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A very clever plot.  

DI Thomas Ridpath, assigned to the coroner’s office, is called to investigate after a body is found after a fire. At first, it merely looks like an accidental fire, until an accelerant is discovered among the rubble.  

More deaths follow, all by fire and the Head Coroner for East Manchester, Mrs Challinor, insists that Ridpath starts investigating, even though the head of Major Incident Crime, Claire Trent, refuses to believe him.  

I enjoy this series because the plots are always complex and as a reader, you’re never quite sure if the person you suspect to be the villain, is until the very last page.  

There is enough background built into the story, about Ridpath, his family and his co-workers to make the book personal and adds to the storyline. 


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Play with fire, and you’re going to get burned.

Where the Silence Calls is the third book in the DI Ridpath series by M J Lee. Having read several detective series this year and the first two books of the series, Where The Truth Lies and Where The Dead Fall, I can affirm that this is the one detective series which keeps getting better with each book.

Set in Manchester, a mysterious killer is killing his victims and setting them on fire. Soon, more corpses start appearing; murdered & burnt; each one with a chilling message sprayed in orange ink. Now it’s up to DI Ridpath to find the link between all the murders before more people die.

The latest book carries forward Ridpath’s story after a brief interval from where the last book ended. The series always had a blend of the actual case solving, Ridpath’s personal life and a good dose of office politics and this book continues with the same. Ridpath is still based at the coroner's office, investigating assigned by the police dept as a liaison officer. Ridpath’s personal story does not distract from the story because by this point you are as emotionally invested in Ridpath’s journey as in the case. The author has done a wonderful job in establishing Ridpath, his character and his personal journey are as eventful as the cases he solves.

The detective work in this series is a bit different than other police procedurals as Ridpath investigates the case from a coroner’s point of view. So there are many post mortems & medical clues than actual interrogations. Lee has plotted an excellent thriller novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story is fast-paced and has enough twists and turns right till the final chapter (I certainly didn’t see the final twist coming).

The books can be read as a standalone, but I would suggest reading the series from the start because there are many recurring characters who play a key role in this book. Also, you learn more about Ridpath’s personal life and the issues with his wife and daughter and his office colleagues.

Overall, Where the Silence Calls is a gripping procedural with several great twists and some solid characters. This book is a great addition to the already amazing series and if you love a good police thriller, you will really enjoy this one. I really hope to read the next book in DI Ridpath series very soon. 4.5 stars out of 5

Many thanks to the publishers Canelo, the author MJ Lee and Netgalley for the ARC.
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This is the third book in the series featuring DI Thomas Ridpath and another 5* from me as the series gets better and better.  In this book Ridpath is now back living with his wife and daughter and he is in remission from cancer which caused him to be transferred from MIT to the Coroner’s office.  A body of a burnt out man is found after a fire in a flat.  Everything points to a suicide but Ridpath is not convinced as graffiti is sprayed on the walls in orange paint.  Not everyone agrees with his theory but as more burnt out bodies are found along with the same orange painted graffiti it looks as though he could be right in thinking there is a serial killer on the loose.  When Ridpath starts looking into the pasts of these victims he finds that they all have a link as they played in the same football team years ago.  His superiors are still not convinced that they are linked so he has to go out on his own and solve the case.  This book is full of surprises and suspense, it is fast paced and has a great twist at the end.  Can’t wait for the next book.
Thanks to Netgalley and Canelo for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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When a man is found dead in a fire in a top floor flat the emergency services are called. The next day D.I. Ridpath is called to check it out for the Coroner. The following day a man is set on fire and killed but only Ridpath sees a connection. Is this an imaginary connection or does Greater Manchester have a serial killer on the loose.
The series concerning D.I. Thomas Ridpath gets better each time I read it and I am looking forward to the next one. A series of criminal procedures with the human element on the main character and the effect his job has on fiends and family. A really great read.
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Have to love a DI Ridpath book and this one doesn't disappoint! He is still a trouble maker who works old school yet it always works for him, but who is causing the issues...
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This is great example of a classic police procedural. The author clearly describes all the steps taken by those involved in a murder case, from the pathologist to the IT dept. I love Ridpath's character and the fact that he isn't afraid to speak his mind if he disagrees with a senior officer's actions. This book can be read as a stand alone but to get a real insight into Ridpath and both his personal and professional life I would advise that the books be read in order.

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This is the third in the series. I have read the prior book.  this is a series where you benefit reading them in order. DI Ridpath is back with is wife and still working with the coroners office. Still not popular and always finding new crimes to solve. This is a solid police procedural. My only criticism is that the end wound up a bit quickly and rather easily. But it was an enjoyable read.
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Another cracking Ridpath story from M J Lee. Poor Ridpath, what a lot he has to suffer in life, in remission from cancer, trying to hold his marriage together, on secondment to the Manchester Coroner’s office and under the watchful gaze of his paymaster Trent and her sidekick Caruso. I don’t know how he tolerates them.
 He brings to bear his uncanny detective’s ability to see what others can’t in the search for the murderer of a number of men who were formerly involved with a football team.

Minor niggles: Can a modern car with a vapour check flap in the tank’s filler tube ignite so readily if a rag was inserted? The explosion which killed Charlie Whitworth sounded more like a fuel-air bomb and the smell would have been apparent as the ARU team opened the lounge door and should have halted their progress.

MJ Lee is obviously a fan of Kurt Vonnegut and Slaughterhouse Five, So it goes and also the French phrase; plus ça change.
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Where the Silence Calls is the third book in the DI Ridpath Crime Thriller series by M J Lee. I have been lucky enough to read and review the first two books, ‘Where the Truth Lies‘ and ‘Where The Dead Fall‘.

The series follows Detective Inspector Thomas Ridpath who returned to work after a leave of absence due to being diagnosed with cancer, now in remission. On his return he was placed on secondment with the coroner’s office, however, he is still being paid by MIT (Major Investigation Teams) though the new boss of the department isn’t happy about that. Her budget is tight and she believes that Ridpath is a hothead and should be let go.

In this new instalment, Ridpath is dealing with a series of grisly crimes in which men are being killed, doused and burned. At each scene, the note ‘Play the Game’ is spray-painted in orange paint. He believes that this is the work of a serial killer but the bosses over at MIT are reluctant to see it like that and believe that the men accidentally died. It’s up to Ridpath to prove that there is a serial killer on the streets of Manchester and to find out why he is killing and who he may be targeting next.

I simply adore M J Lee’s books, they are imaginative, exciting and take you on an adventure that also puts you on the edge of your seat. They are fast-paced and keep me eagerly reading wanting to know what was going to happen next.

In book two we got to learn more about Ridpath’s home life and the issues with his wife and daughter. It was nice to see how everything has worked out for them in this book and that Polly was more supportive of her husband and his career, as she really annoyed me in book two.

The books are set in my home-town and I always enjoy being able to fully visualise the areas that are mentioned, it’s like when books include a map, but this one is inside of my head 🙂 I also like how realistic the characters and the plot is too realistic sometimes!

The books could work as standalone’s, but I would suggest reading the series from the start, especially as a face from the first two books makes an appearance in book three and not in the way I’d hoped.

The whole series is truly amazing and if you love a good police thriller then this is the series to read. I do hope that we get to meet DI Ridpath again.
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DI Ridpath is still on secondment to the Coroners office when he is called to a suspicious death in a fire in a block of flats. His body is burned, suspicion is that he fell asleep while smoking. Then find traces of accelerant and graffiti on wall "Play The Game"
Then a homeless man is found burned in alleyway with the same graffiti nearby. The Post Mortem finds he was killed before being set on fire as was the man in the flat.
Ridpath thinks the two cases are linked but when he tries to convince his bosses in MIT Detective Spt. Claire Trent and DCI Lorraine Caruso but they don’t want to know, they are already busy enough and Ridpath doesn’t yet have enough evidence.
With another burned corpse found and Ridpath himself attacked he needs to convince them before anyone else dies. With the support of the Coroner he does some digging and finds that the victims were part of the same football team years ago.  Are the deaths connected and can Ridpath convince MIT they are dealing with a serial killer before anyone else dies.
Didn't see the twist at the end. Great read.
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Brilliant to read. Love this group of books from this author.  A taut story well written..

thanks to netgalley and the publishers for letting me review this book.
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This is the third in the DI Ridpath series, and this is easily as good as the others.  Ridpath is a very likable character putting his family before anything but at the same time, he is a terrier when it comes to finding out the truth.

He is in remission from cancer and is working for the Coroner whilst still attached to the Murder Investigation Team.  He misses the excitement of an investigation but realises that for himself this is it at the moment. 

A fire in a flat is reported, with a body found in situ.  Ridpath immediately feels that something is wrong and it is not a suicide.  He notices a photograph of a team of 5 boys and 2 adults posing as a football team.  They know very little about this man so the photograph is of interest.

More bodies are found and it is proved that an accelerant has been used.  Being burned alive is an appalling and serious crime that Ridpath tries to get his boss at MIT to take an interest.  The word serial killer is not what they want to hear so they don't take it seriously, to begin with.  Ridpath finds other cases outside of Manchester need a closer look.

Ridpath never lets up his belief that this has a lot to do with the first murder, the photograph he found and the resulting bodies burned that start to add up.

He has now got his wife and daughter back at home and his life seems to be on an even keel.  He doesn't let go of his gut instinct, and it does pay off.  I do hope that we see more of this maverick detective.

I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are all my own and completely unbiased.  My thanks to NetGalley for this opportunity.
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New to me author and what a book to start with. I loved the setting, the characters and the story overall. The author has created a movie serial for sure with this story and it was easy to follow, the events well described and with a fast-paced read, some unexpected twist and great writing that made it a memorable book. I haven't read the first books in the series but i will now because the characters are very reliable and i want to know more of their story and thoughts. Un unputable down book for sure.
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This is an excellent series featuring DI Ridpath. Set in Manchester, Ridpath is still seconded to the Coroner's Office from MIT and he is investigating the discovery of a body in a fire. As the body count rises, he discovers a connection to all of the victims. This book is fast paced and intense, filled with suspense with a contemporary plot and believable characters. I would recommend reading the first two books in the series to set the background. My thanks to Net Galley for my ARC.
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My thanks to Canelo for an eARC via NetGalley of M.J. Lee’s ‘Where the  Silence Calls’, in exchange for an honest review.

This is the third in his Manchester based police procedurals featuring DI Ridpath. I was impressed with both of the earlier titles and was pleased to find that the high standard has continued.

It opens with a fire in a block of flats in which a middle-aged man is found dead in front of his tv. It appears to be an accident though there is an odd message sprayed in orange on a wall. More burnt corpses turn up accompanied by the same chilling message.

Ridpath’s personal life is back on track and he is enjoying his secondment to the Coroner’s Office. Yet these cases shatter his quiet life. He is convinced that they are linked but encounters resistance from the police bureaucracy.

This was another cracking well written crime thriller from M.J. Lee. He has developed Ridpath as such a well rounded character. I was totally engaged from the start and was gripped throughout. Another 5 star read.

Roll on Book 4!
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Love these books. I think it’s because the characters are likeable and you are getting it from a different perspective from the coroners office. An enjoyable series. #NetGalley#WhereTheSilenceCalls
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Another excellent story, with a shocking twist and a few red herrings here and there.

It was good to see Ridpath happy and having a more settled home life but this never detracted from the rather gruesome murder story.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me an arc of this book and the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my review.
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This is the third outing for DI Ridpath, and I have enjoyed reading them all.

Ridpath has been recovering from Cancer and is now in remission, people who have read the previous books, will know he was separated from his wife, but they are now back living together.  He is still seconded to the coroner's office, so as before his loyalty is always being questioned, both by his new boss, the coroner, and his old one at Greater Manchester MIT.

Ridpath is asked to attend a fire at a flat where the body of a man has been found sitting in a chair, in front of a TV which has also burned, it is assumed to be an accident but why were words painted on the walls??

When more burnt bodies are found, Ridpath is convinced there is a serial killer at large, but no one will listen.

Highly recommended read, be prepared for some in depth post mortem description!
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This is the third book in the series of DI Ridpath by MJ Lee and again it is excellent, after the conclusion of book two and DI Ridpath's pneumonia I didn't know where the author was going to go but I'm glad to see DI Ridpath back and fighting crime even if it's still from the Coroners Office. This case begins wth the death of a man in a flat in Greater Manchester from fire, the police initially record it as an accident but then Ridpath notices some graffiti on the wall in orange paint which says 'Play the game'. Ridpath is already suspicious when another death to a homeless man occurs at a building site, when post mortems are performed it is discovered that both men were dead before the fires started. Ridpath tries to convince the Major Investigation Team that they have a serial killer on the loose which falls on deaf ears until more deaths are linked through HOLMES.
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This is turning out to be a great series from MJ Lee, set in Manchester and featuring DI Thomas Ridpath. This is a wonderful addition as Ridpath's personal circumstances improve for the better with him now living with his wife and daughter. Healthwise, his cancer remains in remission. He is still based at the coroner's office, investigating whilst relations with MIT remain difficult and challenging with the likes of Detective Superintendent Claire Trent. He finds himself at the scene of a deadly fire in a flat, where the dead burnt body of a man is discovered seated in his armchair facing the TV. It all appears to be a tragic accident, but there are ominous signs, such as the graffiti on the wall, the words 'play the game' painted in orange paint.

Ridpath begins to make connections with other victims, their burnt bodies with their signs of a similar MO, including one victim in Derbyshire. It is all beginning to look as if there is a serial killer on the loose and what does a photograph of a football team have to do with it all? Ridpath's superiors, however, are reluctant to believe him. This does not stop Ridpath from pursuing the truth, as he trusts his gut instincts. Lee provides a great sense of location with his descriptions of Manchester in this well written and plotted novel, whilst at the same time demonstrating his research skills with the depth of technical details he provides. He has done a wonderful job in establishing Ridpath, his characterisation and character development which snags and keeps the attention of the reader. A great addition to a great series, with its current contemporary themes, it is entertaining, fast paced, intense and suspenseful. Looking forward to the next in the series. Many thanks to Canelo for an ARC.
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