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It was so much fun returning to this series. I've loved the characters in these books and getting to read Janine and Jackson's story was so much fun. They've danced around each other for a while, mostly because her ex-boyfriend is one of Jackson's best friends. So that definitely makes the dynamics of liking each other a little harder. But never fear the sparks and chemistry that has been brewing with them will be recognized as more than just some attraction. These two get stranded on an island and have several days to dance around each other and figure out if there's anything more than just attraction.

Janine had me giggling and laughing out loud throughout the whole book. She's trying to prove herself to her family that she can succeed. But being stranded on an island with a major deadline looming doesn't help the situation. I was a little panicky for her hoping she might get back to meet all of her deadlines. She just needed a good distraction to help her work through the panic that was building. And that distraction comes in the form of Jackson. Janine is a city girl and the idea of her camping and stranded didn't sit too well for her. But thankfully Jackson was laid back and took charge of the situation. And Mr. Slithers helped too! *wink, wink*

If you're looking for a fun romantic comedy that's clean and delivers plenty of humor and sweet romance, this one might just be the book for you! I haven't found a book by this author that I haven't enjoyed. Or one that I didn't end up laughing and giggling through, as well as having a few happy sighs while reading.

Content: Clean. Some kisses but nothing further.

I received a copy from the publisher, Hatco Publishing, via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.

Happy Reading!!!
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Susan Hatler has done it again with this one. All the things you want from a good romance wrapped in a quick read. Although, I am always sad to see these books come to an end. I get so wrapped up in the characters lives that I feel such a part of them that I don't want their stories to end. Susan Hatler has a way of doing that to me every single time!! 

Janine Wilson is a young lady that has always been out to prove something to her family. When Janine's dad remarried and she gained two step sisters in the process, she has always felt like she has been looked down on by her step mom. Always trying to live up to the image that her step sisters try and portray, Janine moves away to try and start her own career without her family breathing down her neck. Janine is in a management position at Blue Moon Bay and if that is not enough, she has been asked to oversee a renovation that is taking place too. 

Janine has been extremely busy with the renovations and has tried to ignore her ex-boyfriends calls, but when Cody tells Janine that he has something to show her that will help the inn, she gives in for one last trip with him. Not as boyfriend/girlfriend but just as friends. They take a boat to an island. Cody's friend, Jackson, is on the boat as well. Janine has a huge crush on Jackson so that makes things a little awkward for Janine. 

When they get to the island, Cody is busy unloading the boat and on his way back, he sees Janine and Jackson kissing. Was it just a thing or was it a real kiss? This is where things get real awkward for everyone. Cody is mad and leaves in the boat stranding Jackson and Janine on the island by themselves. Will Janine and Jackson be able to see if that kiss was real or will things fall completely apart for them? You will have to read this one to find out what happens to Jackson and Janine. You will love their story!

Susan Hatler has quickly become a favorite author of mine. I am always anxious to read her books when I have them. Once again, great job and a great read! All I have to say is keep them coming!!

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book and all opinions are my own. Thanks to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book!
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I really liked this funny and sweet romance. The characters were well developed and the supporting cast nice as well. This is part of a series, so you do see some other characters and some of their backstory mentioned, so read in order if you don't like those little previous book spoilers, however the book does read well as a standalone. Overall, an enjoyable story. *I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and this is my voluntary and honest review.
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Another story from blue moon bay. A rocky breakup and a snake can lead to a new love with moonlight kisses
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Although I'm reading this series backwards (I read Forever in a Kiss and started on All About That Kiss afterwards), the story is easy to follow. Janine always felt like she didn't belong. After her father remarried years ago, her stepmother and stepsisters have been the epitome of the accomplished, polished career women. Whereas Janine had a hard time keeping up at school and never went to college. But now, working as the temporarily general manager at the inn at the Blue Moon Bay, she feels at home. And the only thing bugging is her ex Cody, who keeps stalking her. When he tricks her into coming a deserted island, with Cody and his best friend Jackson, she ends up stranded and alone with Jackson.
As a city girl, Janine definitely doesn't know anything about surviving in the wild. Fortunately the rugged handsome Jackson knows how to build a fire, find edible food and provide shelter. So, when they work together to survive on the island, Janine discovers, she has more talent than she originally thought. Too bad, Jackson doesn't feel the sparks Janine is feeling between them. And also too bad that Janine's grand opening of the refurbished rooms in the Inn is in danger of being a fiasco.
But maybe, things will work out. Because things always look better after a kiss...
Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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This book is a fab weekend book. Susan captures the characters brilliantly.  A good feel book i could read a second time.
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Several days stranded on an island with her ex-boyfriend's best friend - who has always seemed off-limits because of that relationship - not only cause panic over her absence from the Inn at Blue Moon Bay, where she is general manager and meant to be supervising time-critical renovations, but strike fear into the heart of a city girl as she is bombarded by the hazards of camping out (including Mr Slither!). But the former is largely kept to the back of her mind and the latter overcome with aplomb by the one man who she seems to have sparks with. But no sooner do they seem to be becoming a couple than he is forced to move away. Are they doomed to be like the couple in the old legend, or can they find some way to be together after all?

I was entirely unsurprised to thoroughly enjoy this book, as I have done all others by the author so far - but I found Cody a bit hard to swallow. However, the camping-out adventures and misadventures were hilarious, the final solution to their difficulties satisfying, and the unfolding of Janine's relationship with her family good to see. Hopefully we'll see another book at some stage where Cody can come into his own as a somewhat less self-centred character - with the girl it's hinted he likes? All in all, an enjoyable clean light read.

Note that I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review and this is my considered opinion of the book.
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All About that Kiss is another sweet romance from the Blue Moon Bay series. Janine is the new general manager of the Inn at Blue Moon Bay. Her life is currently rather chaotic due to ongoing renovations on cottages at the Inn, in addition to having an almost fully booked Inn. She is also struggling to fend off advances from a former boyfriend who doesn’t want to accept their break-up.

Jackson is a rather new transplant to the area. He is a self-employed wood worker who recently purchased a large Victorian home that he is renovating. He has had a crush on Janine for months, but she is his best friend’s ex, so he considers to be off limits.

However, a miscommunication ends up stranding Janine and Jackson on a small deserted island for several days. Despite their best intentions, they fall I love. Things go well until Jackson’s sense of responsibility towards his brother’s widow means that he needs to leave Blue Moon Bay for his former home in Texas. 

Can Janine and Jackson find a happily ever after while living in different states?
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A romance two novellas in the making. 
Sparks have always flown between these two characters. Janine and Jackson, were pretty important side characters  in many previous books and their own romance didnt disappoint. 
I like that Janine's story was not another Cinderella story, and that  her family was supportive of her, even though there were some miscommunications. 
Also Jackson have to come back, he was too good an addition to the friend group to stay away. I hope his sister-in- law get her own HEA. 
This book is part of a series, but can be read as a standalone.
I received a copy of the book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are my own. 

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I haven't read any other books in this series but this was good as a standalone.

Loved the location and the Inn. The characters were all great and varied. Janine is a strong woman who is trying to prove her way in her family, to others and mostly to herself. Jackson was perfect for her. Great easy romance read.
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Sweet book with a sweeter story. Very easy to read and enjoy. Definitely a Saturday kinda book. One you just want to read from stat to finish.
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The story of Janine and Jackson. She likes him but he is the best friend of her ex. When they are stuck on an island together he finally admits he likes her too  - but then adds that he is moving back to Texas. Do they have a chance together or will he just break her heart?
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