The Nurse's Christmas Temptation

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The Nurse’s Christmas Temptation, as the name suggests, is published by M&B Medical and the author is Ann McIntosh.  Nurse Harmony Kincaid is not planning on celebrating Christmas after the loss of her grandmother. Instead she goes to a remote Scottish island to work as a nurse. There she meets Dr Cameron MacRurie (who is also the Laird of the island) turns her organised world upside down!! Will Harmony be able to be able to overcome her concerns about Cam’s daredevil adventurous lifestyle to be able to get her HEA?  

There are lots of believable emotions in this book and the reader can empathise with the feelings of loss, grief and loneliness during the supposedly happy Christmas period. The characters are believable and there is a balance between the medical and romantic elements of the novel. 

I received this book via Netgalley and Mills and Boon in exchange for a honest review. I am a #MillsAndBoonInsider #netgalley
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Firstly I'm going to start off by saying I don't usually like peoples faces on books, but I have to say I really really like this cover (I couldn't even tell you why, it's a very rare exception but here we are)

This was such a heartfelt book, I'd lost my grandma last year around the christmas period so I felt connected to the main character. It was a lighthearted book and really got me into a festive mood! It's so cute and the humour was an added bonus!
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When Nurse Harmony Kincaid gets the chance to spend christmas on a remote scottish island she can't wait to get away from everything festive. Little does she know that soon her remote getaway is going to turn into a winter wonderland. As her heart starts to melt she finds herself falling in love with the daredevil local doctor and laird, but first Harmony needs to overcome her concerns around his daring lifestyle to find her own happy ever after.
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Christmas can be the toughest time of the year when you’ve lost someone you love. Harmony, just wants the festive season to be over, now she can’t spend it with her lovely grandmother. Taking a nursing role on a remote Scottish island seems to be the perfect solution, but she didn’t realise that the island belonged to the doctor she was working with, or that he would be so attractive.

The island transforms at Christmastime with a Winter wonderland festival, and the instead of being remote and sparsely populated, it is full of tourists. The island has a cast of lovely characters, all with their own stories, and they all want to know about the new nurse. Harmony fights their inquisitiveness and her attraction to the Laird, without success, and realises that she will leave her heart behind when she returns to the mainland.

An intensely romantic story, this has a vibrant festive ethos, a cast of believable and quirky characters. and a passionate, stormy romance that mirrors the island it takes place on. Grief, loss and learning to trust are themes of this story, which has a charming Christmassy happy ending.

I received a copy of this book from Mills and Boon via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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Harmony has agreed to help her friend as a temporary nurse on a Scottish island. She had lost her grandmother in the year and wasn't sure about spending the first Christmas without her, especially as her mum was going to Yorkshire to spend time with her new partner and his family and she didn't want to be a third wheel! She is however lacking festive spirit. Oh and one thing I didn't say, the island has a Christmas festival!

Cameron is the islands doctor, but also a bit of a daredevil adrenaline junkie, something Harmony isn't sure about given her father who had a heart condition died whilst rock climbing and wanting to free climb

I enjoyed reading Harmony and Cam's story, I could understand Harmony's fears and could see why she did what she did. Her fears were almost too much for her and seeing if she can overcome them is a big part of the book.

Cam can't understand Harmony's fears, as she doesn't tell him the reasoning behind it. I liked Cam, he cares about his community and the passion comes out from behind everything he does

I also adored the community on the island, it only had about 250 permanent residents but they all come together, especially for the Christmas festival. There are also some helpers along the way who make the story much more fun and interesting

I will say that there isn't loads of medical scenarios, given that this a medical romance I was expecting a few more, but it does work well with the ones they have. Given the main focus is the community GP, the community focus is important, although I would have loved to find out more about some of the patients that they visit and their futures

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a romance with a festive feel and a strong community spirit
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Harmony’s grandmother had died and she was finding life so difficult. A change seemed to be in the air as well as a new location. 
Sparks flying between the nurse and doctor on a small Scottish island, makes for very entertaining reading!
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This book was a really relaxing read as the plot was simple, the setting very atmospheric and the characters well drawn with good senses of humour and no ridiculous events thrown in to move the plot along. It felt like a very friendly book and this contributed to the way in which the reader is drawn in to share the festivities with the characters as their romance developed in a very natural and realistic way. I really enjoyed it and feel it is an ideal pre-Christmas read.
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Beautifully written festive read, with bonus of stunning Scottish setting. I enjoyed this very much.

Thank you to NetGalley and to Mills & Boon Insiders for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Absolutely beautiful read, I most definitely adore this book and can't wait to read more from the author, I literally cried with when reading the last moments in the book it's truly beautiful.
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A male doctor and a female nurse - meet up as she becomes his surgery and community nurse on a fictional small Scottish island.
An island that is mad about Christmas! Completely bonkers with decorations, events, lights and the works to attract tourists and improve the economy of course.
The usual storyline emerges and the two fight their attraction but...
One thing that didn’t ring true is that if they make so much fuss about Xmas, and it brings so many tourists that they have to put up tents in back yards, why then is the hotel able to find rooms at no notice for a large family gathering? Surely it would be booked up months in advance - if not years... our experience with hotels shows us that the best are booked years in advance! Would spoil the story if course if there was no room at the Inn! But would be more in keeping of the season...
Nicely written and enjoyable in its type.
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Combining all the elements I love to find when I pick up an M&B medical romance, The Nurses Christmas Temptation was a great introduction to Ann McIntosh’s writing.

“It was easy now to see why women went bonkers over men in kilts.”

Opposites attract as Cam and Harmony cross the line from colleagues to lovers and with oodles of chemistry and a bunch of interfering residents with their hearts firmly in the right place, they bring humour, intimacy and a little fight along the way.

“He was a temptation she hadn’t expected and didn’t want to resist.”

For any lover of hot Scottish docs, a tight-knit community and plenty of Christmas traditions reaching from not only Scotland but also Jamaica, this is one to grab.
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The Nurse's Christmas Temptation (Mills & Boon Medical)is a standalone book by Ann McIntosh.

Set on a remote Scottish island during the run-up to Christmas this book will definitely have you feeling festive. 

Harmony Kincaid is a nurse who agrees to help out a friend on maternity leave by taking her place as the nurse on the island. Normally a nice quiet place Harmony looks forward to the quiet where she can grieve in solitude over it being the first Christmas since her grandmother had passed away, and also the first one where she wouldn't be spending it with her mother. You can imagine her shock when after arriving on the island not only does she discover that the doctor she will work with is absolutely gorgeous, but that the island transforms into a winter wonderland during the festive season. Tourists will flood the place and the quiet retreat she was seeking would be anything but that.

Dr Cameron MacRurie is grateful that his nurse found somebody at least temporarily to fill her place over the busiest time of the year on the island. When he first meets her he is gobsmacked at his automatic attraction to her. He is also a little worried because she doesn't seem to like him at all, not from her expression or her attitude to him. What he doesn't realise is that the fact he had been using a water jetpack when her ferry arrived and was now still in his wetsuit was what she was angry about. Her father had died doing fear seeking pursuits like that and she thinks others that do the same are just selfish people.

When in his normal clothes and with normal work talk going on between them Harmony seems much more pleasant, and they start to get along. The more time they spend together the more their attraction builds and it really shouldn't go anywhere. Harmony is only there temporarily but even if they can't have a long term future maybe they could just have a bit of a fling. Could they do that without losing their hearts?

I loved the setting of this story and the fabulous fun characters that make up the various Christmas committees. 4 fun women all keen on matching their fave doctor and the new nurse alongside planning the festival with all its Scottish flavour. I loved the build-up to the volcanic eruption of passion between Harmony and Cameron, and I just adored the ending, it brought happy tears to my eyes. Something happens that I didn't even begin to guess would happen and I love a surprise ending like that. It's a lovely feelgood festive story that I happily recommend.
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This was a really well written sweet story between to opposites . Harmony has dealt with a lot and was determined not to fall for the doctors charm....she fails miserably lol... A lovely  read
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Really enjoyed this book don't normally read these sort of book I was out my comfort zone but must say it was well written.
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A Christmas Fairytale, 5 Stars 🌟

Following one of the worst times of her life Nurse Harmony Kinkaid is looking forward to escaping to the remote Scottish Island of Eilean Rurie (Rurie Island), to work through the holidays and forget about Christmas. However, unbeknownst to Harmony, Eilean Rurie is called the North Pole of Scotland and is famous for its Winter Festival (previously known as the Christmas Festival). 

When Harmony arrives on the Island she is greeted by her boss, the adventurous Dr Cameron MacRurie, with whom she shares an immediate mutual attraction, but with her safe organised world already turned upside down, Cam's daredevil attitude makes him off limits. However, as Christmas nears and the Islands Christmas spirit works it's magic, can the Crafty Islanders and Cam (with a little help from his Grand-Da's luckenbooth designed Christmas Heart decoration) renew Harmony's Christmas cheer and make this Christmas the happiest of her life and with a little compromise from them both a very festive HEA!

Even though Ms Ann McIntosh is a newer author to the Mills and Boon family, she has already made a big impact with her writing and her latest book The Nurse's Christmas Temptation doesn't disappoint. Although primarily a medical romance the medical theme is an enjoyable supplement, making Cam and Harmony's story definitely one to read for all fans of romance; as Ms McIntosh has written a wonderfully heartwarming story with the additional message of not letting fear rule your life and living life to the fullest, something we all need to be reminded of occasionally! And with the added addition of some beautifully written secondary characters, like the Crafty Islanders you will want to revisit Rurie Island again and again.

For your information, I received my copy from Netgalley and Mills and Boon via Mills and Boon Insiders however, this does not influence my opinions as all opinions are my own.
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Harmony was a nurse and went to work on a Scottish island and when she got there she was met by Cameron the Laird of Eilean Rume Island. When they meet there attraction to each other is instant but neither one would do anything about it. What happens next is a roller coaster ride of emotions. I really loved reading this book and it is the first one that I have read by Ann but definitely not the last. I definitely recommend you read this book and you will not be disappointed.
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