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Such a muddled mixture of characters you could never care a toss for, and the world's least convincing portrayal of "hard" people.  Nothing amazing about this, despite the creator's pseudonym – as you'd expect from a book with a title so exciting it seems nicked from a Channel 5 documentary about dodgy pawn shops.
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An interesting story with some twists and turns. A bit hard to follow in some places because of the flashbacks which were informative but also interrupted the storyline. 

Good artwork. If you like graphic novels about secret ops, action and bad ass operatives this one is for you.

Copy provided via Netgalley.
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Drugs, cartels, former solders turned soldiers of fortune and of course gratuitous boobs. These are the basic elements that make up this series. The main characters are all "cash cowboys." Former soldiers who all now work for Dark Water, a firm that is ostensibly a counter-terrorism for hire business. Of course, Dark Water may not be all that it seems to be, as the beginning of the comic sees several of the cowboys being interrogated not very nicely by the FBI.
This is actually one of the most difficult to read parts of the story - it time jumps over and over with no real differentiation between what is happening "now" and what happened in the past. There are very few indicators to help the reader - and since it also jumps from city to city and country to country, it will get confusing for all but the most seasoned graphic novel readers.
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A decent enough graphic novel. I enjoyed the concept of former special forces agents working together but the timeline seemed really unclear to me as it jumped about a little.

There are some great characters and the illustrations are detailed and add to the scene setting. However, some of the male characters look very similar so I got a little mixed up.

Thanks to Netgalley and Europe Comics for the advanced copy.
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