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Christmas in Chamonix

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I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. 

When life seems to be headed the wrong way and everything is just not as Lily had hoped the timely offer of a job a ski chalet is almost too good to be true. This funny, charming and sweet romantic comedy makes you feel like you are snuggled up near a fire with a great cup of tea and some Christmas tunes tinkling in the back ground. 

A great read, I love this genre.
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When Lily realises that she is in love with her best friend, Jamie, she finds out that he is already dating someone else....... her sister!  Desperate to escape she takes a job with her best friend Imogen working in a hotel in Chamonix,  she starts to learn to ski being taught by the gorgeous Luc..... can he help her forget Jamie or has someone else already got claims on him!

A great warm lighthearted story,  I love the fun style of this writer and there are great comedy moments as well as lots of great characters. Perfect book for curling up in front of a fire
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A frothy, fun romcom read. Quite predictable in places but still enjoyable. The scenery and food description is fabulous! There are enough threads within this book to keep you interested until the end.
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My first Sasha Wagstaff book and definitely won’t be my last. A beautiful read to get you in the mood for Christmas. 
Lily realises that she loves her best friend Jamie and finally tells him, but is she too late? Lily ends up taking a job in Chamonix at a beautiful hotel working with her best friend Imogen. She’s never even skied before so takes lessons from Luc, who is very patient with her. Who will steal her heart, will it be Jamie, Luc or someone else. You’ll enjoy the magical journey from the beautiful town to the snow covered mountains. I’m ready to go now...
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A sweet and slow burn romance story set in a beautiful ski town. 

Lily and Jamie have been best friends forever, but Lily has been feeling more for him. When her feelings are not reciprocated, she escapes to Chamonix and takes a job as a sport masseuse. There she learns to ski, conquer her fears, and maybe even love again.

It is a very slow burn, all the way to the last possible page. But it is a sweet story with lots of layers.
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I have never been skiing and yet I was all up for jumping on the next plane to Chamonix after reading this book! It was a fabulous escapist story that I thoroughly enjoyed being part of each evening as the story unfolded.
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A very cosy Christmasy read and gets you right into the Christmas mood. Loved most of the characters apart from Jamie and the storyline was very good
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Definitely not my cup of tea. 
I found some of the inner monologue of the MC extremely disturbing and at times even homophobic and racist. Just really narrow thinking, to be honest. The plot dragged a lot and it wasn't as magical and wintery as I wanted it to be.
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Lily moves to Chamonix to escape complicated feelings for her friend Jamie who is now dating her sister. She meets Luc who helps her overcome her fear of heights and she helps him to get over losing his sister. A festive feel-good  romantic read. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for letting me review this book.
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I wasn't to sure about this book to begin with but once I got into it I couldn't put it down.
Wish it was longer to be honest as I didn't want it to end
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A lovely story with twists and turns to keep you hooked from the beginning to the end. Definitely recommended to those readers who enjoy skiing and to those who have never tried.
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Another wonderful story from Sasha, I loved everything about this book from the descriptions of Chamonix to the dishy male lead, Luc! 

Everyone you meet throughout Lily's story are just absolute gems, making her move to Chamonix that much easier. I want to spontaneously move there now! I loved the scenes where Luc and Lily were having their private ski lessons, as he was so patient with her and never pushed her to go further than she wanted. He was very respectful towards her fear of heights and did everything he could to help her conquer it. 

It was the perfect Christmas read with all the snow, the delicious warm foods, the romance floating in the air and of course, the ski resort made it that much more perfect. Lily's development was a complete joy to read about; after admitting to her best friend that she had feelings for him and having her heart-broken, she discovered new-found confidence in herself and met the man that was truly right for her instead.

I thoroughly enjoyed 'Christmas in Chamonix' and will be keeping an eye out for Sasha's next book!
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Christmas in Chamonix is a charming and laugh out loud novel. I loved the descriptions which made me feel like I was there alongside Lilly and I wouldn't mind eating Sylvan's food.
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The cover tag line delivered! This was a cute and cozy Christmas read. There’s so many titles to choose from this holiday. Add this to your to be read list!
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A lovely feel good read set in beautiful Chamonix.  Lily has been best friends with Jamie for a long time but when she tells him her feelings for him are more than just friends things don't work out as she had hoped.  So, when her friend Imogen rings and tells her of a vacancy at the hotel she works at in Chimonix Lilly decides a change of job and place to live is just what she needs.

Lily's fear of heights makes learning to ski very challenging and there are some laugh out loud moments as she struggles to get to grips with the ski equipment.  Luc is the ski instructor who helps her overcome her fear, but can they help each other lay the pas to rest and enjoy the future?

It is a bit predictable with someone who is intent on making Lily's new life stressful, the appearance of an old friend and a will they won't they become more than friends scenario.   However it's a great read and I would recommend it
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Lily has loved Her childhood friend Jamie for as long as she can remember, she fantasises about their life together endlessly, but, she is in for the shock of her life agter telling him how she feels.

To recover from the embarrassment Lily takes a job in the glorious ski fields of Chamonix, where she meets Luc. A gorgeous ski instructor who hates Christmas.

Can Lily make Luc see how magical Christmas can be and can Luc make Lily fall in love again?

What a beautiful story, it really was more than your typical love story and touched on some deeper subjects. I will definitely be reading more from Sasha Wagstaff
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A festive romance with a stunning setting. The snow sparkles, the candles are lit and the fondue is heating up. Lily is a relatable and likeable central character but she is backed up with a cast of characters who all add to the story. With the emphasis on family, friendship,love, growing up and starting over, there are some poignant secrets in the background. Just the heartwarming read you need as Christmas approaches.

Thanks to netgalley for a copy of the book.
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Oh how good is it to see Sasha Wagstaff writing books again, it had been far too long as since I last saw a release from her, well apart from the one earlier this year which I haven't quite read yet!! 

And I'm delighted to say I still love this author as much as I have always done. From the moment that Lily took a chance and went outside of her comfort zone and took a job in Chamonix I was utterly hooked. 

I loved all the descriptions of the town, of the snow, of how to ski, Sylvan's in depth descriptions of the food he was making, and all the people we meet there.  I felt as though I was there alongside Lily, as she meets the Devereux family, the gorgeous Luc, and starts to face her fear of heights. 

All of this because she admits her feelings to her long time good friend, Jamie, only to then discover he has been in a relationship with her sister for a few months.  So Lily decides to not keep on at her job that was starting to suck the life out of her and take the biggest break from her routine in years, and move to France for  a bit, all without knowing how to ski. 

Everything was just so snowy, and cozy and exhilarating, and i really did love this ski resort.  I think I was even dreaming about it after reading before bed. Definitely woke up thinking I'd been skiing (that may explain why I'm tired!).   

I loved the main characters, seeing how Lily developed, seeing Luc's endless patience with her and seeing his hidden depths. And seeing all manner of other snippets of info.  about the other people working in the hotel. 

I completely fell for this story and adored it.  I do love a snowy winter / Christmas book, set in a ski resort and this was a fabulous story in that field (slope?!).   Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this and I can't wait to read more from this author that I love so much. 

Thank you to Canelo and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Loved this book, a real easy read but lots of will they won't they to keep your attention caught in.
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This is a contemporary romance following a young women in search of love and a bit of purpose in her life. While I enjoyed the writing itself I found it hard to get into when so much of the beginning of the book was in the characters head. I DNF’d it at about 50 pages as it was just moving a tad slow for me and was a lot more thoughts and less dialogue and action. If your in the mood for a winter slow burn contemporary definitely give this one a try!
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