Binnie the Baboon Anxiety and Stress Activity Book

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 21 Nov 2019

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This is really excellent and VERY important. Talking to kids about potential mental health problems has got to start happening more, and this book is a gift to parents with children that suffer from anxiety. Anxiety and depression can feel terrifyingly overwhelming to kids, and this workbook pulls it out of the brain spiral and puts it down on paper. I was 23 when I finally admitted I needed help managing my anxiety; how cool would it be if you could learn tips and tricks to help you cope as a kid? Game changer of a book.
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A great story and activity book that educates children and adults on worry and anxiety. I have always had issues with depression and anxiety so I know how to go about combating it but many people do not. This book allows children and their parents to learn in a friendly and safe environment. Furthermore there is a plethora of activities, facts and resources at the end of the story, so you can be proactive about worry and anxiety. Great resource!
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I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at 9 years old and there wasn’t many books and activity books to help kids through this. I thought this was a great book for kids who are struggling.
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