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I haven’t read another book by this author, so I was pleasantly surprised by how well she writes. I’ll be putting her on my radar from now on after reading this one.

I would have given this story 5 stars if not for the ending. It had such nice pacing to the relationship and life events in both Zoe and Reyna’s world until I realized that I was 80% done with the book and we had barely been given romantic moments of them together. I knew then that the end would feel rushed, and/or we’d get cheated of seeing them together, and I was right…at least I think I’m right. It would have done nicely for another 30 pages at the end. I don’t want to say why, since that would be a spoiler, but I’ll just say that the last bit of them together should have been more than 3 pages. It seemed more like an outline. 

I could also see this book having a sequel, although I have no idea if that’s planned. How Reyna deals with her work, Holden, and Zoe should be a book on its own. There is plenty of material still left to cover. 

Other than the ending, it was a wonderful read. I especially enjoyed Mel and Jessica, and would love to have books with them in the lead as well (hint hint).
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Counting on Love was a pleasant read. Zoe has a crush works as a Financial adviser for Azoulay House and has a huge crush on the CEO Reyna Azoulay. Because of this crush, she hasn't put herself out there to date despite her friends pushing her to date more. Reyna on the other hand is busy with work and taking care of her nephew after her sister and bro-in-law died in a car accident. She has put off dating because of her schedule and had sworn to never date anyone employed by her. 

I do tend to like Boss/Employer romances. So I can say for the most part this fit the bill in that aspect. After reading this, I felt there was some sort of chemistry between the two MC's. In some cases it felt like Zoe was way more attracted to Reyna than the other way around. The two MCs really didn't have a ton of interaction which I feel is important in a romance. Despite that, the read was still easy and the writing was good. One thing I didn't really care for is that the ending seemed rushed and not sure if I felt that the decisions that Reyna made could be directly tied to wanting to be in a relationship with Zoe.

I rate this one 3.25 stars.
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I received this book as an Arc in exchange for an honest review. 

This is the first book that I have read by RL Burgess, and I am not sure if I liked the book very much, I requested this because the premise seemed promising, but as I started to read it I knew immediately that I did not like either of the main characters. Zoe was whiny and Reyna just seemed cold. I did not get far into this book before I decided to give up. It was boring, the plot was uninspired, and I felt like there wasn't any really chemistry between the characters. I just did not like this books. I will try and read other books by this author, but this one was just not my cup of tea.
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This is a boss-employee type romance, with some age gap, not much, seven years between both women.
Reyna is the owner and CEO of a financial advisory, she is of Israeli and Arab origin, has created her company from scratch and now the lost of her sister has left her in charge of her 8-year-old nephew. She is overwhelmed by this new responsibility in addition to all the work of her company, with four offices around Australia up and growing.

Zoe, an employee of the company, is attracted to Reyna, her position and her person, but does not believe that this attraction can ever be reciprocal.

A congress that takes place in a paradise resort, makes the two women coincide and then their relationship changes radically. Due to her position, Reyna is distant and sometimes does not seem to empathize with her employees, but it is only because of her high level of work and because she is a bit controlling and not very willing to delegate. Zoe, is an outgoing woman and wants to improve the world as much as she can, so she does not want to miss the opportunity that congress can give her.

Romance is quite typical in the tug of war between heart and reason, especially as far as Reyna is concerned. Zoe is a bit dizzy from Reyna's changes in acting. But the parts of the story that happen in the paradisiacal landscapes of Australia to which the two women travel are very beautiful to read.

In short, for me this has been a pretty good romance that I do not hesitate to recommend.
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I won’t lie: accounting and anything to do with finances sounds like the most boring job ever to me. Yet when Zoe Cavendish reflects on her job, I have to admit it’s kinda exciting. She’s a financial adviser who clearly loves her job: « Sometimes she felt like a detective, deciphering clues, unearthing missing numbers, and then solving difficult financial problems ». When you put it that way… She also has the biggest crush on her boss, Reyna Azoulay. Reyna, whose life changed completely a few months ago when she had to take in her young nephew, after his parents died in a car crash. Reyna, who is married to her work and swears by this all-important rule: Never Sleep With The Staff.

I was rooting for Zoe from the start, the author made her feel like a genuinely nice person and I wanted her to be happy. It was a nice change reading about characters who already know each other, but are not already friends either. I liked how the author built up the relationship, it never felt artificial or forced. And while Reyna’s hot and cold attitude could have been irritating, her circumstances made it understandable. It helped that she was willing to listen to her friends’ advice and make changes in her life, even though at first it seemed impossible. And it didn’t hurt that part of the story happened in Alice Springs, it made me want to go back (not that it will happen, I live in the wrong hemisphere for that). 

I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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I LOVED THIS. I can't say How much I enjoyed reading their story. I loved it so much i was disappointed that there was not Ep at the end. I needed to know the progress. I admit there was time where I felt frustrated they seem to let go too fast of each other. I wanted Zoe to tease her more and make her jealous but that's me loving the drama. it's well written book..

I was giving free copy in exchange of honest opinion
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I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and voluntarily leaving my review.

It was a nice read a slow building romance.

 Reyna is CEO of her financial advisory firm and had just taken in her nephew Holden when her sister and brother in-law died in a car crash as she overwhelm with work and rasing her nephew she doesn't have time for love but her best friends Samira and her husband John thinks she can have love in her life so they try to set her up.

Zoe works for Reyna and she becoming a rising star in the company her best friend Mel and their others friends believe it's time that Zoe get over her feelings for Reyna and starts dating but it's not that simple for her because as her friends set her up she can't seem to shake her feelings for Reyna.

When Reyna and Zoe go away for business and they get close Zoe can't stop herself and kiss Reyna and when Reyna tells her nothing can happen between them because Reyna vow to never get involve with a employee and because she doesn't have time for relationship Zoe accept this but when Zoe is befriend by Reyna friend Jessica while they at the international conference Reyna gets jealous and things heats up between Zoe and Reyna.

Reyna tells Zoe it was a mistake what happen between them and it can never happen again Zoe is hurt when Zoe get a job offer after someone likes her presentation she decide to take because it's a chance of lifetime and also a chance not to see Reyna everyday. Reyna realize she made a mistake and decide to make changes in her life and get Zoe back.
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