Little Bandaged Days

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This is an extremely uncomfortable read. I hurtled through it at a chaotic pace, echoing the protagonist’s frantic attempts at comprehension, primarily because there was a sense of impending doom and I was so concerned for her little family, and I didn’t breathe until the last few pages. I remain confused by the second narrative. Has she been sectioned? Is she in prison? It didn’t seem to add anything to the story apart from perhaps as a comforter given she finally had help.
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This is a remarkable book. Narrated by a woman who has moved to Geneva because of her husband's job, it portrays her isolation as she tries to settle into a country where she knows no-one and can't speak the language. She has two very young children, one just a baby and it doesn't help that her husband is rarely at home. Gradually we see her move from simple loneliness into what could be depression and ultimately psychosis. It is beautifully written in a sparse style; her family for example are referred to by their initials. Some of the descriptions are just wonderful. The lemons decaying and turning to dust will stick in my memory, as will the descriptions of Geneva in the heat. It's not an easy read but it is a worthwhile one. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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I really struggled reading this book and found the use of initials for characters off putting at the start. To combat this I made up my own names for them with M becoming Michael, E becoming Ellie and B becoming Bailey until I was able to read it with just the initials. I skipped through the last 25% of the book as I just became bored with the whole thing and only carried on reading to find out what happened at the end. The idea around the book is a good one and important in today’s society, but the way the book was written let it down. Thanks to NetGalley for my copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Parts of this book are really well written and describe the narrators struggle with mental health in a way that can be understood. I thought that other parts were confusing. Is that her in hospital? How much of her life in the apartment is real? The confusion I think added to the story as I tried to work out what was happening with the main character.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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I enjoyed parts of this book but others not so much. I hated the initial for the children and kind of put me off. Erica is not a very likeable person either. Well written though and a good story
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I'm unsure how I feel about this book.  I liked it yet I didn't.  The writing style was easy to read, yet I was uncomfortable reading it. 

Erika wasn't a character that I particularly liked and by keeping her children's identities secret by just using their initials made it hard for me to picture them.

Little Bandaged Days was not a book for me but I can see many characteristics that will make it popular.
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The blurb:

What is a mother anyway when her children are asleep? What could she possibly be? If a tree falls in a forest. It’s like that, isn’t it?

A mother moves to Geneva with her husband and their two young children. In their beautiful new rented apartment, surrounded by their rented furniture, and several Swiss instructions to maintain quiet, she finds herself totally isolated. Her husband’s job means he is almost never present, and her entire world is caring for her children – making sure they are happy, and fed and comfortable, and that they can be seen as the happy, well-fed, comfortable family they should be. Everything is perfect.

But, of course, it’s not. The isolation, the sleeplessness, the demands of two people under two, are getting to Erika. She has never been so alone, and once the children are asleep, there are just too many hours to fill until morning, and there is something coming to get her . . .

Kyra Wilder’s Little Bandaged Days is a beautifully written, painfully claustrophobic story about a woman’s descent into madness. Unpredictable, frighteningly compelling and brutally honest, it grapples with the harsh conditions of motherhood and this mother’s own identity, and as the novel continues, we begin to wonder just what exactly Erika might be driven to do..

This book made me feel very uncomfortable.  It really wasn't one I enjoyed at all.  It's well written, but not for me.   2*
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** spoiler alert ** I raced through this book,in part due to the writing,and in part due to the characters slide into insanity (?) and knowing something was going to go very wrong.
The isolation of a new home in foreign country was perfect setting,for a mother home with two young children,and nobody to talk to,was the perfect setting for the increasing manic/depressed behaviour.
There were a few times I almost shouted at the character to feed her kid something more than sugar.
I found the second narrative took away from the flow of the story,and the ending didn't really do much for the story.
Far more positives than negatives for this one though.
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Beautifully written book and if you’re willing to take yourself out of your comfort zone and relax into the style of the book then you will enjoy.

The subject matter is uncomfortable but relatable and so different from any other book I’ve read. This is what makes the book stand out for me as the subject is so taboo in our society.
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This book is different. The writing style was unusual and I am unsure whether I liked it. I did find it rather difficult to follow the story
Overal there was a good storyline but it lacked depth and wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped.
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I'm not sure what to say about this book. It was definitely different to what I was expecting. 

Firstly, the way it was written took alot of getting used to. The dialogue is sparse. There are a few moments of chatter but even then it was written differently to how I am used to. I can see it working for other readers, but personally it didn't work for me. I would have liked the conversations to be in more depth. 
Secondly, the majority of the characters are named by a single letter (M, B etc). It doesn't effect the story at all but I did find it confusing to start with. It made it harder know who was who, male or female etc. As I said, the story was not effected by this and I did adjust.

I did feel for the main character towards the end. Throughout the book there were a few moments that had me gripped and needing to know what happened next. But there weren't really any moments that had me really on the edge of my seat. But her situation does become more serious and I was rooting for her. 

The book overall has a good storyline but unfortunately I didn't find it as exciting as I had hoped I would. However, I would still recommend it as I have no doubt others would have no problem with the way it is written and would therefore enjoy the story more.
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A beautifully written, at times claustrophobically tense account of a mother's descent into madness. This is a compulsive read that feels at times almost voyeuristic. As a reader, we are so deeply immersed into the world of the characters that it feels hard to tear yourself away. Interspersed with the voice of our narrator in the present, presumably in a psychiatric facility, the unease burns throughout, without ever really reaching a climax. Highly readable and incredibly dark, the author demonstrates how easy it could be for all of us to lose our grip on reality.
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Little Bandaged Days was a quirky read, a lot of which worked really well for me but a lot of which just did not.

It is basically one mother's descent into depression and madness although I'm not sure madness is the right word- it has a lyrical cadence to the prose which is very compelling, I was struck by the way the author uses language and nuance to get across that seemingly straightforward events were actually more sinister. In that, it was truly excellent and it has put Kyra Wilder firmly on my radar for future novels.

However overall I found the story lacking and often somewhat irritating. The main protagonist refers to her children and husband by a single letter, presumably the first letter of their actual name although this is never confirmed. B and E therefore never became real to me, as young humans, people in their own right. This, for me personally, made the emotion of it one step removed, rather than damaged this mother came across as selfish. The ending didn't really connect to the central theme that well it kind of just rambled around full circle and I felt like there was no real meaning in any of it.

That, of course, is all subjective- there's a lot to love here, not least the genuine writing talent on display, something that seems lacking in a lot of the churned out stuff these days like suddenly good writing isn't the first thing you need. Little Bandaged Days may not have 100% hit the mark for me story wise but I do think this is an author to watch
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Almost a five star read for me.  I found this clever and atmospheric, and could barely put it down.  I enjoyed the characterisation of the protagonist particularly.
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Little Bandaged Days was a depressing and annoying read for me. It appealed originally as I love books set in different countries,  I knew the subject matter involved depression, and a descent into madness by a mother uprooted by her husbands job to another country, spending days and nights alone with her young daughter and infant son.  I suffered from PND and wondered if it would be identifiable for me. 

The book annoyed me on many levels. The protagonist calls her children B and E, and her husband M - why I have no idea but it grated on me throughout.  The descriptions of the minutes of her day, day in day out are annoying and repetitive. The book for me never really went anywhere and I ended up skim reading it midway to near the end. The ending was more of the same. It didn’t hold my attention and left me feeling depressed and agitated. Not my kind of book at all. Maybe one for the alternative readers!!.
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This is absolutely exquisite. It's so beautifully written it sounds like poetry.
We get so into this character's mind that it's as if we are descending into madness with her. It all sounds real and possible, and even… logical, for lack of a better word. As things progress we are so immersed that we start thinking like her, seeing the world as she does, being scared as she is. 
We also can experience part of what the children are living and it's absolutely claustrophobic. All I wanted was for the husband to wake up and see reality, to do something, to help somehow… 

A highly recommended novel but one that will certainly not be for everyone.

I'd like to thank Netgally and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I love stories with characters that descent into madness so I was really excited to start Little Bandaged Days, unfortunately I read around 10% and then I’ve had to put it down.
I can’t deal with initials instead of names, name the character Bea instead of B please! It comes across as lazy writing and has instantly turned me away.
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This is a very powerful, quite scary novel which sucked me in from the beginning and did not let go. The description of the tortuous thoughts and actions of the woman as she descended into madness was exquisite - you can see her trapped thoughts as she struggles to keep her sanity, at odds with her bizarre actions. This continues in the hospital scenes where she is desperate to appear normal. Her husband was hardly ever at home, but why did he not notice her deterioration on his brief visits? The crisis comes at the end and they move to a new apartment, but is this the truth or does she get carried off to an institution?
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