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Not a bad read, enjoyed the fast past but have to admit that I didn’t like the ending it just seemed so abrupt.
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‘The Wrong Move’ is the latest gripping book by Jennifer Savin.

When Jessie moves into a flatshare at Maver Place, she’s finally found a decent place to live. And when she’s befriended by fellow tenants Lauren and Sofie, she’s got great flatmates to share it with. You think she’s safe. You think she can trust these people. You’re wrong.

If you enjoy gripping psychological thrillers, then ‘The Wrong Move’ is just the book for you.

Jessie has moved to Brighton to start a new life, escape a violent and unhappy relationship and started a new flat share with a group of people that could become friends. But then she starts to receive threatening message and the flatmates aren’t quite the friends she was looking for.

This is a really enjoyable story, seen from multiples narratives, it’s fast paced with suspicious characters that makes for twisty reading. Jessie is an interesting character, having escaped her abusive ex boyfriend’s clutches, she’s tentatively looking forward to starting a new life, but it seems that he hasn’t given up on her. She comes across as quite a weak character who lets people trample over her, but it’s interesting to see her develop as the story progresses. At times she becomes as quite unreliable and uncertain in situations and for me this adds an extra twist to the story.

Her flat mates are intense and all want to be best friends apart from Marcus who’s a bit of a loner and Sophie who’s copying her style and Lauren who wants to know her every move.

Claustrophobic and intense from the very beginning, this flat share nightmare was a thrilling story that was very addictive reading. With plot twists, unsavoury characters and drama throughout, ‘The Wrong Move’ is an exciting debut from a new voice that will have you double checking that your doors are locked.

You can buy ‘The Wrong Move’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.
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Jessie should be having the time of her life. A new move to Brighton near her best friend. A great new flat with a variety of personalities as flatmates. Then things get darker. Someone seems to be targeting Jessie but why? A good read with a punch of an ending.
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Well this one didn’t go quite how I expected to either!! Plenty of twists and turns. Ex boyfriends, new flatmates and a good thread throughout the book regarding mental health and how it can affect anyone. Well worth a read
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I loved this book from the second I picked it up. It was dark, thrilling and creepy - an absolute page-turner. If i was ever considering a flat share, I certainly wouldn't now! I guessed the ending about half way through but I was still shocked. I was pleasantly surprised by this book and it as a refreshing read. I thoroughly recommend,

Thank you to Netgalley, Jennifer Savin and Penguin Random House UK for an advanced copy of this book.
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The Wrong Move is a dark thriller that makes you think about who you can and can’t trust - a stark reminder about the dangers of flat sharing and how you can never know someone’s true intentions. When Jessie moves into a new flat share, she’s excited to start her fresh life away from her hellish ex boyfriend. Everyone in Maver Place has secrets but who can Jessie trust? 

I was bored at first but soon became invested in the story. It was interesting with the different mysteries and getting to figure out who everyone really was and their actual intentions. 

I was a little confused with all the head jumping. However, as I got further into the book, I noticed why it was essential to hear inside the other characters heads. All three of Jessie’s housemates creeped me out in different ways. Jessie irritated me and came across as selfish and flat. Likewise, with the other characters, and Marcus was the only character who felt like he had a personality. 

The mysteries were intriguing. I was on edge the whole time. I knew something wasn’t right, and I felt uneasy, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. I loved wondering if I’d finally figured it all out to only to discover more mystery that proved me wrong. 

 I loved the climax of the story - how everything that had been happening was explained and how it all fitted together. However, I was very disappointed in the ending. I’m the type of reader that needs answers and I dislike books that end on a cliffhanger, especially if it’s a standalone. If you like ambiguous endings then this book is great for you. However, saying that, I really enjoyed the book, and the ending wasn’t bad, just not satisfying enough for me.
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I absolutely loved this book. I could not put it down and was shocked with the ending of the book, I was not expecting that.
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A VERY dark tale that twists and turns ... like a twisty turny thing. My bath went cold and still I sat there reading this. OK I had a sore knee too so needed a hand out from my other half, but still. I didn't notice the cold. 

I am surprised that this is a first book because its very confidently written. The characters are well drawn and not simplistic. I'll be recommending this.
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The Wrong Move is a terrifying, addictive read which is hard to believe is a debut novel.

Firstly the things that most stands out about this book is how realistic this book is. We’ve all had bad housemate experiences which make it easy to relate to some of Jessie’s experiences. The tension in the book slowly increases as we learn more about the situation Jessie finds herself in, some of which made my hair stand on end. It’s definitely a lesson in how little you actually know the people you live with.

I found myself in the perhaps unusual position of not liking the main character very much. Jessie is incredibly annoying and quite whiny at times which made it difficult to warm to her. I really wished I could reach into the book and shake her at times. Honestly some of the things she moaned about where ridiculous, the most memorable being the cobwebs- um never heard of a duster?! I did wonder why she didn’t just move out as she was obviously so unhappy.

Overall I enjoyed this book and found it an entertaining read. There were lots of twists and turns to keep me very intrigued. The feeling of paranoia was strong throughout the book and I liked that I was never entirely sure if it was all in Jessie’s mind which made things very interesting. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Ebury for my copy of this book.
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Jennifer Savin's debut novel The Wrong Move is a psychological thriller that gets you in all the right places as you read it!
Jessie is right out of an abusive relationship and is searching for a flat share, somewhere at least habitable. She finds 4 Maver Place with Lauren, Sofie and Marcus already tenants. She takes up residence and the story really starts! As she settles in Jessie, starts to get to know her new housemates, Lauren is very friendly, Marcus more quiet and a loner and Sofie who is rarely there due to being with her boyfriend, Henry. Jessie realises all is not as peaceful as she thinks when she witnesses tension between Marcus and Henry, but, hey what would you expect with a house full of strangers! Jessie is, at first, very wary, but soon drops her guard and she and Lauren become firm friends. Jessie gains a fresh job and in turn finds a new boyfriend.Little things start happening to Jessie and then her life starts spinning out of control! Has her ex boyfriend found her? What else could be happening, she realises she doesn't know who she can really trust!
The characters are all believable and not all likeable and the story highlights how well do we really know who we live with? Who do we trust?
A brilliant debut novel which brings to mind just how scary life can be!
A big thank you to Random Things Tours for allowing me to be part of the #TheWrongMove blog tour by@JenniSavin and published by @EburyPublishing.also netgalley for allowing me an arc.
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This was the perfect page-turner and a great comfort read as I love thrillers.  

Jessie, finds a room to rent in the bustling seaside town of Brighton.  Her flatmates: friendly Lauren, vegan Sofie and the recluse Marcus all seem like the perfect housemates and just what Jessie is looking for, to make a fresh start away from her abusive ex-boyfriend.  However, the mystery surrounding the woman who previously occupied Jessie's room and the strange noises in the night become unsettling for Jessie (and the reader!).  Unfortunately, Jessie's new start doesn't go quite the way she hoped and she finds herself fleeing Brighton to escape the horrors that occur.  

I loved the setting as I am very familiar with the streets of Brighton so I could really picture where Jessie was living.  The tension builds on each page and you quickly realise that things are not as they first appear.  You start to question everything and everyone and have a sickening sense that something bad is about to happen.  The recipe of a great thriller.  

 There are a lot of subtle twists and surprises keeping you engaged in the story line and compelled to read on.  The characters are realistic and intriguing; they all seem to have their own secrets and although the story was predominantly about Jessie I longed to know the backstory of the other characters.  I was pleased that the author did reveal the mysteries surrounding the other characters which added to my enjoyment of the novel as a whole. 

This is a novel where you can't help but become involve.  You want to shout out at the characters, warning them of the potential dangers, scolding their actions, hugging and comforting them as well as shaking them.  For me the book totally worked and the ending was another surprise that I did not anticipate.  A great read to escape our current situation and to lose yourself in the winding lanes of Brighton.
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This wasn't my favourite chocolate in the box I must admit but it didn't stop me from devouring it...
A debut novel and you know how much I love a debut.
We meet a young girl Jessie who has come out of a very controlling relationship. She is a nervous type, quite jumpy and carrying an awful lot of baggage.
While trying to move on with her life, she moves into a flat sharing with two other girls Lauren & Sofie and the rather quiet Marcus. Pretty normal you would think.
But strange goings on unnerve her leaving her struggling to go to work and struggling to see her friends and family.
What exactly are the strange noises coming from the room Marcus sleeps in.
Why does he not sleep at night....
Should estate agent Ian always be calling around to the flat and why do her flatmates suddenly want to look like her.
When Jessie finds herself in bother, she questions who has taken such a dislike to her. Could it be her controlling ex-boyfriend determined to make her suffer for leaving him..
I found I couldn't quite leave this story down, a compulsive read and I wondered was it because I felt like shaking the main character into living her life after every chapter..
An enjoyable read, a storyline I did feel needed a little more work but her characters were interesting.
The ending had me thinking for quite a time after I had finished 🤔🤔🤔
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Jessie has moved to Brighton and thinks she has found the perfect flat share at no. 4 Maver Place. Though it soon becomes apparent that not all is at it seemed at first glance when she discovers that the previous flatmate Magda who's room she is now taking over, disappeared suddenly and under suspicious circumstances.

I have never multi flat shared but I did rent out a spare bedroom many years ago and I vowed never to do it again, and this book expertly portrays life living in a shared accommodation with strangers. Jessie's flat mates are friendly and welcoming, we have Lauren who does everything to make her feel welcome in the flat, Sofia who is never actually really there as she tends to stay over with her boyfriend Henry and there is Marcus, he is quite shy a bit of a loaner and tends to hole himself up in his room most of the time.

As the story progresses little things start to happen leading Jessie to become paranoid and wondering who she can really trust in the house, Lauren starts to become clingy and slightly unhinged and when the story comes to a head you are met with a twist that you never saw coming.

This was a slow burner, setting the scene and building the tension but I loved this book and for a debut it was a brilliant first book!
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First up I want to say, for a debut novel this is an absolute corker. And, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more offerings of Jennifer Savin's books in the future. 

Ok, so The Wrong Move is about Jessie. She's just come out of an abusive relationship and wants to up sticks and start afresh. Get away from her old life and try and forget the past. Cue the hunt for a new flat, and the new flatmates. 

I've flatshared before, but not with total strangers like Jessie is doing. So, I can kind of relate to a certain extent. Now, the synopsis clearly states Jessie's flatmates aren't all they seem. And, this is where the story really gets going. I love how Savin slowly drip feeds and drops hints about each character as the story develops. And, to make things more interesting and keep us guessing, the flatmates are all holding some kind of negative issues. 

Lauren, she may come across as nice, friendly and welcoming but is she jealous? Is she all that she seems? Can anyone be that nice? 

Marcus, he is the classic goth type, very secretive. From the get go Savin portrays him as a loner with strange noises coming from his room. Definitely someone to watch? Or is he? 

Sofie, very mother earth, into all the good things in life. Loves nature, wouldn't hurt a fly. But, does that mean she wouldn't hurt a human? 

Obviously, there's the small matter of why the previous flatmate Magda just disappeared in the middle of the night. All these elements and strange goings on result in Jessie getting very paranoid. 

The Wrong Move is your classic psychological thriller, so many avenues leading to you second guessing each character. A fantastic debut novel. Not to be missed. 

Thanks to Anne at RandomThingsTours for my stop on the blog tour. And, thanks to the publishers for my gifted digital copy.
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The Wrong Move by Jennifer Savin. Published by @eburybooks 🧡
What an interesting read this was.
Be prepared for this to touch a wide range of emotions from fear, desire, hopelessness to hope.
Jessie is a young lady who is escaping her abusive ex. She decides to return to Brighton where she has fond memories for living there during her university years.
To me Jessie does not seem happy with her lot in life- always wanting this having a little more excitement in her life. But at what cost???
Strange happenings are going on in Jessie’s life and it would appear that there is someone who wants to frighten her and to get to her. They seem to be achieving their aim.
It is both exciting yet terrible. Gives you the opportunity to play detective as read read. 
I found I was frightened to turn the page yet couldn’t resist as I wanted to know more.
The ending does leave scope for a sequel.
Who knows????
Out Now
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Now I have to admit that I haven’t lived in a shared house. Didn’t have to through uni as I lived at home and then it became my place. The thought of a flatshare feels me with ‘the fear’ and Jennifer’s story doesn’t help with that! This is a chilling tale of not knowing who your flat mates are and what the consequences could be! 

This book is chilling, nail biting and throughout you are questioning Jessie’s feelings and thoughts. Is she an unreliable narrator or is she really experiencing all these frightening events?! Her character was really well researched, especially when it comes to her relationship with her abusive ex. I can imagine a lot of people relating to her on this level. Especially as she begins to trust life and people again she get sucked into this flatshare. I also liked the character of Sofie as she is very relatable as well - trying to find yourself but in the process changing yourself for a man! I think every person has done that at some time. The same with Lauren, except she wants to get people to like her as she is extremely lonely. 

Towards the end of the book I did guess who was behind the bad things happening to Jessie but I still felt some empathy for them. To go through their own ‘event’ must have been extremely challenging in itself. Don’t get me wrong I’m not condoning their actions but you can understand the fragility of their mind. 

This was an enjoyable if uncomfortable read at times (in a good way though!) as the writing really brought the anxiety and fear to the forefront of the story!
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If commanding thrillers give you a buzz, then you must read The Wrong Move, written by Jennifer Savin. Having read the intriguing synopsis I was hoping that I was going to be in for a treat with this one and it was extremely good!

In The Wrong Move, the author explores the darkest corners of psychological torment in a mesmerising and chilling tale of menace, secrets, lies, and deviousness.

Narrated from multiple viewpoints, I was given the opportunity to see things from several angles, making the story altogether more interesting. The author cleverly drip-fed the reader snippets of key information so I was never exactly sure what the next development might be which also fuelled my need to continue reading. The characterisation was excellent, and pretty much made this story the remarkable read it was. The characters were very credible, though none were likeable, however, I think this was the author's intention. Their interactions and relationships added depth and illustrated how their pasts shaped them and affected the perceptions they currently possess. Everyone had different motives and priorities for their actions, thoughts or behaviour. The Wrong Move brought me no disappointments, capturing my attention from the prologue to the final word. Jennifer Savin created an underlying sense of tension that was totally gripping. I appreciated the tautness of the plot, the twists and revelations, and the overall quality of the writing. My interest never wavered as the story spiralled its way towards an interesting denouement.

The Wrong Move is compelling fiction that I can highly recommend.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from Penguin Random House UK, Ebury Publishing via NetGalley at my request and this review is my unbiased opinion.
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Just the thought of having to share my personal space with someone I don’t know creeps me out. I know is something totally normal, but one thing is going to live with some friends and the other is moving to a flat with 4 unknown people, I don’t think I could! And if you think on the situation we are living right now, without being able to leave the flat and sharing the space with them… this is a horror story!
Jokes a part, this had been a very interesting and original read, the situation is something we all have lived or know someone on the same situation, so it was easy to be on Jessie Campbell’s skin. The need to find a place to live and meeting someone who seems nice and that you can trust… of course then the problems will start… But who doesn’t have a fight with their roomies? And when things start to escalate, the problem will be to discover who you can trust!
The story is easy to enter and to read, told mainly by Jess but with some perspectives from the other characters, you can’t stop reading and want to know more about the story and how everything will end. The story talks about friendship, lies, betrayals and domestic violence; all of them having their own space within the story and making the reader more involved in it.
The Wrong Move is an interesting read to let your mind disconnect and be a little scared of the people you are sharing your space… remember that you never know completely anyone!
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Set in Brighton, Jessie is looking for a new flat share after ending an abusive relationship. After many viewings she finds the perfect place to live. Her flat mates are friendly, some more than others. 

Lauren is super friendly and welcoming, helping a Jessie to settle in, Sofie is in a relationship with the ego that is Henry and is rarely at home and Marcus is quiet and a bit of a loner, but friendly and helpful,

For the first couple of months everything is fine and settled but then Jessie’s anxiety ramps up due to odd little incidents…...what happened to the previous occupant of her room, Magda? 

Who can she really trust? 

I really enjoyed The Wrong Move, it has a creeping, subtle tension which is enhanced by the clever writing, the way the perspective of the narrative changes between the characters, sometimes within the same paragraph really added to the weird sense of unease.

An unsettling, gripping and thoroughly entertaining read.

Thank you to the author. The publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to read The Wrong Move for free. This is my honest, unbiased review.
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Looking for a flatmate? Need somewhere to live? We have all been wary of the problems of flatsharing with strangers.  This story covers a slow descent int madness ad a nightmare scenario. One that will keep you  wondering who is the friend, and who is the nightmare flatmate? 
Twisty-turny to the end, gaslighting or overactive imaginations? And by the way, did you lock the door?
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