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Phew, what an amazing conclusion to this fantastic trilogy! A word of warning though: don't attempt this book until you've read the previous two. Not only are they excellent, they need to be read to fully understand the story from the beginning. The series is fast-paced, exhilarating, suspenseful and edgy. I quite simply loved it!

The Sixth Wicked Child continues from where The Fifth to Die ended. It cleverly turns everything you thought you knew about the 4MK serial killer on its head. At over 600 pages long it's a lengthy novel but at no point does the story drag or feel bogged down.

Loose ends are nicely tied up and the entire book — in fact the entire trilogy — is skilfully constructed and totally unputdownable. I cannot praise or rate this accomplished series highly enough. It was fabulous!
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The Sixth Wicked Child is the third novel in the Fourth Monkey series. And J. D. Barker like always doesn't disappoint. 
I really enjoyed the characters, they were created perfectly and it was easy to picture them. The chapters were written from points of view of different characters, so the reader knew what each was doing and what was happening with them. The suspense continued to build throughout the book. The plot twists were really mind-blowing.
If you love crime thrillers then 4MK is a series that you should definitely read.
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Hampton Creek Press and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of The Sixth Wicked Child. I chose to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

In this riveting conclusion to the 4MK series, readers finally learn all of the truths surrounding Sam Porter and Anson Bishop. The intricate web that the killer weaves ensnares, not only Sam, but the rest of the detectives and the FBI officials on the case. Is this the end of Detective Sam Porter's career? Is the chaos that has ensued a ploy by a dangerous man to take control and destroy many lives in the process?

I did find The Sixth Wicked Child to be a bit drawn out, but I respect the fact that the author has left no stones unturned. Even the smallest pebble of an idea is explained and the conclusion is a clear ending to a thrilling series. The first book in the series is still my favorite, but The Sixth Wicked Child is a close second. The author shows how easily it is for certain individuals to manipulate a situation to their own advantage. Twisted, but with a realistic bent, The Sixth Wicked Child is a great police procedural thriller. Those new to the series should definitely start at the beginning with The Fourth Monkey. I recommend the entirety of the 4MK books and look forward to reading more by author J.D. Barker in the future.
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I really need to read the summaries better. I didn't realize this was the end of a series. It wasn't working as a standalone so I had to read the other two. Though that was hardly a burden. Really fricking great series. Really, really good.
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The 4MK Thriller trilogy is one my of my favourite mystery/crime trilogies of all time. The first book in the series, The Fourth Monkey, was one of my favourite books of 2018. I was immediately hooked on this dark, atmospheric series which felt like it had real stakes. I really enjoyed The Fifth to Die, the second book in the series, and was eagerly anticipating the concluding novel because there were so many questions left unanswered.

This book answered all my questions in a thoroughly unexpected way. I couldn’t have guessed how this plot would wrap up and there were so many surprises and twists. My one issue with this series is that it got less dark as the books continued and the plot was a little meandering in this novel. It started falling into the trappings of a really typical procedural serial killer novel, such as the serial killer trying to blame the detective investigating him and pretending he’s misunderstood and has been framed by the police department. I’ve just seen it happen so many times and it was a little frustrating to have such a cliched plot take up so much of the book. After how incredible The Fourth Monkey was, I found myself expecting far too much out of the remainder of this series and I was a little disappointed.

Overall though, this was a really solid book trilogy and I’ll miss the characters. Of course, I’ll be picking up any and all books J.D. Barker writes in the future.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This has affected my review in no way.
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Detective Sam Porter’s fate is uncertain.  Previous events have led to a growing sense of uncertainty in the roles both Porter and killer Anson Bishop play in the 4MK murders.  But Porter is more obsessed than ever. He’s willing to give up everything to track Anson down and bring him to justice. As he continues to read the diaries and pursue his nemesis, Porter’s motives and sanity are further brought into question as unexpected revelations about himself come to light. Who was he before losing large chunks of his memory?

Anson has a very carefully laid out plan to drag Porter deeper down the rabbit hole. There’s an apparent vendetta, but what’s the reason? Shockingly, Bishop turns himself in and tells the police the story of his past. Elements seem to align with what Porter has learned, while other details imply that maybe Porter isn’t who he says he is. What was believed to be reality becomes dark and murky. Who was thought to be a killer may actually be someone else.

While Anson and Porter face-off, Sam’s partner Nash, along with FBI agent Frank Poole, is trying to find the truth amid more 4MK like murders and the spread of a deadly virus. I felt Poole was the perfect secondary character who brought a certain level of objectivity needed to help keep the reader guessing.

This book is much more personal and convoluted. Untangling reality from a very dark past locks these two dynamic characters in a battle of good vs evil OR more accurately a lot of gray. The plot was like a spider web; so many twisted threads coming together in a perfectly twisted conclusion. I was blown away!

Unfortunately, while I loved the book, I can’t give it a full 5 stars. The book was unnecessarily long. It wasn’t until half-way through that I was 100% sucked in. Regardless, the series was skillfully crafted with a completely unexpected ending.  It’s one of the best mystery thriller series I’ve ever read.
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The final showdown between Detective Sam Porter’s team, the FBI and 4MK Anson Bishop. In this game of cat and mouse the body count continues to rise and tables turn in ways no-one could have imagined. 

The Sixth Wicked Child is the third novel in the 4MK Thriller series.

I loved The Fourth Monkey and its sequel The Fifth To Die so I was thrilled to discover I had been approved for the ARC of the final chapter in the series. The story hooked me from the first line and didn’t let go until the very end. It’s such a cliche to say “I couldn’t put it down” but in the 24 hours after receiving the ARC, I was either reading The Sixth Wicked Child or sleeping.

If The Fifth To Die was a rollercoaster, The Sixth Wicked Child is the entire amusement park. There are surprises, twists, flips and turns then even more surprises.

The character development isn’t something I can discuss about The Sixth Wicked Child too much without huge spoilers but let me just say — wow. 

The 4MK series is now one of my favourite crime series, up there with Lincoln Rhyme and Bill Hodges. The Sixth Wicked Child is the perfect ending to the saga and I can’t wait to see what Barker pulls out of his hat next.

If you enjoy crime thrillers then 4MK is a series that should not be missed.
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I didn't want the trilogy to end! So many moving parts and people. I'm going to miss Detective Sam Porter and all of the others in the book. 

I'd like to thank Netgalley for this arc to read and honestly review.
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Wow ...... just wow......,. in fact all the wows!! I was a bit down on the second book but this one more than makes up for that.

This is the final instalment in the Fourth Monkey trilogy and what an ending. I loved it. I would strongly advise that the books be read in order and in fairly quick succession. There's an awful lot of detail and as the author says himself, he lived with the characters and arcs for years with post it notes everywhere. In fact I felt quite emotional when I read his words. It must be really hard to let go of characters you've lived with for years. We as readers have little time to digest it all. There's a lot to remember if there's been any great length of time in between books. Fortunately I remembered a fair bit from the last book and salient points were drip fed throughout.

This was an intoxicating, thrilling read that kept the pages moving at a speedy pace. All the loose ends were tied up and I loved, loved the end. I'm going to miss Porter, Poole, Nash and co. And in a weird kind of way I'm going to miss Bishop too. As much as I understand why what happened took place it just goes to show a psychopath is just that ..... a psychopath.

If you've not touched on this trilogy before then go there and prepare to put all things aside, food, kids, pets, whatever .....!! It's that good!! Enjoy!
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Phew, that was hard work - but I made it in the end! I got this from NetGalley back in August, but then had to acquire and read the first two, which took longer than I had expected, so I missed the deadline and the later it got, the more other ARCs got bumped up the list. Then I took a break from serial killers, having ODed on them this year, and the sheer length of this was pretty daunting, but it’s a new year, and I was determined to catch up, so here we are.
Overall I’m glad I’ve read this series - which so many of my Goodreads friends had raved about - but liked this the least of the trilogy and am glad it ends here.

Warning - you absolutely need to read the first two of this series for T6WC to make any sense - and preferably not too far apart, as there is minimal recap and a large number of characters to keep track of. I do wish books came with “Previously on...” summaries like TV shows do, and a comprehensive character list (including whether they are dead or alive) wouldn’t go amiss either.

This one picks up where The 5th To Die left off, with Chicago Homicide Detective Sam Porter implicated in the 4MK killings and on the run after breaking a woman out of prison, who was then executed by Anson Bishop.
Clair and Kloz are under lockdown in the hospital, showing symptoms of the killer virus, Nash and Frank are still working the case and struggling with the mounting evidence against Sam, and new bodies are turning up in the snow...

The narrative shifts between the main characters with each chapter, including diary entries detailing Anson’s time in the foster home - or do they? I already struggled with this technique in the last book - each chapter ends with either mini-cliffhanger or the promise of a reveal, then you have to wait another five chapters to find out what happens next - but this time it completely did my head in and I kept putting the kindle down to browse the Internet because I was getting so frustrated (or fall asleep because I was bored). It completely ruined the flow of the story for me.

It’s also much too long. There’s a lot of filler and repetition in the first half, and I didn’t find following the various detectives around as they chase their tails either entertaining or rewarding. You know all the way through that you’re being manipulated, and while the twists and reveals were brilliant as ever, I just wanted it to be over. It did get more gripping in the second half, but that still took me the best part of ten hours. I did like the ending although felt that even with all the attention to detail there was still plenty of loose ends left unaddressed. The plot is also so complicated that a whole lot of things don’t make sense and rely on completely implausible coincidences. 

Barker is a great story teller and I would definitely be keen to read more but preferably stand-alones. I had enough problems remembering the plot of Book 2 and I only read it two months ago, so having to wait a year between books would’ve been awful. (I do not have time to re-read to refresh my ageing memory! 🙀) The majority of my friends have given this 4 and 5 stars, so if you loved the first two then you should definitely finish the trilogy, just be prepared! 3.5 rounded down for the length and making reading feel like work.

My thanks to NetGalley for the arc which allowed me to give an honest review and sincere apologies for it being so late.
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I knew this was the final book in trilogy and I took a leap of faith when choosing to review it because the series sounded good. I am so glad I did. The whole trilogy not only lived up to, but surpassed my expectations. Prior to reading this one, I read the first two books and found them to be excellent. 

It is important to note that this is not a standalone story. Each installment builds off of the last and you will not know what is going on in this book if you skip the previous two. It is important to read them in order. Also, the second book ends on a pretty significant cliffhanger, so be sure to have the final book ready to go. 

This was an excellent finale to the series. I had figured out a few of the twists, but J.D. Barker had a few surprises still in store for me. I was not expecting the ending to the series to turn out the way it did and it left me plenty to think about. 

The writing in this trilogy is completely engaging. It is a story that you will think about every time you put it down until you can pick it up again. This series was the first I've read by Barker and I look forward to reading more of Barker's work in the future. I hope (and expect) to get fully drawn in again. 

I chose to listen to the Audible version of the first two books in the series and enjoyed them so much that I also purchased this one in that format. The narrators, Edoardo Ballerini and Graham Winton, did an amazing job. 

Series rating: 4.5★
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J.D. Market's writing is phenomenal and his stories are really creative. I loved Dracul, unfortunately this series has not gripped me as much as Dracul but I will always pick up this author's books.
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The final book in the $MK trilogy and it's a long but riveting one. There are quite a few different strands here woven through the plot and it's easy to get confused. I think it really does pay to read the other two first. I have read book 1 but I have a feeling I missed book 2 so some of it I felt like I was missing something. 

I really enjoyed the multiple points of view and the use of Bishops' diaries. There are so many twists and turns and even at the end in the final chapter we get another one. It's a very intricate, entertaining thriller and I really enjoyed it.
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The Wicked Sixth Child picks up where The Fifth to Die ends off and brings this exciting series to a conclusion.

I started off grooving to the pace of the story and intrigued by the turn the story started to take. The pace slowed and started to dally along for me and felt a little bit like I was being strung along instead of feeling the suspense to the story. At 628 pages I could have done with a few fewer words at the beginning of the story. I became a bit frustrated with the jigging and jagging going on. Well J.D. Barker tightened those strings and the pace picked and things started zigging and zagging along and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see what's next.

The unrelenting tension and suspense rise as those shocking reveals are revealed and secrets start to come out. The body counts rise and at times, it felt like I was on a merry go around and spinning around so fast my head started to get dizzy but I just couldn't jump off till the motives behind the Four Monkey Killer are revealed. Once I jump off I was running around cheering for how everything comes together so well. I highly recommend this series
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I kinda hate myself on this one. I should have never read past book one. The Fourth Monkey I loved that sucker. I loved it so much that I lost my mind and kept reading the series. 

I'm not really going to go over the whole synopsis of this story line. BUT I will tell you. If you have old lady brains like I do and it's been a few since you read the other books this one is like going to a party where you know no one and trying to fit in.

The good?
It's readable. At times I worked up some care to what happened.

The bad? 
The story was too damn long. This book meanders just to hear itself talk.
Loose ends from the other books just weren't wrapped up or handled well.
This line of characters taking this turn of events? WHYYYYYYYYY??? This could have been just a separate story NOT added to an perfectly fine story.


Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review
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An excellent end to an excellent trilogy. This finale finishes leaving no lingering questions on your mind. A very satisfying, page turning read that I was sad to finish. Highly reccomend.
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I loved the rest of this series and this book brings the series to a satisfying close.  However, this book's pacing does not keep up with the previous two.  This book was very long and I wish it's pace could been sped up.  I wanted to love it more than I did, though if you make it to the end you will be rewarded with a great end to the story of Anson Bishop and Sam Porter.
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This is book 3 in the series. The first 2 have to be read to understand this. I have been a fan of 4MK and Detective Sam Potter since the time I was introduced to them.

Author J. D. Barker didn't disappoint. Initially I found it difficult to get into the story as I didn't remember the details of first 2, so read through them again. And this book was smooth sailing. 

The tension was gripping and the writing brought out the suspense. Truth was overturned when certain facts came to light. The backstory of 4MK and Sam were soon intertwined and that made the mystery escalate. 

The twists were mind blowing and showed off the talent of this writer. I had to keep walking while reading the book just to counter the adrenaline rush. This was the best conclusion to the story which kept on my toes since the first book. 

A brilliant read.
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Really disappointing. I liked the first book in the series,  thought the second was less than impressive, and found this one verging on the incoherent. Full disclosure: I gave up on it at a little less than halfway through when I just couldn't read anymore.

I would say that the narrative makes very little sense unless you've read the first two books in the series, but I HAVE read the first two books and it STILL made very little sense. Maybe this book is just so tightly integrated with the first two books that you must remember all the details from both of them in order to follow this one. Does that make it my fault that I found this book unreadable? Not on your life.

Just not very good.
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This one was probably the slowest one of the series for me. Even though there was action right away, it took me a bit to be reeled in.  As Sam has been tracking 4MK all this time, now that he's also become a suspect he even starts to question past events after the shooting which left him with huge memory gaps.  As arrests are made and suspects escape or are released, the stakes become higher than ever as everyone anticipates Anson Bishop's next move.
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