The Family Tree

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I have been spoiled with excellent reads recently so it I don't say this lightly but this was a phenomenal book.
I loved the complex lives detailed within one family and their extended friendships throughout the decades. This is a love story but not about romance but about family. How we can suffer great tragedies, lose our way, lean on each other etc. 
Each generation had their struggles and we're all endearing in their own ways. I felt lost once I had reached the last page.

Brave, beautiful and badass.
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Thank you NetGalley and HQ for a copy of The Family Tree by Sairish Hussain.
This is a beautifully written, emotional story about a British Muslim family from February 1993 to present day.  The story starts with the birth of Zahra and the loss of her mother and dad Amjad single handily bringing her up and son Sahill. It tells us the views of Muslims and what they thought of 9/11. On the night of Sahil’s graduation from University tragedy strikes and Sahill disappears for a decade. With the loss of her brother Zahra grows up fast and her father struggles with the loss of his son.
WOW this is an excellent debut novel by Sairish Hussain. She has written this as if she has been writing for a long time. It gave me an insight of a Muslim family, the struggles the prejudices that that have experienced. This is well worth the read.
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This book is similar to ‘a tree grows in Brooklyn’ it’s set from the 1990’s-2020’s. It shows how one family in Britain deals with grief, expectations and how they can change a person over time.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was drawn in during the first chapter and the pace of the story was perfect, pulling me in deeper until I couldn’t put it down! 

I loved the family unit of Saahil, Amjad and Zahra, along with grandmother Ammi. They seemed completely believable and I gained a deeper understanding of the culture as I read. 

The story takes us from the birth of Zahra onwards. Starting pre 9/11, we see how the events of that day affected our characters and the world around them. Finally, tragedy leads to a shock decision and a family in tatters. I won’t say more for fear of spoiling this excellent read!

Beautifully written throughout, Sairish Hussain has created a truly stunning book and I look forward to reading further works by this talented author. Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for my copy of this book.
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This was such a heartwarming, emotional and heartbreaking book to read. The story had such a grip on me that I found myself tearful on some occasions and shocked, waiting for something good to happen during times of such heartbreak. @sairish.hussain has done a wonderful job with The Family Tree and it was so nice to read of an ethnic minority family dealing with life challenges. I could really relate to Zahra and big brother Saahil's relationship which added to how emotional it was for me.
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This was a wonderful read.A book about family struggles surviving struggling through sadness and what life brings the,m .I became so involved in their story I didn’t want it to end.#netgalley#ha
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This is a lovely well written story. Full of strong loveable characters that define life experiences. In places it was a little slow but the whole story and enjoyment of the book made up for that. 

Highly recommended read. 

Thank you HQ and NetGalley.
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