The Other Daughter

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Amazing book that I could not put down. I could not believe how well this story is told. Your heart will break for Rachel and Holly and so many of the  characters in this story.
Boland does an incredible job of keep the reader enraged in the different characters. This book is a must read for anyone who loves psychological thrillers.
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When Rachel meets a friend for coffee she keeps the baby with them but thinks letting her small daughter play in the play area is good for everyone. Glancing back & forwards every so often she suddenly realises she can't see her! Extensive searches reveal nothing- she seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

Jump forward a number of years. Rachel is now in Devon living with a loving partner,she now has two children & is involved in the local community. When a new family move into the area with children the same age she befriends the mother. All is well until she meets their elder daughter- she is exactly how Rachel imagines her missing daughter must look like! Rachel cannot get it out of her head that she has finally found Holly & nothing is going to stop her proving it! Interspersed with Rachel's story is the story of the person who abducted Holly.

This was an engaging read, although I did find Rachel's behaviour somewhat over the top. I certainly wasn't prepared for the ending, which I found stretched believability a bit too much, which is why I couldn't quite give it five stars. I did enjoy it though. Thanks to Netgalley & the publishers for letting me read & review this book.
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The opening scene is a little girl being led away from a playground, by a stranger.  CCTV shows a grainy image of the person who takes her.

Rachel and Matt are happy with their family of Charlie and Jessica.  Their lives are busy with Kate working part-time in Dee's cafe.  Kate is a new face at the school gates, dropping and collecting her two children.  They soon become friends.

To tell more about this will detract from what makes this a dark but clever thriller.  There is a clear case of Dissociate Identity Disorder, and the person suffering from it is not who we think to start with. However, I found it absorbing and couldn't wait to get to the end.

I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are all my own and completely unbiased.  My thanks to NetGalley for this opportunity.
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I have read and enjoyed all titles by Shalini Boland so there’s no way I was going to miss the opportunity to read this one. Glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

The story begins with a heartbreaking scene. A little girl is taken from the park. Her mother, Rachel, is left searching for her and it takes years before news of the little girl comes up again.

What I love about Shalini’s books is that she always creates situations that will make you wonder what you would have done in similar circumstances. I never want to experience what Rachel did but at the same time, I could understand her obsession with finding her daughter.

This was a compulsive read that had me totally focused on the narrative. I wasn’t even trying to jump ahead and guess the twists. My mind was so focused on the mystery. Like Rachel, I needed answers.

The twist and ending turned out to be unpredictable. I missed all the clues until right before the big reveal. The Other Daughter by Shalini Boland is tightly-plotted, well-paced and quite entertaining. Another win by Shalini!
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Fast paced, absorbing, suspenseful...The Other Daughter was a gripping psychological thriller. The book has two timelines - then and now - that delves into the abduction and loss of a 2-year-old named Holly. There were parts that required me to suspend reality because some of the decisions were unbelievable and the timelines weak, but despite all that, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The plot suspense and reveal made up for the inconsistencies. It was just one of those thrillers that was fun to read and had me puzzling as to how it would end. I'm keen to read more from this author. A gracious thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Shalini Boland has become one of my favorite authors and one that I always recommend to others.  This book is a prime example of why I love her books so much.  I thought that I knew where this story was going, but then things shifted and I found myself forming a new opinion.  Shalini Boland keeps me guessing with her writing, which is hard to do for most authors.  Along with the suspense, I genuinely felt invested in Rachel's journey.
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The Other Daughter, by Shalini Boland, is every parent’s nightmare…you look away for just a few seconds and something awful happens to your child.  It is a heartbreaking premise which is executed at breakneck speed, and yet, takes time to explore the fragility of the human spirit.  It is a quick read, and well worth the time.  

My only grievance was that the sudden unraveling of the mystery was very abrupt, and without adequate explanation as to what tipped who off and why. Nonetheless, I was sorry to leave these characters and wonder if there might be sequel in the future.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the opportunity to read the electronic ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I am still something of a Shalini Boland novice having only read one of her other books - The Marriage Betrayal.  I was so impressed with this outstanding psychological thriller. The premise of the book beckoned to me and I knew that I had to read this novel!

In this story, Rachel Farnborough is drinking coffee and talking to her friend when the unthinkable happens, her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Holly, is happily playing one minute then, in the blink of an eye she has vanished, snatched by a stranger. Nine years later, Rachel has a new family, a loving partner, is living a quiet life in Dorset and her secrets are locked away in her painful past. Then one day Rachel meets Kate Morris and her teenage daughter Bella at the school gates. Rachel’s world is instantly turned upside down again as she’s seen Bella before. It’s her missing child.

The Other Daughter definitely did not disappoint. It had everything I would expect from a psychological thriller - a great plot, well-drawn characters and terrific pacing. I was completely gripped by from the outset and I loved the shock factor and twisting plots, making this extremely difficult to put down. The story is told in alternating chapters of past and present with Rachel narrating the present ones. The past chapters are narrated by Catriona Devon, the woman who abducted little Holly.  Although this has a tried and tested story-line, the novel stood above many others for me as the clever narrative brought with it a unique view of each character’s frame of mind at their respective times and goes somewhere towards rationalising certain behaviour. 

 I  didn't foresee any of the plot twists and I loved Shalini Boland's smooth writing style. It was very easy to connect with the characters - to imagine them, sympathise with them, love or hate them.
The great reveal was the final and fulfilling shocker of the book, The Other Daughter was everything I wanted in what was a pretty special psychological thriller. 

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my own request, from Bookouture via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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9 years ago Rachel's daughter, Holly, is taken by a stranger whilst she is having coffee with a friend. Now she is back!!!!!!!

This story grabbed me from the first page and I was on the edge of my seat throughout. It's full of twists, turns and red herrings. Amazing book.
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Review for "The Other Daughter" by Shalini Boland
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What to say apart from WOW!! WHAT A BOOK AND WHAT AND ENDING!! Rachel took her eyes off her daughter for a few minutes and the she is kidnapped from a play area. Could happen to anyone in this world sadly enough. As a mother of 3 this would be my worst nightmare. However years later Rachel is approached by a lady called Kate who has just moved into town. When Rachel meets Kates daughter she is transported back in time to her missing daughter. An absolutely gripping psychological thriller which I couldn't put down. A true page turner that kept me in suspense until the firework ending which I did not see coming. I'd never heard of this author until I read this book but she is definitely in my favourites now!! Highly recommend this book to fans of any good book especially thrillers, suspense, mystery and psychological books. Rated 5/5 on Goodreads and Amazon.
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A decent thriller, I found myself very invested in this book from the start. An excellent premise although the ending was not as satisfying as Shalini Boland’s booka usually are. Still worth a read.
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There is no surprise to any of my fellow book friends when I say that I am a huge fan of Shalini Boland books and every time when I think I have figured out the answer to the crazy psychological thrillers that she writes... BAM.. the major plot twist gets me every time! 

I sit there slacked jawed and have to scan back a page or two to make sure I read and processed correctly. 

The Other Sister does not disappoint, in fact I had to re-read the plot twist twice! It is a page tuner that grabs on to your heart strings and doesn’t let go throughout the entire book! 

I highly recommend this book and all of Boland’s stories as she is one of the more talents thriller writers I have found!
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Thank you to Bookouture and Net Galley for the chance to read and review this  book. I have read other books by this author and this one did not disappoint. This mystery centers on the abduction of Rachel's daughter, Holly. Several years after the abduction, Rachel meets Kate who has a teen-age daughter named Bella. Rachel is convinced Bella is her missing daughter. So begins the mystery of finding out what really happened to Holly. I liked this story, and the ending was a great twist! Another winner by this author!
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Where to start with this review?! The first chapter is absolutely gripping, as I was reading it I was thinking what the hell, just stop, what you are doing! Obviously I can't say too much without ruining the story. However, the first chapter set the tone for the whole book. The Other Daughter is a story that had me gripped, I read it at break neck speed because I just had to know what the ending was going to be.

I had a lot of sympathy for Rachel but at various times I was confused by her actions and the choices she made. At the same time how should a character react when they find themselves in her situation! I so wanted to find out what the outcome of her dilemma would be. 

I am a massive fan of Shalini Boland's books, she is definitely an author who I know will always deliver just the type of story I enjoy. I am sure I have said this before about her writing, but she has a really knack for delivering the kind of plots that have me thinking to myself "What the **** is going on?!" The Other Daughter is certainly one of my favourite reads by this super talented lady. 

As this is a book that it would be very easy to give spoilers away on, I am going to make this a short and probably over gushy review! I will just finish by saying if you are looking for a read that you will not be able to stop reading and will have your mind working over time trying to figure out what is going before the dramatic conclusion, then this is the book for you! It is without a doubt one of my top reads this year and I am so excited to read more from Shalini Boland to see what her mind comes up with next!
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Shalini Boland has been one of my go to writers for a long time now and she never disappoints. This is a great story with an ending that just threw me for a loop. Very engrossing, fast-paced, and suspenseful.  Highly recommend!
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Shalini Boland is always a go-to author for me, no one writes family drama or psychological thrillers likes she does. This book is no exception and did not disappoint on that front. I was amazed by the ending and I am in awe at the author's imagination. This is such a beautifully written and moving book, I also found it to be truthful and realistic, with none of the grit and grain of life hidden away, and because of this type of writing I seek out everything Shalini Boland has published.

I can’t say enough good things about this particular book. It was one hell of a roller-coaster ride for my emotions. I really felt both Rachel’s pain throughout the whole book. It felt as though I was living it with her. All the characters were greatly intertwined with each other and that’s what made this book so compelling. They all complimented each other and none of them seemed out of place. The plot was excellent as mourning a loss is bad enough but when it’s your child it’s a whole new ball game. 

It is told in two timelines, now and then. I enjoyed the then chapters the most, I always seem to find I could enjoy a whole book based on the before. I like finding out the who and why rather than the where and what. Between the plot, characters and all the twists in this book it made it an easy and fast read as I was flipping pages like crazy. I really enjoyed this story and I would definitely recommend it.
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I’ve loved all of Shalini Boland’s books and this one certainly didn’t disappoint! I was hooked from the start and read it in 2 nights. A brilliant story with an unexpected twist. I was kept thoroughly engrossed all the way to the end! Absolutely recommend!
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The other daughter is based on every parents worst nightmare. And it could easily happen to anyone.
A child is abducted from a busy shopping centre in London and so the story begins.
Fast forward to the present day. Rachel, boyfriend Matt and their children Jess and Charlie are living a normal family life in Devon when the arrival of the Morris family in this close knit community sends Rachel into meltdown. She is hiding a terrible secret, for it was her eldest daughter that was abducted years ago and she’s never told a soul. Rachel is convinced the eldest Morris girl, Bella is the spitting image of her missing daughter Holly  and that Kate Morris is the abductor.
The narrative switches between the past and the present so that the reader is drip fed the backstory of events leading up to the abduction.
As the horror unfolds the author captures perfectly Rachel’s increasing panic, desperation and paranoia to unmask Kate’s crime, forcing her to act totally out of character. The tension is pitched just right, increasing with each outlandish action Rachel embarks on until the big reveal. Immensely readable, I devoured this book almost in one sitting, knowing that the author was completely leading me up the garden path!! Such a brilliant twist when it came that I was mentally berating myself for being so easily hoodwinked.
Easily a 5 star read for me. This was definitely a page turner!
Thanks as always to the author and publisher and Netgalley for allowing me to read in exchange for an honest review.
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This is the first book I've read by Shalini Boland,  but it will not be the last! I absolutely loved it!! It was a short read, which had me worried at first, but it ended up being exactly what I needed. It was short while still including everything you really need to know about the characters to feel connected to their story. The plot was slow at times, which worked in its favor. I felt like I had to keep reading and finished this in less than a day. The twist at the end was amazing. I read a lot of mystery/thrillers and this is nearly up there with some of my favs.
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I have read and reviewed a few of Shalini's books now.  I haven't quite read all of her books but I am getting there.  Those of her books I have read, I have enjoyed.  I read the synopsis for 'The Other Daughter' and it certainly sounded like the intriguing sort of psychological thriller that I love to read.  I grabbed a copy of the book and a cup of tea before settling down to read the book.  I did enjoy reading 'The Other Daughter' but more about that in a little bit.
As with all of Shalini's books, I was drawn into this story from the first page onwards.  Reading 'The Other Daughter' became extremely addictive and I found it extremely difficult to put the book down for any length of time.  The book had developed a hold over me and it was a hold that I didn't want to break.  I had my own suspicions as to how the story would pan out and conclude and of course I had to read on to discover if I was on the right track or if I had the wrong end of the stick entirely.  The pages turned increasingly quickly as my desperation to find out what happened steadily grew and grew.  Towards the end of the book the page numbers passed by in a blur and all of a sudden I was at the end of the book, which I was disappointed about.  I don't mean that I was disappointed with how the story ended but I was enjoying the author's writing style, the characters and the storylines so much that I just wished that the story had continued for longer.
'The Other Daughter' is well written.  Shalini certainly knows how to grab your attention from the start and draw you into her web.  Once she has your attention, she will not let it go.  She keeps your attention by keeping the characters interesting, the storylines plausible and by messing with your head a fair bit.  I didn't want to miss a single second of the story for fear of missing out on a clue as to what was going to happen.  Shalini uses such powerful and vivid descriptions that I really felt as though I was part of the story myself.
Reading 'The Other Daughter' was much like being on a scary and unpredictable rollercoaster ride with more twists and turns that you would find in a bag of fusilli pasta.  There were moments where I almost had to read through my fingers as I feared what was going to happen next or what was waiting for me over the page.  This book certainly messed with my head somewhat.  
In short, 'The Other Daughter' is another fantastic book from Shalini.  This book had me gripped and I was on the edge of my seat throughout the book.  I will definitely recommend this book to other readers.  I can't wait to read more from Shalini in the future.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 4* out of 5*.
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