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I thought this book sounded like a good read but once I got half way in it just flopped. The characters werent great, bit silly & no real interest. The story didnt have much happening in it and it ended up being a bad ending. Not a great read
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Unfortunately this book wasn’t for me. I found it to be a bit too immature, so I couldn’t finish it.
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Thank you for the opportunity to review this book! It was captivating and I love love loved the characters! I will definitely be recommending this to my friends!
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This a book that I need right now. My brain is fried with work and what you need in times like that is a good romantic book and who better than the author of the DIMILY series.

Ever since her mom died, Vanessa has just been living each day as it comes. She’s been looking after her sister Kennedy, whilst her Dad has just become a recluse. She lives in the home of her best friend to get away from the defending silence and the loneliness of her own home. Vanessa doesn’t do relationships, she does flings, having a bit of fun, anything serious go flying out the door and she just can’t deal. When her former fling, Harrison asks to a ski trip as a girlfriend, she has to dump him. It turns ugly and he posts a video of her across the whole town. Vanessa meets Kai Washington who teams up with her and to seek revenge.

While Vanessa plays at being the strong lead character, there is more to her than meets the eye. The death of her mum and the shell of her father eats away at her and that is why she is the way she is. She says she doesn’t care when deep down she cares so much, that’s why falling in love is just too painful for her. Vanessa has a lot of layers and throughout the story you really got to know her better. So when she partners with Kai, I feel she is very much in the unknown. Her feelings and how she is around him is confusing, I felt confused as I’m still trying to understand what she is like and getting to know her as a reader.

One of my favourite characters in the book has to be Chyna, their friendship is special. Together they support each other, their are like family and Chyna’s really supports Vanessa’s character. And Kai, whilst Harrison is the douchebag of the book, I really liked how Kai took a step back, almost in a protective way. I really liked how Estelle entwined the grief that can take over a family, vulnerability of both Vanessa and Kai, the integrity how people should be treated in the story. Whilst also falling in love. What I would say is that I wish I knew a bit more about Kai. I would love his own story, his own perspective as I know Estelle’s writes flawlessly in different POVs.

The Wrong Side of Kai is another swoon-worthy romance that I adored reading. While it will never top The DIMILY series in my book, its still another adorable and addictive YA romance. You just simply cant get enough of Estelle’s writing.

Thank you to Ink Road Books for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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An addictive read that keeps you gripped and steers clearly through the murky waters of teenage and first love and how it can be consuming, but ultimately what it teaches you about yourself and others.
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Vanessa is a teenage girl who enjoys hooking up with boys and isn't ashamed of it. After ending things with her latest hook-up, Harrison, a sex tape of her is leaked to her whole school and now Vanessa is furious. Kai enters her life at just the right time, telling Vanessa that he has a reason to hate Harrison too and they should team-up against their mutual enemy to get revenge.

This book is an incredibly easy read that you don't need to think too hard to enjoy. Maskame has written an engaging tale where you find yourself routing for Vanessa and Kai as they carry out crazier and crazier forms of revenge. It is refreshing to have a female character who is unshamed in her desires.
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This book took me back to my early teen years, but sadly not in a wholly positive way. I used to read many books about troublesome teens who acted out, so many in fact that I'm sure I've read everything that happened in The Other Side of Kai before.
I would have preferred more diversity in this novel, it was a very mundane all the girls and guys hook up together scene. There were no LGBTQ+ characters mentioned at all, even in passing. 
The novel was enjoyable at times and I'm sure my younger self would have perhaps loved the drama, but I do think teens deserve books with a bit more substance to them these days.
I read the DIMILY series also by this author and definitely preferred those books. The Other Side of Kai isn't a bad book, more of a 'Its all been done before storyline unfortunately.
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The Wrong Side of Kai tackles some difficult topics and makes you question the morality of revenge in a way very few YA contemporaries do.
Estelle Maskame is a new author to me, and managed to grasp my attention from start to end, encouraging me as a reader to question the motives and reasoning behind the two characters revenge tactics.

Both Kai and Vanessa have reason to hate Harrison, and that is explored throughout the book, leading to a nice redemption arc for Vanessa, who is possibly pushed too far in her attempts to bring Harrison down. Ultimately, it is a fast-paced, easy read, and I enjoyed it. My only fault was the ease with which Vanessa fell for Kai, even though she repeatedly spoke about not being able to trust anyone enough to leave herself vulnerable, making it almost insta-love-esque.
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I was so excited to delve into this book after being accepted to read it from netgalley but it didn't quite get me as excited as I had hoped. Don't get me wrong it's an easy enjoyable read but it just didn't wow me. I would have liked it to have gone into a but more around Vanessa's family aspect of the storyline and a bit more around Kai's heartbreak to really get behind what the 2 were feeling and going through. Will definatley look for more books by this author as I've seen alot of reviews saying her previous books were more enjoyable and I liked how the story was written
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I was intrigued to read this, I'd received and ARC of the Exact Opposite of Okay which deals with a similar situation to this and had high hopes for this! Luckily for me it was just as good!

However this time around there was an element of revenge which was kind of an added bonus for me.

It was a super easy read which is an added bonus!
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Another great read from Estelle. I really liked the main character, Vanessa, and how she stands up to her family difficulties and the slut-shaming / revenge porn she is subjected to. I enjoyed the relationships and friendships in this book. This was another super-cute romance story from a master of the genre.
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The Wrong Side of Kai explored grief and how different people cope with it and carry on with their lives. Vanessa’s Dad is struggling immensely with a recent loss in the family and while he is physically around, Vanessa feels that mentally he has checked out. Because of this, Vanessa feels like she hasn’t had time to deal with her own grief, craving more structure as she rebels against her father.

As well as grief, this book also looked at sex, relationships and sexism. After a video of Vanessa and Harrison is circulated around the school, Vanessa is the student that is singled out and ‘slut shamed’ by the rest of the school. Does anyone even bat an eyelid at Harrison, even though he was clearly there? No. Double standards is something that Estelle addresses in the book and I was happy to see. At the same time it was refreshing to read a book with a positive view of sex in terms of how the main character views herself and her sex life.

One of the first things that struck me about this book was the inclusion of strong and positive female friendships. The relationship between Vanessa and Chyna was so just so wholesome! They made such a great team, with Chyna not being afraid to tell Vanessa that she doesn’t agree with her actions whilst still showing how much she loves and cares for her.

This story featured a very realistic portrayal of teenage relationships, in my opinion, with a slow burn and believable romance that felt very appropriate alongside the narrative. I really enjoyed Kai as both a character and a love interest. He was cheeky and playful, but caring and serious at the same time. Both traits were balanced perfectly and I found him to be a great partner for Vanessa, both in seeking revenge and in love!

There is no explicit smut, though obviously there are nods to sex, and it is definitely a suitable young adult novel (NA being classed as YA is a whole other discussion but isn’t the case here).

Despite this being a ‘revenge novel’, I definitely appreciated how Vanessa realised that revenge is not always the answer. She recognises their mistakes, and there are consequences to their actions which is something we don’t always see.

The Wrong Side of Kai is fast paced and I raced through the story over three days. However, this doesn’t mean that it is a light read. As I mentioned, Estelle’s latest novel deals with grief, sexism, revenge porn and bullying both online and in person with a strong thread of feminism running through it.

With a more mature writing style than her previous novels, Estelle is going from strength to strength with her works. The Wrong Side of Kai by Estelle Maskame was just the book for me in the moment I picked it up; it swept me out of my reading slump and made me excited to read again! The perfect YA contemporary read. 4/5 stars.
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“Captain Washington and Nessie versus the world.” The story of Kai and Vanessa beautifully summed up in one sentence. 

I adored this book from start to finish! When Vanessa has a fling with one of the schools most popular jocks, she would never have thought the unthinkable would happen and that he would share a private video around the whole school. She is heartbroken, and what’s the best way to react? Get revenge. Vanessa recruits new student Kai Washington to help her get back at her ex. 

This story is filled with the trials and tribulations that all teenage girls would unfortunately be familiar with in the school environment. Breakups, fights and boy drama. These are all integrated into the novel really well and are explored in quite a brutal but realistic way. The relationships between Vanessa and her friends/family are explored and you watch them grow throughout which is great to read as the character development in this is SO IMPORTANT!

I’m so glad that I read this book and it’s really opened my eyes to how people would possibly react to being put in an inescapable position. A wonderfully written book.
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The Wrong Side Of Kai is a book I was excited to start reading. It is about a girl called Vanessa who after breaking up with a boy before it got too serious, ends up seeking revenge on him after he leaks a private video. 

I liked the sound of this book and it sounded unlike anything I had read previously but I found it quite hard to get into. I found the character of Vanessa is one I wanted to like and be on her side but I didn't really care much for the character at the start as I didn't really get to know her or why she's was the way she is in a lot of detail. 

As the book went on and Kai came into the story I did warm to the character and start to enjoy  what I was reading. I liked how Kai and Vanessa acted together, although sometimes Kai did confuse me, but it worked out well in the book in the end. I found a lot of the time the revenge was unnecessary and a bit too much and I think I'd rather have read more about Vanessa's life at home or relationships with her loved ones as at times the book just seemed to be one after another of revenge and very little in between. 

I did enjoy reading this book and whilst it had a fast moving plot I'd have liked to have had more of an insight into Vanessa as a character and more meaningful revenge. It was an easy and enjoyable read and I liked how the book ended but I would have liked to have got to read more about Vanessa and less revenge!
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Estelle Maskame has quickly become one of my favourite authors. The wrong side of Kai follows Vanessa who isn’t ready to be in a relationship with any boy but is happy having fun with certain ones of her choosing, when she makes the wrong choice and gets recorded by Harrison her lasted fling she predictably regrets it when the video gets sent out.

Kai Washington also has problems with Harrison because low and behold this not so decent guy thought it be ok to hook up with Kai’s girlfriend. So Vanessa and Kai team up to get revenge on Harrison. 

This book is fun and I am always amazed at how addicting Estelle’s writing is. The story line is a little immature but in the best way, the writing makes you care even if you aren’t in the mind set the characters are in and would make completely different choices the narrative makes you see their side and isn’t that the point of a good book to make you feel for the characters? 

It’s fun and fast pace following around these partners in crime. I do think that the whole video being leaked could have been made a bigger deal as this girls life could potentially be ruined because of this guys actions.  I understand her dad finally stands up for her and if she didn’t put that picture of Harrison up they definitely could have pressed charges but not for Harrison, Noah should have been the one who got that punishment. Harrison got his through the revenge Kai and Vanessa inflicted but Noah who shared it publicly for no consequences!

I’m glad Vanessa finally made her feeling clear to her father who since her mothers death has been absent in her life, not really acknowledging her or her sisters good or bad moments. It give you hope he will continue being there and not just in the physical being but mentally too. 

The characters are well developed, I really did feel for Vanessa and I adore Kai.
I will pick up all of Estelle’s work on the future.
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This was a lovely read! I found the storyline engaging, fun and morally really strong without becoming judgemental or preachy! It was funny, and emotional in equal measure dealing with difficult issues such as grief, sex tapes, revenge and bullying in a really accessible way. 
Vanessa is strong and complex. She's a relatable protagonist who I think really grows throughout the story. 
Kai is a beautiful example of positive masculinity, which is so rare in romantic novels. He supports her, doesn't judge and is honest with her throughout the story. Their relationship was a joy to read. 
I also really loved the relationship between Vanessa and Chyna, their unwavering support of each other, while also maintaining their own distinct identities is like a blue print for a positive friendship.
There are a few editing issues that need fixing but other than that I thought it was a solid read. 
In fact I already have a list of people I could recommend this book to!
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Thank you to Net Galley and Ink Road for this arc of The Wrong Side of Kai by Estelle Maskame.

Starring a girl, becoming a woman, so deeply affected by the loss of her mother that she does anything she can for attention - something that she realises later on the book. When this is cruelty exploited by one of the ‘cool boys’ at her school she chooses to take back control.

This book holds some important messages for the now, showing us how it is so easy to be unkind with one click of the button and possibly change the course of someone’s life in a similar manner.  And that revenge porn is absolutely never okay.

The author also highlights how having a support system is so important and whilst you can be a strong and empowered woman, having someone there for you never hurts.

Recommended to anyone that likes a good YA read that is also important for adults to remind them that teenagers don’t just sail through life.
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When Harrison Boyd puts a video up a sex tape of a girl he's having a fling with. He is going to regret it big time.

Understandably Vanessa is upset when she learns she is the talk of the school. However Vanessa does not do relationships and upset Harrison when he asked them to be more.

Sadly Vanessas Mum passed away suddenly. And Vanessa cannot get closer to anyone in case something happens. It would break her heart.

As Vanessa sets out for revenge on Harrison, she meets a boy who wants the same thing. Together they plan and scheme. But what would Harrison think? Would he fight back?

We;ve all done something stupid for a boy at one time and this is just one of many mistakes that Vanessa makes. However Harrison is just as bad.

A great YA novel.  The plot is easy to follow . And brilliant to read. It feels very teenagery, which is probably expected as a YA novel.
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It's been a few years since I read the whole DIMILY series and although I wasn't absolutely crazy about it, I do remember it being a really gripping story. I just had to read book after book! So with high hopes, I decided to read another one of Estelle Maskame's books.

'The Wrong Side of Kai' was a lot different to what I expected. It takes a while to pick up and get gripping but there's no denying that it does. At first, Vanessa's character is quite unlikable and I found it difficult to connect to her. The whole revenge idea seemed quite childish and the more spiteful it got, the more I was starting to question whether it was even justified at all. But we all make mistakes when we're young that we have to learn from (man, I sound like a grandma!) and as the old saying goes, 'you can't judge a book by its cover'. I think once we started to unmask all the layers and see what Vanessa really believed in, it's a great story. The ending really did it for me. Not because the obvious happened  but because it was very reflective and there's some lessons to be learnt there. Also her character development was pretty good. This book also touched upon some relevant topics which I thought was important.

Overall, I liked 'The Wrong Side of Kai' and I think the message it brings across is quite nice. It's a cutesy YA fic and I enjoyed it.
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REVIEW TAKEN FROM MY BOOK INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT- When Harrison Boyd leaks a video of him and Vanessa together she is determined to get revenge on him. Lucky for her, new boy Kai also has a score to settle with Harrison so the two of them team up and try and get even. But getting even doesn’t really solve the problem it just kinda makes it worse. So Vanessa and Kai have to decide if risking it all is worth it for revenge. I really enjoyed this book a lot, I thought the story was so interesting and I’d never read a book that covered topics like this whilst having a main character like Vanessa. She is so strong and really unashamed of herself, her body and her actions which I just thought was so crazy refreshing. I loved the way the author wrote it and carved the story out! I think the issues spoke about in the book are really important and I liked the way they were covered but I also love the relationship element with Kai and Vanessa too. A really fun read that makes super important points.
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