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A Long Dark Rainbow

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This was a strange read, I'm sure what is described for the book is basically what you get but I was expecting it to be more fun.
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Not my usual type of read. I found myself struggling to get into the story. Alex and Samantha had met many years ago. By chance Alex met Samantha again in the charity shop where she volunteers. Since their last meeting Samantha had married a wealthy man and had two daughters. Alex had a bad experience with his girlfriend getting pregnant while they were both young. Rachel goes into premature labour with twins Georgia and Jak. It was a time where unmarried Mum’s were not the done thing. The babies are adopted out and Alex never gets the chance to see them or Rachel again. Alex never married or had other children and was really quite lonely when he finds Samantha again. The book takes you through their time together as they explore their relationship in older age. I found the ended rather abrupt after the rest of the detail in the story.
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A Long Dark Rainbow by Michael Tappenden is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early October.

Alex has an insistently babbly inner monologue that ruminates frequently on sex while Samantha, who is less self-assured than even he, is just as motivated by intimacy. Together, they clatter uncomfortably with the outside world before coming to a loose agreement to share each other’s space, an interest in art, and then hook up. Amid some gems of phrases within the huge mass of British awkwardness, it finishes with some odd family and former-flame drama that doesn’t make much sense.
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