Criss Cross

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Yet again Patterson delivers another brilliant installment in the Cross series - other reviews think there are too many now but I feel that the Cross books are still fresh and exciting.

Once again Cross has to face demons from his past and once again his family face danger - but instead of feeling old... this is another fast paced, gripping read.

Thanks to NetGaller for an ARC in return for an honest review.
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Cross is there to watch someone he put on death row die - a gruesome serial killer, but isn't there always someone who believes in the innocence of even the cruelest of killers. His family is convinced he is the victim of mistaken identity, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to frame him. Someone like Cross.

Cross is used to the doubt and stands by the evidence, but is thrown for a loop when he is called to the scene of a murder. A murder that has the calling card of the alleged killer he just watched being executed. Then a few more occur - each with the MO of a killer he has stopped.

I admit I followed the red herring for a while, despite the fact it seemed far too obvious. I thought Cross was a little too trusting when it came to his kid, especially considering the cases he has dealt with in the past. Surely your natural instinct would be to distrust everyone? Your day job is full of serial killers and psychopaths, and you just let your kid make friends with a random stranger? Err nope.

It's a psychological thriller with an action thriller vibe. It's hard to believe that this is the 27th book in the Cross series. This one hasn't quite got the same finesse as some of the earlier ones and seemed a little rushed.

The Alex Cross series brings a lot of nostalgia with it - hopefully Patterson can breathe some of the old suspense into this series in future.
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This is the first book I've read in this series, but there is a biography of the main protagonist, Alex Cross, at the front of the book.  The story begins with a death, and not surprisingly, this a recurrent theme. There's mystery and suspense building, as the story flicks between the past and present and the body count increases. The main protagonist's vulnerability increases with every page turn, and still, the ominous, 'M' character, is not done with him. No major plot surprises, but still a page-turning read.

An engaging mix of menace, suspense and fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action. 

I received a copy of this book from Random House UK-Cornerstone-Century via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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Love love love James Patterson and the Alex cross series. I saw it, I requested it and read it. Love em nd didn’t disappoint. No matter how many books are published in this series I can’t get enough but can’t help thinking he’s one unlucky fella
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The 27th book about psychologist and detective Alex Cross. About time I had a look.

I was aware I was entering a highly popular series by the bestselling author James Patterson and wondered if this would be a problem. However, the history of the main character both professionally and personally was covered briefly before the story began, and therefore avoided the information dump in the middle of the book. Often this can happen in a series and dampen the tale. Not so here.

There are flashbacks to a decade before to link the crimes of a serial killer to modern day murders and those involved. There are clues and red herrings, police investigations, guns, dodgy salesmen and strippers, gore and quirky aspects such as 'gummy bears'.

The hero is not a cold-hearted cop but a family man and there is a nice thread about his children, especially the sharp and advanced ten-year old son, the athletic daughter and the cosy grandmother. As a major theme of this book is revenge though, the happy family ideal always looks vulnerable. Plus the son has a new friend involved with his cycling hobby...

Criss Cross is a complex mystery thriller and action-packed crime novel. A familiar format well done with an ending that also serves as an opening for Alex Cross number 28.
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The 27th novel in the Alex Cross series and the police investigator/family man is again plunged into a nightmare scenario.  Fans of James Patterson will enjoy this latest outing but though it was an easy read, not one of his better novels.
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Another action packed thriller from James Patterson.. He has the ability to lock you in right at the beginning and let you go at the end, always satisfied. A very emotional conclusion.
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You can always rely on an Alex Cross book for an enjoyable read and this one didn't disappoint. It seems 'M' is back to haunt Alex and even though Cross knows that the man he put behind bars and who opted for death by the electric chair was the right culprit along comes 'M' to put the seed of doubt in his mind. I had thought I knew who was behind M but of course I was very wrong and changed my mind several times. This old adversary makes it very personal for Cross when he seems to know where Alex's children are and even gets to taunt Cross by leaving notes on the bodies that turn up. Has the wrong man been electrocuted?
I have given this book 4* as I did find some of the plot the same as in other Cross books.
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I truly love the Alex Cross books and have read all of them. However, how many times does this author expect his fans to put up with the constant appearance of the same bad guy
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I have been a James Patterson fan for many years and have most of his books, however as part of the Alex Cross franchise I didn’t find this as one of the more enjoyable reads. It was not a story line that really grabbed my attention and I didn’t get through the book as fast as I normally would. Despite it being clear that this story is not over I won’t be rushing to read the next one.
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Alex Cross see’s the execution if convicted killer Micheal Edgerten . Michaels family believe Alex framed him
Just after the execution a body is found with a note from M on it . Did they catch the right killer or has an innocent man been executed
This is a very good book which has you guessing who M is . Thinking it’s one person then another .
Thanks Netgalley
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Patterson is one of the top masters of crime and he certainly knows how to craft a villain-Classic Cross-magical-a fabulous read as always. What's not to like about the worlds greatest crime writer,
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Love love love this book it was exciting and you really did not know who it was till the end cannot recommend this one highly enough
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It is a while since I have read an Alex Cross book and reading Criss Cross was like putting on an old comfortable jumper.  The reader knows exactly what they are getting and James Patterson knows how to deliver.
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It'd been a while since I'd read one of James Patterson's Alex Cross books. I was a regular but they became a little repetitive and - quite frankly - it felt like there was only so many times his family could be threatened or he'd change jobs. 

So, I was pleased when I started reading this latest release Criss Cross. I liked that his kids were older and really loved his son Ali (who was a baby or toddler when I last read the series I think!). The kids play pretty big roles here (in some ways) but his wife (a detective) and devoted grandmother less-so.

The book kicks off with Alex and his (old) partner Sampson attending the execution of someone they'd caught a dozen years before. I initially thought that case might have featured in an earlier book but Patterson (Alex) gives us details here, so I assume this is the first time we've come across it. 

It seems likely he'll be accused of catching the wrong guy when a similar murder takes place, but it quickly becomes evident that the killer (a nemesis who's featured in previous outings... the mysterious 'M') is taunting Alex and copying other crimes. 

There are a few red herrings, including an obvious one or two, and Alex questions whether another old nemesis (Kyle Craig, for those who've read the series) is still alive. There seems to be evidence that it may be the case, despite Alex seeing him die. He thinks. 

We dip into the past a little and there are references to what might have been recent cases (books) which confused me a little at times. But this is a well-paced and twisty novel and an enjoyable one at that. 

3.5 stars
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I love James Patterson books! 

This is installment number 27 in the Alex Cross series and it is a fast paced action packed thriller that starts with an execution and never lets up until the end. 

It is an engrossing CPID read and I highly recommend it to all JP fans,
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I really do love an Alex Cross novel. 

I have read and enjoyed all of them and picking up a new book by Patterson is just so comforting as I feel as though Alex Cross, his friends and family are so well known to me. 
You know where you are with an Alex Cross book.
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Another fantastic book by Patterson.  The book gives twists and turns that just keep you guessing.  If you've not read one of his books before then I think you need to start.
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James Patterson; you’ve done it again!
Criss Cross was a great read. Thrilling and intense at times; James leads you with his usual style of mystery and thriller entwined. 

Don’t put the book down when you get to half way- rather; walk around with it! You won’t want to miss a minute of this.

Loved it.
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Will Alex Cross beat his biggest enemy to date? Alex & John are back in another great read one that will bring Alex to his feet. M is back and he wants to make sure that Alex doesn't forget that he isn't the hero that everyone thinks. Can Alex & John find a kidnapped woman before it is too late and what does M have to do with this latest case? Can Alex help prove that Martin Forbes ex FBI agent isn't guilty of the murders on that yacht and why does he think that Kyle Craig is still alive? Alex saw him burn to death so why is Kyle back? Has Alex lost his mind as well after seeing him, who wants to push him over the edge? Will the latest murders lead to M and will they find out who he is after all this time? Can Alex find out the truth before it is too late as M is coming after his family? Another great read. Alex & John never fail to bring a story to life. I was lucky enough to receive a copy via Netgalley & the publishing house in exchange for my honest review.
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