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I love a good detective novel.
I love a good graphic novel.
I love take-charge female protagonists who solve crimes.
I did not love this book. Although it does a great job conveying the mood of the times, the resolution was very disappointing.
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I appreciate having had an opportunity to read and review this book. The appeal of this particular book was not evident to me, and if I cannot file a generally positive review I prefer simply to advise the publisher to that effect and file no review at all.
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A mediocre mystery, where the token new private investigator is chasing after a missing chemist.  Apparently this is the first third of a trilogy that ultimately launched a seven-book cycle; I doubt I'd be back, for it verges on the lifeless at times.  One and a half stars.
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An enjoyable graphic novel/mystery. I enjoyed the fact that the lead character was a strong woman who worked hard to uncover mysteries. I liked some of the supporting characters, such as Victor and his mother.

I preferred the plot to the illustrations but the illustrations are still interesting, although in a more classic comic style than I usually like.

Thanks Netgalley and Europe Comics for this advanced copy.
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I do not normally read graphic novels, but thought I would give this one a shot as I am a fan of mystery!!! It was nice diving into a mystery with a female private investigator as most tend to be male.
The main character is likeable and appears to have a knack for solving mysteries!!!! It was a fun read!
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I don't know if a book less than twenty years old can rightly be called a classic but this is certainly a reissue of a book that originally came out in 2001 -- one that has the gritty appeal of a 1950s hardboiled detective mystery with some twists that I haven't read before (though I expect they may be more common that I believe): the detective in this case is a female, a widow to be exact, and it's set in Paris.
In this book, Episode One (of three),  Edith Hardy takes on the case of of a parfumier who has lost his lead scientist. Along the way, her young assistant Vittorio, now  in France known as Victor, is caught up in a round of socialist workers. There's a run-in with the KGB, a prescient dream, and.. just a lot going on. Very French. 
If you like the Inspector Maigret mysteries, this may trip your trigger.

Three stars
This book came out September 18th
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I really enjoyed this for it's vintage style and setting. I thought that it was a wonderful look into the time period and a different Paris than I normally get to see. I think Edith is such strong character and I can't wait to see how she grows. I think that this was equal parts intriguing as funny and I'm interested to see where this story takes me. I'll definitely try to find the next one!
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I was not a fan of this. The pacing is just awfull, though I was a fan of the setting.
There were times that the author focus on irrelevant characters...
The good thing was the strong female character.
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A good comic book of the period.  The story is interesting - a missing scientist - with the usual spies of the days after the second world war.  Both the KGB and the Americans are interested in the formula the scientist had developed before he went missing.   Edith Hardy is intuitive and resourceful.  

I read a free advance review copy from Netgalley.  This review is voluntary, honest and my own opinion.
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Great period for a detective series.
This comic book captures that sense of time and place. It also has a female protagonist which mirrors the courage shown just years before during France’s Occupation during World War II.
This is a good introduction to the detective agency and the characters involved. I will enjoy learning more in forthcoming chapters.
In this initial episode a scientist has gone missing. Edith Hardy shows great intuitive skills and with her unusual, youthful,  helper Vittorio, they fearlessly investigate all traces of the chemist.
I am a great fan of Maigret and love this period of French culture and society.
I look forward to reading more and seeing the delightful illustrations that bring this world alive.
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This had all the right elements for an entertaining story and it didn’t disappoint.  I liked the style of the artwork which fitted in perfectly with the time period.    I would be keen to read more volumes of Hardy’s investigations.
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I was with this one until around the last chapter... I really was.
A beautiful lady detective in the 1950's who chain smokes, like s good whiskey and doesn't take any crap from anyone is a great premise... but then the story got convoluted with the KGB and the Americans and backstabbing... and it just got to be too much and too muddy. Then you throw in a prophetic dream for no real reason... and just nope. It could have been good but it went south fast.
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This is the first graphic novel I have read and I absolutely loved it! The story is very well thought out and written! The illustrations are beautiful and the characters play their parts out perfectly!
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