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Jenny, Liam’s estranged wife has Motor Neurone disease.  He has returned home temporarily to take care of the teenage kids and shortly afterwards Jenny is dead.  Who did it??  For me the answer practically jumped out of the page very early on so no mystery there.  Not really a “thriller” in the sense of the word but more of a family drama.  This is a story which does a lot of jumping around  - various times and people, which can be a bit tricky on a kindle should you wish to check on something.  It was an easy read but didn’t go into anything in much depth, either characters or their situations, nor was it as thought provoking as might have expected.
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A multi-layered, complex and thought-provoking thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat, When the Time Comes is a brilliantly written, shocking and heart-wrenching read from the gifted pen of talented writer Adele O’Neill.

Liam Buckley had shattered the foundations of his family’s life when he had walked out on his marriage and his kids to live with his new lover. His wife Jennifer has never forgiven him for the cruel betrayal that had destroyed her life and ruined her kids’ lives, but when she is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she knows that she needs to let go of her resentment and hatred of her husband as she needs him to come back home to look after their children who cannot cope alone after her shocking diagnosis. But one day after Liam moves back home, Jennifer is found dead. Everybody thinks – including Liam – that Jennifer had taken her own life, but DS Louise Kennedy thinks differently as she is convinced that this isn’t suicide, but murder.

With Liam being the prime suspect, he hires a private detective to clear his name and prove that he had not murdered his former wife, but with so many odds stacked against him, this proves harder than he initially thought. With Jennifer’s best friend Sarah waging war against him and determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that Liam pays for his crime behind bars and is exposed for the liar and cheat he truly is, DS Kennedy finds herself investigating one of her toughest cases yet.

As secrets and deceptions come to light, DS Kennedy has to decide, was Jennifer Buckley murdered? Or did she take her own life? As she delves deeper and deeper into this murky and twisted web, little does she realise that the answers to these questions are going to end up shocking everyone to their very core.

Adele O’Neill has got such a tremendous gift for writing domestic noir and When the Time Comes is an excellent example of her outstanding storytelling prowess. Told from different viewpoints and packed with red herrings, twists and turns, scandalous revelations and compelling family drama, When the Time Comes shocks, teases, delights, entertains and will leave you flabbergasted when what happened to Jennifer is finally revealed.

A nail-biting thriller from an exceptional writer in her field, When the Time Comes is another first-rate tale from Adele O’Neill.
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I met the wonderful Adele a while back and she has become such a firm favourite of mine in the whole book world....
Her books are just brilliant and so worth your time.
We meet some brilliant characters in her latest novel When The Time Comes....
This novel is an intense and emotional read let me tell you so be prepared.
We meet Liam Buckley whose wife Jennifer has committed suicide.
Add to this the fact that Jennifer had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, motor neurone and suddenly you realise that this suicide might not have been a suicide at all.
It's so hard to imagine how you would feel if you found yourself in a similar situation.
This storyline is thrown a huge curveball in that Jennifers husband Liam had a day before her death moved back into the home place to care for her after having left her previously for another woman.
And the DS in charge of the case Louise Kennedy is none other than the other woman's sister.....
Are you keeping up? Brilliant right...
I loved the different viewpoint to the story and you can't help wondering who is hiding what....
Please do check this one out if you have a won't regret it....
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I only found out this was the third novel in a detective series after I finished reading the novel. Louise's life did make out part of the story so I presume there are still things I don't know about her and her partner but I never had a feeling of not knowing enough. I can say that the author wrote about the investigators in a realistic way and there were ups and downs in their personal life too. Some readers may find it distracting from the main story, it is sort of a side story after all, but I liked seeing them as people with real problems too, Louise wasn't a detective in the abstract sense after a while anymore.

I might say I could see the novel as divided in three parts. The first was about the side characters mostly, Liam and Alex and Louise and (Tony) Kelly. Then came the part about Jennifer, which built up to the trial in the third part of the novel.

When The Time Comes is a novel that tells the reader everything about Jennifer Buckley, her ex-husband Liam and their two children Josh and Abbie. By extention there's also Liam's new lover involved and her sister, who happens to be the detective who becomes involved in the case. There's quite a few characters but I like how they're all linked and it didn't pose any problems following who's who. The only thing that threw me at the start and I had to get a bit used to were two of the character's names, because Alex is more often a guy's name here and Kelly is always a girl and in this story it's the other way around (well Kelly is a last name but for some reason it's the only character whose first name is only mentioned once).

I thought that the focus of the novel would be largely on the murder investigation and the question whether Liam - suspect numero uno - did or didn't kill his ex-wife but the author kept me in suspense as the investigation is mostly covered in the final part of the novel. Although this was of course what I was waiting for and therefore one of my favorite parts of the novel, I also became more invested in the family themselves in the build up to the trial.

When The Time Comes was almost more of a family drama than a murder mystery, well if it was a murder in the first place that is because Jennifer Buckley was pro euthanasia and didn't make it a secret exactly. She hated that the motor neurone disease she'd been diagnosed with left her feeling more trapped  in her body with each passing day. She called it the 1000 day disease and when 900 of them passed she made arrangements for her children to be looked after by their father. It meant Liam moved back in to take care of them but as soon as he did she wound up dead. Coincidence? I think not ;-).

The impact of her disease and the consequences on everyone around her were prominent and made me care for this little family. The novel deals with some emotional and hard topics but it was still very enjoyable and easy to read.

At first I wondered who would have killed her, or helped her to kill herself, but after a while I had nothing more than a hunch to go on about what happened. The way the truth was revealed left me with a smile on my face though, quite clever from the author!
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Jenn is a wife whose terminally ill with a husband named Liam who recently moved out for his mistress.
The story goes that Jenn and the kids truly need his help so they invite him back only to have a day go by and they find her dead!
Is this a suicide, a murder, or a well orchestrated plot?
I'll tell you the bestie thinks he's nothing more than a womanizer, a cheater, and a liar!
Straight up! Loser!
But there's another part to this story that lovely mistress?
What does she think about all this??
CRICKETS...can't be good!
I'm serious Adele you got me good girl!
Loved it!!
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Thanks to Aria for my invite on to the tour and e copy of ‘When the time comes’ an intriguing psychological thriller from Adele O’Neill.

My first read by this author, this book covers a very interesting premise in regards to assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Liam left his wife, Jenny, 2 years ago. he walked away from her and his 2 children Abbie and Josh. 2 years on, he has to move back home to care for the kids as Jenny has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and the kids can’t cope alone.

The day after he moves home, Jenny is found dead. The Police are convinced Liam has something to do with the death...

This book tells the story of a family tragedy and is part police procedural.

A well written story with a thought-provoking and interesting premise around a subject that is still taboo in society today

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This book explores in depth family insights and the troubles that sometimes we have to face, for better or worse.
Liam Buckley has left his wife and children but now they need him. Jennifer has a terminal illness and she needs all the help she can get. But soon after he moves in, Jennifer passes away, was it suicide or something totally different? You’ll have to read the book to discover the truth!
This is more than a psychological thriller, it is a discussion about euthanasia, because Jennifer wants to decide what do to in the last moments of her life, that’s why Liam always says that she committed suicide… But not everyone will believe him and after their past together, the police will have a difficult case in their hands. As you can imagine there will be secrets and lies, but don’t worry, you’ll discover everything when the time comes.
This is a complex story, Jennifer will be the main leader of the story, her fight and her pain, because even if there’s an investigation you’ll feel the sadness and fear in your own skin. Because don’t you think that when the time comes it’s your decision to decide how you die? As I always say, your body, your choice.
Be prepared for a read that will make you think about how you want to die, where and how; difficult, but it’s interesting how the author talks about it and puts the reader on Jennifer’s shoes. Ready?
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When the Time Comes is a compelling read that had me in its clutches right from the beginning. What drew me in immediately, was the tag line in the synopsis “Her husband says it’s suicide. The police say it’s murder!” I didn’t even read what the rest of the story was about. I didn’t need to, as I was already hooked!

Adele has created an intriguing plot that is both thought-provoking and heartbreaking. It is more of a family drama about the tragedy that befalls the Buckley family with the death of ex-wife, mother and friend, Jennifer Buckley. As an advocate for euthanasia, Jennifer had wanted to end her life as she was losing the battle against Motor Neuron Disease. Not convinced, the police at once set their sights on Jennifer’s ex-husband Liam as the murderer. Isn’t it always the husband? Hmmm, you will just have to read this to find out, won’t you…

All of the characters have been well developed and all come to life so well through Adele’s writing. Although I can’t say I connected with all of them, the standouts for me were definitely Jennifer and her daughter Abbie. Both of them provided more of the heartwrenching moments in the story and really tore at the heartstrings. Have the tissues handy!

Adele expertly draws the reader in and does a great job in keeping your attention throughout. All told through writing that is engaging, emotive and descriptive, Adele sets up the opening scene really well and wastes no time in kicking things off and getting stuck into it.

I didn’t realise that this was the 3rd book in the Kelly and Kennedy series and in no way did this hinder my enjoyment of the book. It can easily be read as a standalone and honestly, I would not have even known if it wasn’t brought to my attention from other readers.

All up When the Time Comes is an utterly gripping tale that is a must-read. A new author to me, Adele is a great storyteller and I look forward to reading more from her. It was an absolute pleasure to read and review When the Time Comes which I recommend.

Thank you to NetGalley, Aria Fiction and Adele O’Neill for allowing me to read an advanced copy of The Other Woman which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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When the Time Comes by Adele O"Neill felt more like a family drama than anything. It was more an examination of familial relationships that a thriller of any kind. I gave up reading about 2/3 of the way through, it just really didn't hold my interest.
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I didn't enjoy this book and avoid sharing negative reviews so there are no links for this one attached.
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An emotionally-compelling story, WHEN THE TIME COMES by Adele O'Neill will break your heart while making you question just how well you know those that you love?

A few years ago, Liam left his wife, Jennifer, and two teenage children to move in with his girlfriend. Jennifer is diagnosed with Motor Neuron's Disease and it isn't long before she needs more help and needs Liam to step up more and be there for their children who are struggling with what is happening and what is going to happen in the future. So Liam moves back in to be the parent that Jennifer knows he will have to be in the future. Their son thinks it's a bad idea, Jennifer's best friend Sarah thinks it's a bad idea, and Liam's girlfriend and her family think it's a bad idea, but Jennifer can see no other way. But when Jennifer is discovered dead just after he moves in, everything takes a sinister turn because as the days pass it is looking more and more like Jennifer was murdered ...

The characters are an unusual bunch in this book in that the only one I really felt anything for was Jennifer. My heart broke for this mother who was slipping away slowly each day and who knew she wouldn't be there to see her kids in their adult life. But I loved her strength and determination to be herself and fight for her rights with regards to assisted suicide which is still a contentious issue worldwide. The drama unfolds quickly and I wasn't sure what I thought - did Jennifer kill herself, did someone help her, or did someone murder her? but by the end, the answers are given but it wasn't exactly what I expected. 
There are many sensitive topics dealt with in this story which I thought the author handled well.

WHEN THE TIME COMES by Adele O'Neill definitely falls into the genre of family drama but it is more than that and is sure to suit many fiction readers.
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If your looking for a family drama then this is a good read. 

Liam has left the family home to live with his girlfriend. When his wife Jennifer needs him as she’s got a terminal illness he moves back in to help her and their two kids. When Jennifer is found dead is it a suicide or murder? 

A pretty easy enough read I read it pretty quickly. Looking forward to reading more from this author in the future.
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Emotive, intense, thought-provoking family drama, draws Detective Kennedy and Private Investigator Kelly into another dark investigation. Jenny, a terminally ill patient dies suddenly. Was it assisted suicide? Murder? Or suicide? How far is her estranged husband Liam, just returned to the family home, implicated?

Told from multi-points of view, in the past and present, the story unfolds, revealing clues and unexpected events. Sharing the emotional journey of the children, ex-husband, and others connected to Jenny. The emotional damage terminal illness causes to the family, friends and wider network is explored.

The sense of confusion is reiterated by the differing viewpoints and the dual time perspectives. The investigation is not the main focus of the story, but Kennedy and Kelly are intrinsic to the mystery’s resolution.

The ending is realistic, and the epilogue demonstrates human resilience and optimism.

I received a copy of this book from Aria via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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This was supposed to be a police procedural, but it was more of a family and legal drama. I enjoyed reading it as it explored the gray area of medicine and assisted suicide 

Jennifer had motor neuron disease, wanted to die with dignity, and was fighting for euthanasia. She asked her ex-husband Liam to move back home for the sake of the kids so that they had a parent to go to once her time approached. But the next night, she was found dead by Liam with a needle puncture in her arm and a syringe by the side of the bed. Liam was arrested for murder. 

My first book by author Adele O'Neill, the premise was fantastic. I loved the constant flipping of mind regarding the husband. He was not very likable in the entire book. The writing was choppy and the timelines haywire, but it was a complex situation which was depicted well. Though there was not much of investigation, the author showed the backstory of almost all the characters. 

I didn't know it was book 3 in the series, for me, it worked well as a standalone as I got to listen to everyone's viewpoint. Some of them were quite emotional to read about. The characters were developed well, though I never warmed up to Liam and his girlfriend Alex, I felt the most for daughter Abbie. She was the best in the book, vulnerable and most intelligent. The book turned because of her. 

The plot was guessable, the court scenes made it interesting. It became a whodunit from there on. Overall, a fun book.
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This is book #3 in the Kelly & Kennedy series, but it can be read as a standalone book.  This is the first book that I have read by this author but will definitely be making a note to go back and read the previous two books.  However, the blurb did give the impression that this was a psychological thriller read, but to me it was more of a family drama type, focussing less on the crime and more on the relationships between the characters.

The story centres around Jenny Buckley’s right to die whilst suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, and the decision to end her life when she feels the time is right.  Her estranged husband, Liam now lives with someone else but Jenny asks him to move back home as she is struggling to cope with looking after their children.  However, on the day he moves back he finds her dead, and the police believe Liam has murdered her.

Told from different viewpoints and timeframes, this story does jump about a little bit.  I didn’t find it difficult to follow though and settled down into the book by the time I got to know the characters.  Told from past and present, you get to understand the characters emotions, particularly those of Jenny’s and Liam’s children, and it was really interesting to see how they both deal with everything.  The Motor Neurone Disease storyline again was interesting, but it did leave me with a dilemma over how to feel about Jenny.  Should I be sad that this condition has left her with no other choice but to take her own life, or should I be angry with her that she did it in a way that implicated others?  It also threw up lots of other questions as I was reading such as did she mean to implicate Liam and was it all for revenge, and of course the big issue of suicide and assisted suicide.

All of these questions were answered as the book moves on.  What actually happened to Jenny isn’t revealed until much later and the author does a great job of keeping it under wraps throughout the book.  Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily call it a thriller, it is however a great drama read with lots of police procedural work to enjoy.  It is filled with lots of powerful emotions and subjects, and has left me thinking about the story long after I have finished it.  I will definitely look out for more books by this author!
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Jenny is diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.  Her husband Liam, has moved out before her diagnosis and is living with lover, Alex.  They have two teenage children who are still living with Jenny.  In the first chapter we see Liam at the local police station wanting to speak to DS Louise Kennedy who happens to be Alex’s twin sister.  We learn that he has temporarily left Alex and has moved back in with Jenny and the children as her illness has progressed quickly and she is struggling to cope.  However, the day after he moves back in he finds Jenny dead.  Did she commit suicide before she becomes totally incapacitated or wa she murdered and if so was Liam responsible?  He denies it but someone must have assisted her .  Liam is charged with murder and then we have the tension of the trial.  The story unfolds well, with the timeline flipping backwards and forwards up to the moment when all is revealed.  The book handles the topic of euthanasia in a caring way and completely keeps us in the dark as to what did actually happen the day Jenny died.  I really warmed to the characters especially to the teenagers as to how they coped with their mum’s death.  A highly recommended read.
Thanks to Netgalley and Aria for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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A complex story and not always an easy read and dealing with emotive issues.  A challenging read and one that makes you think.   Told from a lot of different viewpoints and at times confusing.  Nevertheless, an enjoyable read.
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When the Time Comes by author Adele O’Neill is a great mystery/thriller about a domestic marriage and death of a wife. Is it suicide or accident? The cops and husband try to work it out. 

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Two years after leaving his family behind for another woman, Liam must decide the best course of action.  His ex-wife is dying.  She has requested he move back into the family home to care for their two teenage children.  He agrees and puts his life on hold to make the children's lives better.  The next morning, Liam finds his ex-wife dead and everyone pointing at him.  
A good, strong story line that kept me wondering what was going to happen to Liam and his children.  The ex-wife had made it very clear she did not intend to let dying consume her.  She would pick the time and place herself.  Is her death a suicide or did Liam take advantage of her intentions and help her along?  Did someone else kill her?  I enjoyed the book and will look for more by Adele O'Neill.
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I literally LOVED Adele O'Neill's first book "Brothers and Sisters" and I couldn't wait for more of Kelly and Kennedy. But somehow I missed the second one so when I saw WHEN THE TIME COMES up for request I jumped on it.

Liam Buckley left his wife Jenny two years ago to move in with girlfriend Alex - who incidentally is Louise Kennedy's twin sister, the detective in this series. But then Jenny was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease and as the diseased progressed she told those closest to her that she will end her life when the time is right and before she is unable to do so. Her intentions were always made pretty clear. But for the moment, she needs her estranged husband to return home to care for their two teenage children Josh (17) and Abbie (15). Liam agrees. The next day Jenny is dead and Liam is charged with her murder.

When Liam fronts up to the Garda station, he is sure someone is trying to frame him for Jenny's death although he is certain she committed suicide. DS Louise Kennedy questions Liam thoroughly but he denies any involvement. And yet Louise is convinced someone assisted Jenny in ending her life...after all, that's what Jenny always intended. So what really happened?

Determined to restore his good name, Liam hires retired detective Kelly to delve into the family's secrets and prove his innocence. But with Jenny's best friend, Sarah, conducting her own campaign against him, exposing him as a liar and a cheat, it proves to be no easy task. But secrets begin to surface and the web of complexities that is the Buckley's family life is put under the microscope.

And then there is Alex, Liam's girlfriend and lover, cast aside as he returns to the family home. How does she fit into this new way of life? He left his wife for her and now he left her for his family. He doesn't appear to have any plans for the future which leaves Alex somewhere in limbo. And the fact that she is Louise's sister should have been reason enough for Louise to have to recuse herself from the investigation. It just all becomes one big messy tangled web of complexities.

The story is told from many different viewpoints - Liam, Louise, Sarah, Jenny, Abbie, Josh - which is not necessarily a bad thing, but in this case it was a little confusing. I don't know whether it was just me because I normally love split narratives but I just couldn't seem to get my head around what the actual point they were making was. For half of the book I under the impression Sarah was Jenny's sister the way she referred to their life before Liam. At one point she was even called Sarah Buckley which threw me as I thought her name was Sarah Barry. In Sarah's third person narrative, I remember being thoroughly confused as to whose narrative it was as it seemed to switch between Sarah's thoughts and Abbie's. I was thoroughly confused.

The story is incredibly dysfunctional with everyone somehow displaced with a timeline all over the place. What I also found disappointing was this was more of a family drama than a mystery thriller or police procedural. But even so, I found each of the characters irritating which disappointed me given how much I absolutely LOVED "Brothers and Sisters".

In all, what I expected was not what was delivered and the central storyline is buried somewhere under all the other incidental elements in the web of family drama.

The premise for the book was intriguing - did Jenny Buckley commit suicide or was she murdered? Given that the topic of assisted suicide and euthanasia is a controversial issue the idea of it being interwoven with a mystery thriller was a fascinating concept. But it failed to, not only address the issue, but also keep me as a reader enthralled with a captivating storyline. The fact that it is titled WHEN THE TIME COMES alone suggests that assisted suicide is the underlying theme. But what was really dished up was a main course of family drama with a side of investigation. Given that "Brothers and Sisters" was worthy of 10 stars, I sadly felt this one could only rate 1 or 2.

Maybe I missed the plot with this one but sadly WHEN THE TIME COMES wasn't as captivating as it promised. But I won't give up. Adele O'Neill's first one, as I keep saying, was so brilliant I still have high hopes for future releases. Just not this one.

I would like to thank #AdeleONeill, #NetGalley and #Aria for an ARC of #WhenTheTimeComes in exchange for an honest review.
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