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Hamelin Stoop: The Daughters of Carr

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This review is going to be a little different in format compared to my reviews for the previous two books of the series. If you haven’t checked those out I recommend doing that before reading this post. You can find them here: Book One & Book Two.

This will be more of an overall review of the series up to this point, with the main focus on Book Three: Hamelin Stoop: The Daughters of Carr.

I’m going to be honest, this book just wasn’t enjoyable for me. I’m sorry I really wanted to sing its praises. I had a really hard time not DNFing and it made me sad. If you read my previous review, you know that book two was my favorite in the series. Book one was a good start, but with book two picking up speed, I thought book three would be an even bigger triumph. Sadly, it left me disappointed and I don’t want to continue this series.

On a more positive note, I do think this could be a nice series for someone else and mostly for younger readers (although also not too young due to some violence as mentioned in previous reviews).

My biggest problem with this series is the way the story is told I suppose. The first book is mostly about Hamelin and his time at the orphanage and his two best friends, but those friends barely appear in book two. In book three, one of those two friends is again the focus. I think the story is interesting in itself, but the way it’s executed isn’t all it could be.

The continuing fact that everyone just automatically loves and does everything Hamelin says is still prevalent in book three and really started getting on my nerves. I needed more conflict, more evil, and characters with some depth.

By all means, pick these up and form your own opinions and we can discuss why you disagree with me. I’d be interested in hearing someone else’s point of view!

If you’re interested in this series you can learn more via the publisher’s website (not a sponsored or affiliate link).
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Hamlin Stoop is back and I loved it as much as the first 2 books. So much Adventure I love YA Fantasy Alot
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Hamelin thinks his friend Layla is the lost princess from the world he's visited in the past but he can't take her there unless they are summoned.  Will they be summoned?

Net Galley and Twelve Gates Publishing let me read this story for review (thank you).  It will be published December 3rd.

It turns out that many of his friends are familiar with the other side.  As adults and children share tales of what they remember, the whole story starts to come together.  Some of the things they remember seem like dreams but then they find they are true.  They know there are trackers trying to find them.  They learn about watchers in their world who offer advice. 

When they find they can return, they are almost late to be picked up.  In the confusion, Layla trades places with her brother and stays on earth.  As Lars and Hamelin head to tell the king his daughter is alive and well, the brother takes another road.  He's on the hunt for his older brother he never knew he had.

There is a lot of danger around them.  The more characters they add to their quest, the harder it is to hide.  This story will fit well with any young adult that likes fantasy.

The next story in this series will be even more exciting.  The two warriors will most likely meet up...
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The third in the Hamelin series continues with more adventures and mysteries.  Hamelin has returned from his successful time in the Land of the Gloaming, where he met new friends, gained even more power with his magical gloves, and became a step closer to finding his parents.  His quest, however, continues through this third story.  Before he can understand why he was abandoned at the Children’s Home as a baby and where his parents are, Hamelin is swept up into a bigger war between the evil Chimera and the mysterious Ancient One, which is now spanning both sides of the Atrium of the Worlds.  His friends must find the missing princess, which Hamelin believes may be his friend, Layla, and convince her to return to the Land of Gloaming to help fulfill a prophecy.   This story keeps the reader guessing as to which characters are friends or foes. It heightens the awareness in us all of the internal battles we have  - to have the courage to do what is right and know when to act and when not to do so.   This books leaves you waiting breathlessly for the next book in the series.
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I think this by far and the best of the three. Wonderful characters and an awesome plot!! What more could a person want right? This last book has it all!! 
Go for the adventure and pleasure of going to a different time and place that will leave you reading until the book is finished. Once again I loved it and I even dreamed at night that I met Hamelin and Layla. Wow! They were sure some interesting characters!! When I read the first book I thought that there was something special about Layla. 
I'm hoping that there's another book in the works because I didn't think that I would enjoy this series as well as I did and I"m sad to see it stop at this book. This series is worth a second reread and I always said that there is something that you will miss on the first read. I think I would like to add this series to my collection of books. 
People say that I'm different maybe at times strange too. But really, I think it's fascinating!! 
I really recommend this series! It's wonderful!! 
This whole series deserves 5 stars and more!! Once again well done Robert Sloan!
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This was still good and I feel that the author's writing matured and improved from each book in the series. The second is still my a time favorite but this one was really good as well.
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