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Book Review- Single Dad by Noelle Adams

This is the third book in the series.  Katrina works in the library.  She is trying to focus on herself.  Getting another graduate degree in English lit., living in a house, and getting a dog.  She doesn’t want to shape her life after what she has done in the past.
Enter Max, the Adjunct Art Professor.  He catches Katrina’s eye, but she is determined no to enter a relationship.  I understood her fears, but the right person makes the life plan and the relationship possible.  She closes herself off to the possibility, which annoyed me.
However, Max also created some issues himself.  He obviously puts his daughter first, but he comes across as he has no room in his life for anyone else.
So, of course, they strike up a relaxed, fun agreement but then things get complicated.  It was fun to read how they came together and worked.  You knew what was coming but wanted to see how they handled it.  I love that Max was more of the catalyst.  When the realizations occurred in the way the author revealed it, it was my favorite part.  The author also gets his daughter involved in the love story in all stages.  She seems to be at the center for a lot of the issues.  The feelings are realistic and highly possible.  It was a great read.  I give it a 4 out of 5
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I love the professor and student trope I love that he is a single dad still finding love and he is a art professor and she is a librarian how much more do you need
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I have no real idea why I didn't enjoy this story more, what with it being easy to read and having an interesting premise. And who doesn't love a sexy single dad, right? But it seemed to fall flat, failing to put me in a romantic mood to root for the couples HEA. I was disappointed.
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After ending yet another relationship where she sacrificed her dreams to follow a man, Katrina, a librarian at Milford College, has decided to take a break from dating to focus on what she wants. So, it’s not a good time for her to meet Max, a hot adjunct art professor 12 years her senior who she felt an instant attraction for. However, when they’re forced to work together to mount an art display in the library, time and close proximity test her resolve. Since they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, she proposes a no strings attached, “disposable” relationship. Max, who is divorced and has custody of his daughter, Fredericka, has made it clear that he’ll always put her first, so this arrangement works for him, too. But what happens when feelings get too precious to throw away? In her typical style, Adams has written another heart-warming and sexy romance that can easily be read in an evening. Max is a particularly appealing love interest, and there’s just something about a hot dad! 

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Victory Editing NetGalley Co-Op through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
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Thank you @Netgalley for the ARC of single dad. I'm really loving this series and this book was awesome. I love the professor and student trope. Plus he was an art professor and I love art and he was a single dad and I'm a single mom. I just really enjoyed this romance. I highly recommend.
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I love Noelle Adams's light, unpretentious, and fun writing. With Single Dad, it was no different. Accompanying the friendship of Katrina, Rika, and Max and then how everything evolved to form a beautiful and harmonious family was so sweet and beautiful.

I was really in need of such a reading to lighten the dramatic burden of the books I read earlier that left me with a reading hangover.

Max helps Katrina in every way to achieve her dreams without forgetting his own and without forgetting to pay full attention to his daughter. He is an enchanted and wonderful prince and Katrina was very lucky to have conquered this family.

Loved the literary references used and loved the cover very much.
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This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.

I loved the chemistry between Katrina and Max, and I liked that she really was trying to make sure she didn't make the same relationship mistakes she had in the past.  

What really made me nervous was that she was willing to get involved with Max when he was very clear that he would never place her first in his life and then when his daughter called, he showed Katrina that Rika was the most important person in his life.  When she called and he was on a date with Katrina, he had no problem leaving her and running to his daughter when it was not an emergency.

But they both had things to work out and in the end, they found their HEA and that they could have what was important to them and still be in a relationship.  Just was not sure how they were going to get there the way they started out!!
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3.5 stars
A short, fast-paced read, with nice characters and a sweet romance between a single dad and a woman who wants to carry on with her life but doesn't want to go through a heartbreaking moment again. It's a well-written story and Max's daughter was a great addition to the story.
I enjoyed it as a fun and easy read but not so memorable for me, unfortunately.
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The last thing I want is to partner on a library exhibit with Max, a hot new art professor at my college, but it's part of my job as librarian so I don't have a choice. My attraction to him is intense and immediate, but I'm taking a break from dating so I can focus on myself. I don't need a distraction like Max. He's a single father, and that's the only thing he can focus on now. He's never going to take a relationship with me seriously, no matter how much I want him to.
This was a decent enough story. The characters were decent enough. It was a quick read. Nothing surprising and pretty straight-forward.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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Another amazing read by Noelle Adams. I really enjoyed reading this book. Katrina might not be looking for a relationship or get involved with anyone, not after her last relationship. Meeting Max and getting to know him, Katrina realizes that she can have it all, her career, living on her own, having her own house, a dog and a relationship. All Katrina needed was to find the right man. Single Dad was a fun short read and I can’t wait to read more of Noelle Adams work. A must read!

***Received this ARC from NetGalley as an exchange for an honest review.
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Adams reminds the heart it's okay to be vulnerable. Single Dad is willing to appeal to the adorable side of life. Katrina and Max are at their most sexy when letting their emotions run free. If less is more, Noelle Adams sure knows how to make an impressive impact.
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3. 75 stars—SINGLE DAD is the third instalment in Noelle Adams’ contemporary, adult MILFORD COLLEGE romance series focusing on the men and women who work at Milford College. This is twenty-seven year old, librarian Katrina Pierce ,and thirty-nine year old, art teacher /single father Maxwell ‘Max’ Wentworth.SINGLE DAD can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary.

Told from first person point of view (Katrina Pierce) SINGLE DAD follows the building romance between Milford College librarian Katrina Pierce, and art teacher / single father Maxwell Wentworth. Hired as an adjunct instructor Max Wentworth is looking for help setting up an art exhibit in the library, and Katrina Pierce is his contact. Working together, a definite attraction begins to develop,an attraction Max is hoping to take further. What ensues is the building relationship between Max and Katrina as our couple balance their personal and professional lives without falling in love.

Max Wentworth is a single father who is looking for a friends with benefits relationship from our story line heroine. Katrina’s last relationship ended when her boyfriend fell in love with somebody else, now Katrina is focusing on herself for the foreseeable future. 

The relationship between Max and Katrina is one of immediate attraction but Katrina struggles with her attraction to Max, and wavers between remaining professional and wanting something more.  Max offers sex, fun and flirtation never expecting to fall in love.  The $ex scenes are passionate and captivating without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

SINGLE DAD is a fun and flirty romance. The premise is engaging; the characters are sexy and sassy. 

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Max is a part time art teacher at college. 
Katrina is a librarian at this college.
She see him every Tuesday, while she passes his classroom on her way home. Max was interested in Katrina since he saw her first time, but he thought she was a student.
When Max finds out Katrina is not a student, but works there, all bets are off.
Great story, lovely characters.
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This is a short but sweet love story!  Max and Katrina each thought they knew what they wanted at this point in their lives, but neither saw the other one coming. This is a short but sweet love story!  Max and Katrina each thought they knew what they wanted at this point in their lives, but neither saw the other one coming. Max has a 13 year old daughter and she is what matters to him most and Katrina is a bit younger than him and hasn’t had that many relationships but lost herself in the ones she did have so she is trying to focus on herself right now. I really enjoyed their - let’s keep things simple but boy did they complicated fast -relationship. Wonderful characters, story and ending! 

I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley.
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I love how I know exactly what I'm going to get with Noelle Adams. When I need a book that's just a little bit of everything, plus sweeter than most, it's Adams I turn to. Her mix of small town life, sweet good girls, men who are a little hurt but not damaged, a bit of angst but not too much, and soft tenderness is just irresistible.

Single Dad is no exception. Max and Katrina have a sweet and mostly uncomplicated arc from working together to being together. I love how they fall in love quietly and softly, without really realizing it until they get hit over the head with it. This isn't a book with a huge, ugly mess, just a little less communication than is optimal. This is a trademark Adams move: not over the top, but just enough trouble to make the coming back together sweeter.

Both Katrina and Max have reason to be wary but they click well and Freddie only helps. Freddie would be Max's daughter and she is a wonderful character who enhances the story significantly. Her easy relationship with Max and friendship with Katrina draw them all together.

Single Dad is not without its drama, but again, it's small and communication is key. I've definitely been enjoying the Milford College series and continue to enjoy Noelle Adams' books. I'll be keeping my eyes open for the next one.
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The sexy charming man in the last classroom is the last man she wants to work with. He oozes charm, is swathed in sex appeal, and has this crazy ability to steal her focus from unnatural distances. He is an enigma and that is fangerous. She feels the connection without ever speaking to him. 

Single Dad is apparently dangerous to poor Tinkerbell's control. This cute story about second chances is just the pick me up you need.
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What a sweet, lovely and interesting story from Noelle. I love the way the story goes. Sweet love. What a great writer.
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Adorable series set on a small college campus, each story is a standalone but connected through friendship.  Katrina works in the college library where she also is continuing her education.  Max is the part time art teacher and single dad.  He's definitely the aggressor in their relationship where she holds back.  The push and pull was fun but I never really felt their love was more than just a roll in the hay.  I believe the author was trying to keep it a shorter story because she could have had drama with the ex-wife or more exciting moments with his art skills, her fantasy come to life.  It's enjoyable and a quick read, my copy came early from Netgalley.
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Super-sweet is the only way to describe this charming book. The single dad of the title, Max, has a teenager, so he has plenty of time to spend with librarian Katrina as the explore their relationship. In classic form, they decided to have a no-commitment fun time, but both are soon in over their heads. Again, in classic form, they don't know how to tell the other how they really feel.
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Wow! I loved Single Dad! Such a great story packed into a novella! Single Dad is book three in the Milford College series which features staff of the local liberal arts college.

Katrina is on staff at the library. Having her masters in library science isn't enough for her. She wants her masters in English as well.  But that is just one thing Katrina feels she is lacking in her life. Her past boyfriends have dictated how she lived until they left her drifting in the wind. She is bound amd determined to get the life she believes she should have. What she wasn't expecting was meeting new art teacher Max!

Max is the new part time art teacher. He loved his regular job as a graphic artist, but it can get a bit boring. He takes the art studio job to feed that hands on, creative side he has been missing.  He is intrigued with the girl who passes his classroom every week. Although his daughter is his life, he knows he must meet this woman!

I really enjoyed this book!  I liked both Katrina and Max and felt their misgivings were believable and relatable. I think they fit well together so they needed to figure how that looked in the big picture. Their journey kept me flipping the pages! I was happy with how everything turned out! Well done!
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