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How To Propose To A Princess

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Dr Nico Barsotti and Princess Fausta of Domodossola fall in love at first sight! Nico, won’t propose, however, until he has uncovered the mystery surrounding his birth. Fausta wants to take a step back from royalty so how will she react when she discovers he is a Crown Prince?

A sweet yet staid True Love romance that seems a bit dated and unbelievable in its storyline. Orphaned royalty don’t just disappear and then be found years later - the advent of social media means that wouldn’t happen. Most M&B writers have moved with the times and taken on board, and incorporated these devices into their storylines, whilst also updating them, making them more relevant and realistic to the reader. 

I received this novel from Mills & Boon via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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An easy to read romance. Well written and an enjoyable way to spend an evening.
My thanks to Net Galley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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A sweet, easy to read romance. It has all the necessary ingredients .....a doctor, a princess an orphan who decides to try and find out about his family ..... stir it all up...... get the ending that we all expect ....and you have everything necessary for a few hours of escape from humdrum daily living!
I thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend this if you want a relaxing, non-taxing read!
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A lovely, sweet romance with well rounded characters. Well written and easy to read.

Loved it.

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for allowing me to read a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.
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When Dr Nico Barsotti first sees Princess Fausta he is in awe of her beauty, then when he meets her for the first time he finds himself falling for her, He can't believe it when she seems to like him too. But can he overcome the fact that she is royalty and he is a commoner? As they start to see each other more he finds himself opening up to her and telling her about his childhood and his ongoing search for his parents. When a shock visit gives him the answers he has been searching for he needs to overcome the obstacles and show Fausta that he is still the same man she fell in love with. A lovely story by Rebecca Winters.
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Fausta is a princess, she is kind and caring and volunteers at the hospital where she reads to the patients. Nico is a doctor at the same hospital, he is also kind and caring but he grew up in an orphanage and has been trying to find his birth parents and heritage. Nico and Fausta go out a few times for a meal and the more time they spend together the harder they fall in love but Nick doesn't think that he is worthy of Fausta because of not knowing his birth rights. Fausta on the other hand is supposed to marry into royalty but she is rebellious and says she will only marry for love. Then Nico has a curveball thrown at him and everything changes over night. Will Nico and Fausta get a second chance or is it too late. This is an amazing story and I felt for Nico and everything that he had gone through. I definitely recommend this book as it is so well written and worth reading.
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A sweet romantic love story, based around a princess who wishes to be regarded as a commoner and a man who is unaware he is the illegitimate son of a king.

A secret wedding, a duty to fulfil the country's need of a king. So much to consider.

True love finds a way leading to a happy ever after ending.
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A nice light read, lovely romance, a bit cliched at times but still enjoyable, nice way to spend an evening curled up.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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