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This book was really sweet. The pictures are bright and cheerful and appealing to young children. My five-year old laughed at the funny bits and was serious and thoughtful at the serious parts. The book was simple, but not too simple. I think it’s a positive and fun way to introduce the concept of the work that is needed to bring a new pet into your home (with a magical twist).
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will not let me download so can not review. ts a shame becasue this looked really cute too. hopefully it will fix it self up so when the time comes i can.
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Thank you NetGalley and publishers for an ARC.

In the ever popular love of Unicorns, one girl takes on the reigns of training them. Although they are beautiful creates, she will learn that they are work as well.

A wonderful story for lovers of unicorns that teaches responsibility and problem solving.
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This book is just a saccharine cute way to teaching kids how to take care of pets.

It shows that even when you try to train them, the right way, they don't always obey. 

Tilley tries to train her unicorn, but it is either stupid,  or just disobedient, and Tilly grows ore and more anxious.


Cute book on teaching responsibility, with a brightly colored illustrations.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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Unicorns are all the rage right now and they make the perfect vehicle for learning about perseverance for young children. Unicorn in Training was a wonderful story about a naughty, dirty little unicorn that wasn't very good at learning or being trained. But thanks to the help of one special girl, the unicorn learns how to work hard and essentially learns how to learn. Cute book. My kids will love it.
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*received from netgalley for honest review*  so I wont lie this is a really cute book and at first looked really promising but ended up being a let down... the idea is so cute, the art is cute but the book and "training" was very short and the book ended quickly, Not really a bad book but I the 7 year old I usually read these to would consider this "too babyish" but would be good for like 4 and under.
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This was pretty fun.
I especially enjoyed the expressions on the unicorn faces.
This book is probably more about trying hard and not giving up than anything else.
In any case I think tiny humans and adults alike can get a giggle out of this and will enjoy the illustrations.
Thank you NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group - QEB for my DRC.
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The drawings are simple with no lack of sparkle and colors, but that's the best part. The girl learns to train her unicorn in a very half hazzard way and leaves alot to be desired in the narrative. If you are loking for a book with unicorns for the novelty of it, then you have found your book. If you are wanting a truly great read that will stand the test of time... look elsewhere.
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Unicorns are still in, to many our sorrows. If you have little girls, like I do, you'll have unicorns coming out of your ears.
Still, this is a story about a little girl who adopts a unicorn foal and has to train him properly. It's a story about pets and responsibility, which, considering the amount of pets that are gifted during Christmas, is a good story to pack together with that puppy or kitten. But it also shows the love the families receive from their furry friends.

I love the illustrations and the effects achieved with the artwork. I love a story with message and the writing is simple and straightforward. Great for any little boy or girl.
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Tilly ama gli unicorni, e quando al rifugio arriva Splodge capisce che è quello che fa per lei: certo, un po' sporco, e non proprio educato, ma grazie al suo prezioso Manuale Tilly è certa che diventerà l'unicorno migliore del mondo!

L'unica cosa che Tilly non ha messo in conto è l'infinita pazienza che ci vuole per educare un cucciolo...

Una storia graziosa, ma che lascia poco: il maggior punto di forza sono le deliziose illustrazioni, per il resto l'unico messaggio è che per addestrare una animale domestico ci vuole pazienza e si viene riccamente ricompensati in affetto.

Messaggio giustissimo, ma che sarebbe stato piacevole veder reso con un pizzico di originalità.
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This book is so cute! It has been one of my favorites. The kids I read it to loved it! The questions at the end of the book were a great addition. I highly recommend this book!
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Tilly loves helping her parents with their Unicorn Rescue Center, but she wants to train an unicorn herself. Enter Splodge, a scruffy, dirty unicorn who needs a lot of extra TLC! There are several hilarious pages of Splodge doing things he shouldn't (like eating Mr. Teasel's slippers, or making a mess of Tilly's bed), which makes Tilly's parents uncertain that Splodge is the right unicorn for Tilly. But hard work and patience eventually turns Splodge into a model unicorn, and everyone is happy at the end.

Bonus points: my preschooler fell in love with the illustrations, and put in a request for a print version when it comes out. As she's probably the target audience for this book, I'd say this is a win!
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Splodge is a unicorn. He is dirty and a klutz. He is written off by others because of his appearance. Tilly helps out at the unicorn rescue sanctuary. Tilly decides she will adopt him and take care of him. It takes a while but with determination and patience she is able to help Splodge be the best unicorn he can. 

Cute drawings. And a great story about patience and love. My son enjoyed this one. 

I love stories about misfits. I will also point out that splodge toots glitter. So... that’s fantastic.
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A cute picture book for unicorn fanatics. It would not be my first choice for purchase but it is good for those who have exhausted the rest of the unicorn universe of picture books.
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When Tilly gets a new unicorn at her parents rescue she's super excited as Splodge is the unicorn she grows to love can she train him before he becomes too much for them to handle?

A sweet short story kids will love not just for the joyful colourful images helping depict the story but the joy of the love for a pet and how they can enrich our lives too. It shows how we can gain a fun for friend for life and have a lot of fun with them too!

Many thanks to the publishers for allowing me to review this book for them!
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It was a cute story overall with just as cute artwork to match. I think the Unicorn is treated more like a dog than a mythical animal related to the horse. I don’t think children (ages 1-6) will be able to tell the difference though.
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I thought that this was a lovely story and I thought that the images were perfect!

I read the book to my daughter and as soon as she saw the pictures her face lit up and I knew it was going to be a massive hit with her – after all, there are not many little girls out there that don’t love unicorns!

The story was easy to read and follow and it had a lovely flow to it.  I thought it was excellent and as a parent, it was great as she was hooked and asked for it to be read again straight after – always a good sign for me!!  It is 5 stars from us for this one, very highly recommended!!
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*thank you to Netgalley, Amanda Brandon and Quarto Publishing Group for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*

3 stars.

I was disappointed with this one. The illustrations were the best part. I loved the colours and the details were a bit different to what I'm use to, but I really liked them. Overall I would give the illustrations a 4 star rating. Unfortunately the story didn't interest me, and I gave it a 2 star mark. Making my overall rating, 3 stars.

The book is nice enough. I guess it shows kids that having a pet isn't always fun and games but it just didn't appeal. Hopefully for others it does.
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Very simply told elegant story on taking responsibility that comes with caring for your pets. Loved two thigns baou this apart from the moral.
Great pictures. That rainbow mane.
Feeling fizzy and fuzzy inside when there's conneciton/love.
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Great but so short! My 5 yr old who loves all things unicorn and wants one of her own thought this book was written for her, she loved it! The artwork is nice, perfect for a kids book, bright and colorful and goes with the text well. The premise is to keep working hard for what you want - I felt that the text mentioned this but fell short. It maybe needed one more example of how Splodge was learning but hadnt mastered it yet. The ending seemed a bit abrupt for such a great work up in previous pages. I do recommend it and we will be buying this as the unicorn lover says it's a must have. 
I was given an ebook advanced copy in exchange for my review
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