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This was cute 🥰 I would’ve loved it more if it was written in first person instead of third. I find it difficult to connect to third person stories
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This was a wee bit predictable but was ultimately a sweet, tear-jerker. Although both have walls and both run away at times, they are adult enough to talk things through and settle things like adults and eventually see where they are going wrong and Lance makes a concerted effort to be a better man and a man that he feels is worthy of Savannah.
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Noelle Adams continues to do what she does best. Appeal to the heart while intriguing the mind. Savannah and Lance combine a clueless angst with emotional connection that makes for unpredictable romance. She thought she knew what she wanted until romance got in the way. He was on the verge of having all his dreams come true until love threw him a curveball. Can a marriage of convenience be the beginning of happily ever after? Adams gives less temptation and more heart with haunting results.
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I’m a sucker for a marriage of convenience and this did not disappoint.  Three months to go before the marriage is over and they finally start to get to know each other.  Cute romance.
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I’ve never been less than pleased by a Noelle Adams contemporary romance and A Wedded Arrangement is just more proof why I love her writing so much. No one is perfect, but everyone is hoping to find that someone who feels like their perfect love. The hero and heroine have know each other since grade school. He’s wealthy, but his home life is no picnic. She’s not, but her parents are the best a kid could ask for. There adults now. He’s accomplished and she’s still bitter about the treatment she received at the hands of the town’s wealthy members and the hero in particular. The truth is their arrangement seems like the worst idea possible, but opposites attract and all that. Watching them lean on, learn from, and fall completely in love is a real treat. The one thing that could make it Breyer would be added a dual POV, rather than being told in 3rd person. 

Fair warning: This is A LOT like A Negotiated Marriage, her first book in the series. While this is not uncommon for romances that follow the same trope, it’s even more true with this one because the writing style, pacing, and approach are the same as well.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Adams has put a modern twist on the Regency romance genre with this steamy enemies-to-lovers romance between a beautiful, feisty, guarded heroine from a blue-collar background and the rich, handsome, arrogant man who has been her nemesis since grade school. When Lance learns that he won’t inherit a fortune from his grandmother until he’s been married for a year, he immediately thinks of Savannah since he knows she’s desperately in need of money. Their marriage of convenience begins with a $200,000 check and an agreement that she’ll receive an equal amount at the end of the year and that neither of them will have sex with others in order to keep up the illusion of a love match. Of course, nine months of forced celibacy and a weekend wedding trip are a guaranteed formula for igniting the fire that’s been simmering between them. The only things standing in the way are her resentment towards the wealthy who have always looked down on her family and friends and his belief that he will never be loved since even his family has always treated him with disdain. Will they be willing to make it a true marriage when the year is up or will the differences in their backgrounds and the walls they’ve built keep them from a happily-ever-after? Read this engaging and sexy story to find out!

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Victory Editing NetGalley Co-Op in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
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Savannah/Van wondered if her story looked like a cheesy romantic world. Smart-mouthed girl from the wrong side of the track meets spoiled rich boy. There is conflict, banter, and misunderstanding ensue until they both change for the better, overcoming their differences and coming together. Her story was like that except for the part about overcoming difficulties and falling in love. And the bliss. She hadn’t much of that over the past nine months. She had married. She found her own spoiled rich guy to marry. She had despised Lance Carlyle for most of her life. He was the only son of one of the richest families in Green Valley. He spent thirty four years getting everything he wanted. Savannah had got out of Green Valley as soon as she could. She had earned a college degree and an MFA in filmmaking but she moved back home at twenty six because her parents needed her.  Lance had never left town. His corporate consulting business was already thriving. Most of the time they acted like the other didn’t exist. But every now and again Savannah made a smart remark not quite under her breathe, which Lance always responded to.  Savannah was surprised when last year Lance approached her last year with a proposal of marriage. Lance wanted nothing to do with his parents. Than his grandmother died and left him sole beneficiary of her fortune. To get the money he had to be married a year to get the money. So he found the most financially desperate women he knew
if he didn’t like her. Her parents were drowning in bills from her mother’s illness, Savannah was already drowning in student debts and credit card. On the day they married Savannah got a check for $200,000 which paid off her debt and her parents debt. On the day they signed divorce papers -three months from now-she’d get another check for the same amount. For the last nine months savannah had been living in Lance’s lakeside condo. Savannah was attracted to lance even though she didn’t want to be and didn’t like Lance. One thing she did have to do was attend functions with lance and act like they were in love. There was one condition Savannah demanded going into the marriage no sex - she didn’t want to be laughed at when Lance cheated on her since she was his wife. Lance was not happy about nine months of forced celibacy.  
I loved this book. It was a fun easy read. I loved Lance and Savannah together and how they interacted. I loved the pace and plot. I loved seeing Lance and Savannah both grow and work on themselves. I loved Savannah’s parents, they seemed so sweet. I thought it was sad that lance avoided his parents whenever he could but understood why. I didn’t like Lance’s father but liked his sister even less. His business was thriving but she was a condensating royal jerk!!! I was glad to see Lance defend Savannah against his father. Just so sad for Lance. I loved how Savannah comforted lance when they got home. I didn’t want to put this down unless I had to.  I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.
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Funny, sexy and a bit of drama romance with brilliant characters that pull you in from the first chapter and keeps you turning the pages right to the end. Really big fan of this author and she really delivered another great read and I can’t wait for more. Happy reading!,
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Savannah agreed to marry Lance, so he can inherit his grandmother's fortune, Savannah is not doing this for free too, he is paying her family debt. 
Only three months are left in marriage and Savannah can be free but lately her feelings to Lance are changing and she hates this.
I loved this story and characters.
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I've been a fan of Noelle Adams for a while and she has a few tropes she often goes back to, one being the arranged manage trope.  You know why?  Because she knocks it out of the ballpark everytime.  On the surface this is just the story of two people who fall in love because they are forced together, however Adams has a way of creating a story that not only feels plausable but feels genuine and like real life.  Her story telling style is like experiencing the story along with the characters and she writes the characters like they could be your friend, neighbor, or co-worker.  I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a real and relatable romance.
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I voluntarily read this ARC in exchange for an honest review - all thoughts and opinions are mine

I've read some of Noelle Adams work previously so was thrilled to be able to read this ARC

I wasn't disappointed - absolutely loved this - a great read

Loved the pithy dialogue, the characters, the story was great
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Lance Carlyle and Savannah Emerson have known each other most of their lives. They grew up in the same small town; but on opposite ends. Lance was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, never wanting for anything. Savannah’s dad was they guy who cleaned his families pool and Lance has been a thorn in her side for as long as she can remember. They’ve never been friends, as a matter of fact, they’ve loathed each other. When Lance’s grandmother passes, she has a stipulation in her will that he must be married for a year before he can receive his inheritance from her. Knowing Savannah’s family is struggling financially Lance approaches her with a proposition. Marry him for one year and he’ll cover her entire debt (which includes medical bills for her mother), and then give her the same amount at the end of the marriage. With no other options Savannah accepts the offer. 
One caveat to this arrangement, no sex…of any kind…with anyone…not even each other. Did I mention, these two are extremely physically attracted to each other? In typical fashion, nine months of walking on eggshells around each other is starting to take its toll. The two finally give in, and a whole host of other issues now plague them. Neither is becoming happy with walking away from the other, but neither thinks the other wants to hang around after the negotiated dates arrives.
I’m not going to lie; Noelle Adams’ books are “hit or/and miss” with me but I really liked this book. I liked how this story started, nine months into the required one-year marriage of Lance and Savannah. Their chemistry jumps off the page and whether they realized it or not they complimented each other perfectly. 
These two make the required husband-wife appearance to keep up the rouse, but other than that, they don’t spend a lot of time together. Until they finally give in to their lust, suddenly they are spending weekends together, meeting for lunch, and really enjoying each other. Lance’s family is not at all thrill with his choice for his wife and they let it be known. I really liked Savannah’s reaction to comforting him whenever his family was involved. 
Of the two Savannah was definitely the harder to finally just throw caution to the wind and take what she wanted. 
Again, I really liked this story, loved the characters, loved the banter between the two and even adored their wacky relationship. This one was a HIT for me.
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A Wedded Arrangement by Noelle Adams takes a spoiled rich boy and pairs him with a “poor” (read lower middle class) girl who resents his money and power. Oops! Lance needs a marriage of convenience to get his inheritance from his grandmother and the only woman he wants to spend that time with is Savannah, the one woman he can’t seem to get no matter what.

In some ways, Lance reminds me of a young Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables, clueless about how to get a girl to pay attention to him and always making things harder. But his privilege also makes him clueless and oblivious to the way his actions affect others.

For her part, Savannah and her friends are envious of the privilege and money the “rich” folks in their town have and resentful enough to eagerly renounce any of the help or perceived privilege when it comes their way. Frankly, it’s not a good look for either Lance or Savannah and it impacts their relationship through their formative years and later their marriage.

But they also have a lot of chemistry and it does finally boil over into a deeper and more intimate relationship, late into their marriage. This intimacy makes it easier for both of them to allow the other to see things they kept behind their walls. So Savannah sees how Lance’s family treats him terribly and Lance sees how careless behavior impacts others. Both of them learn and grow as a result but changing is scary and so is letting go of past hurts and resentments and opening up to potentially another person treating you terribly.
So, both Lance and Savannah dance around their feelings, both too scared to admit to the other what’s really going on inside. Cue classic Noelle Adams’s “Big Misunderstanding” and happy ending.

Despite the endless class discussions about entitlement and resentment, I enjoyed A Wedded Arrangement and the classic Noelle Adams book. Generally low angst and drama paired with sweet and tender love, and a nebulous fear that other doesn’t feel the same way is Adams at her best.
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Another great read by Noelle Adams. I really enjoyed reading this book. It has a little bit of everything, romance, comedy and steamy scenes. Lance and Savannah might have married for convenience but soon they start realizing that there might be something to explore. Feelings start to develop and soon their fake marriage might not be so fake anymore. A Wedded Arrangement is a must read!

***Received this ARC from NetGalley as an exchange for an honest review.
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I originally read this story when the author released it serially and it left me eagerly awaiting the next chapter every single time! I just love the characters--they are relatable and endearing. This trope is done a lot, but Ms. Adams does it like no other. The premise was fun, and the story moved quickly. I love these kinds of romances because you fall in love right along with the characters. While it is a fun story, there is a lot of depth here, and I was reeling with the characters at different points. So excited for more in this series!
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Marriage of convenience plus haters to lovers. 
Lance and Savannah are from two different  sides of the track, and are far from friends. Yet when Lance  is forced to marry in order to inherite his grandmothers fortune Savannah  is the first person who come to his mind. Savannah needs the money he is offering to pay off her family's debt and agrees. 

Once married sparks fly and a new perspective is formed, but can they meet each other half way, or are they bound to fail? 

This was a good story, I liked the characters and felt that their motivations made sense and interactions were witty. 

I love noelle adams, but this book did not have the same charm to me. She has many other books  that follow the same formula, and I wish this story  could  stand out from the back better. 

Still this book is highly recommended, is it part of a series? 

I received a copy of the book from Netgalley and all opinions are my own.

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This is a modern twist on the marriage-of-convenience trope coupled with the enemies-to-lovers trope.  Add in class conflict as Savannah married Lance for a year so he can gain an inheritance and she can pay off her mother’s medical bills.  They live in a community that is sharply divided by class and Savannah has a giant chip on her shoulder about Lance’s life of wealth and privilege.  She really is rather tiresome about it.  Lance seems to deserve much better than a wife who keeps insulting him.

But that is not how romantic tropes work. 

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.
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I really enjoyed this fake-marriage story (with a bit of enemies-to-lovers) where the heroine has always lived in the shadow of the rich kids of the town. Now she is fake-married to one of those rich kids for a year (for him to receive his grandmother's inheritance) and there are only 3 months left.
Somehow, something changes in the dynamic between Savannah and Lance and their relationship changes. Is it lust only?

What I liked was the way the story was told. We are already into the marriage when it starts. Savannah never liked rich boy Lance, but in this book you also get his side of the story. It is short, but enjoyable. I also read the others in the series and enjoyed those, the reason I give it 5 stars even when it is so short.
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The story of Savannah and Lance. Nine months in to their year long fake marriage, things between them are starting to change as they get to know each other properly. Will they still want it to be over after their year together?

Well written and entertaining book.
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Thank you netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an ARC of this beautiful Noelle Adam book. 
I loved it. There's so much to love about this book and one of them is marriage of convinience between two enemies/rivals. It is a short story but I loved every minute of it. There's so much to adore about Savannah and Lance's unmatched personalities they couldn't keep their hands to each other. Their chemistry and reluctant romnance was a pleasant graduation in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this one despite not reading the first two books in this series. I liked it very much. My first Noelle Adams book and certainly not the last! Happy reading ....xoxo
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