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My first book by this author and it certainly won’t be my last,  from the very start I was hooked and didn’t want to put this book down,
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A disturbing and compelling read in places and told from different view points, including the killer's.  An entertaining read with some bits of humour.  Not what I was expecting.
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Wow! What a read this was.. I couldn’t put this book down as it’s such an enjoyable read. The story was amazing and the characters and the setting was so intriguing. It’s full of twists and turns, and a great ending that you don’t see coming. The first time I have read a book by this author and it certainly won’t be the last. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more in the future. This is Highly recommended for people who enjoy psychological thrillers. 
Thank you netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this for an honest review.
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I’m a bit of a sucker for thriller books that involve social media and the internet, so reading the synopsis and seeing it involved online dating, my attention was grabbed immediately!

Unfortunately, the book fell a bit flat for me. I didn’t find it very ‘thriller-ish’ and felt it was more of something you would find in a soap or TV drama. I found it hard to relate to the characters, especially Heather who was horrid and not likeable in any respect. 

The book is told from different perspectives, which I love and I felt that this helped the book and made it a quick read. Although I predicted the ending and some of the twists along the way, I still found it a page turner and read it in a couple of days. It’s just a shame there wasn’t more thriller and suspense to it!
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Oh dear when internet dating goes wrong it goes very wrong for women in this truly engrossing story of murder most heinous. It contains all the ingredients for a fab read, murder, revenge, love, hate and a dash of humour. Yes I said humour the interaction with one of the female characters and her mum who at 70 has discovered internet dating and a newly reborn sexual life has great snippets to me of humour. Its good to read of older characters having a real life. Back to the darker side of the book , Mr Right Now is out there like a shark circling its prey because it smells blood in the water. That is what our man is doing, he’s a predator looking for his next victim through internet dating. Four different women all looking for a man for different reasons become potential targets for our killer. Told from different points of view it gives you a look in to the minds of the women  and what might lead them to try to find love online. We also hear from the killer and what motivates him to do what he does. The plot is pacey, chilling and delivers an ending that sent shivers down my spine. BRRRRRilliantly played Joy Fielding I for one loved the book and I urge others to dip their toe into the shark infested waters of the book.
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I enjoyed this book. 

In this book, you find out that something bad has happened at the very beginning of the book and then the novel centres around the events that led to it. 

This had a very creepy thriller sense to it and I really enjoyed it, however the "suspense" was lacking for me, for me to rate it any higher. 

I look forward to reading more by the same author in the future.
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I really enjoyed this book so much.  It has a really great plot, superb main characters and I read it in one sitting.  I would highly recommend this book.
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Thank you to Tracy at Compulsive Readers and to the publishers Zaffre for my copy of the book in return for a fair and honest review.

The book starts with a really shocking opening chapter which the sets the scene for the book and it really does the reader a feeling of unease as you get to know the woman in the book.

Chloe discovers that her husband has signed up to a dating sight he denies that he has been unfaithful  but she cannot believe him and asks him to leave and tells him she wants a divorce. He is not happy with this but Chloe stays strong.

Chloe's friend Paige is there to support her as is Joan, Paige's Mum who are both also dating with online profiles.   Then there is Heather who is Paige's Cousin and also disliked by Chloe, Heather is jealous of Paige but this jealously may just backfire on her.

I did not  particularly warm to any of the characters except for Chloe who I felt had a tough life. This is a very different type of thriller than I usually read with more focus on the characters. I found it engaging and it is fast paced and dark and the unknown male Mr Right now who pops up throughout the chapters is seriously creepy.

An unsettling read about the perils of online dating how it is possible to find out so much information about a person and their family and friends and how trusting people
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC. 

This is the first book I’ve read by this author.  It began well, with the murder of a lady who had come to the attention of a serial killer through his online dating app searches.    The main character is Paige and the book follows her online dating experiences.   The other characters are Joan, Paige’s mum, Chloe, Paige’s best friend and Heather, Paige’s cousin.   The book looks at their relationships and background histories and why each of them, for different reasons, try online dating.   After the thrilling start to the book I found it slowed down and it took a while for me to get fully into it.  I nearly gave up at one point and am glad I persevered as the more I read the more I got drawn into the story.    The book is told by the different characters which I liked.  The online dating perils covered about a quarter of the book with Paige finding herself being wooed online by Mr Right Now who is a serial killer and arranges a date with her.   I thought the book built up to an expected, unsurprising ending which didn’t wow me.   I think I’d look at reading the authors other books after reading this one.   3 stars.
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This book was a brilliant look at the modern-day serial killer.
Told from multiple points of view (which I loved) it gives insight into both victim and killer. 
Looking at may different topics from domestic abuse, family dynamics, online dating and casual drug use, it covers a wide spectrum of everyday issues. 

It was a brilliant read.
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This is the story of four women, Paige, Chloe, Joan and Heather who are all linked.

Paige is Joan’s daughter.

Chloe is Paige’s best friend.

Heather is Paige’s cousin and the woman who had an affair with Paige’s boyfriend.

These women are also using online dating, but one of them is in the sights of Mr Right Now, a serial killer……

Part family drama and part psychological that highlights the perils of online dating. There’s humour, drama and some dark and disturbing moments in the chapters from the killers perspective. A thoroughly entertaining thriller.

Thank you to The Publishers and NetGalley for a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.
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This is such a clever crossover of genres switching from psychological thriller to women’s fiction and then to domestic noir. It starts dark and full on, in the middle of a very warped date, and then leaves you hanging with lots of questions. Suddenly switching to the characters and their lives so you get to know and care for his potential victims.

Paige recently single and her mum Joan, her cousin Heather (who is the reason Paige is now single) and Chloe, Paige’s best friend are the four women that cross Mr Right Now’s radar. All fantastically written characters with realistic issues that see them using an online dating site all for differing reasons. But it’s the men that struck me. The author has cleverly made the bad men charismatic, charming and very dangerous. Mr Right Now is in a completely new league of his own in sociopathic terms. If I’m honest I loved it and rubbed my hands with glee every time he appeared. I like my bad guys to be very bad and highly intelligent and the author has done this with aplomb.

This book really sucked me in as I started to care about most of the women. The author has covered relationships, grief, domestic violence and sex from multiple age range viewpoints. No easy feat but it’s been skilfully tackled. Yes older women still enjoy sex but don’t tell your adult children.

This is a stand-alone book that would make a great Netflix series but I am putting it out there to the author that I would please like a Mr Right Now Book Two. The steak will be on me.
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My thanks to Bonnier Books U.K. Zaffre for an eARC via NetGalley of Joy Fielding’s ‘All the Wrong Places’ in exchange for an honest review. 

This was an interesting combination of crime fiction with domestic drama/women’s fiction. The title references the popular adage: ‘Looking for love in all the wrong places’. In this case it’s internet dating, which in this story has attracted the attention of a serial killer using the handle Mr Right Now to lure his prey.

While this sadistic killer lurks in the background, the main focus is on the lives of four Bostonian women. The main character is Paige Hamilton, who is dealing with the loss of her job due to a company takeover and the breakup of her relationship. She’s moved back in with her mum, Joan, who is rediscovering herself following the death of her husband.

Then there is Chloe, Paige’s best friend, whose marriage is in trouble and finally Heather, Paige’s cousin, who has always copied Paige and covets everything of Paige’s. This included Noah, Paige’s boyfriend, as his infidelity with Heather was the cause of the breakup.

So Paige is now tentatively experimenting with online dating unaware that she’s already on the radar of Mr Right Now. The occasional chapter written from his POV I found very unsettling.

I don’t want to spoil the story with two many plot details but will say that it proved a highly engaging read. As noted above, I would be reading about the interactions between the women and the men in their lives when Mr Right Now would step in with his sinister observations to effectively creep me out and make me realise that he posed a real danger to Paige.

I felt that aspects of the novel demonstrated confidence on the part of Fielding in terms of her narrative. It had its moments of humour alongside the serious issues explored such as bereavement, infidelity, and substance abuse.

I certainly would recommend it and would welcome reading more of her novels.
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I really liked the characters in this, I felt that Paige was definitely likeable to the reader, even if she was a little bit perfect! I think she was written excellently, because it meant when she did break out of her perfect little bubble, her emotions and choices were all the more impactful because it was so different for her. Chloe’s story was again particularly emotional to read – it hit quite deep for the reader to see her going through a difficult marriage, and the ending definitely took me by surprise.

I personally loved Joan, Paige’s mother – what a brilliant and confident woman! She was funny, bold and not afraid to be herself, and I personally loved seeing her character development throughout. Heather was actually quite a tragic character, as in the struggles she faced were not so obvious on the outside, but as the book revealed more about her life I felt quite sad for her. For me, this focus on the four women blended the best bits of both thriller and women’s fiction.

The chapters written from the perspective of the killer were genuinely chilling… His thought process and his ability to switch personas and stories was definitely quite terrifying. As his plan becomes clearer throughout the book, the tensions rises and the pace quickens as well. It’s a real rollercoaster and I was hooked throughout.

The ending really does just happen so quickly there’s barely time to blink. I loved this, as there’s so much that happens that among all the action there is a sinister build up to something else. I only saw it coming at the last minute, and honestly I thought the ending was great. A very sinister ending to a book that gave chills throughout.
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If ever a book will put you off online dating then this one will! It’s the story of how a dating app affects the lives of 4 women in very different ways. Paige has split up with her boyfriend Noah (well, considering she discovered him in bed with her cousin Heather I’m not surprised!!) and has had to move back home with her widowed mother Joan. Her best friend Chloe is married with children but has discovered that her husband is using dating sites. So with these women all searching for answers about what forms the most important part of a relationship, their connection to the world of online dating is about to prove very dangerous indeed for one of them…

Although we know at the start that something awful is going to happen, the mystery didn’t really develop the way I expected until much nearer the end. I felt it was much more character led than her previous books and explored relationships in an insightful way becoming more about the women themselves than Mr Right Now, the psychopath stalking those looking for love. I especially enjoyed the mother daughter relationship between Paige and Joan exploring the needs of older women and how their children struggle with knowing their parents still need a more physical relationship.

I must admit that I didn’t see the ending coming but for me it was just perfect! I know it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I gave a real chuckle of satisfaction at the way things turned out. But it wasn’t all about the twist for me with this one as I really enjoyed the slightly different style of the narrative and became completely invested in the women and their relationship dilemmas. I have read lots of Joy Fielding books and this one is one of my favourites. I throughly enjoyed it!
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This is a great thriller and I liked the concept of online dating and the killer being an everyday person that could easily fool anyone into thinking he could be the good guy instead of a killer. 
This book begins with a man calling himself ‘Mr Right Now’ having dinner and then torturing a lady he met on a dating app. He uses his appearance and charm to persuade women to leave the crowded bar they met in and go to his apartment for a home cooked meal - but it doesn’t end well. 
The story then goes on to Paige Hamilton, her mum and Chloe, Paige’s best friend. There’s also Heather, Paige’s cousin who has copied Paige in every possible way. 
This is a story about the different outcomes of online dating which go to the extreme at some points in the book. 
I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it if you like thrillers that are a bit different. 
Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.
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The blurb promises an unsavoury character on dating sites but this is only featured in about 20% of the book. I also thought he was a bit 2-dimensional and lacked substance. The rest is about Paige’s relationships with her mother Joan, her cousin Heather and best friend Chloe. I thought it was a bit misleading in that respect.

Descriptions of the advertising roles and instructions on how to play bridge were a little unnecessary and I feel did not add to the story.

However, all this aside, even though I sort of guessed where the ending was headed it certainly did not disappoint. I would love to know what lies in the future for these characters and I hope for a sequel. Fingers crossed!

Rating: 3/5
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After the unexpected reveal in the first chapter I was drawn into the story immediately and found it a fast, easy read both entertaining and undemanding.
Highlighting the dangers of online dating and the emotional turmoil of choosing a date, there’s enough in this book to put me off online dating websites for life, if I was so inclined. The fact that most profiles are nearly always fake or embellished with false detail, it really does make you stop and think, who it is you’re agreeing to meet in ‘real’ life after chatting through social media. 
I liked how the chapters were written through the different perspectives of the women protagonists with the odd one interspersed from the killer, though I personally would have liked more from him and more detail of his actions. There were some chillingly tense and very unsettling moments scattered about but maybe not enough of them to say this story was full of tension and fear. I also felt there was maybe a touch too long between his chapters to keep the tension mounting.
I don’t think this story is meant to be a serious physiological thriller but a more of a lighthearted look at the dangers of online dating, the bitchiness of women and the arrogance of good looking men who are constantly depicted as players, incorporating a brutal serial killer into the story.
This is the second book I’ve read of late that have portrayed men in a very bad light along with the gullible and helpless women of said men. I’m not sure I took to any of the characters, Joan was perhaps the most realistic, venturing back onto the dating scene after the death of her husband, although I’m not sure I could picture a seventy year old woman with half her hair shaved off.
“All the Wrong Places” kept me entertained and turning the pages and I can’t ask for much more than that from a book, it was fun, satirical, at times tense and had an ending that was very apt. Joy Fielding is an excellent writer whose books I have enjoyed before and I would definitely seek out more by her again.

4 stars
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The dangers of modern dating are the subject of Fielding’s newest book. Four women download a dating app hoping for a happy ever after, or at least another chance at love. Mr. Right Now says and does all the right things, he’s handsome and charming….until he has his date alone. Then he becomes a monster. And one of the women has swiped right on his profile and now may become his victim instead of his date. Sadly, this fictional story could well be true. A reminder that online dating is a dangerous business indeed
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Seriously addictive reading!

A crime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

Told from various points of view, it is fast paced and gets hearts racing.

Full review to come on my blog soon.
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