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This book was my first journey into a dystopian world. I was weary about whether I would enjoy it or find it too unbelievable, but... well the story is horribly plausible and has me asking more questions than I thought possible.

Harry and Kaitlyn, different ages, different paths, different pasts, same goals. Both characters driven to protect and preserves the greatest loves of their lives!

In an alternate reality they fight for their loved ones, they grapple with previous choices and where their futures will take them. Their characterisations are is so natural that grumpy Henry could be your grandad and downtrodden Kaitlyn could be your best friend, their pain, their fight, their helplessness leaps of the page and grips you. You walk their paths, you live their fears, and you remain grateful that this is not yet a world we live in!

There are times when you feel their plights are hopeless, when you fear they can’t beat the system, but when the. Hips are down Henry and Kaitlyn’s friendship pulls them together and finds them a new path, and hope is restored.

This book for me was about love, and the power and strength of a connection that is more than want and is total need. A story which proves that love can cloud our judgement and consume us, but that it can also guide and save us.

This story left me floundering at a world so cruel, a world so twisted and wrong, where success is measured by wealth and social standing, a world where love is last on the list. It’s an overwhelming beautiful tale of unlikely friendship and triumph. The author is breathtakingly and undeniably talented.

I. cannot recommend you read this book highly enough. Thanks Netgalley and N.J Crosskey!
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The first book I've finished on Kindle in years and also probably the first I've ever properly cried whilst reading... Overdrawn is set in a dystopian world where people "move on" (a nicer term for "decide to die") if they cannot afford the health care or if they wish to pass the funds they have instead onto their children.

The world described in this is heartbreaking. I cannot imagine living in a place where being old is frowned upon and thought of as being selfish.

A very thoughtful story with a fast pace. A real rollercoaster.

Thank you to @legendpress and @netgalley for my copy!
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This book was nothing short of fascinating and really original.  The government has decided to work with a group called Moving On to try to reduce overcrowding.  People are not living with things like dementia because they cannot afford to.  The older generation are treated like an inconvenience and are treated poorly.  Each person is given EP based upon their value to society.  The housing is separated into people with low EP, mid EP, and high EP so it is fairly similar to class society currently.  Henry is an older gentleman that is fighting to keep his wife alive as she has dementia.  Kate is a part of the younger generation and is using her own EP to keep her brother in a coma alive.  Henry and Kate decide to work the system by having a child together.  They unite forces to try to help their family members.  This book is dystopian, however not far off how things could be one day.  I experienced so many different emotions while reading this and would definitely recommend this to others,  This book was well written and so unique.  Thanks for the ARC, Net Galley.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this book, it was very enjoyable. I found the plot line engaging and the characters believable. I have not read anything by this author before but will do in the future! I will be recommending this book to friends and family.
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Overdrawn, by N J Crosskey, is a disturbingly feasible read; a near-future dystopia where health and health care is a financial product and everyone is born marked with a credit amount. This novel puts a price on human life, raises the question about which lives are worth more than others, and does it so subtly that at times I almost forgot that it wasn't real. It's set in England, a bleak England filled with high rises and mistrust, and where Moving On - ending your life when it is no longer financially viable - is an ethical choice. It was a difficult read, well-written, well-paced, and with believable central characters. The friendship between Henry and Kaitlyn is the light in a very dark literary tunnel - I didn't find the majority of this book enjoyable, despite the nice prose, simply because it was so close to reality and just so depressing - but it is an important read and one which those in power could certainly do with picking up and taking into consideration. "An ableist dystopia" I've seen this one referred to - and that's an astute description; it's timely and appropriate, clever, and extremely bleak.
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Loved this book. It had a great twist and the plot was exciting and heart warming. I loved the dystopian setting and the issues facing the characters.
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Thank you Netgalley and Publishers for granting me early access to "Overdrawn".

I'm currently in the middle of a major move, and will definitely come back at a later time and write out a full review and rating. 

Thank you so much!
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I was so excited to be invited on the blogtour for Overdrawn as I LOVE dystopian fiction, and this little gem of a book did not disappoint!  Overdrawn is punchy and pacy, yet packed with heart and tender relationships;  I became emotionally invested from the very beginning.

On the face of it, the whole premise of Overdrawn seems completely bonkers; yet the terrifying fact is that it is totally believable and utterly plausible.  I yo-yo’d through a range of emotions as I turned the pages of Overdrawn; but the one that struck me most was the horror at the macabre “Moving-On” parties (arranged for when people thought that they had become too much of a burden to society).  The forced gaiety was almost too much to bear!

I was enraptured by Overdrawn; totally sucked in and consumed by the story of Henry and Kaitlyn, yet simultaneously stupefied and gobsmacked by Crosskey’s clever and captivating tale.

When I finished Overdrawn I could hear my heart hammering in my chest and reverberating in my ears: What. A. Ride.  This politically charged, dystopian drama was both thought-provoking and heart-breaking and left me with a bittersweet taste in my mouth.  I look forward to whatever stroke of genius Crosskey offers up next, but in the meantime I’ll be buying her first book; Poster Boy.
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This book feels timely and topical and will make you think. Really well written and absolutely worth the hype.
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I kind of enjoyed this book. It didn’t keep me glued to it. Characters and plot ok but I just couldn’t get into it all
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There were parts of this story that I found really interesting and there were parts I didn’t like. I do not like the idea of dying when you choose. I did not like how the book ended for Chloe and Henry. There are some parts of the story that show that there is still kindness in humanity. This kindness made the story more likeable.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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This felt a bit too harrowing so I had difficulty reading this. The issue I had that it seemed all too probable and was suprisingly scary. However the characters did feel a bit weak and I struggled to care about both sets as it would have worked better if it focused on Henry and his wife solely.
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This is such a fascinating dystopian world that really made me think. Set in the near-ish future, when the millennials (or "snowflakes") are elderly, it shines a harsh light on society and its priorities

This book follows Henry, a middle aged/elderly man, and Kaitlyn, a twenty something year old. Both are from very different generations, with life-altering policies and public opinions separating them. Henry is desperate to find the money to fund his wife's expensive prescription, while Kaitlyn is working all hours to fund her brother's life support machine. When their lives become entangled the assumptions and attitudes of them and everyone around them become irrevocably challenged 

I really enjoyed following the two main characters, watching their attitudes towards one another, and their corresponding generations, alter. They both showed such incredible growth and were amazingly fleshed out characters. The commentary on death and youth was super interesting and really made me think

This book reminded me a little of The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood and The Disappeared by Amy Lord. I love a good dystopian book!
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In the near future, people are given EP credits (existence points? I don't think we ever find out what EP stands for, but maybe I missed it) to put towards healthcare, and it's common for adults to "Move On" at a certain age to ensure enough credit/money is left for the next generation. It's a terribly ageist and ableist society, and honestly not that far-fetched. The story, the plot, the characters are awesome - I couldn't put it down! The dialogue wasn't great, but that's just me being nit-picky. Loved the overall message and hope that we can avoid a similar fate as a society.
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I loved this book!  I was intrigued by it immediately.  Very interesting concept that hooks you in!  I hope to read more by this author in the future.
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Perhaps it is because I have a hidden disability or perhaps it is because I am 46 years old and looking forward to retirement within the next ten years, or, maybe it is just because I was raised with morals, but, the idea of an Ableist and/or Ageist society makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe it is because I see certain countries as already heading in this direction. Maybe my disgust with ableism is because I am #Canadian and have always been a firm believer that access to healthcare is a right that everyone should have. Access to quality healthcare should never be denied to anyone no matter their race, religion, age, color, socioeconomic status, sex, sexual orientation, gender, disabilities or for any other reason. 

In OVERDRAWN, author N.J. Crosskey has created a dystopian society with ageism at its core. "... they'd been bombarded with it, for years. The need to do one's duty. It was the responsibility of all patriotic citizens to think always of the future generations before themselves. It was good and noble, to end one's life rather than take up more than your rightful share of the world's resources. To make sure you played your part in a fairer, more sustainable, future." 

The author uses fiction to highlight some of what is wrong with today's society. In humanity's past, elders were revered for their wisdom and knowledge. Today's society no longer thinks that way. Warehousing our senior citizens in old age homes and ignoring them has become commonplace. I see this as a huge problem and author N.J. Crosskey seems to agree with me. 

"How many lies were out there, masquerading as the truth?" 

OVERDRAWN is an eye-opening look at one possible future and should scare the heck out of everyone who reads it for the simple fact that it is so plausible. 

With characters of depth and of varying ages and viewpoints, author NJ Crosskey has created a wonderful work of dystopian fiction that should be on the top of everyone's reading list for September 2019. Not only is her world-building truly exceptional, her characters relatable, and the plot fast-paced, but this book is detailed enough to provide everything a truly discerning reader could hope for. 

I rate OVERDRAWN as 5 OUT OF 5 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone who reads this review. Who knows - It just may change your world view.
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I really enjoyed Poster Boy when I read it earlier this year so I was quite excited to get my hands on this book. And I am pleased to report that I loved it just as much, although, like its predecessor, it scared me a bit too. We are in a dystopian world where basic resources are running out. To this end, people are encouraged to end life when they get sick rather than hang on, stripping the meagre resources from the healthy, euthanasia is actively encouraged! Everyone is given "credits", the amount being based on their place in society and when they run out, well... 
We meet our two main characters at a time when things are getting rather tough for them. Henry is 60, married to Chloe who is on the descent into dementia. Henry is doing everything to prolong Chloe's life. Luckily, his financial position is enabling him to hang on but that is precarious as there are those waiting in the wings to inherit. Kaitlyn works a very low paid job as a waitress but is really trying to do her best for her brother who is on life support and, consequently, draining all her credits, so much so that she is heavily in debt.
Their worlds collide when they meet, first at the cafe where Kaitlyn works and then at the hospital. The two strike up an unlikely friendship which then spirals into a plan. The outcome of which could be the saving of both themselves and their loved ones.
I say that this was a bit scary, well, with population explosion and resources and healthcare on the brink of collapse here in the UK, even despite all the Brexit promises, the things depicted in this book are not without the realm of credibility. Hopefully not in my lifetime though. But food for thought nonetheless. 
In this book, the author has created some of the best characters I have read about in time. They all came across as completely real and I could feel their fear and angst dripping from each page as I read. Henry and Kaitlyn are chalk and cheese but share so many frustrations that their relationship swiftly develops, after a few initial stutters, and the plan they conceive appears to be their only way out. Aside from them, my favourite character must be Chloe, oh how I felt for her every step of the way and I felt that her portrayal was so accurate that I became a bit of an emotional wreck at times whilst reading.
Part depressing, part uplifting, and containing some wonderful humour, the book remains balanced throughout although I did run the whole gamut of emotions as things ebbed and flowed for our heroes along the way. It was compelling and I was very reluctant to put I down as I really needed to see how things panned out for everyone. No spoilers but the ending did leave me satisfied. Bittersweet but it was as it should have been.
With two winners under her belt now, I really can't wait to she what the author serves up next time. My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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This was such a current emotional topic, give it 5 years and this could be reading as a contemporary...

Euthanasia is legal, and people are encouraged to do this in order to create a more sustainable future, not to burden the youth. 

It was so relevant and found it fascinating reading about the way the world could be. One of the things I most enjoyed was the relationships in this book. It really delved into peoples past, how it made them the way they are today, and that we really don't understand what people are going through. It was emotional and the author really took me on a journey with this book. it was fast-paced, I was waiting on every page to see where Henry and Kaitlyns relationship progressed. 

Would 100% recommend this book!
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I really enjoyed this right up until the end of the book . . . which didn't quite work for me.

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I enjoyed this dystopian story, it had an interesting concept and was definitely hard-hitting! It definitely made me question my morals and I found it very thought provoking!

I loved the friendship between Henry and Kaitlyn and how their paths crossed for a reason, it was beautiful to see their friendship blossom and their sense of humour, I think, made the book even better. Oh and Chloe, I loved Chloe, she was the most selfless and most likeable character throughout!

It is was very much an emotional rollercoaster, my emotions were all over the place while I was reading, I couldn't keep up with them.

I wasn't sure about it around 50% in, I think I was just annoyed about the situation in the book, but I kept reading because I was intrigued to see where it went and it was emotional, I nearly shed a tear! It had such a beautiful but sad unexpected ending!
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