Deep State

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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher Simon and Schuster UK for the ARC.
What an amazing plot - what a twist! 
Twenty five yr-old Hayley Chill, an Army veteran and champion boxer, begins an internship in the Chief of Staff's office in the White House.  The CoS, Peter Hall, recognises her intelligence and organisational skills and favours her, much to the annoyance of her fellow interns, for the more 'important' jobs.  He tells her to "Trust Nobody" - the Deep State, consisting of the powerful and wealthy, would kill them all if necessary to keep hold of their influence on the Government.  The newly-elected President, Richard Monroe, is extremely unpopular for getting closer to Russia and projecting China to be the enemy.
Calling at the CoS's house to deliver the daily briefing, Hayley sees him laying on the floor and calls the police; she also sees something which tells her someone else was there just before she arrived, but she remembers - "Trust Nobody" - and keeps it to herself.  Is the Deep State starting to make its presence known?
As Hayley negotiates her position at the White House, she is convinced the President is in danger and has to find someone to listen to her. 
Will anyone believe her?  Who could she trust?

I've been deliberately obtuse with my summary to avoid any spoilers.  Suffice it to say that this is a fast-moving political thriller with an amazing plot, so well-written with good dialogue; the author cleverly leads you down possibly a well-trodden path then - oh my!
Excellent Read.  Except - I did find the historical narrative rather too lengthy and which interfered with the fast-moving story.
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West Virginian Hayley Chill is the daughter of  a Marine turned trucker who was killed in action. She joins the army, where she becomes a boxing champ. She leaves and is given a White House internship. She learns of a plot to kill the President and doesn't know who to trust.

This is a real page turning action thriller. There's just the right amount of detail. Hayley is a cross between Cinderella and an invincible action heroine. The author also has the habit of revealing the future of a number of the minor characters.  The ending twists to an ultimately satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed it.
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I found this a great page turner, liked the central character and the level of Washington detail. Also, interesting was how he summarized what would happen in the future for some of the bit par characters. In terms of the overall plot/story it's hard to give too much more without giving anything away, but as you think the book starts to wind down and reach a natural conclusion there's a fantastic twist. This is well worth a read and I look forward to see what else Chris Hauty has to offer.
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I cannot rate this thriller highly enough. The leading character Hayley, a young woman interning at the White House is an unusual lead for a thriller. Don't be put off. She is brilliantly portrayed - empathetic, warm and believable. The circumstances she finds herself in are entirely plausible given the world we live in today. All of the plot twists took me surprise (and I'm a seasoned vet of US contemporary thrillers!).  I have no hesitation in saying that this will be the thriller of 2020 and I cannot wait to read more by this author.
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This was a high octane thriller. I liked the way it was written and enjoyed the fast pace of the story. I found the main character a little detached and couldn't warm to her. Overall it was a solid read.
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I adored this book and it’s main protagonist Hayley Chill, it was a page turning addictive read with a cadence and rhythm to the prose that was genuinely engaging.

The story itself, a political and moral minefield, was utterly gripping, as Hayley leaves the army and enters the hallowed halls of the White House, where she uncovers a plot against the President and ends up in isolated hot water.

The setting is brilliantly described, the plot is taut and clever, Hayley is unique and strangely likeable with her odd demeanour and her extensive experience. It is so much fun, definitively unpredictable, flooring me at the end with a cleverly done resolution.

Definitely one to watch in 2020, if you like your political thrillers layered, intelligent and ultimately authentic then Deep State is for you. Here’s wishing Hayley Chill many more adventures.

Highly Recommended.
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Thanks to Netgalley for this ARC.  

I really enjoyed reading this book, and felt it was a very good political thriller.   Very likeable main character who uncovers a plot against The President and has to depend on and use all her skills and resources to stop this plot and bring those responsible to justice.  She doesn’t know who to trust, who is involved and for me this made for an excellent and thrilling read.   The story was very fast paced, and I thought flowed together seamlessly.   Very VERY surprising and shocking ending that I did not see coming and a brilliant final twist.  

Well thought out story by the author and I loved this.
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