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I just finished this vwry good, and very entertaining book! I don’t usually find that romance books are well written, or that they are surprising in any way, but this one was very much suprising!
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I think this is my first Rachel Grant book, and I will definitely be coming back for more! This story featured solid characters and an unusual plot. I can’t say if it was realistic or not because it is completely outside of my range of knowledge. 

The romance was  good. The plot was good. The story telling was good although a little choppy at times, which is likely the editor’s issue, I would imagine.
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Romantic suspense at its best. I love Morgan and Pax and the dynamics between them. The plot is compelling and action packed. There are plenty of surprises to keep the reader guessing and invested. This author never disappoints. Her books are engaging and realistic.
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This was more like Pandora's box than Tinderbox but depends on your definition.
Things sizzled, things exploded, things went bang in the night in more ways than one but all in all it was a whole lot of boom in the night.
I'm a huge thriller, history, and military fan so I assumed this would cover all the bases not just going from 3rd to home and by that I mean I wanted more than the hot lust.
Morgan is our main character who finds the dig of a lifetime hitting pay dirt literally. That fossil sends her into hiding after credible threats arise from a warlord .
The threat you wonder? Ahhh yes here it is," Etefu Desta (Ethiopian Warlord) controls this land. Everything you find here is his."
Ah snap. Time to retreat or is it?
Well Sergeant Pax saves her life and is now her watchful angel with wings with a few burning desires.
Of course, he'll risk life and limb to get her and keep her while protecting her from harm.
The rest is for you to decide as it wasn't my cup of tea but it was good.
Thank you to Rachel, the publisher, NetGalley, and Amazon Kindle for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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The novel is narrated exclusively from Morgan’s perspective, sometimes it's the thoughts of Master Sergeant Pax Blanchard. 

 In telling her story from the perspective of the paleoanthropological Dr. Adler and her discovery of a lifetime and deeply problematic part of warfare. The first three chapters, for example, were my favorite part of the book, the fear that there may be stuck in the US military base and losing the rest of the fossil giving more hope to be discovered here, making the main character refusing to admit defeat until the very end.

What might cause puzzlement, however, the relationship between Dr. Adler and Sergent Pax, it turned from protective body armor to tumultuous beyond explicit arguments.

Simply Sergent Pax slaved to the way Dr. Adler moved.

 This is a book that feels casually hilarious, unexpected, and the relationships they last or fall apart for a reason, and by the time you’ve finished, it goes back to the way it started.
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I really enjoyed this book.  I am new to Rachael Grant and pleased with her work.  Not knowing what to expect I loved how real this book is.  You feel like you are right beside Morgan and Pax while they discover who is trying to stop her.  I found the plot, characters and drama realistic and engrossing.  I will definitely read the next book in this series.
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An excellent romantic suspense, engrossing and entertaining.
I liked the well written cast of characters, the setting and the mystery.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Having read others by her. Thought I would try the beginning of this series.
Too much lust, and sex for me. Which seemed to distract from the good overall plot, of intrigue, archeology and special ops soldiers. Fast moving and good characters. Given ARC by Net Galley and Janus Publishing for my voluntary review and my honest opinion
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I absolutely loved this book!! My family would not leave me alone so I could read it. From the very beginning you are out on a roller coaster of what’s gonna happen next. I mean, when you have a warlord coming after you, you never know what’s next. Thankfully for  dr. Morgan Adler, there is Pax ( Peace),gotta read to understand that one, this is one gun toting army man that will protect her at all costs. Between finding a very old set of bones, imagine Lucy, and finding out that people in high power are hiding things that are very much needed for this poor country. And they, the people in power, don’t want it to get out, will kill for any reason. I became very intrigued  with the Lucy/Linus paleontologist research and even looked up some stuff myself. Fascinating, as the book was for me.
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I received an advanced reader's copy of Tinderbox (Flashpoint #1) by Rachel Grant from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was the first book that I have read by Rachel Grant and I was pleasantly surprised to find an enjoyable new author to follow.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel and I found it to be well written. The primary characters' romantic start was memorable and immediately showcased their chemistry/attraction. I liked the well-crafted characters and the witty banter, but thought that the pacing of the novel could have been tightened up (it was a little uneven/rough). 

All in all, a fun read!
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I loved this book! Lots of action, suspense and romance. Morgan is a badass woman. She can shoot and fight like a man but she loves all woman. Pax is the soldier who gets in her way! He’s a hard nosed Green Beret! When these two meet up the world explodes literally! Read to find out the story!

I read this book as an arc from NetGalley.
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This is such a great romantic-suspense novel. I loved the unique setting and plot set-up, and the chemistry between Pax and Morgan was perfectly built. I'm super excited to see that there's more to this series and to get my hands on more from Rachel Grant soon!
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Tinderbox is the beginning of a new series by Rachel Grant.  I should say new to me.  While the story is interesting with the finding of Linus it gets lost in the lusting between the two characters half way though the book.  The story is predictable, at times rushing though characters stories to get to the sex in the story.  The last half of the book felt rush leaving.   
The story is written well enough for a romance that focuses on lust and less relationship development.  The characters are very simlar to her other series the strong, smart educated woman and a alpha male.
Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Rachel Gran Tinder Box.
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I went into the book expecting a slow romance with your typical adventure on the side but I was nicely surprised with the book. The army aspect with a touch of archaeology truly pulled me into the story. Sizzling romance and fast moving plot. What more can I ask? 
Now dying to read the rest of our special ops soldiers. Specially Bastian’s story.
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I really enjoyed this bad ass military romance. Dr Adler is digging up fossils and makes an archiological find. She tries to save it from warlords determined to retrieve and sell it to the highest bidder. Morgan finds refuge in an American base and meets Pax. He is assigned as her protection detail which he resents since being in the army and fighting is what he loves. Of course their chemistry is off the charts and they fight unsuccessfully to bury it. 
What I liked best of all, that many other authors botch, is that Morgan is kick ass. Not only is she a PhD doctor, but she can shoot and has 12 years of martial arts experience. What!!! She holds her own while fighting for he life. The only time she gets a little dumb is when she around Pax. Didn't appreciate how often she sexually entices him even though he explicitly tells her numerous times that his job is more important. 
Although I liked the fact that Pax appreciates Morgan's abilities he still treats her like a piece of ass. Wasn't crazy about him. I did also appreciate that Morgan had actual boobs and hips. Many times these stories are around skinny women with no curves. Glad this celebrates curves.
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