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Brilliant story it makes me want to carry on blogging about books and stuff.
Love the ending so happy it wasn't a tipical slushy ending
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What a lovely holiday read! I enjoyed Katie Ginger's "Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage" so much. The novel kept me interested in the story line and I loved having different perspectives throughout. Esme's struggles and resilience was wonderful to follow and the setting at Christmas was the icing on the cake.
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I was looking for a fun Christmas book to start getting me in the Christmas spirit and unfortunately this didn’t do that for me. The writing was not my taste and I found myself skimming through the book.
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This book is about a food technician on tv show sacked because she accused the star presenter of stealing her recipes (which she did) then she goes to the flat she shares with and he breaks off the relationship she and tells her to pack up her stuff & leave. She returned home as she has no job & no where to go as the tv company have black listed her and she decides to set up a blog. And it’s about her friends and family rallying round and what goes wrong in between.

The synopsis drew me to this book and I loved it! 

Twists, turns, happy, sad and it was humorous too. Positively hysterical at times giving a warm fuzzy feel like a old warm fluffy cardigan . Lovely madcap end. 

I enjoyed the characters they all had there individual quirky personalities and some were down right hilarious.

However at some parts the book jumped all over the place for no reason and seemed out of place, with the rest of the story but this was redeemed at the end when it all came together.
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I haven't read Katie Ginger before and this book didn't disappoint, it was fun, festive, full of love and a nasty person bringing this story into a complete beautiful read. I really enjoyed this and I am sure you will to. 5 stars and a great recommendation to Katie Ginger, I am looking forward to reading more of her books.
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Honestly? This book should come with a warning: “Will make you extremely hungry and/or in danger of cooking everything you own”. You know, to try and replicate the recipes Esme shares on her blog!
I wasn’t really anticipating liking Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage as much as I ended up doing. After all, I liked Katie Ginger’s book “The Little Theater on the Seafront”. However, this one? It made me want to keep on reading, and reading, and reading. Apart from the first chapter, I even got through the entire book in one go! That’s how into the story I was
That’s partially to the little glimpses of other people’s POV, which help make the story more rounded out. Mainly, though, I think it’s probably something to do with the love of both food and family that speaks from every letter in Esme’s perspective. As Joe mentions throughout the story on multiple occasions: she doesn’t just sit down and cry. Even though life has given her a hard deal for a bit, she manages to find her ground. And if anything? That just made me want to go and do the same thing – right after decorating my entire house for Christmas and baking all the Christmas cookies, that is!
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I'm not generally a fan of the romance genre but I loved this! It was charming and sweet and was missing the things that I generally don't enjoy in this genre. This did have an enjoyable story line and even though he love interest was predictable it didn't detract from the story. The dialogue wasn't cheesy or really sappy. Charming!

Thanks to Netgalley for this ARC copy.
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This was a lovely Christmas story to read. Not my usual genre. But I absolutely loved it  would recommend to others who are looking for a pre Christmas read 5********
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Another Xmas book I enjoyed reading. 
The books about Esme, who after being sacked(through no fault of her own) and dumped by her boyfriend goes back home to her family to think about what she wants to do next and get over her broken heart. 
How with the help of her family and friends and a new friend she rebuilds her life and starts a new phase of her life. Full of twists and turns. Definitely worth reading. Fab
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I wish you could see my face right now. I’m grinning like a fool. On second thought *waves hand*, maybe it’s best you can’t. I’d probably frighten you half to death *snorts*. 

Quite simply, I’m in Christmas-themed story heaven. (*whispers* This was my fourth Christmas-themed book this year. Yup, you read that correctly – no need to adjust your set!)

There wasn’t one thing I didn’t love about this book. I loved Esme, Joe and her whole crazy crew. 

They say things happen in threes, and that is certainly true for Esme. Fired from her job, unceremoniously dumped by her pretentious BF (he’s a barsteward – know what I mean?), and as a result of said dumping, losing her home. Grrr! Someone hide the knives, Laura’s feeling stabby. 

Yet, with the help of her colourful friends and family she may be down, but she is certainly not out. 

There were so many stand out moments for me in this story where I was snort-giggling, none more so than in cheese scones/sausage roll scene. I was literally crying with laughter. One word: epic!

And don’t get me started on her mother. Hand on heart, I can see my own mother in Carol. I kid you not, the stories I could tell...

Then we have Joe. What is it about a bad boy being all grown up that turns us ladies into mush? *shakes head* Plus, add a few rough edges, vulnerability and broken pieces and we are a goner! *sighs*

Esme is definitely the foodie version of Bridget Jones. In fact, for me, SAMC was a little bit like Bridget Jones, Love Actually and The Holiday all wrapped up in one scrumptious package. 

I forgot I was reading a story, I felt like I lived it with Esme. 

This story has a little bit of everything, angst, romance, characters getting their just desserts (can I get a whoop-whoop?). All set against the backdrop of a quaint little cottage that was just waiting for life to breathed back into it once again.
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Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage is a delightful romance novel to pick up this festive season. The main character is Esme, a food technologist who loses her job and her boyfriend on the same day. She decides to return home and finds herself renting Mistletoe Cottage. Esme spends her time trying to develop her food blog and vlog, with some amusing results. The other protagonist is Joe, a real estate agent who went to high school with Esme. Still recovering from his last breakup, Esme might be just the person Joe is looking for. I loved the characters in this book (Esme's friends sound so fun and supportive) and the foodie aspect - the things Esme cooks will have your mouth watering. Highly recommend reading a copy of Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage this Christmas.

I received an ARC from NetGalley, but all opinions are my own.
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What a sweet and encouraging story for everyone struggling out there. This has to be one of the sweetest stories I’ve read. Every single character was a sweetheart. Everything screamed sweetness. From Esme’s mother to Mark to Lola and evening to Joe. Everyone was so supportive of Esme and I loved how she just picked herself up. She was so relatable this story melted my heart. She was strong enough and weak enough in all the right places. Although the romance was pretty slow it was paced nicely enough for us to admire the guy in Esme to pick her self up. The story was just such a pick-me-up book for everyone. The perfect story for Christmas and boy I’m glad I picked it up from Netgalley. Kudos for the author for writing such a book for everyone without any drama and the simple Christmas spirit.
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I got totally engrossed in this gorgeous Christmas story. When a successful food technician finds her recipes are being stolen by the famous tv chef she assists, she complains to her boss who doesn't back her up and demands she apologises to the chef. When Esme refuses to back down she loses her job and to make matters worse, her boyfriend, instead of proposing to her, breaks up with her and asks her to move out immediately.  As a result, she ends up back in her hometown, where her parents give her enough money for the rental on an old cottage. I won't give any spoilers but from here on in, her life takes her on new and exciting paths. Some of the ensuing antics are laugh aloud funny. I love the depiction of her loyal group of friends and quirky family. Font wait for Christmas to read this. It's the perfect antidote to dreary damp days...I even felt inspired to get my Christmas cakes made! I shall be looking out for more books by Katie Ginger. She's a bright, funny clever writer that really brings her stories of life.
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I received this book through Rachel's Random Resources Tour in exchange for an honest review, thank you so much to Rachel and HQ Digital for the opportunity to read and review  Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage! ***

Oh wow, I read Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage in one setting and I couldn't put this amazing book down. I so loved and enjoyed reading this book in one day. It was a really great and very refreshing to read a Christmas book after ready so many spooky and horror books this month of October. Plus Christmas time is my favorite holiday and I wanted to read this book when I joined the blog tour a couple of months ago. I totally and thoroughly loved and enjoyed everything about Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage it is about love, grief, broken hearts, life, friendship and the spirit of Christmas. Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage is the first book that I read by Katie Ginger but it won't be my last book that I will read by her.  Her writing style flows beautifully and all her characters have so much sass and wit that I couldn't help but laugh out loud with some of the antics all the characters were doing in this book. I especially love the family dynamic and the amazing diverse friendship relationship that was represented in this amazing book. I just love and adore Esme family and friends all of them were so supportive and helping Esme to start a new life again in her hometown  Sandchester after everything came falling apart for her in London. I was so rooted for her that everything comes out great for her at the end and she would finally get her happily ever after. Esme had some trouble at the beginning started her new life at her home town  Sandchester but she kept on being positive even though she wanted to throw in the towel. But her sweet family and friends were always there for her and encouraging her to never give up on what she was doing. Especially the handsome Joe encouraging and helping her out in her new home he also gave her great advice as well. Now Esme was attracted to Joe when they both were in high school and she stills feels the attraction to Joe when she first saw him but she knew that he is not all he seems.  But none the less Joe and Esme attraction grows each day when Joe helps Esme out and there love was a very slow born romance which I absolutely love and enjoyed reading in this book Esme know something bad happen to Joe after he broke up with his girlfriend three years ago but he never opens up or talks to anybody about his past relationship until he started to fall for Esme. But can Joe overcome his tragic past and be with Esme? You have to read Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage to find out what happens next to both Joe and Esme and will she find someone to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas? All and all I love and adore Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage that I can't wait to read more books by Katie Ginger soon!
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A very interesting and lovely story from Katie. It was as though i'm living through the story. What a great writer.
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I have been a fan of Katie Ginger for some time, and when i saw the chance to read this - i mean look at the title? Right?? That is a bit of me. Its a bit later than planned i know but here are my thoughts on this delightful read.

We meet Esme as the world around her is crumbling, when her recipe is stolen and her boyfriend wants to call an end to their five year relationship, just when Esme thought he was going to propose. 

With no other option, Esme returns home and with the help and support of her best friend - she needs a new life plan (not that she had that much of one before either!) 

Happily finding herself once more and becoming an independent stronger woman seems to be the route she is taking but then there is Joe, Joe who she fancied the pants off at school. Joe he seems quite happy to help her settle down, but seems to be holding back.

This is told from multiple POV and i really enjoyed it because we got to see what even the not so likeable characters thoughts were. I mean, i was not really a fan of Leo at all, but i liked seeing what he was going through since he left Esme. Its not often we ger that perspective in a book, it was refreshing.

I loved spending time with Esme and her delicious food, i mean i need to try that epic sausage roll, like yesterday. She had a fantastic bunch of friends who were just as mad and lovely as Esme. I could just picture watching her cooking youtube. 

This was a delightful read with warmth, passion, friendship and like i said - epic sounding sausage rolls. One to add to your winter TBR.
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This is a super festive read which has all the ingredients you will be looking for at this time of year. You feel for Esme from the beginning and follow her as she returns home and slowly settles in. I love the humour in the story, from the needy London celebrity cooks to Esme's delightfully mad parents, particularly her Mum, Carol. Esme's family are so caring and joyful. You have to admire Esme's belief in herself and her friends add plenty of light hearted moments.

In Joe, you have a man with a past which you come to realise he has been unable to come to terms with. Wreathed in depression, you still sense his basic kindness. Katie Ginger paces his friendship with Esme beautifully as he responds to her vitality. I particularly enjoyed the references to Esme's blog and her vlogs. Her Gran's recipes certainly tempt you and add to the seasonal feel. Crammed full of food, family and hope for a second chance, I can't recommend this book highly enough if you are looking for a festive romcom.

Thanks to the author for a copy of the book.
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I am a massive fan of the different book covers that are released each Christmas and I have to say the moment this is my favourite by far – I love it, and it suits the book perfectly!

I have read a few books by this author now and she never disappoints. She always has well developed characters, the perfect pace to the story and the best locations which she brings to life so well.

I thought that this was a fabulous book and it will be one of my book highlights of the 2019 Christmas season (being a blogger and reviewer we tend to start a bit earlier than some) – it is 5 stars from me, no hesitation and I cannot recommend it highly enough – it is the perfect Christmas read!!
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This is the first novel I've read by Ms Ginger and by no means will it be the last! She has a unique and charming voice in fiction and I simply loved the world she created. The characters were lush and real, the plot was believable and charming. The closest I can liken this book to is Sally Thorne's The Hating Game - I burst out laughing in several places! I can't wait to read more by Ms Ginger!
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It is always a delight to read a new novel by Katie Ginger and this wonderful writer of romantic comedy is back with another irresistible winner that will brighten up your Christmas: Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage.

Life couldn’t possibly get any better for Esme. She truly has the world at her feet with her glitzy job, gorgeous boyfriend and stunning apartment. With Christmas fast approaching, Esme thinks that she is about to have the best holiday season ever, but reality proves to be far different as she discovers when she loses everything in one fell swoop and ends up having to move back home to her sleepy hometown of Sandchester, which is as far removed from London as it is possible to get. Sandchester might look picture postcard perfect, however, Esme’s future looks bleak and uncertain. With her old life in tatters, Esme fears that she is about to have the worst Yuletide ever – until a chance encounter with her former crush puts a spring in her step and makes her wonder whether life in Sandchester might not be so bad after all!

Handsome and charming Joe might have made Esme feel things she never thought she would experience ever again, but the man whom she is slowly but surely losing her heart to is not all that he seems. Joe has a tragic past which is still holding him hostage and which is preventing him from moving on with his life. As Esme and Joe begin to grow closer and their feelings for one another start to intensify, will a stolen kiss under the mistletoe lead to a love that will last a lifetime? Or would they be better off as friends?

As Esme begins to get her life back on track, she soon begins to realize that Sandchester is where she truly belongs and as she forges her own path and begins to become in charge of her own destiny, she wonders whether she will finally find the happiness she has been searching for all along…or whether the bright city lights of London could be where her heart and future truly lie…

Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage is a delightful charmer I simply did not want to stop reading – I was so engrossed in this book and so completely and utterly captivated by Esme, Joe and all the Sandchester inhabitants, that I nearly burned dinner! A warm-hearted, witty and exceptionally brilliant tale that will make you laugh and cry, Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage is a scintillating and sensational page-turner that kept me hooked from beginning to end.

With Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage, Katie Ginger has given Richard Curtis’ Love Actually a run for his money for sheer Christmas perfection and if you are looking for the perfect Yuletide treat to escape into during the frantic run-up to Christmas, then look no further!
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