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If Nobody Listens Part One

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I enjoyed the combination of science and technology in this book.  The main characters were interesting, and they all seem to have some secret or other.  I also liked how several different storylines were woven together.  The changes in location kept the story exciting.
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I found this book ok , it's not normally my sort of book but I wanted to give something different a try I did read it till the end and will be reading part two so definitely worth a go
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   Thank you NetGalley.

This book sucked me in immediately.     I wasn't sure what to expect, but it definitely bypassed my expectations.   I cannot wait to read part two!
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This was a compllicated but topical story line focusing on big business, underhand people and negotiations. It was fascinating and also riveting at times,  you had to concentrate on the characters and what was happening with each chapter. I wouldn't normally choose a book with this kind of subject, I don't like to read about people in power with lots of money controlling other people and situations.
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I was intrigued by the idea of a thriller that has the fight against multi-resistant bacteria as a cornerstone of the novel. I expected certain things (e.g. someone trying to make a strain of bacteria that conventional drugs can not combat) to be part of the story. And, it is.

However, I wasn't expecting the other storyline showing where Paul Bild was really financing his fledgling company.  And that is why Yulia Kuznetsova, manager of the Ukrainian branch office, goes missing.

Overall, a compelling narrative with the occasional stilted English. 

Grateful for the chance to read this novel and it's sequel thanks to NetGalley. Because when Part One ends, you want to read the next book.
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If nobody listens:part one by Rikard Sommer. 
Paul Bild has dedicated his life to the fight against multi-resistant bacteria.

When he offers millionaire Jeffrey Hughes a chance to save his sick daughter, he and his partner Tom Avild are about to get their international breakthrough.

Tom travels to their branch office in Ukraine.

On arrival, he finds that Yulia Kuznetsova has gone missing.

Tom and Vasili Romanov are thrown into a world where no one can be trusted.
A great read with some great characters.  Cant wait for the next book.  4*.
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good book. You start out thinking it's aboSuch a ut a computer company trying to get started and come away with a whole different story. I don't want to say to much in spoil it, but I highly recommend this book. Especially, if you like suspense. This is a slow burn that will have you on fire by the end! Can't wait to read Part 2. Thanks for the book Netgalley!
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I received a complimentary copy of If Nobody Listens Part One from NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
Twisted...  What a unique novel!  I haven't read anything with such crazy hidden character agendas in a while.  This novel included hackers, street urchins, top level medical professionals, medical research scientists, and covert operatives involved in well paced drama. What was not to like?  
Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC.
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Paul Bild has decided to make his life’s work fighting against multi-resistant bacteria.  He offers a very rich man a chance to save his sick daughter.  He and his partner Tom Avila get to become an international company.  On Tom’s arrival to his office in the Ukraine, he finds Yulia has left a note saying she would be back in a week.  Tom laters that Yulia has disappeared.  Tom and Vasili discover that that they can only trust each other and no one else.  What they discover is a shock to them.  What do they discover?  What will Tom and Vasili do?  Will they survive?

The novel is an excellent mystery.  At first I was wondering what was so mysterious about Yulia’s travels.  Why were the two men supposedly police interested in Yulia’s computer?  There were a few twists and turns that surprised me.  The ending was unexpected for me.
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I received this rather plodding corporate suspense novel, which was published in 2017, as a Read Now from NetGalley, along with the sequel which was being published about a month ago. I was interested because it purported to be about the intersection between two areas that I work in - clinical research and Travel Medicine (which has a strong focus on infectious diseases) but actually that was just the backdrop, and had little to do with the actual plot. It’s competently translated from the original Norwegian but it’s always hard to assesses how much has been lost in the process.

One of the confusing things about the book is how many Point of View characters are introduced, and then never seen again, before it becomes clear who the main protagonist is. It begins by introducing software developer Paul Bild, whose company has created a revolutionary new way of analysing bacteria, which would speed up the process of developing new antibiotics against the very real threat of emerging multi-drug-resistant pathogens. Then we meet American millionaire Jeffrey, powerless to help his dying daughter, and Ukrainian orphanage manageress Olga, grateful for the medical attention provided to her charges by the stern visiting nurse. Eventually it’s hulking scarred ex-hacker & Krabi Maga expert-with-a-heart Tom Avild and his overweight geeky colleague and friend Vasili, aka DeathVader, who prove to be the heroes as they investigate the disappearance of Yulia, office manager of Anybios’ Ukrainian base, while sinister elements also seem to be looking for her.

Unfortunately it was very far into this book before anything happened that could be considered thrilling. It did all come together at the end, but there were an awful lot of extended conversation scenes and pointless flashbacks introduced presumably to flesh out the characters but all they achieved was slowing down the narrative to a crawl, only to then have all the action compressed into the last 20%. The reveal of what is actually going on was well sign-posted, so not really a surprise, and then there’s a strange part two at the end, retelling what has just happened - it’s unclear whether this is the beginning of the sequel or just a confusing alternative ending. Had this not been an ARC I would’ve abandoned it, and I don’t feel much enthusiasm for the sequel, but I will get to it after a break and just have to hope that it continues at the faster pace of the last part of this one. (Honestly, there were pages and pages devoted to the heroes’ attempts to crack Yulia’s computer password, which was important but so dull to read about.) 2.5 rounded up for the ending which did at least tie it all together.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this ARC and provide an honest review.
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An amazing read. I Could not put it down. Really draws you in and keeps you hooked from start to finish. Looking forward to more from this amazing author!! Highly recommended book.
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Paul Bild sits in a bar, alone. He is a "dying man". A woman approaches him who tells him she knows what is best for him and his company, AnyBio Analytics.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Hughes in Tampa, has a daughter, Christina, who is 11, and needs a heart transplant. At a net worth of 80 million dollars, Jeffery is still not able to get a successful donor for Christina.

Next,  we arrive at the AnyBio Laboratories branch that exists in the Ukraine. Youlia and Vasili work here but are in constant contact with the main office in Oslo, Norway. Oslo is where the owner, Paul Bild, and his genius programmer, Tom, work unless needed out of town. Tom and Vasili have been friends (since their pre-teens) on the internet.

Tom is sent to the Ukraine to work with Yulia and Vasili.

And this is where it all begins...

A great story! I have not yet read the second book, yet but certainly I am looking forward to it!

Many Thanks to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for a very good read!
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I read parts 1 and 2 in a row and certainly feel that that was the right thing to do. Part 1 was somewhat overwhelming to start with because it was laying a complicated set of scenes - Norway, Ukraine, USA and England with associated groups of characters..Once you get your head round these characters it's fine, complicated but fine.  Essentially it's a thriller based around a company gathering data and knowledge about bacterial infections and helping others to develop cures but there's a dark side unbeknownst to the main characters Tom and Vasili - the IT geeks if you like. What they find, how they find it, how they all become involved in organised crime, repercussions, murders, wheeler dealing - the book has the lot. Tense, well written and  well developed characters. Part 2 gets its own review! Thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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It was a good read with excellently developed characters and a story line that sucks you in. I really enjoyed this and part two.
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If Nobody Listens is a interesting book. I enjoyed reading this book and it flowed well. I had to finish it.
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I found this book very exciting
Pacing was great and I couldn’t wIt to fin.d out  what happened
It gets 5 stars from me
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