When the Time Comes

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When the Time Comes is not a thriller,but a family drama of a woman dying of a disease who wants to die. The timeline shifting in this book could drive some readers crazy and the book has some dry courtroom testimony. A decent read, but nothing breathtaking.
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC. 

I thought the description of the book was just the sort of book I’d like to read.  I’m afraid, for me this was an ok, average read at best.  I wouldn’t have called it a thriller, I felt like I was reading a book more about family drama and family relationships.  I didn’t really warm to the characters in it, and felt the writing style, going from past to present was off putting and made the story very jumbled.  It got a little better with the court/trial parts and this covered a fair bit of the story.  Overall, just not for me sadly.  
3 stars.
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Deciding to indulge my loves of family drama and mystery once again, I chose to read When The Time Comes by Adele O'Neill. I had no expectations going into this and it was a lovely surprise and such a pleasure that I enjoyed this story so much.

Jenny Buckley has a terminal illness and she needs her estranged husband, Liam, to move back into the family home for their two teenage children, daughter Abbie (15) and son Josh (17). The very next day Jenny is found dead. The police, led by DS Louise Kennedy of Blackrock Garda, are convinced it's murder. Louise Kennedy interviews Liam who denies any involvement, but someone assisted Jenny in ending her life, though who? Liam thinks Jenny took her own life, yet Louise remains convinced it was murder, so what really happened?

Told from different viewpoints, this was a very good read. I enjoy a split narrative and there were a fair few narrators in When the Time Comes - Jenny, Liam, Josh, Abbie, Josh, and Louise - though not enough time was spent with any one of them, so it was a challenge to become totally invested. For me, the book's main strength was Adele O'Neill's excellent portrayal of each characters' emotions, and the consequences of Jenny's advancing and untreatable disease on her family. The impact on Jenny and Liam’s son and daughter was especially well-told as their psyches were so different. They had a lovely bond which came across extremely well.

The story unfolds well though the novel is much more of a family drama than a police investigation. 
All in all, I enjoyed the author's writing style and the story was meaningful, thought-provoking and totally absorbing. When the Time Comes served as an amuse-bouche, as well as serving as a springboard from which I am looking to read Adele O'Neill's future work. Highly recommended to those who enjoy a great family drama with a good sprinkling of mystery.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my request, from Aria via NetGalley and this review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Although the premise of this novel had me interested, I just couldn't keep up with all the different time lines and stories. The writing was all over the place.
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EXCERPT: 'I think...' The ball at the back of my throat nearly chokes me as I try to speak - whether it's because Jenny is gone, or because Abbie and Josh are now motherless, or because I am going to be blamed for her death, I don't know. I inhale and lengthen my back with a subtle stretch and rub my eyes. They're red and raw from a combination of no sleep and lots of crying. She leans forward in response. I pause and inhale again, nerves making the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. There is no other option but to say what I am about to say. At my momentary hesitation, she widens her eyes in expectation across the table. 'I think Jenny was murdered and I think someone is framing me for her death.'

ABOUT THIS BOOK: Liam Buckley was a married man with two teenage children when he moved out of the family home to start a new life with his lover. His wife Jennifer never forgave him, but now she needs him to come back: she's been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and the kids can't cope alone.

One day after Liam moves home, Jennifer is found dead. Liam thinks it's suicide. But the police, led by DS Louise Kennedy, are convinced it's murder.

Liam hires a retired detective to help prove his innocence, but it's no easy task. The children are distraught, and Jennifer's best friend, Sarah, is waging a campaign against Liam, determined to expose him for a liar and a cheat.

As secrets surface from the complex web of Buckley family life, DS Kennedy must decide. Did Jennifer Buckley end her own life, or did Liam take it from her? The answer, when it comes, will shock them all...

MY THOUGHTS: I have had to think about When the Time Comes for a couple of days before writing my review. There are complex issues in this book - the right to decide how and when a person with a terminal illness is able to die, infidelity, blending families, teenage hormones....and the list goes on.

I enjoyed the read in varying degrees as the book progressed. It is not always an easy read. But it is, I think, a very realistic portrayal of a complicated situation.

It made me wonder how I would feel if I were in Alex's shoes; my lover, my partner returning to his family to care for his children, with no plans in place for the future.

I wondered, if I was Jenny, would I be able to ask my ex to move back in to take care of the children? Although not little at almost eighteen and fifteen years old, they are still vulnerable.

I wondered, if I were Liam, would I be able to put my new life on hold while I move back into the old one?

Everyone in this story is somehow displaced, with futures up in the air, lives hanging in the balance. The uncertainty of everything is major influence in the storyline. Did Liam kill Jenny? There certainly seem to be strong motives for having done so. But would he take the risk of leaving his children without a parent? And if it wasn't Liam that killed her, then who did?

All the time I was reading, I had questions which were, thankfully, answered by the end.

A thought provoking read and one that had me in tears more than once.

I didn't realise until now that this is book 3 of the Kelly and Kennedy series. These characters actually paid quite a minor role in this book. But I am intrigued enough to want to read the others in this series.


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THE AUTHOR: Having lived and worked in the UK and Dublin since college, Adele now lives in her home town in Co. Wicklow with her husband and two teenage daughters. She writes overlooking the Irish Sea and is an active member of the Wexford Literary Festival committee.

DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Aria Books, via Netgalley, for providing a digital ARC of When the Time Comes by Adele O'Neill for review. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions.

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This one missed the mark for me. More of a family drama than a mystery or thriller. The subject of assisted suicide is handled thoughtfully and well written. The characters were lacking in depth. A lot of the courtroom drama was dry and unnecessary and I found myself skipping through many parts of the book. I was only mildly surprised by the reveal. I found the ending itself during Abbie's speech to be one of the best parts of the book. I never would have guessed there was a previous book as I didn't feel like this one was focused much on Kelly and Louisa as ongoing characters in a series.
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When the Time Comes...Adele O’Neill

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy!  Although it was published November 21st.....I just finished today! 

Liam left his wife Jennifer....who was diagnosed shortly after with a terminal illness....for Alex.....after Jennifer’s illness progresses Liam decides to move back into the family home to be with his two teenage children. Two days after he moves back in Jennifer is found dead of an apparent suicide. Liam is charged with her murder. 

I loved the thought of this book. The plot, the suspense....and possibly since I have not read the first 2 books is maybe why this book didn’t do it for me. I didn’t really feel anything for any of the characters and I felt that some things dragged on and then boom....we are in the middle of the trial and it went way to quick . I didn’t enjoy how there would be a line of questioning during the trial and then paragraphs on whoever the narrative was in that certain chapter....their interpretation. I felt this was more of a family drama book than a psychological thriller. 

Overall though I am giving this 🌟🌟🌟/5 stars because I did enjoy it....just not a fan on the style of writing.
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A tense chilling debut a true page turner an author I will be following. A husband abandons his ailing wife to start a new lifeWhen she turns up dead he insists it was suicide but others don’t feel the same they think she was murdered .A story full of twists and turns kept me reading late into the night.#netgalley#ariabooks
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Who is telling the truth? Liam has made many mistakes in his life, he left his family to be with another woman and his ex is dying. He has to make some really had choices and no matter what he decides more people are going to be hurt. So when Jenny dies suddenly and Liam goes to the police everything changes. Did Jenny commit suicide or did Liam have something to do with her death? Can Liam prove his innocence or is he guilty of trying to find a way out? DC Louise Kennedy knows that she needs to find out the truth especially seeing that Liam is involved with her sister Alex and she will do whatever she can to protect her from Liam hurting her. But can prove that he did it? 
Can Liam put his family back together or will his children believe that he killed their mother? Who wanted to help Jenny end her life? Who is hiding secrets?
A great read. I was lucky enough to receive a copy in exchange for my honest review via Netgalley & the publishing house.
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I was disappointed in this one. According to the blurb I was reading a crime thriller, but this was more of a family drama and I struggled to get through it.

Jennifer Buckley had a terminal illness and it was no surprise to anyone that she intended to take her own life when things became too rough for her - she made no secret of that. Her husband, Liam, had moved out of the family home to be with his girlfriend but as her disease progressed he returned solely to take care of his dying wife and look after their son and daughter. However, less than two days later he finds Jennifer's body, despite the fact that she would have needed assistance to end her life so soon; help that Liam denies giving her. So what happened?

Unfortunately, that's not the burning question throughout this novel. From the off, I was uncomfortable with how things were progressing and found it hard to believe that things would unfold in such a way. Easy to read, but not suspenseful or gripping in any way; more of a 'nice' read with no surprises. It really doesn't read like the thriller I expected and although I stuck with it, I really can't give it any more than three stars.

My thanks to publisher Aria for my copy via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.
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Thank you NetGalley and Adele O'Neill for the chance to read this book before it hits shelves later this month. I enjoyed this book, I liked how it counted down to the day of the death. Like it told you the story from every ones POV. I didn't care for the husband at first but he came around and grew on me.
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Kelly & Kennedy #3

Jennifer Buckley is terminally ill.  Her husband had left her two years ago to go and live with another woman. Jennifer has motor neuron disease.  She has told everybody that she will commit suicide when the time is right. She asks her husband if he will move back into the family home for the sake of their two children. Liam agrees. But teo days after he had moved back in, Jenny is dead and Liam is charged with her murder.

This story is certainly dysfunctional.  The timeline is all over the place. The book starts just after Jennifer had died. The third part of the book is about the trial. The story is told from several points of view. There was quite a lot of repetition in the dialogue.  My heart went out to Jennifer when had to live with motor neuron disease. There are parts of this book didn't necessary need to be there. If that had been the case I would have given this book another star.

I would like to thank NetGalley, Aria and the author adele O'Neill for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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DNFed at 30%. I was expecting a thriller but this book reminded me more of a family drama and it couldn't keep my attention.
It's a well written book but it wasn't my cup of tea.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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This was a completely different story than I thought after reading the synopsis and requesting on Net Galley.  I was expecting a psychological thriller but instead it’s more of a family drama about life, love and loss.  Interesting read but I am not the targeted reader for this type of novel although the cover implies that I am.
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Good premise but the story dipped in parts for my liking and was not consistent all the way through. The storyline became predictable about two thirds of the way through so the ending was an anticlimax. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to review it.
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A fantastic mystery story. I loved it. Very well written and twisty. Thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend to everyone x
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When The Time Comes is a story of a woman dying from a motor neuron disease and her sudden mysterious death. I found the book to be short on detail and without any real suspense. The plot is good but the delivery doesn’t have a lot of flair. It has decent characters and the book touches on each character but it isn’t integrated.  The first part about Louise and Kelly doesn’t have anything to do with the story line. I thought the book would be about them but it then changes direction.  A good attempt but sadly just an alright book. Thank you to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book.
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The timeline of the story moving back and forwards was confusing and I found it quite predictable. Only two stars for this one . I'm afraid
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I’d like to thank Aria and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘When The Time Comes’ by Adele O’Neill in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Jenny Buckley has motor neurone disease and asks her estranged husband Liam to move back into the family home to care for their two teenage children Abbie and Josh.  The following day Jenny is found dead in her bed.  DS Louise Kennedy of Blackrock Garda interviews Liam who says he wasn’t involved, but if he didn’t assist Jenny to end her life who did?  Liam thinks it’s suicide and Louise is convinced it’s murder, but who’s right?

‘When The Time Comes’ handles the topic of assisted suicide in a caring and compassionate manner and although I wouldn’t class it as a thriller it was definitely a mystery as I was on tenterhooks as the investigation unearthed what actually happened on the day Jenny died.  The characters are convincing and likeable, and I found myself growing in warmth towards Abbie and Josh who are struggling to cope with the loss of their mother.  I had a lump in my throat as I read the last few pages which I thought was a perfectly fitting tribute to Jenny.  I found this novel to be compulsive reading and I can unreservedly recommend it.
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Thank you to Aria Fiction and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

The premise of this book intrigued me, and I was eager to see how the controversial issue of euthanasia would be dealt with, within the framework of a thriller. Well - it wasn't addressed at all.  Nor was it really a thriller, and the investigation side of things got short shrift, with just a few brief mentions of those type of activities. 

The story focussed strongly on the family dynamics, both within the family which lost their mother/wife, and the family of the police officer that initially was contacted - whose sister was living together with the dead woman's husband, and whose partner was an investigator for the law firm working on the defense of the dead woman's husband.  Sounds complicated, and it reads complicated too, not too mention a lot of repetitive wooden dialogue, and timeline jumps back and forth. The last third of the book is the trial of the dead woman's husband (Wait, what? When did he get arrested?), told from shifting POVs, but here again the book skips back and forth to 3/2/1 days before the death. 

Goodreads review posted here (direct link not possible): https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3027255774

The central storyline gets buried under all these incidentals, and I found my attention wandering and my will to live - or rather my will to keep reading - waning. The ending was anticlimatic, as it was clear early on what happened and "whodunnit".
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