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I got an ARC of this book.

I was approved for this book just a few moments ago. I immediately downloaded it and started reading it. O'Neill is one of my favorite creators for kids right now. I even have the card game based on one of her book series. I will eventually get the board game based on another book. 

I adore her art. Everything is amazingly cute. The color choices are just really appealing to me too. Who doesn't love cute talking creatures like Dewdrop? If you don't, I don't know if we could ever be friends. Dewdrop is amazingly adorable. The art alone makes this book enjoyable.

Dewdrop is a MALE who enjoys CHEERLEADING. Yes, that had to be in all caps. The stuff that shows that boys can like "girl" things is so few and far between. To see this book just do it without a second thought and without pointing it out is just magical. Dewdrop is that kid I wish I could see more of. He does what makes him happy and he treats people well. Imagine how much more fun recess would be if there were more Dewdrops around. 

The plot was cute enough. It wasn't as in-depth as some of O'Neill's other works, which is why it is a four star instead of a five star for me. I just expected a little bit more from O'Neill. 

Overall, the book was pretty wonderful. I enjoyed it and I would gladly share this with others. If you have any kids in your life or any fans of axolotls, then this might be a great fit for you. Give it a shot. Read all of O'Neill's stuff. Become a fan. It won't be difficult.
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I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher Oni Press for allowing me to receive this E-ARC in exchange for an honest review! 

by Katie O'Neill

Like everything done by O'Neill the artwork and story as the most adorable thing ever, they have a very clear style that I absolutely love! I think it is fantastic that we are getting a younger picture book from them! I can not wait to get it and read it with my daughter!

5 Stars / A+
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Dewdrop was a delightful Children's book (best for ages 4+) showing the power of supportive friendship, practicing, and trying ones' best. I particularly loved the weightlifting turtle Mia (and the fact that she's coded as feminine with the flower adorning her head). The art is fantastic and so cute - people who love fish tanks and axolotls especially will enjoy this. Highly recommended.
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Katie O'Neill is an auto-read for me, but I was so excited when I saw that she would be creating a picture book! All of O'Neill's books are ridiculously adorable, but this book about Dewdrop the axolotl has an extra dose of cuteness. The illustrations are bright and expressive, the variety of aquatic creatures is perfect to teach littles new words, and the positive message of the story will warm the hearts of adults and kids alike. This might not be the best book for younger storytime crowds, but one-on-one this will be a delightful book for all readers.
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This has to be one of the cutest things I've ever read!!! I love all of Katie O'Neill's work so I had no doubt that I would love this one as well. And I was right!! The illustrations are beautiful, the story is cute and lovely!! I can't wait to buy it.
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Sweet and visually engaging.  Perfect for kids attracted to Tea Dragons, but who aren't quite ready for the longer plots and more nuanced characterizations of those books.  This book reminded me of 80's kids cartoons, whimsical, full of friends, and giving kids language to describe their own real-life experiences.
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Really cute story about helping others by simply being a friend. A feel good story with adorable illustrations.
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I received an ARC of Dewdrop from Oni Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Katie O’Neill’s work is always a delight, and Dewdrop was no exception. It’s her first children's book and her artwork just really suits the age range. It’s a simplistic one but it has so much colour and life,

Is it my favourite thing I’ve read? No, but it’s a really sweet and wonderful story for children all about friendship and encouraging people.

I’d highly recommend to any children in your life, as it has such a lovely message.
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Very good lower elementary graphic novel - loved the illustrations and will be purchasing for my library
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This new graphic novel from Katie O'Neill is super cute. Dewdrop encourages all her friends to do their best for themselves and not focus too much on comparing themselves to everyone else. The art and story, as usual, is amazing. I just wish that there was more to this one. I feel like there wasn't much to it. The growth from the characters happened so fast. I wish that there was more to the growth. But for the age demographic, this was a fantastic book! I can't wait to see what's next from Katie!
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This is just a precious story about staying possitive and helping others.

Dewdrop is a sweet little character, the artwork is just adorable and I think it has a nice message for children.
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Everyone is excited to join in and participate in the Sports Fair. Mia the Turtle is going to join the pebble-throwing competition, three minnows will cook food to serve, and another friend is going to write a song for the event! Dewdrop the Axolotl is learning a new cheerleading routine to cheer on her friends and is determined to help them with their tasks as well. They all go their separate ways to practice but when Dewdrop's friends start to question their skills and abilities, Dewdrop drops in with her positivity, friendship, and good advice to save the day!

Dewdrop is a super cute picture book with a positive message about encouraging and helping others, not giving up, and doing your best, no matter what that means in comparison to others. Dewdrop not only says she will help, but she also follows through and checks up on everyone, showing what it is to be a good friend.

Dewdrop features a colorful and lively underwater world with lots of adorable creatures that make this book extra loveable! Its sequential art style makes it a unique picture book (a bit like a comic!) and so much fun to read!
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This book is one of the cutest, purest and most wholesome children stories I read. I love the art style by Katie O'neill, she´s one of my favourite illustrators. I would definitely recommend it for young children who are starting to read, as the storyline is easy to understand.
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I have received an electronic copy of this book from the publisher Oni Press via Netgalley.

This book was so adorable. I really enjoyed the message that it portrayed, that it's okay to struggle and your friends are there to help. I recommend this book to parents that want to teach their kids about friendship and hard times.
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This book has a really cute and appealing design. The characters and the world are so fun. The illustrations are sweet and captivating. The story itself was simple but quite sweet--a nice tale about cheering friends to do what they do best. I did find some of it a little too on the nose, but considering the targeted age group, this is appropriate.
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This is an adorable story with amazing illustrations. It's a real feel-good tale for kids to teach them perseverance, kindness and being a good friend. Kids will love this one!
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An adorable name for an adorable book in both artistic style and story line.
This is all about trying your best and cheering on your friends. No matter what the outcome might be you did your all and that’s what truly matters. I was a cheerleader in my youth and although we won a competition or two we lost more often, it was all about having fun and growing as a unit and of course making friends along the way.
This book embodies that and more.
Did I mention that it’s super adorable because it totally is.
Thanks very much to Netgalley and the publisher for this copy of my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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I love this book so much! I adore everything Katie O'Neill has ever written and this was no exception. I've been so excited for her to release a new picture book and I have a feeling that the cute art, bright colors, and sweet story will be really popular with kids (plus animal main characters are always A++). This was seriously just so precious and I need a copy for my shelves as soon as it comes out just to join my beloved Katie O'Neill collection!

Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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This is one of the sweetest children's books I've ever read. It has such a beautiful message of doing your personal best and not comparing yourself to others. 

The illustrations are rich and creative. I truly hope that Katie O'Neill never stops writing these kinds of books. They're very important.

I think this story would be best suited to younger children. The Tea Dragon Society books are more complex. However, DewDrop is definitely for younger audiences and it's easier to understand.

5/5 stars!
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I was given DEWDROP from Oni Press for an honest review.


I'm a huge fan of Katie O'Neill's art and stories, but DEWDROP hit home for me. This new year I'm trying to be more positive and look at the brighter side, and that is precisely what our little axolotl does. I actually teared up a little, because Dewdrop is so cute and positive.

A+++ story. 10/10 will recommend to everyone — especially those who are struggling to achieve their goals. 

Thank you, Katie, for another lovely story.
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