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Who Will Ask the Four Questions?

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Who Will Ask the Four Questions is a Jewish Passover story that focuses on an older brother who is preparing to sing the Four Questions, complete with accompaniment by guitar, when he is jarred out of his singing stupor by being informed that the actual youngest person, his little sister, will be singing them instead. Any person who is a younger or older sibling can relate to this Passover tale and the frustration and overall love that whelms them when dealing with an annoying sibling. I know I can! ;)
This story focuses on the relationship between the older brother and younger sister, and their competition for who gets to sing the questions, so if you are looking for a children’s Passover story that focuses on more traditional holiday elements, know that this one does not have them. The pictures were colorful and the interactions between the family members were right on point with the story’s theme.   

 I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Who Will Ask the Four Questions is a very sweet story and I thought it was lovely.

The book focusses on Eitan and Evie, a brother and sister who both want to sing "Ma Nishtana" to celebrate Seder night.  The book has a strong focus on learning traditions, overcoming frustration and strength in confidence and I loved these underling themes in the book.  

I thought that the images were excellent and they worked so well with the story, it was easy to read and follow and a delightful book that can be read by all children to help them learn more about others cultures - very highly recommended!!
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Representation matters. We need to have books for all the kids out there. and you know what? Sometimes the books out there. They are not written for you. They are written for the kids that need them.

In this case, this picture book is written for children who have experienced Passover, who know about the four questions. They are children who have grown up with the tradition of the seder.

Therefore, this book is not about what the four questions are, or what Passover is. Instead, this is about learning the tradition of asking the four questions, and how important it is for the youngest child to learn how to say/sing it.

Yes, it would have been nice to be taught more about the traditions, what the four questions are, and all things Passover, but as I said, this book is not for those who don't already know.

But, it is a great picture book to show a happy family celebration, and a little girl learning how to ask the questions, and her older bother helping her.

And for all those who have never been to a seder, or know nothing about it, then you can go and research it. This book is not for educating you, so much, as entertaining you with a good Jewish family story.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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I was approved for this, during the night and only hours before it was achieved. Therefore I was unable to download it in time.
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Who will ask the four questions

Short and interesting little book about a little girl and her grandma good little story and short and sweet. Colourful illustrations in the book. 
Keeps your interest throughout the book.
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Who Will Ask the Four Questions is a sweet story about learning tradition, overcoming frustration and strength in confidence. 

Eitan wants to sing “Ma Nishtana”  on Seder night. His little sister Evie, being younger and keeping with traditions, is the one who has the home of singing it instead. Eitan struggles to deal with his emotions and Evie struggles to learn the song and deal with making mistakes. 

This book is a great story. Cute illustrations. I learned a little about a new culture and I am always 100% into anything that shows us a bit more about one another.
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There are not nearly enough books out there geared at Jewish children, especially when it comes to Passover. This one features beautiful illustrations and a story that delivers information without being boring. I look forward to gifting copies next year.
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5 stars from me. 

Well written, easy to read and follow, full of colors, beautiful designs/drawings.  
Beautiful cover and interesting story.
Perfect for children.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC of this book.  This is my honest review.  All opinions are my own.
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A nicely written book about being nice and sharing things. I loved the storyline and the illustrations matched it perfectly.
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