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You can't go wrong with a Melissa Brayden romance.  Seriously, you can't. Buy all of her books. 

Hannah is a semi book snobbish owner of a book store.  She prefers the classics to romance novels. An employee convinces her to showcase a romantic new release and try to get the author to visit on a book tour to drum up a bit of publicity for the shop. Since it hasn't been fairing well financially.

Parker is a celebrity romance author as a result of her sharp wit and social media commentary. She meets Hannah at her book store, 'A Likely Story' and becomes instantly smitten. 

This is a story of falling for someone that you probably shouldn't. Different professions, different lifestyles, different upbringings, different states, different future goals, etc. Absolutely nothing that would point to a compatible coupling.

But Brayden sure has a way of creating an emotional type of compatibility between her leads, making you root for them against all odds. Great settings, cute interactions, and realistic dialogue. You can feel yourself falling right there with these two.

That makes it doubly heartbreaking as the two of them fumble and stumble, making mistakes, and genuinely frustrating the hell out of you as you follow their journey.  

I really enjoyed this one. It beat me up. I cried. Then I was put back together. Why do I continue to enter into this type of relationship with Braydens' books?!

I recommend this to people who love romance, books, self employment, Providence, Texas, LA, celebrity, social media, and being frustrated to the end of earth and back.
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It’s safe to say I’m a Melissa Brayden fan. She’s a talented writer that writes great characters, fantastic dialogue and breaks your heart a little before putting it back together. I’ve never been disappointed and several of her titles are favorites and revisits for me.....Back to September will definitely be added to the list.

The story follows the relationship of two very different characters, from two very different worlds, who pull each other into their orbits as they go through various phases of a relationship together. 

Hannah is all about routine, predictability and simplicity. Parker is worldly, a celebrity as a well known author, and lives a busy fast paced life. This alone is a solid equation for a solid read but Melissa Brayden has a way of adding layers to characters which make the story richer and fuller. I found Hannah endearing. I found Parker appealing and then frustrating in her actions but cheering her on the whole time. 

The supporting cast was also fantastic. I loved the quirkiness of Luna and Kurt. I enjoyed the sibling relationship with Bo. The over the top Carissa Swain had me both annoyed and cracking up. 

The story paced well. The characters were great, and this was well written all around. It’s a solid 4.5 stars with the benefit of rounding up.
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Fantastic…Excellent…Very Well Done!
Melissa Brayden has done it again! The story is very well developed, the characters are relatable and there is tons of funny & witty dialogue. In this offering, we meet Hannah a bookstore owner and Parker, a writer of romance novels. These two main characters could not be more different: Hannah is a struggling business owner, Parker is a famous romance novelist. Hanna believes romance books are silly and idealistic, Parker believes love in the real world could be amazing and transformative. Hannah is a homebody and Parker seemingly enjoys the limelight. However, despite their differences, they are drawn to each other and the journey their story takes is absolutely amazing. Would Hannah finally realize “what could be when you finally meet the right person” and could Parker overcome some of the fears she had? 
There are so many moments that completely melted my heart as I was reading this book and I completely enjoyed every single moment! The below quote aptly describes and captures exactly what I experienced when reading this book ….”the emotion, the chemistry, the angst, it all came roaring off the page in an incredible unravel.”
I absolutely loved this book and will be reading this again very soon!
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Melissa Brayden never disappoints! Another wonderfully written romance that hits you in the feels and makes you want to linger in the story long after it’s over! 

Back to September is chock-full of angst, but with enough love and hope that makes it worth sticking it out through the journey. It tells the story of an independent bookstore owner, Hannah, who is struggling to bring in new customers, and a famous romance author, Parker, who may be just the answer she’s looking for.

5 Stars.
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Back to September is a romance between a bookstore owner and a romance novelist.  Sold!  

Hannah owns a bookstore, has a small, close group of friends, and prefers spending the night in with her cats.  Parker is a famous romance novelist and internet personality.  When Parker does a book signing at Hannah's store, the two feel an immediate connection.  Despite connecting romantically, the two begin a long-distance friendship that ultimately leads to more, enduring many ups and downs on the way.

I could really identify with Hannah (introverted book nerds, unite!), although I found Parker mildly irritating. The supporting characters were quirky and fabulously fleshed out.  

This was an enjoyable romance that I couldn't stop reading!
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I have to be honest, no author makes me extra giddy more than Melissa Brayden. I have a number of faves but Brayden is in the category of “who-cares-about-the-dishes—read-now”. 

Anyone can come up with a good story yet not all can write an engaging plot like Brayden does. She knows the cheat code of romance writing. She’s memorized it and can use it blind folded. Back to September is just another reason why she’s at the top. The characters, the setting, the dialogue, the tone, as expected, had beautiful Brayden stamp on them. This is another success for her. 
Her stories are maybe be formulaic, like Parker’s stories, but damn really, she’s perfected the sequences. And just like Parker, Brayden breaks your heart but then carefully puts it back together, glowing and hopeful. 

Back to September—a story that you should be reading right now instead of this blabbering/review/opinion. 😁

(If others can draw a stick figure, Brayden can draw realistic images that can put Michael Angelo to shame. Okay I’m too much. Seriously though, READ THIS BOOK.)
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Netgally Review:

Back to September was the perfect rainy day read. It had a cute book store ambiance, well-developed mcs, and a roller-coaster plot. It was hard to put down and I was sad when it was over. I have been saying for a while now that MB needs to write more angst, and I feel that she may have heard me on that because this one really dragged out the feels.
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'ARC provided by both NetGalley and The Publisher in exchange for a honest review'

**'Sometimes a few sentence can be enough to fill any reader's imagination completely.And sometimes a book's title is enough..Composition is a discipline, it forces us as readers to think or imagine..'

'BACK TO SEPTEMBER' can best be described as a gorgeously rendered, risk filled narration of a friendship turning to a relationship threatened to be derail by fear, guilt and long distance that was set against the backdrop of the literary world. Or it's a rare romantic story that has Ms.Brayden capturing the utter joy and attentiveness felt when someone meets that special someone else whose energy and passion has this sincerity that might shape their life forever -- if both are open to acceptance of that genuine Love.
When Parker, a talented and accomplished author meets Hannah, a struggling bookstore owner, the stars seem to align. Although both came from different backgrounds, they did discover in each other the happy yearning and exhilaration of a close friendship then within a few days enthusiastic lovers -- that left a lasting impression on both.
Interested readers will come to be aware of their many intimate moments and shifting ways in which both are on the defense in revealing their truth about the nature of this close friendship before moving forward as lovers.
Above all, 'BACK TO SEPTEMBER' can also be read as a feel-good evocative story of Love and honesty, well written, offering both a penetrating and exquisite portrait of heartwarming intimacy of prolong physical longings while sometimes in the state of abject loneliness.
The tell tale chemistry and nicely interwoven storyline of these two leading ladies along with their friends and family stayed with me long after and will continue for a long time --- and that, to me, is the mark of a truly good read. A highly recommended book!
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Whenever you pick up a Melissa Brayden book you know are picking up a quality romance with lovable characters and a good story line.  Back to September is no different.  It's filled with angst created only by the main characters which is nice because most of the time drama/angst is created from outside sources (if that makes sense).  I'll be honest, this one took me until the introduction of Parker to real get into but once I did, I almost couldn't put it down.  Brayden does a great job with dialogue between characters.  It's so real and the interactions are easy to picture in you mind as you read.

Now about the story itself.  Like I mentioned it took a bit for me to get into enough to want to keep reading it.  Not that the characters in the beginning weren't great, it's really just a mood I've been in reading.  But, once Parker was brought in all was right in the reading realm.  It did drag on a bit when the two mains finally "got together" and that's when I almost put it down.  I almost wasn't too crazy about how it all came together in the end but I honestly don't know how else it could have happened...and despite that I am so very glad it did end that way because it made me smile.  Any book that makes me smile is worth a read to me.

I give it 4.45 stars because while it's a really great read there was just something missing for me in the last quarter of the book...or maybe I just have a too high opinion of Brayden's works.  Regardless, if you have read any of works and liked or loved them, then this book should definitely be on your read list.
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This is one of those books you wish you'd saved for last (when you have a big stack of books like I do) so you have something to look forward to reading and can revel in it for a few days before you go on to your next book. This book was un-put-downable (yeah, I just made that up) and I read it within a few days - HUGE for me because I'm a very slow reader. I even gave up sleep on a red-eye to sneak more than a couple of chapters in on my flight. 

This is one of Melissa Brayden's best. I loved the characters - both seem put-together on the outside, but are really so fragile underneath, where no one can see. I loved that there was an instant spark between them. None of the shy or uncertain "does she like me" stuff going on here. Parker comes right out and asks Hannah, "Do you date women?" and then they're off and running. 

Perfect amount of angst. I wasn't sure even by the very end if these two would have a happy ending. 

Ran into two typos/missing words, but it didn't take away from the story or the great read.
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As I sit here thinking about how to exactly explain how much I loved Back to September, all I can do is SMH. Yes, by the end of the first chapter, I was captivated. I knew this was going to be a 5 star Melissa Brayden book. I am going to attempt to express how I can't wait to read this one again.

Hannah Shephard owns a book store called A likely Story. After a few years in business, she finds that she really isn't bringing in enough money and may have to close the store if things change. One of her employees convinces her to apply to have famous romance author Harper Bristow do a book signing at her store. She knows it's a long shot, but after a few days she finds out that her application was accepted. Harper Bristow is well know and well liked among her followers. She comes into Hannah's quiet life and reserved life and blows it to pieces!

This romance is so much of everything. I really liked both Hannah and Harper. I was comparing it to the last Brayden book (which was a 4 star for me) and knew that the main difference is that both MCs appealed to me. They have super exciting off the charts chemistry. They interact well with each other and are very compatible. It's like they are soul mates. I haven't read many romances where I felt that the MCs were meant to be together and Brayden does an excellent job syncing Hannah and Harper. Because of this, the sex is really good. I liked that there was more when it came to sex. This book is sexy!

For those of you who liked angst, it's full of that too. It is done very well and you feel like the author masterfully crafts the twist and turns as you read through the issues. I tend to hate angsty romances, but not this one. OMG, it was so good. I honestly think the angst makes this one even better. Trust me you guys are in for a real treat.

I could go on and on about how much I loved this one. I honestly think it is my new favorite Brayden romance. I give this one an outstanding 5 stars.
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Excellent characters drawn with reality & subtlety.  I enjoyed the detailed descriptions of her life & it’s routines clearly walls drawn up to protect her from the world that’s just to big.  But when opportunity knocks in terms of increasing the profile of the bookshop she is brave enough to take little knowing the fireworks that would rock her world.  Thankfully eventually she’s able to grasp ‘her’ life & to own it.  A real ‘growing into your own skin’ novel

I really enjoyed reading it.
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Oh, it has everything! It's funny, it's emotional, it's warm, it literally makes you fall in love with every single character in it! Melissa Brayden is a mastermind of romance genre! There are a lot of excellent writers of this genre, but what makes a difference between and excellent one and an outstanding one is a minor characters' development. Melissa has it to perfection in every single book of hers! You can't just go through them without actually warming up to them significantly and almost kind of expecting them to be the leading characters in some of the following books! It's almost like you want her to always write series, like Soho loft, Seven Shores etc.
   Both Hannah and Parker are the characters you will love, with real problems, flaws, heart-warming and heart-wrenching moments...  The book is literally loaded with funny moments, lots of good humor, but also with very serious conversations and very skillfully written dialogues.
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This was a sweet romance story.

Hannah is a owner of a bookstore that is struggling. She loves books and pairing them to their rightful owner.

When her co-workers suggest she do a book signing to boost sales she books Parker who is a famous writer. Hannah never read any of her books but when she does she hook on how Parker can do romance and heartbreak at the sametime on her books and still give a happy ending.

When Parker accept her request for a book signing at Hannah bookstore. When they meet Parker is drawn to Hannah as they get to know each other while Parker in town they have a fling and decide to remain friends.

When they both get into a relationship with other people they still feel something for each other especially when they take trip together with  their significance others you can tell they have feelings for each other.

Their friendship is ruin because of jealously but then they reconnect but them something else happen because of Parker past and it's giving Hannah emotions into overdrive. This has a lot of asgnt in it but it was worth it to see them be together.

I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and voluntarily leaving my review.
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A sweet story that kept me hooked till the end. I liked the cast of characters, the setting and the engrossing plot.
I look forward to reading other books by this author.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Melissa Brayden is good for your heart!! 
The storytelling was brilliant, amazing dialogue, and incredible writing style! This is a very solid book as expected from the author :)
What I liked most about this specific book is the characters! Parker was just sexy, kick ass and obviously brilliant at what she does. But then she really didn’t do Hannah well and normally I should’ve been very pissed off at her, but the brilliance of the author made me “feel her”.. I could understand why she did what she did, and I was rooting for forgiveness all along!! Now Hannah, god bless her she’s a gem :) I just wish we had more Hannah in the world :)
This was such a romantic book! Just pure romance and love and good feelings! It had the right amount of angst, very hot sex scenes and a fair amount of wine :) What more would you want? 
I totally recommend this book and I suggest you read it on the couch, with a Pinot Noir and cuddled up on a lazy Sunday! 
P.S: it’s been a while since I laughed at one specific scene that I won’t forget for a while! (Pop star sex scene in the cabin. And no I’m not spoiling this ladies, it won’t affect the story here at all don’t worry). 
My rating is a 4.25..
“I received an ARC for an honest review.”
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Melissa Brayden has created another interesting storyline with characters to match. Her dialogue, as usual, was witty and emotional, and always engaging.  
This story was told from Hannah’s perspective, the owner of a small town bookstore that was struggling to survive… until the famous romance novelist Parker Bristow agreed to do a book signing at her store and provided that much needed spark for the bookstore…and its owner. The women soon found themselves enjoying a night of fun and pleasure with no attachments involved. They departed as friends and kept in touch as each dated other women, but that spark was not the same. When Parker invited Hannah and her girlfriend to join her and her rock star girlfriend to a weekend getaway, jealously became the uninvited guest and the friendship was severed. However, Hannah and Parker reconnected again, but another disastrous fallout occurred. The women seemed like the perfect fit, but Parker’s troubling past constantly placed her relationship in a self destructive mode, wrecking havoc on Hannah’s emotional well being. 

I loved how Melissa Brayden created this famous romance character who wrote about love and happily ever after but couldn’t find that in her own life. I found Parker’s character much more interesting and intriguing than Hannah’s and actually wished this story was written in third person to fully understand Parker’s mindset and her questionable actions. I also enjoyed the storyline involving Bo, Hannah’s lawyer sister, and its end result. Besides the serious issues taking place, there were humorous distractions provided by a variety of secondary characters. 

Melissa Brayden is a great storyteller who never seems to disappoint her audience.  Back to September was another memorable read. Highly recommended!
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I have to say this is one of the best books I've read this year. A compelling story that hits you right in the heart not once, not twice, but multiple times. The depth of emotions, the friendships, the love...and not just the main characters but the side characters too - I hope that we get to hear some of their stories in the future.
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Love Between the Shelves
Hannah is a book store owner who prefers to spend her free time in her apartment with her cats Bacon and Tomato.  She has no need for romance in spite of what her friends and family say.  What she does need is a way to bring more customers into her shop.  One of her employees stresses the need to put romance novels in the window and while she’s at it, she should go ahead and see if she can get in on a book tour.  Hanna thinks romances are a waste of space but they do sell so she does as suggested.  Enter the lovely Parker whose romance novels are among the top of the top.  She seems to be a total opposite of Hannah but sometimes looks can be deceiving and maybe romance isn’t so over rated after all. 

I liked how these women related to each other, the heat was there but it took a long time for the trust to come.  While they were both strong, they had insecurities that felt real and easy to understand. Their communication skills could have used some work especially when things got tough but it was all part of the process. I felt badly for Hannah who seemed to be more invested in Parker than the other way around but when she finally came around I cried in relief.  This book was sweet and special.  The story is a fast read and its one that is easy to lose yourself to, perfect for a lazy afternoon!
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It’s difficult to find new ground in the romance genre, but Back to September definitely breaks that stigma. What begins as a sappy insta-love suddenly skids and forces both women to face adversity where words and actions collide and then shatter under pressure. As heartbreak and distrust tidal wave in the aftermath, secondary characters manage to toss out a life buoy where words like perspective and even forgiveness are contemplated in the calm after the storm. Place this carefully crafted story of emotional growth in the backdrop of a charming book story in Providence, RI and you’ve got a store that will be difficult to put down because you can’t not know what will happen to Hannah and Parker.
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