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A charming book for younger readers. I think it would make an excellent book to read along with a child.
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I think this would make a good gift for a 3-5 year old. Preschoolers are constantly learning new skills, and sometimes that takes several tries. 

My preschooler and I reviewed our advanced NetGalley copy together.
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A sweet, simple story, perfect for preschoolers and young children (like my own!). This is a topic we speak about often as my son easily gets frustrated when he's doing something (new or not) that isn't going how he wants it to. Or something he finds more difficult to do.
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One More Time is a sweet book. It is the perfect book to teach your littlest readers about the power of perseverance.

In this story, a little boy gets a new scooter. His grandfather takes him out to learn how to use it. It doesn't take long for the little boy to realize that riding a scooter is not an easy thing to do. He quickly decides that he is ready to give up.

Through the encouragement and love of his grandfather, the little boy makes the decision to give the scooter another try. This time, he finds success!

One More Time is a simple story with a powerful message. No matter how little our readers our, they are never to young to learn about the power of trying when you first don't succeed.

Along with the beautiful message, One More Time has gentle illustrations. I feel the limited usage of colors and backgrounds made the message of the story reign supreme. 

I highly recommend One More Time for any preschool readers in search of a great book!
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This is a simple story for toddlers and preschoolers about perseverance. One More Time introduces us to the main character and his grandfather who is helping him learn how to ride a scooter. When he falls off, he get frustrated. His grandfather reminds him that there are other things that he did not get the first time, but eventually did. He keeps trying and eventually masters riding the scooter. I read this to my three year old granddaughter, who is in the target audience and she did not even let me finish this one. She was not attracted to the illustrations at all, which is the best way to hook a young child. There is a good message here, but I think it would be better for an older audience. I can see children in Kindergarten (ages 4 to 6) understanding this message better.
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What a beautiful short story about not giving up and not letting failure get you down. Lovely, lovely, plus a nice memory for adults too - my grandpa taught me to ride the bike so this book really got me. Sweet and lovely!
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This is a young children's book that promotes a growth mindset through the story of learning to ride a scooter. It's important for young kids to learn that one's abilities are not fixed and the we can improve with practice. I especially loved how at the end the book defines "perseverance" in a kid-friendly way, showing that it's never too early to teach students about the importance of persistence. 

Additionally, the book is aesthetically pleasing, with soothing grey and blue hues. Overall, it's a solid book with an important lesson. I highly recommend it!
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Thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – words & pictures for One More Time by Nancy Loewen and Hazel Quintanilla.  This is  story about falling down and the courage to get back up and try again (with a little encouragement from Grandpa).  This is a simple sweet story with simple illustrations down only in black, white, and blue.  It would be a good read to teach patience and perseverance.
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I absolutely love the colours used in this book, I found the greys and blues really soothing and they complimented one another nicely. I thought the illustrations were very cute and fitted perfectly with the simplistic style of the story. Easy read, a good book for young children about not giving up.
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A simple story on the importance of perseverance. Learning anything is hard the first time, but no matter how many times we fall down or we mess up, we get up again. A important thing for every child to learn and as an adult, sometimes we have to be reminded to have perseverance as well. Because sometimes life is rough and we need someone to encourage us.
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I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I loved this book. The pictures were cute and the text flowed well and wasn't too overwhelming for young kids. It sent a good message about trying again. It is sure to be a favorite for littles.
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One More Time is a story from the Bright Start series of books with this one focusing on perseverance. We really love these stories as they are great to encourage children to think about common issues with children but in an easy to understand way. This book follows the journey of a young boy who excitedly tries his new scooter with his grandpa but gets upset when he falls off. 

I think this is a lovely way to show children that they can get up and try again and done in such a clever way by referring it to something the boy knows he can do that he couldn't always. I like the characters in the book of the boy and his grandpa as they have a lovely book relationship and the boy seems to trust him and that is something the children can see when he is being reassured. I also like that, like the previous books, the adults are always so understanding in these books. Too often we just brush things off and expect children to get on with it again but with new experiences we forget how hard it is to forget and overcome a mistake. 

The illustrations in this book are all in different shades of blue, I think this is really lovely and allows the children to fully concentrate on the story. Another thing that really stands out within the illustrations is seeing all of the little boys feelings and expressions on his face as it makes it easy for the children to see how he is feeling. 

This is a really lovely book that we have enjoyed reading and with such an important message for the children to learn, definitely worth a read for younger children!
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This is a pretty cute book, and a great way to teach kids about perseverance! I will definitely be looking into more books from this author.
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One More Time is a precious story about not giving up and gaining encouragement from a supportive adult. I loved the interaction between grandson and grandpa. This is wonderful book to share with a child learning anything new. A reminder to keep trying and never give up!
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I loved the colour palette for this book. The greys and blues were really eye catching. The story was simple. Try again when you fail. 

Unfortunately the book didn’t load properly for me. I had to keep turning my device to fit the whole page into the screen so I missed out on a lot of the fun of the book while constantly having to change aspects.
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When a young child receives a blue scooter for their birthday, they are over the moon! But it’s a bit harder to ride than it looks. They fall, a lot, but most importantly, with the encouragement of their grandad, they always get back up.  

Just as this story has simple but powerful words, Hazel’s illustrations are the same, using the colour blue to great effect throughout. We all know what it’s like when you are on the brink of giving up and I love the image of the child with their grandad. In my favourite spread we see the falls and the bumps and then we see the perseverance: “One more time!”

Perseverance is a skill we all need throughout our whole lives and I love that this book introduces the idea in such a positive way to 1-3 year olds. This lovely board book has a simple but powerful message: never give up. A great addition to The Bright Start series.

I am very grateful to the publisher for providing me with an advanced digital copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a book for very young children about perseverance. As an adult, I found it a little bit boring, but I can see its value for teaching about the concept of never giving up. It might be a good book to bring out when a child is having trouble doing something and wants to give up. Then they can see how the child in the story keeps practicing until they're able to ride their scooter without falling off.

The grandfather makes a good point in the story about how the child used to be unable to tie their shoelaces. But they eventually learned because they didn't give up. The same thing will apply to riding the scooter (or to any activity). The book even shows the child feeling pride for finally accomplishing their goal.

The illustrations here are kind of simple, and a little bit boring. But they do the job well enough.

This isn't a picture book that's going to have broad appeal (it isn't one of those ones that'll keep adults entertained, for example), but for its intended toddler audience, it will probably work quite well.
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This book is about a boy trying to learn to ride a scooter.  He falls and gets discouraged.  His grandfather encourages him and tells the boy to keep trying.  The boy continues to learn to ride by breaking down how to ride into small steps.  Soon, he is riding.

Cute story.  Easy to read.  Good for young readers.  The tricolored (blue, white and grey) illustrations are not my favorite but it doesn’t detract greatly from the story.

I received an ARC from Quarto Publishing through NetGalley.  This does not affect my opinion or rating of this book.  I am voluntarily submitting this review.
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This is a board book for young children.  It is peacefully illustrated with just a few cartoon like colors who enhance the text.  The story is a simple one that gently encourages young children not to give up and to accept that things do not always go perfectly right away.

Young children will relate to this book.  Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I received an electronic ARC from Quarto Publishing Group through NetGalley.
Board Book
Loewen presents simple illustrations and text to show young readers that they can master anything if they keep trying and learning.
The young girl falls off her new scooter and wants to give up. Her grandfather convinces her to keep trying. He helps her learn each step of scooter riding. She falls again but keeps trying until they ride together at the end of the book.
I like the subtle message to adults that both are wearing helmets when they ride.
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