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Meet Me at Pebble Beach: Part One – Out of the Blue

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Out of the Blue by Bella Osborne is the 1st book in the Meet Me at Pebble Beach four part series.  I enjoyed this book.  When Regan thinks she won the lottery she dumps her boyfriend and job.  Now all she has is her car.  After reading the end of this book, I have to read part two.  This book is short, I'm guessing around 100 pages.  If you enjoy chit lit books, I highly recommend this book.   
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This was an excellent start to the series i like the storyline and thecharacters and was left wantig to know what was going to happen next can't wait to read part two.
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5☆ A Highly Compelling, Poignant, Witty and Heartfelt Read, A Perfect Start!

After an terrible prank leaves Regan homeless, jobless & without a boyfriend she just doesn't know which way to turn.
Alex her now ex friend at work, tricked Regan into believing she won it big on the lottery.
Overjoyed she tells her boss exactly what she thinks of him and walks out...not before telling boyfriend Jarvis it's over and to dump all her stuff in the bin.. lol...oops!

Alex feels terrible but it's too late the damage has been done! 
On a chance meeting, Regan meets Charlie who gracefully stopped Regan from killing Alex lol
He gives her a card and tells her about a group he goes to called... 'Mantra' all about mindfulness and self love.

Regan thinks all that is a waste of time. But bored one day and in a awful predicament she decides to take the plunge and go to a meeting... after all Charlie is devilishly handsome, how bad can it be! She might just end up liking it... and Charlie too!

Two Characters that stole my heart were
Kevin and Elvis the dog.
Kevin is homeless and Regan befriends theboth of them, buying him coffee and Elvis milk every day. But Kevin was there for Regan when she had a panic attack. Their budding friendship is so heart warming to see.

Wow oh wow what a fantastic start to this book!
It's very Poignant, Witty, Current, A super quick read as I wanted to know more.
There are some sensitive issues raised within the book such as homelessness, terminal illness, depression, but Osborne handles them with the right amount of sensitivity to make an impact.
This does end on a cliffhanger as it leads into part 2, so be prepared to be left wanting more.... I certainly did!

The twists are perfectly plotted and I certainly didn't see them coming!
I was left giggling alot, smiling and loving the chemistry between Regan and Charlie i can't wait to see how it progresses, especially after that bombshell of a revelation.

Meet Me At Pebble Beach is a feel good read and the perfect start to what promises to be a perfect book!
I'm a huge fan of Bella Osborne's books, she always creates memorable characters, and heartwarming, witty and poignant plots. I can't wait for the next installment!

Thank you to Avon Books for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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A really funny, enjoyable story with well rounded believable characters. The ending of the book was abrupt.
The ending of the book set the reader up for book two in the series.
I would definitely like to read the rest of the series 
Thank you to Netgalley, Avon books and Bella Osborne for letting me read this book, in exchange for an honest review
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A sweet story about a girl that doesn't have the best luck,  who meets a man that helps her make the best of her life.  I enjoyed this story with a great ending. 
This was a free copy from netgalley.
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Bella Osborne is a fabulous writer and once again she has hit the mark perfectly. 
Pebble Beach sounds like a wonderful place full of interesting characters. I can’t wait to read part two.
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Meet me at Peeble beach part one- out of the blue  by Bella Osborne

Regan’s life is a mess. She’s in a dead end job , is totally disorganised but lovable and she has a controlling opinionated critical boyfriend. She put on a lottery ticket and leaves it in her office. The Monday after the  draw a colleague plays a prank that backfired greatly by telling her she’s on the lottery by showing her a fake ticket. She quits her job and her boyfriend. She’s moving out and it’s over and she ends up no job, nowhere to live and life is truly rock bottom.

 Really got into the storyline and was so engrossed and then part one was over !!! Devastated ! I wasn’t expecting it to be such a short story as opposed to novel. Desperate for the next parts to find out the whole story .

 Very well written. Personal preference is I’d rather them all as one book would an exceptional read I feel. Still had to be 5/5 but crossing my fingers for the other parts / whole novel
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I really enjoyed part 1 of this 4 part series. I've read several of Bella Osborne's books before and have loved them all. 

This book is about a Regan who makes a fantasy list of what she would do if she won the lottery. Her winning numbers "come up" and we follow her journey of what happens next. I can't say much more without giving you any spoilers.

The main character Regan is quite scatty, slovenly and even a bit lazy, but is still a very likable character. She does seem to have her heart in the right place and I think we will see her develop quite a bit in future episodes of this story. I'm looking forward to part 2.
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I was intrigued by this new four part series by Bella Osborne of Meet Me at Pebble Beach. I was able to read part one 'Out of the blue' and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's set to be one of the summer reads for 2020.  As this is only the first part of the series, it's really hard to not give too much away about the story. As a regular reader of Bella's books I absolutely adore her stories and characters. This is absolutely the same with this one too.

Absolutely hooked on the story and can't wait to read more. You can read these in separate novella form or you can wait and get the full copy at the end of May.
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I am stunned!! The beauty of novellas is the way that they are written in bite sized chunks, ideal for people who fancy a little something to read in between other books, or for those who are struggling with their concentration levels. Like me.

I have read and enjoyed many of Bella’s Osborne’s novels, however I have never, EVER read one which made my jaw drop as instantaneously as this one did. Regan is one to watch and is incredibly naive. Her outlook on life is so blase, yet without that fire in her belly, she wont end up completing her ever growing list of ‘wants’. She struck me as the type of character who needed mothering, but also like someone who could really rile people up the wrong way with her unrealistic expectations. With that in mind, I found her very endearing….her workmate is a bit of a tube though. Who does that!!!!!!!!

I flew through the pages of this book as though they were on fire! I was so eager to follow Regan’s journey that nothing prepared me for the bombshell the author dropped at the very last second. Seriously, I have absolutely no idea where that came from! I did even look behind my kindle….just to check of course!

For such a short read, ‘Out Of The Blue’ packs more of a punch than Tyson Fury, and I even have my ringside seats for part two. This is shaping up to be a series not to be missed!
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Bella Osborne writes the most uplifting and delightful romantic comedies and Meet Me at Pebble Beach: Out of the Blue is the first captivating instalment of her fantastic new serial that is full of laughs, warmth and humour which you will find absolutely irresistible.

Regan has always been happy coasting along and living life in the slow lane. She’s never had a lot of drive and ambition – unlike her friend Cleo – and is content with her mundane and unexciting life and with her dead-end job, boring boyfriend and less than thriving social life. Sure, her job is mind-numbingly tedious and about as invigorating as dry paint and her boyfriend Jarvis drives her up the wall with his obsession with order and tidiness, but Regan refuses to complain – sure life could be a bit more thrilling, but when compared to some people, things could be far worse. When she buys a lottery ticket on a whim, she is convinced that she has got absolutely no chance of winning so much as five pence – until she checks her numbers and is flabbergasted when she discovers that she has won the jackpot…or has she?

An elated Regan jacks in her job, tells everyone exactly what she thinks about them and begins to make plans that involve cocktails, fast cars, a designer wardrobe and exotic holidays. Only, it turns out that Regan hasn’t won so much as a consolation prize. It was all a practical joke that got out of hand and now she is homeless, jobless and single. What is poor Regan going to do now?

Devastated, embarrassed and with nowhere to go and nobody to turn to, Regan is left all on her own, but will she sink? Or will she swim, survive and thrive in the most unexpected and surprising of ways?

A delightful read that will have you laughing out loud from the very first sentence, Meet Me at Pebble Beach: Out of the Blue is Bella Osborne at her hilarious best. Warm, witty and riotous, Meet Me at Pebble Beach: Out of the Blue is a heart-warming and uplifting tale with a terrific heroine who is flawed, believable, funny, feisty and somebody who is a great laugh.

An absolutely fabulous read it is impossible not to fall in love with, roll on the next installments of Bella Osborne’s fantastic serial, Meet Me at Pebble Beach!
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This was the perfect beginning to a story, loved the intro to the characters and can’t wait to read the be the part.
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Unfortunately, the blurb is giving away half the plot of this novella already. Lucky for me then that I didn't read it again before I started reading the book, so everything happening was a surprise for me!

I felt very sympathetic towards Regan and I am confident that she will overcome all the issues she is facing. Regarding a new job I suspect (from small hints that are given) that it will be something that has to do with avoiding unnecessary waste or environment protection. And I'm sure that Kevin will play a role in her future. I just hope, Charlie will do, too! 

I really like the writing style of Bella Osborne, this is the fourth book by her that I've read and she has never let me down. The only thing I'm missing here is - the Pebble Beach!!
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Eeek! This was only part one of the book and I am hooked! Whilst I was reading, I thought I could safely give this four stars – holding out the fifth one until I had my hands on the entire book. However, the ending was just too much. It was an easy rating and left me wanting more. I need to finish this book!

Part one focuses on establishing the protagonist, Regan. You cannot help but feel sorry for her as life disintegrates. The cruel joke played on her at work had me feeling desperately sad for Regan and this set the tone for the rest of the extract. I wanted to see Regan happy and find stability.

This book has all the right ingredients for a great chick flick book. It has the feel-good factor and likeable characters. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Regan in the rest of the book, and where Charlie, Cleo and Rega’s father fall into the narrative. I’m almost disappointed that I have read this snapshot because I don’t think I can’t wait too long to complete the full story.

My first proper taste of Bella Osborne’s writing and I am not disappointed. I am keen to see how the seaside and ‘pebble beach’ feature in the plot and know this is a great read for the beach.

With thanks to Avon books and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I love Bella Osbourne’s books so much and this one seems just as good. It’s a shame that it was only part one of the series as I would have loved to have read all of it in one go. Nevertheless I still enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading the rest of it when it comes out.
I have read a lot of Bella’s books and always enjoy the escapism of reading them, I just forget all around me and get right into the story.
My thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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Thank you to Net Galley and Bella Osbourne for giving me this wonderful opportunity.
 This is the first part in a four-part serial and the first I have ever serial I have  had the chance to read.
Regan was dreaming of what she would do if she won big with the lottery ticket she had just bought. Alex her friend at work thought that a prank of letting her think she had won would be fun. 
Thinking she won she dumped her boyfriend- quit her job and made plans for using the winnings.
Finding out she had no winner set her on a path of what to do with the life now that she had nothing.
She meets Kevin and sparks are there.  
The next installment will lead us further into the lives of all who she is bonding with in the story.
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Loved this book. Great characters, easy read, uplifting, funny, romantic and charming. A really nice story that is the perfect escapist read.
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Regan is everything I normally can’t stand in a person, habitually late, a prankster, messy, lazy and work shy but god I loved her. She has a heart of gold and every morning when she buys her coffee she gets another for Kevin the homeless guy with his werewolf of a dog Elvis.

With a great cast of characters including Charlie (knight in shining armour possibly or too good to be true?) As this is only Part One and it finished on a cliffhanger that would put Dover to shame we will have to wait and see.

The humour starts right from the first chapter and even though this covers some very sensitive issues it is handled with gentle care and warmth.

If you want a book that is a nice fun easy read, one that will make you giggle and fill your heart then I thoroughly recommend this and I for one can’t wait to read Part Two.
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Regan thinks she has won the lottery and she calls her boyfriend to end their relationship and she quits her job by telling her boss off.  She then finds out it was a joke from a colleague. Now she has no where to sleep because she lived with her boyfriend. But a hot cop comes to the rescue, but he's not a cop.
This is part one of the series and like the other books by Bella Osborne I enjoyed it very much.
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his is a great starter for the 4 part series, Meet Me at Pebble Beach. It is warm and funny and sets the scene well for Regan’s story. Her life is catapulted through a huge change at the beginning and the people she knows are also established vividly and you are aware that they all have their own backstory which I am sure will be developed in the upcoming parts. You learn quite a lot about Regan’s inherent kindness and warmth and I am looking forward to seeing whether she follows her wishlist and how much she achieved. 

Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of the book.
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