of each of the 3 kids and the wife/mother. It sends you on quite the roller coaster of emotions giving you a peek at what someone in a situation like this would be going through mentally and physically. For me it gave insight to the question of "why don't they speak up and tell someone? Why do they stay in this situation?" The book hits the climax,  but it gives you another chapter after that to read about the conclusion.  I think this could be a great read for everyone.
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I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I can't wait to read more by this author.  His writing style is good.
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This book, being about sexual abuse against children, was hard to read for obvious reasons. Patchen was able to convey the scene without overstepping the line. The character perspectives were written in the format of the persons age and managed to capture feelings and intent which was powerful. There are scenes in this book that are very maddening and make you want to personally avenge the characters. Be ready for an emotional rollercoaster. 
One thing against this book, it could have been written better from a literary stand point. It switched view points in several chapters without warning and until you are accustomed to it, it becomes confusing. I think this book could have had a better impact had it been written with consistently. 
If you can overlook the flow of the writing then this is a book worth reading. It will help you see a side of life that most of us never think about.
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This was a tough book to read. The descriptions of sexual abuse are hard to take. The worst part for me was when Nikki came forward and the judge decided to sweep it all under the carpet because it was an election year. Awful. Having said that, I think it was well written and thoughtful.
I received this book free from NetGalley and give this review voluntarily.
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Books like this (child physical, sexual, and emotional abuse) are hard to read due to the disturbing subject matter. However, it is essential to hear what occurs as these are real things that happen to children and families.

The story is told from the perspective of each person involved and done well. The author discusses how the system can sometimes abuse the victim even more. It also shines a light on the hero’s that step forward.

I was able to read this in one night as the author developed the story and the emotions involved well. At Daddy's Hands is written with passion and disturbing details.

At Daddy's Hands by Jacob Paul Patchen is a very good book about a difficult subject, but one that needs to be told.
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I did not find this to be a well written book.  The storyline was an important one but neither the characters or story plot were well developed.  More effort into developing the story and characters could have made it a five- star book.
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This is a well-written book on a very hard, heartbreaking subject. The author did an excellent job portraying the horrors that exist in many houses across the globe and hits home to many victims and their abusers! This book will evoke many emotions and feelings and touch your very core being!
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Jim Handler, husband, father, star detective and child molester. His three children have been raped and abused by this man. His wife beaten to a pulp.
No one believes them. No one will listen. The children decide to take things into their own hands. They hope a percocet cocktail will end their abuse. 
This is a story about strength, courage and survival. Though this story is fiction it is written about a subject that presently is running rampant in our society. Children being abused and no one listening because the abuse is so good in everyone's eye that he couldn't possibly be doing these atrocities. It happens each and every day.
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