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I had a lot of mixed feelings about this book. One thing is for certain the answer to the puzzle is not going to be what you think. A nice little twist...
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I like books written by Jo Spain.  I would read other books she writes in the future.  She is a new author that I really enjoy.
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Another fantastic read by Jo Spain.  Her books just keep getting better and better and six wicked reasons is no different.  When Adam returns after having disappeared ten years earlier, long held secrets are exposed and loyalties are tested.  I was gripped by this book from the start, eager to finish.  4 stars
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I really enjoyed this book. I won't say anything about the plot - you can get an idea from the blurb and go from there - other than to say that this is one of those books that will keep you guessing right to the end. It would be a brilliant tv series - a film wouldn't allow for the brilliant complexity of the story. The characters are so well-written and believable, though many are not very likeable. I can't wait to try the author's other work.
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A very enjoyable read to wile away the hours. There was enough tension and suspense to keep you on your toes with a satisfying outcome. Thank you to NetGalley for the advance readers copy.
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Really enjoyed this.  An unputdownable murder mystery with a cast of characters who all have something to hide and a satisfying denouement. Highly recommended..
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SIX WICKED REASONS was one of those books that was so different from what I was expecting. And, for that reason, I’m still not sure how I would categorise this novel. I did really enjoy this, but for some reason I was expecting a fast-paced thriller and what I got was (in my opinion) a slow burn domestic noir. It took me a while to settle into it because of that, but once I did I was captivated. 

This book follows a huge Irish family across a dual timeline which I was so excited to discover as it’s a narrative style that is a personal favourite of mine. The basics of this plot involve an abusive, controlling father with a trail of destruction left in his wake, and a son who went missing 10 years ago only to turn up out of the blue in present day. Intertwined in all this is a murder mystery. It sounds a tad confusing but I promise it’s not!

Some parts of this read slightly slower in certain places for me, but only because the author is taking her time building up the intricacies of this family which are truly needed for the finale.  And that ending more than made up for it. It was clever and twisty and worked SO well. In fact, there were so many smaller surprises dotted along the way that just gave so much rich depth to this family. 

If you’re in the mood for a complex psychological thriller that investigates family dynamics and their far-reaching impacts then I would definitely recommend this one. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a fast read, even though I did read it quickly, as there was a lot to absorb, but it was definitely worth it.
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I’ve over other books by Jo Spain so was keen for this and it didn’t disappoint . 
A good family drama with elements of a Jackie Collins / Agatha Christie who dunnit/ what happened .... A proper dysfunctional family which at times did appear a tad unbelievable but made for good reading. The story is told from the points of view of all 6 siblings and I loved seeing how this all came together , it flips from past to present which at first was confusing but soon becomes easy to read as there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you reading .
Another great read, thank you netgalley for this e arc.
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I enjoyed this book which is a bit of a slow burn in that we have to get introduced to all the family, but I really liked the different points of view and use of differing timelines.  The characters are well drawn and realistic. The book kept me guessing until the end about motivations and back stories which I particularly liked.
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I really enjoyed this book!  A great story line that kept me hooked and excellent main characters.  I would highly recommend this book.
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Six Wicked Reasons is an expertly crafted novel, focusing on the dysfunctional and very wealthy Latimer family, and the events that took place many years ago, when one of the siblings – Adam – disappeared mysteriously. Today, he’s turned up again out of the blue, and someone else seems to have been taken revenge on for what happened back then…

Jo Spain does a fantastic job of creating convincing, interesting characters and weaving together the various narratives for each of them. There’s a strong element of mystery, obviously, which kept me guessing, and the Spanish Cove – an area of Ireland I wasn’t aware of before – takes on an almost secretive quality itself. What really happened there?

The story is complex at times but easy to follow, despite it jumping around from the past to present. I love the way we slowly find out more and more about why Adam disappeared all those years ago, whilst simultaneously trying to work out what tragedy has happened at the party which has just taken place in the present day narrative.

It’s a very compelling, intriguing story and I loved reading every page. Six Wicked Reasons is a great release from an author I’d now like to read much more from!
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Wow - this is the first time I have read Jo Spain, I am hooked. A gripping whodunnit with plenty of suspense, twists and turns. Looking forward to her next book.
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Although I had never read Jo Spain before I was looking for to reading SIX WICKED REASONS. The premise sounded interesting with many suspects on offer, however this novel did nothing but grate on my nerves. I have come across plenty of dysfunctional families in books before but this lot just were just so incredibly self-absorbed and whiny that I found them all to be utterly depressing. I had several attempts at giving this book a good go, but at around 35% I just gave up. I could spend another moment in their company.

The story centres around the dysfunctional Lattimer family. In 2008, Adam Lattimer disappeared without a trace, presumed dead. This devastated the family, particularly their mother Kathleen who passed away just a year later. Now it's 2018 and the remaining siblings - Kate, James, Clio and Ryan - are all summoned back to Spanish Cove from all corners of the world. Adam has returned home.

What ensues is a bunch of adult children behaving like spoilt children. They hurl insults at each other, they nitpick, they allude to secrets the others may have...all for what? To one-up the other?

Of the remaining siblings, only Ellen has remained at home at Spanish Cove with their father Frazer. The other four escaped and did whatever they could to remain distanced from their childhood home. Then on the night they all return, Frazer holds a dinner party to commemorate the occasion...secretly summoning the only two married siblings' partners. And watch the fireworks begin! I don't know what Frazer had envisioned would happen but he just seemed totally oblivious to everyone else's feelings. But that wasn't all. It seems the dinner party held one other surprise. Frazer had met someone, a Russian widow a decade his junior, and they were to marry. Of course this threw everything into disarray. The children had no idea what their father was playing at while Ellen was envisioning her inheritance being passed onto the new wife when she has devoted her life to this house!

Frazer requested they all extend their stays as he had organised a celebration aboard a yacht he has rented for Monday evening. There is plenty of grumbling and refusals at first but they all acquiesce in the end. Perhaps Frazer's real reason for summoning them all was to announce his engagement and subtly let his offspring know they are being cut out of their sizable inheritance. Who knows? Frazer is a cold fish, oblivious to anyone else but himself. If he hadn't gone overboard I'm sure I would have topped him myself...had I got that far.

But as it is, on the night of the celebration aboard the rented yacht, family friend Danny notices Frazer is missing and alerts the others. In their search they discover blood on the railings and it isn't long before they find their father's body floating in the sea. What then follows is a thorough police investigation into the death. Was it an accident? Or is it murder?

All six siblings can't help but look at each other wondering - which of them killed their father.

The story is narrated by all six siblings over different time periods from 2008 and 2018 - the latter being divided into before and after. It was a little confusing at first but it didn't take long to pick up. The other voice to the story is that of Detective Downes who delves into the mystery of Frazer's untimely demise to determine what really happened.

I did feel there was a slight nod to the Queen of crime herself, Agatha Christie, with that isolation of everyone gathered together until the murderer is revealed. But that is where any similarity ended because Ms Christie would have created a much tidier version, I'm sure. However, skipping to the final chapters, the conclusion revealing the guilty party was a nice touch.

As much as I wanted to enjoy this book, I couldn't. Every single character grated on my nerves and I wanted to toss the lot of them overboard that yacht. They were so incredibly dysfunctional, which I know was the whole point, but I just couldn't spend another moment with them. As I stopped at 35% and skipped to the end to find out who the guilty party was, I failed to uncover all their secrets as they all had them. And while Jo Spain leads the reader through a wicked reason each sibling had for offing their father, I didn't discover what they were having tossed it in before reaching that point.

I appear to be in the minority with my opinion of this sorry tale, but there it is. Plenty of others have enjoyed it so please, don't take my word for it. I just couldn't bear another moment of the Lattimers.

Despite not enjoying this book, I never write an author off based on one book. While I didn't like this one, I may love the next one. This has proved true on many occasions with other authors. So therefore, I look forward to discovering more from Jo Spain in the future.

I would like to thank #JoSpain, #NetGalley and #Quercus for an ARC of #SixWickedReasons in exchange for an honest review.
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Ten years ago, Adam Lattimer disappeared and his family had no idea what had happened to him or where he went - or even if he was dead or alive. Now he's back, and his siblings have been gathered from all corner of the globe to celebrate his reappearance with a party hosted by their father in the family home in County Wexford, Ireland. But the family is full of secrets, and some of them might be out by the time the weekend is over. And why did Adam decide to return now of all times?

This was an intriguing and suspenseful family drama that really brought me a lot of entertainment and took me a whole load of twists and turns. I loved how this story was told, in a past and present narrative - with the present taking place in a garda station following the suspected murder of one of the family members. I loved being brought back and forth from all angles of the story through each of the family members and seeing how each sibling saw each other, thought of each other and their relationship with their father.

I liked the reveals in this book, and while I do wonder at the plausibility of all of it, it's not completely unbelievable either. I guessed at some things and not others which I also enjoyed. I think this is a great book for fans of Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty as the story structure is a little bit similar!
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I thoroughly enjoyed 2 previous titles by Jo Spain, "The Confession" and "Dirty Little Secrets" but I'm afraid I have given up on this one abut halfway through.  I started it with excitement but it didn't grip me - I put it down and picked it up again, same again; after a third attempt to get into the story I decided that I was just not going to finish it.

I can't quite put my finger on my issues with the book but I think it may have been the fact that none of the 6 siblings seemed to me to have any redeeming features, and they all struck me as unlikely and wooden characters.

Sorry I can't be more positive but I’d like to thank Quercus and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘Six Wicked Reasons’ by Jo Spain.
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I’ve never read this author’s books before and I was drawn in by the description. I was not disappointed. This is an engaging book that held my attention from the outset and drew me into the story. I enjoyed reading it and will read more of Jo Spain’s books.
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The six adult children of Frazer Lattimer have an entire childhood of fraught experiences to draw upon for examples of bad parenting.  Their mother, Kathleen Lattimer, was an utter saint though and often served as a buffer between her overbearing husband and their three sons and three daughters. With Kathleen now gone, and Adam Lattimer returning home after a ten year absence, there is much that must be discussed.  Six Wicked Reasons is a novel about the people who never let you forget the past. Your family were there, and they know you best.

Adam had quite a few very good reasons of his own to up stakes from Spanish Cove and make his own way in the world. Discovering that his mother passed during his absence is a hard blow to take, and it wasn’t delivered in the best of ways either.  As the news of Adam’s imminent return reaches the Lattimer siblings, the children of Frazer and Kathleen all begin to make their way back to the family home.

It is a huge shock when Frazer announces during the homecoming weekend at that he intends to marry again, and use the proceeds of the house to fund his upcoming world travels with his new bride-to-be, Anna.

There were others in the sphere of the well-at-heel Lattimer family that did not fail to notice that the controlling and narcissistic Frazer was capable of doing great harm to his family. When Frazer falls, or is pushed overboard from the family homecoming party at sea, not everyone in the Lattimer family is in mourning.

The burden of long held secrets that can’t be contained spill forth in an intense and absorbing read that goes the extra mile at establishing credible motives and bedding down the complicated relationship dynamics that lead to murder.  The reader will need to hunker down with the Lattimers, as this is one group of siblings who may not necessarily take the ‘all for one’ approach when their own futures are under threat.

The best whodunits present both a small stage and a small cast of suspects.  The unsettling knowledge that the killer could only be one of a handful of people puts more weight on each of the interactions between suspect/s and victim.  Six Wicked Reasons unravels its dark family secrets via past and present narratives, revealing just enough so that each chapter directs, or misdirects, our attention back to passages just read with a keener eye.

Six Wicked Reasons is a entertaining work of dramatic fiction with murder as the end result of sustained family conflict.
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Everyone assumed that Adam Latimer, who disappeared ten years earlier, was dead, so his unannounced return took everyone by surprise. Why did he leave? He won't tell anyone, especially not his domineering father Frazier, or any of his five siblings, four of whom have left home mainly because of Frazier. Kathleen their mother died, heartbroken, firmly believing Adam was dead.

All the children are called back home to celebrate Adam's return and Frazier organises a lavish party on a yacht, during which he has a surprise or two. The party is cut short when Frazier is found in the sea. Did he fall or was he pushed? If it wasn't an accident who would want to kill him? Well, any or all of his six kids, for a start. Or maybe his close friend Danny. This is what Rob Downes, the local Mr Plod has to unravel.

This is light, quite readable book, but not particularly well written. At times it feels as though two people have been involved in the writing as the style isn't consistent. The time lines are a little confusing, hopping between Present, then backward, then forwards again but with no clear flow.  Some of the plotting is a bit silly, some of it just too far-fetched, but as I said, it's okay for a wet weekend if you've nothing else to do.

One aspect of this book irritated the heck out of me, and that was Frazier who is really a caricature of a Scotsman - his continual use of the word "Ach" was particularly annoying, as was his use of "lass". My father was a Scot and never, ever used either. Why Frazier had to be a Scot living in Southern Ireland, instead of an Irish native is beyond me. It doesn't add anything to the story - there is absolutely no reason for it - but the author feels if she throws in a few "Scottish" words it will make him authentic. No it doesn't.

This is the second of Jo Spain's books I've read and I haven't been hugely impressed by either, which means I probably won't read any more.

My thanks to Netgalley for a free download.
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Really enjoyed this book thank you. Vibrant, believable, characters and an absorbing plot. I will ensure I look out for this author in the future!
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I think I am in the minority but this was confusing, disjointed and too slow for me. I liked the premise a lot but didnt think the author did enough to drop hints throughout the story to keep the reader interested.
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