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As a fan of Queer Eye, I was desperate to get my hands on this book (and have since gone and bought myself a hard copy). It's not just that the recipes are divine (they are) it's the little stories that go with each recipe that makes this a joy to read rather than just refer to when you're in a cooking rut. Several people will be getting this off me for Christmas.
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One of the things I really liked about the book was the stories behind each recipe. Porowski would talk about his family life and growing up, and how those influenced his love of food. It gave the book a nice personal touch, as well as also being educational. I know very little about Polish cuisine (or indeed Porowski himself) so it was interesting to learn more about it.
Antoni in the Kitchen is also really nicely presented. There are many colourful images accompanying the recipes, step by step instructions, and different sections depending on your taste or needs (such as ‘Veg’, ‘Animals’, Bakes’). I do think this book will work with novice cooks more than those with some experience in the kitchen. Whilst a lot of the recipes I would eat and look delicious, for example the roast butternut squash soup, a lot of them are straightforward. There isn’t anything really challenging or groundbreaking in terms of techniques or food combinations which makes it suitable for beginners, but may be of less interest to those who aren’t.
If you’re a fan of Queer Eye or are interested in getting into cooking, then I would recommend Antoni in the Kitchen. The instructions are easy to follow, plus the beautiful photographs help to show how to present the dishes. Some recipes might be too simple, but nonetheless there are plenty of quick, healthy recipes to sink your teeth into.
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This is a lovely cookbook with a good mix of personal writing by the author on his background and family as well as lots of recipes. The recipes are beautifully presented with clear text and high quality photos. There are also some good tips to help with the recipes. There are a lot of Polish, or Polish inspired, recipes which reflect Antoni's background which adds to the interest and makes it different from other recipe books.

I am only giving it 4 stars as the electronic copy I received will only load on my desktop computer. I can't get it onto my Kindle, iPad or other devices so I am not able to have the recipe book in my kitchen to try the recipes. Hopefully the finally version will not have this issue.

With thanks to NetGalley and Pan Macmillan and Bluebird for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a surprisingly good recipe book, with loads of quick and easy recipes that are ideal for parties. Antoni has a nice accessible approach to cooking. None of the meals are complicated to make. I liked reading about his upbringing in the Polish community, and wishhe would fold more of his cooking into the Queer Eye television series.
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Antoni in the Kitchen provides easy, simple recipes for all occasions. The book starts with 10 culinary mantras, my favourite being "don't put too much pressure on yourself". It's obvious that this cookbook is about the love of tasty food above all else, and I liked that there was such a good variety of recipes, from healthy food and vegetable side dishes to meat dishes and snacks. Antoni explains how his "food passion felt more personal than professional" and this definitely shows through the recipes. I love how anecdotal the recipes are, especially ones that are old family favourites and dishes that remind him of being on set with his friends and cast members on Queer Eye. 

Antoni in the Kitchen contains lots of beautiful pictures of food (and of Antoni, ha!) but these recipes actually made me hungry whilst reading. Honourable mentions for the Cheesy Lemon Rosemary Artichoke Dip which looks incredible and the recipe for ramen which is something I've always wanted to learn how to make - Antoni's recipe for this, aptly-named 'Easy Bastardised Ramen', looks simple and super easy to follow. 

Not only was this book interesting as a Queer Eye fan but as someone who also likes to cook, it's given me lots of exciting new recipes to try. Definitely recommend.
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I didn't get the sense of Antoni in the book other than the introduction which was clearly a written up conversation. The recipes look lovely but are so alien to my family life I wouldn't be able to do them at home. However, it's beautifully produced and for a single person or couple with a large disposable income and no kids, this would be heavenly.
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An inspirational cookery book with stunning pictures and easy to follow instructions.  I am not familiar with this chef but this book will be on my wish list and, I suspect, my daughter's too.  This chef obviously has great love and enthusiasm for food and is inventive without being impossible to try..
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Beautifully illustrated, clear instructions and no esoteric ingredients; this is a wonderful cookbook for everyone from beginners to seasoned chefs. A great range of recipes and options; there's something for everyone in this book. I'll be spending most of my time in the Bakes chapter!

A great new cookbook, sure to become a family favourite.
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A great, colourful, visual cookbook with personalisation from Antoni. A little story from him about himself and what cooking and food means to him and how he uses it to express himself. 
I loved the pictures of all the recipes but think I would only ever cook one or two items as this cook book is too extravagant for my daily family needs.
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I have never heard of Antoni Porowski, but this is an easy recipe book to follow, with tasty food which looks mostly simple to prepare. Most of the ingredients are going to be easy enough to get hold of. So, a good cookery book for even an inexperienced cook. Worth buying, and trying out the recipes. I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, and am delighted to write an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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I love this book lots of background about Antoni along with his favourite recipes.  Some of them look amazing I can’t wait to try them out.  Definitely recommend as so many different recipes but look so easy to make and sounds delicious.
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A fantastic cookbook with some delicious sounding recipes! The pictures are beautiful, there's clear directions, and healthy, fresh food. Some of the recipes will definitely turn into favourites within my house!
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Honestly, I don't know how to review a cookbook, so I guess I'll put in a few things I enjoyed. Reading through this huge collection of recipes, there are definitely ones I want to make. Porowski puts emphasis on healthy, high quality ingredients, whilst also not just eating lettuce for every meal. I really appreciated that he had a whole section on weeknight meals that were quick and (relatively) simple (I think we have different definitions of 'simple') and put emphasis on meal prepping. You can tell from the short introductions to each recipe and the intro at the beginning that Antoni really loves talking about and sharing food, about making cooking accessible and delicious. There's a lot of Polish influence, but also Middle Eastern, Italian, Morrocan and French in there as well. Overall, a well-executed and interesting first cookbook.
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I think this might be my new favourite cookbook?

I might be biased because I'm a huge fan of the Queer Eye reboot and all of the Fab Five, but this really is a fantastic addition to any kitchen shelf. It starts with a short bio of Antoni and how he found his love of food which is a really nice touch that makes the whole thing feel more personal. I love the design; it's fresh and colourful, and the photography is fantastic. The recipes seem simple yet have that little bit extra that elevates them to something special. There's something for everyone in here and I can't wait to try more of Antoni's concoctions!
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I love this book. Really well put together with beautiful pictures. It felt like a real pleasure to read this book. I will definitely be trying out some of the stew recipes and Polish hangover soup. I am looking forward to adding dark beer and chocolate to a chilli. I would also consider buying a copy of this book. I love recipe books in paper form so that I can find each recipe quickly and also compare recipes when trying to plan meals. 

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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This book is lovely.
There is lots of great pictures that are bright and the pictures of the food are nice close ups that are making my mouth water looking at them.
The recipes look quite quick and simple to make and easy to follow.
I need to make them all. 
Can't wait to start trying them.
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Antoni in the Kitchen is a delicious cookbook that combines scrumptious recipes, modern twists, with a Heartwarming look into Antoni's life and his inspiration.

I loved the his top ten culinary Mantras. They are fun and do able lil tips. But most importantly don't bit too much pressure on cooking it should be fun.

I loved the chapter names.

Apps and Snacks
Green Veg and other sides
Soups and stews
Peas and rice
Weeknight healthyish

A few examples of recipes 
* slow roasted garlic 
* radish in pink peppercorn & chive butter
* Olive oil & peppers marinated watermelon bites with halloumi 
* roasted butternut squash soup
* five onion soup
* rich turkey chilli with dark beer & chocolate 
* new style polish hunters stew
* pasta with sausage lemon and parsley 
* salty lemon squares
* polish caramel Easter squares

The majority of the recipes have gorgeous photographs to show you what your aiming towards.
The recipes are easy to follow.
Some of the ingredients might be a little difficult or costly to get.
The ingredients are in grams, tablespoons, teaspoons etc.. So you might need to use a converter if you use cup measurements or oz. 
I liked that some of the recipes have extra tips to help you.
I think that all levels of cooks will be able to use this scrumptious cook book as there is such a variety of recipes that it caters for everyone.

Overall a great cookbook that I will definitely look forward to using.
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This is a great book for any fan of the show and of quirky fun recipes for any occasion. I loved this book but word to the wise do not read this when you are hungry lol. I can not wait to start cooking some of these dishes as they look and sound amazing.
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This book is a treasure of a cookbook, I adore the layout, the fonts the colours and the carefully selected photographs to add the pop to the book. I am also a big fan of the food pics, I think it is really important to show the end result. 

The recipes are incredible, simple, straightforward but look the business and canapés especially are a big thing for me just now and Antoni shows that with little effort I can wow my friends at a dinner party or provide gorgeous side dishes as a snack serving. 

This book welcomes me in, it encourages me to try something new. Bursting at the seams with a vast selection of recipes, extremely valuable tips from the chef himself and straight talking step by step instructions. This is a winner for me and I will most certainly be using it and often. I highly recommend this book.
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I was delighted to receive this book as an advance copy. One of my favourite types of book. The recipe all have a slightly different take on them and are well written and easy to follow, an essential in a book like this. The illustrations are lavish with excellent pictures to tempt you as you flick through and the variety of dishes excellent. I’m looking forward to trying several of them out . The recipe are all described as containing that special ingredient ‘heart’, they certainly are made with interest and exciting ingredients. I like the tips and suggestions along side the recipes too. A book which will appeal to all genders of cooks I think. I love it already.
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