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A so called romance (apparently second in a series but can be read stand alone) but a little too sad for me and too much petty bickering. I did not warm to the characters at all and felt they needed to get on with sorting themselves out. I did not really enjoy this.
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Yet another thought-provoking novel from Kelly Rimmer. A common scenario of a couple in the throes of a divorce that has turned bitter. Communication has broken down and the barriers are up. Isobel and Paul are both encouraged by their mutual friend Jess to go to their ‘holiday home’ to lick their wounds. Neither realise that the other will be there. 
As things begin to thaw, they develop a strength to begin talking about what caused their marriage to fail. The story is told from both Isobel and Paul’s perspective. They begin to consider each other’s needs and the way in which they want their relationship to go. The barriers begin to come down and the flame is reignited. 
As the book progressed, the pace picked up and it was hard to put down. I found myself thinking about my own relationship and how sometimes we just don’t communicate and can stop making the effort. 
The second book in the Start Up In The City series does not disappoint and can be read as a standalone.
Many thanks to Kelly Rimmer, her publishers and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Another great  book by Kelly Rimmer. Really enjoyed reading it. Liked the characters. Would recommend
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So I MAY of made an error and realised that this may be part of a series (I'm Sorry I didn't realise!) So I can only go off from what I read.

I enjoyed what I read! I'm not going to lie I've felt myself going into a slump, and any time I can feel it creeping up on me, these are these are the type of books I always drift to, and I have to say it was so easy for me to read and get into!

I'm going to more than likely read the first book because I really did enjoy it :)
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A good read again from Kelly Rimmer Not as much depth to this story as some of her other  books but a nice easy read When Paul and Isabel are set up to meet together in their old home shortly before their divorce is finalized sparks immediately start to fly and before long they are drawn together in unexpected circumstances can they sort out their problems or are they destined to part forever
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This book was clearly written and I was very engaged from the beginning.  There was the right number of characters to get to know.  Their emotions within their broken relationship was so fraught and I enjoyed the journey they both went through.

The hot scenes were hot and I became very invested in them.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the copy for exchange of a honest review.
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Unfortunately not my kind of read, the story was nice, but I just didn’t feel connected to it or the characters. I’m sure others will enjoy it, but sadly not me.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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Paul and Isabel are getting a divorce, in fact this is only a few days away. Neither of them are pleased when they turn up at their holiday house to spend a few days chilling out.  What happens is a heart to heart discussion between the pair of them about where they both went wrong and whether there is any hope of them remaining friends in the future.
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Loved this second book in the series can't wait for the third!
Really lovely story that kept you rooting for Isabel and paul, read it you won't be disappointed
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Isabel and Paul were madly in love, so why did Isabel walk away from their marriage. Nearly a year later, with their divorce looming, they both find themselves entrenched at their vacation home.

This book is like a fly on the wall documentary, with each chapter dedicated to either Isabel’s or Paul’s account of how they coped in the aftermath of the break-up.

The dialogue between the two exes is so true to life that I kept thinking OMG that is just what I would think or say as well as feel or react. Kelly’s sympathies swayed between the characters depending upon the situation they were in at that point in time, which only lent gravitas to their stories.

By the end of this book, I felt emotionally wrung out, such was the journey that Kelly Rimmer took me on.
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Having read the first book in this series, I started this book with doubt, as I felt the first book wasn't as good as the rest of Kelly Rimmer's books, which I have always loved.  However, after about 35% those doubts subsided and I ended up loving this book.    It just shows how important it is to talk in a relationship. I think this book should be given away at Marriage Guidance sessions!! It would cost a lot less than counselling, and would be far more help!
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From the very first word to the very last word, I just absolutely loved this book. 
A very emotional story which moved me greatly with fabulous well constructed characters. I was totally absorbed by their situation and  felt very involved, as if I knew them personally. 
So beautifully written, Kelly Rimmer is one of my favourite contemporary authors. 
My thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest and independent review. 
5 stars
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Paul and Isabel are days away from their divorce being finalised when, unknown to each other, they separately head to their beach house. Having not spoken to each other properly for ages, both are angry and upset and not willing to give an inch. However, as the weekend progresses they find themselves talking about where their marriage went wrong and discover things about themselves which could have possibly helped save their relationship.

This is the second book in the Start Up in the City series and could be read as a standalone. It has a good storyline and was a very enjoyable read. I look forward to the next book in this series.
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The story of Isobel and Paul. Days from finalising their divorce they are tricked in to spending the weekend together. As they finally start speaking to each other honestly, they realise where their relationship went wrong, but is it too late to change things?

An emotional but enjoyable read.

Looking forward to the next book in the series.
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I recieved an ARC of this from the publisher and NetGalley so thank you to them. This is the second book in less than a month I've read about a couple on the verge of divorce who want to give it another go.

I have to say the other book did it better. I dont know if the ASD rep is worth a damn in this, but I cant imagine how his wife didn't even suspect something was wrong???  And just to blame him for every little problem seemed a bit shortsighted and selfish to me.
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Paul and Isabel Winton are instantly attracted to each other from the moment they meet. Their romantic story becomes legendary. They are the golden couple, him a rising star in the technology industry and her committed to coaching for health and fitness in the leisure industry. They feel invincible, but as Paul’s business thrives there are huge expectations of an innovative new product being nearly ready for the market. The increasing amount of time he spends away from home begins to worry and annoy Isabel. Their problems are never aired; grudges increase but when Isabel walks out on Paul he is completely devastated and cannot believe what is happening to their marriage. They try counselling but sadly that proves to be of no help, just another nail in the coffin. They fight and bicker and have awful quarrels about how they will split their assets. Divorce is soon inevitable and unstoppable. It is like a runaway train: the disaster is bound to happen.
Several sad and frustrating months go by, both living alone and wondering if they are doing the right thing. The weekend before their divorce is finalised is looming up on them. They are scarcely on speaking terms by now, both angry and hurt. Paul’s team are spending the entire weekend working on ironing out the glitches in the eagerly awaited new product, and out of nostalgia Paul decides to spend his last time recharging his weary brain ready for its release. He goes to their holiday home at the seaside, planning on relaxing, sleeping and generally dossing out. Meanwhile Isabel, who has fought for ownership of the property and ‘won’ the battle, also decides to head for the property that will soon be hers. Inevitably they clash, both thinking the other should move out. Neither of them intends to change their plans, both stubborn and truculent, so they both stay put. The tension is palpable, but can they work at being friends? This is what Paul wants more than anything in the world. He has accepted that Isabel doesn’t want to reconcile, but they could make a truce for old times’ sake. If they both agree they are both surely able to put aside their differences. You’ll have to read the novel yourself if you want to know what happens next.
This is the second romance novel in the ‘Start Up in the City’ series, but it reads well as a standalone novel, so don’t worry if you have not read ‘Unexpected’ beforehand. It is a sassy, sexy story of a couple whose marriage has gone awry, and although they both still love each other, they cannot talk honestly about why the marriage has failed. It is so sad really. If only they had discussed what was wrong and what they both expected and wanted from their relationship, the rift would never have happened. It seems so heart-breaking. It was frustrating for the reader certainly, because the obvious answer was that they should be honest with each other. Nevertheless, the chances of a second-chance reunion begin to look bleak without mediation. My favourite character was Paul. The secret he is keeping from Isabel is a massive surprise. Isabel is deeply unhappy, hurt and let down. She is very emotional and a tad jealous, and Paul has no idea why. The storytelling is wonderful. The author explores the rift from each point of view with ease and care. I enjoyed this novel and kept hoping for the happy ever after ending.
I received a complimentary copy of this novel from publisher Headline Eternal through my membership of NetGalley. It was sent in return for an honest and unbiased review and I would like to thank them for my copy of the novel. It’s a 4* review from me and the part I loved best of all was how the author actually rounded off her novel. Be alert for surprises, you may shed a few tears but you’ll enjoy your rocky ride.
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