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This was the first book I've read from this author and I enjoyed it very much. It was very well written and the characters were well thought out.
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A Good Man by Ani Katz is one of those books that you need to go into knowing as little as possible about All I will say is this book explores some intriguing, dark and difficult themes and really makes you think. 

It is a really strong debut and is definitely a  page turner; one of those books you can't start and hope to read over a few weeks. It really hooks you in. And when you're not reading it, you're still thinking about it!

Is this a love story? yes
Is this a thriller? yes
Is there tension and foreboding? Hell yeah!

This book is like a car crash waiting to happen but in a good way. We are lulled into how Thomas met his wife in a bar in Brooklyn and when we flick to present day, we just know this isn't going to be as rosy as we thought. 

This book sends you on a rollercoaster of emotions and then back again - Loved that.
I am afraid to give spoilers  as you need to read this with a blank mind and no preconceptions. I am saying no more!

It's not an easy read. It is uncomfortable and at times you have your mouth open as you read whilst you inwardly cringe, but it worth it, I promise.

I would recommend, definitely.
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I struggled with this one, couldn't get into it as I was getting bored so forced my way through. Disappointed that it didn't excite me.
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Thomas portrays himself as a good man but as the novel progresses we see that he becomes increasingly dangerous and disillusioned in that what he is doing is right and he's just a good man with difficult situations to handle. Alarm bells start ringing about his past until this becomes a full blown horror with all kinds of hideous elements to face. 

A very descriptive but highly paced read this will have you stunned, gripped, horrified and repelled for either good reasons or bad!

Thanks to netgalley for the pre release
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A fusion of psychological suspense and family drama written in a claustrophobic literary style. Everything is seen through Thomas's point of view, as he weighs up his life, is he a good man. He spends time convincing himself, and therefore the reader, that he is. He loves his family, protects them and provides for them. Isn't that is what a good man is?

Thomas is an unreliable protagonist, Can you trust what he says? The suspense grows as the recollections progress. There is an underlying current of menace, amidst the ordinary life events. The ending answers the question in a most disturbing way.

This is unusual literature, less of a story, more a collection of feelings. Thomas has a patriarchal view of life, and maybe this explains why he does what he does?

Interesting but unsettling.

 I received a copy of this book from Random House UK, Cornerstone - William Heinemann via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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A Good Man by Ani Katz is one of those books which you need to go into knowing as little as possible, therefore it is nigh on impossible to review. It was also nothing like I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be a crime thriller, but actually it was a literary novel which explores a myriad of pressing and important themes.

First things first, A Good Man is one of the strongest debuts I have ever read. I started reading it in my lunch break and before I knew it I was 50 pages in and I had to reluctantly put my Kindle away and get back to doing the things I am actually paid to do. I spent the afternoon thinking about it and couldn’t wait to get home to dive back into it.

Our narrator is Thomas Martin, a successful advertising executive who works in one of the most prominent agencies in New York. He is married and has a daughter. They live in a beautiful house in Long Island and his mother and twin sisters live nearby. We know at the beginning of the book that something monumental has happened, but we don’t know what.

Thomas is a provider. Responsible for his mother and sisters who are still financially dependent upon him he keeps a number of plates spinning. His twin sisters, although they are in their early twenties, are infantalised and he rallies against this, encouraging them to get jobs and become independent. He works hard ensuring that ‘his girls’ as he calls his wife and daughter and his family are safe, secure and protected. He’s a good man. Isn’t he?

Ani Katz uses one of my favourite narrative structures to portray the story of Thomas. We flashback to when he met his wife, Miriam in a bar in Brooklyn. She was brought up in Paris and is visiting New York when their paths cross. We watch as they talk, fall in lust, then in love and then we pinwheel to the present day and we meet them as a married couple with a young daughter. Life is good. Isn’t it?

There is an overarching sense of doom and darkness to the prose and it is compelling to read. Descriptions of opera is used to punctuate the narrative, it builds tension and signposts the denouement. It was like a car crash, I just couldn’t look away and I read the last third or so from behind my hands. It’s really hard to discuss this without spoilers, but Ani Katz explores some really important issues in A Good Man and it begs to be discussed in a book club.

Be warned, this is not a cheery book; it is uncomfortable, tense and disorientating and I absolutely loved it. It is engaging, a brilliant exploration of toxic masculinity and modern life and I found it unsettling but can’t stop thinking about it and don’t think you’ll be able to either. An assured debut, I am excited to read more from Ani Katz – this was brilliant.
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I felt such a relationship with this novel - it is gripping, and dark, and often twisty. But at it's heart, it is a story of redemption and the importance of being able to tell your own story. 

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When you start to read A Good Man it isn't clear what the story is about or where it is going. Thomas Martin is telling us the story of his life, you know from the beginning that something bad has happened to his family but you don't know what or why. Thomas believes he is a good man, working hard to give his wife & daughter everything as well as support his mother and two sisters. His disturbed childhood is quickly revealed, but he is a good man despite this, or is he? As the story unravels you learn more about Thomas and his family, but the truth isn't revealed until the very end. A cleverly written book that hooks you in from the beginning.

I was given a copy of A Good Man by NetGalley and the publishers in return for an unbiased review.
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Thomas Martin - a man who has it all: a loving wife, adorable daughter, faithful dog, great job. All he wants to do is protect his family and give them the life they deserve. 

This is a dark story of man whose life unravels and it is never his fault. There are plenty of signposts throughout the book that things aren't quite as they seem. The other characters seem rather shadowy as they are seen through Thomas's eyes and as the reader comes to realise, he doesn't see things how they truly are. An unsettling read. 

TW: brief violence towards women, children, and animals. 

Thanks to NetGalley and publishers, Random House UK, Cornerstone / William Heinemann, for the opportunity to read an ARC.
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Too much narrative and the character is hard to understand on occasion.   A dark and twisted tale and not one for everyone.  Lots of different currents running through it.  Quite hard to find any empathy for any of the characters.  But an interesting read.
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This book is very clever. The narrator, Thomas, begins his story like any other narrator, and it isn't until halfway through the book that you start to realise he is somewhat unreliable, and the contradictions appear. 

Thomas is convinced he is a good man; a loving husband and dad; a providing son and brother; a hot-shot employee. But we slowly discover that Thomas isn't a good man after all. He did something unforgivable.

I found this book thrilling and gripping. When the cracks start to appear and the plot starts unveiling itself to the reader it gets very interesting - does his traumatic childhood excuse what he did? I am conflicted. 

My only negative opinion regards the ending, which I thought was too gruesome and abrupt. I would have liked to know more about what happened after.
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A Good Man tells the story of Thomas, a man who has lived his whole life trying to protect others, and build a life of love and security, all the things that were missing from his childhood with an abusive father and a disturbed mother. When he meets Miri, all those hopes and dreams seem within his grasp. He works hard, and gains promotion. They have a child, Ava, and despite some difficult times when Miri has severe post-natal depression following Ava's birth, they come through it together and appear to have the life they have both always dreamed of. But Thomas's life begins to unravel after losing his job, and he sinks further and further into despair. Convinced he has let his family down, and that his wife is going to leave him, he believes he has become like his own father. With all hope lost, he loses complete touch with reality, with the most devastating of consequences. A superbly written story of the effects of trauma, and mental illness, this is not an easy read. But a brilliant one.
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I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to NetGalley, Random House, and the author Ani Katz. 
I was totally gripped by this book, and totally enthralled by each development, up until the entirely unexpected and surprising ending. There's no doubt that it is unsettling, and more than a little disturbing at times, but that is all part of its intrigue. 
A gripping psychological drama, and an easy and involving read.
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When I first started reading this I didnt really understand and I wasnt that interested or enjoying it but the more I read the better it got and I ended up loving it. It is so cleverly and well written that in the beginning you dont question anything and even when you start to question it your not sure if your misreading or picking things up that weren't there. I really loved this and would recommend
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A shocking and disturbing tale, not really what I expected and to be honest maybe not really for me., as it was very dark. But it was a bold story well told, and it is the sort of thing that does happen more often than you think of the newspapers are to be believed.
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A unusual and clever psychological study where the protagonist is also the antagonist. But does he realise this?​
This story unfolds gently, without the reader realising what they are dealing with. It is told in the first person, "a good man" who acts in the best interest of his family and his workplace. He is the provider and the protector. He does his best to be the good man he should be.

The tale flips back to his childhood  in his dysfunctional family. Things have been rough for him with an abusive father and weak mother, the death of his sister to whom he was close. His younger sisters did not mature very well and remain as children. But he takes care of them financially and by doing the odd jobs around the house. He gets married o a wonderful woman and they have a well-loved daughter.

It is easy to let the little signs slip by. Only on reflection the clues become obvious, so perhaps a second reading is in order. But then we would not be on the Good Man's journey with him.

He justifies his actions by always acting as the protector and provider. The more unsavory things are dismissed and minimised in his recollections as "maybe I..." He is a good man, he is not unfaithful, for example, he believes. After a while he stops using the names of his wife and daughter and refers to them as "his girls", relegating them to immature things he needs to take care of.

Suddenly his apparently perfect life is interrupted when he is accused of something dreadful and he has to face up to it. And this, ultimately, is his undoing.

The writing style uses minimal punctuation with regard to speech, but this works well when told from the first-person perspective. The story generally has a good flow considering the time hopping aspect, and the diction is apt.

A book that is timeless and topical about the role of men and masculinity and the pressure this puts on men and women alike.  Original in that it is from the man's point of view, refreshing and disturbing. Engrossing, chilling, tense and very skilfully expressed. Katz is a writer to keep an eye on. Recommended as the best domestic noir I have ever read.
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This is one of those debut novels that takes on some seriously dark topics and does so with considerable aplomb. It's highly original, compelling and different to many of the books in the market making it refreshingly different. Ms Katz certainly knows how to command your attention
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A Good Man he may appear to be at the start, but as the book went on it became increasingly clear that our protagonist is anything but. No spoilers here,  but after the gradually building tension, darkness and mystery, the ending is a shocking surprise. The book is very well written, with characters finely drawn throughout, and the skill of building such tension is breathtaking - quite literally, as it had me holding my breath towards the end! This is a complex and disturbing novel and is probably not to everyone’s taste, but if a book can get me that involved, it certainly deserves 4 stars.
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I was especially looking forward to this book because the blurb doesn’t give much away which made me really curious! It wasn’t entirely what I was expecting but I have to say I was completely gripped all the way through. A Good Man is basically a very intense character study and also a fascinating commentary on toxic masculinity and perception.

This is the sort of book that could easily be read in one sitting, it is relatively short and it is so interesting to take in how things unravel in Thomas’ life and why. There is a tone and style to the writing which is quite unusual and completely engrossing. I am hesitant to give away too much about the story because I think it’s best to go into it with minimal knowledge but what I will say is that this book shows exactly what is wrong with some aspects of society. The author deftly exposes a subtle sexism and darkness that exists just beneath the surface disguised as chivalry, old fashioned values and male protectiveness. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these things but this book powerfully demonstrates how they can be twisted by a certain type of man’s narcissism and skewed perception of himself.

A Good Man is an incredibly compelling read that will chill readers to the bone. It is a fascinating and positively eerie look at an unreliable narrator and whilst it may not be to absolutely everyone’s taste, I think fans of character driven psychological thrillers will likely find it as impactful and intelligently written as I did.
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The book starts by telling you the main character has done something wrong, and then takes you all through his life until this point, where something causes him to flip. I suppose it is the sort of story you might read in a newspaper, where neighbours comment that he was always a nice, family man – a good man and they can’t believe it. I found the descriptions of his upbringing and childhood home interesting, but it seemed more like the story of someone’s life, with a completely unexpected happening at the end, which didn’t really tie in with his character or the rest of the story.
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