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This is such an unusual premise that you can’t even begin to guess how the story will unfold and it’s written in such a page turning style that you can’t wait to find out what Beth will discover next about Flora and her children. The amount of imagination  employed to write this is phenomenal and yet it’s so believable and frightening. Sophie Hannah has easily succeeded in making an impossible story both plausible and possible.
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Sophie Hannah I loved u .,I still do but this was a love and hate read for me's taken me time to face the fact that no matter how loyal that things have slipped 
I of course appreciate alot your twisty worlds and this I can see was layered and had a diabolical plot and villain which I appreciate  but the novels have become so convulted and also like  I am are aware sophie  is known for twists and is well earnt .Sophie Hannah is  admired but now this shows an almost ,almost desperate need to throw in as many different confusing ideas 
Past few years I don't know what's gone on and it pains me as they are clever but just for me  don’t grip like the early works .i was so focused on the younger older versions ,getting the names right cater Jeanette oh no flora oh no bk again to ms cater is that Jeanette or Jeanette  as flora oh floras in uk oh no not now oh yes bk again ,that I found it hard to enjoy the novel .
I concentrated I focused I enter into her  novels with excitement of old and fear from the new stuff as it's sadly dissapointing,far reaching tooooooo muddly . Ideas page to page chipping n changing ...u just hold onto a idea and boom u have shifted it 
Now I read alot ,alot ,I don't mind out there ,..but constant shifting I do
Great concept muddly in its delivery and not paticually exiting as had to keep recalling the names and changes 

I will read again this author as I know it's in there that talent ,that gift and I'm hopefull and won't give up that there will more of a novel not just twisty threads which though I enjoy can just make a bit of a mess of what is a clever idea 
Thanks netgalley and publishers x
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12 years ago, two families fell out. Beth and Dominic Leeson were best friends with Flora and Lewis Braid, each couple with two children, but all those years ago, things changed… Flora and Lewis had another baby, Beth had a miscarriage, and the Braids became wealthy and moved away.

Now, Beth spots Flora with two young children, children that look exactly the same as the ones she knew 12 years ago. But how can this be? And where is the third child? Where is Lewis? Lots of twists and turns, quite unbelievable, but nonetheless a fun read.
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4-5 stars 

Well, if you like twisty and twistier then this is your book! Beth and Dom have grown apart from Flora and Lewis Brain and haven’t seen them for 12 years. On a whim, Beth decided to go to Newnham House, the last address she has for them. She parks up, sees Flora drive up to the secure gates of the large house, she gets out of the car with two children who she calls Thomas and Emily. What? The Thomas and Emily Beth knew should now be 17 and 15, so what on earth is going on? To describe Beth as dogged in her pursuit of the truth is somewhat of an understatement as it is more like obsessive but find the truth she does! This is a very puzzling mystery which Dom wishes she’d drop but she finds she is unable to do so. 

One of the things I like most about this book is the characters. Although Beth drives you a bit mad with her relentless pursuit, she is very likeable. Her relationship with Dom is great but the standout character for me is their 16 year old daughter Zan (Suzannah) who I just love. She is so funny, perceptive, incredibly smart and also supportive of Beth’s investigation. Yes, of course she should have been studying for her GCSE exams but hey, she’s a smart cookie! Lewis is the character you love to hate, in fact I found my fists clenched at some of his antics. The story is peppered with humour which I like very much but this ceases obviously, once the very dramatic conclusion unfolds. Yes, it’s probably implausible, yes it’s somewhat convoluted, yes some of the characters wouldn’t know truth if it socked  them between the eyes but I actually don’t mind very much because it is such an enjoyable read. 

Overall, I admit that at times I feel like I’d been down the rabbit hole with Alice but at the same time it’s terrifically entertaining, twisty, a bit creepy, weird and strange psychological drama which I couldn’t put down. 

Many thanks to NetGalley and Hodder and Stoughton for the ARC
Expected UK publication 23/1/20
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This is such a clever book and so unique. I love Sophie Hannah and this book did not disappoint. 
I was drawn in quickly and it’s a very memorable book as it’s unlike anything I’ve read this year. The characters are intriguing and well developed. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who enjoys this genre.
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This was an excellent thriller that drew me in. The storyline was well developed and the characters  were sympathetic and realistic.
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For most of this book I literally could not put it down, I had to know what was going on.   Beth and Flora had been best friends since university, however, after having their families they began to drift apart with none of them making the effort to keep in touch. Twelve years after their last contact, Beth sees Flora again but soon realises something very strange is going on.  I loved Beth's relationship with her family, it was actually refreshing reading about a normal, functional family!  I totally understood her determination to find out what was happening in Flora's life, and the book becomes more and more tense as truths are revealed.  However, I did feel things were a bit more convoluted than necessary and disbelief had to be suspended on a few occasions. I also felt we were given too much inner dialogue from Beth, at times it seemed we were getting too much detail of her every thought and action which was unnecessary.
I did enjoy this book and would certainly recommend it as a domestic thriller.
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Oh I ADORED this - twistier than you could hope for, a complex involving plot, a seemingly impossible mystery, with each passing page you get more and more addicted, whilst scratching your head in bemusement until Sophie Hannah unravels it all for you and it all makes sense. 

Clever clever. Also one of my favourite teenage characters in Zannah- a breath of fresh air.

Full review to follow for the tour but definitely highly recommend.
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I was intrigued by the the premise of this book, a very original storyline but I found myself skim reading just to finish. Overall I was underwhelmed with it.
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A gripping book telling how women will make any necessary sacrifice for their children. It is quite a creepy tail but well worth a read
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Sophie Hannah’s books are always hotly anticipated, by me anyway, and always set up incredibly intriguing, apparently inexplicable situations which generally become even more inexplicable and intriguing until the truth is finally unravelled. Here, the premise is two young children - Thomas and Emily, the children of protagonist Beth’s former best friend Flora - who apparently haven’t grown or changed at all in twelve years. Impossible, clearly, assuming science-fictional explanations are ruled out.

The investigation of an apparently inexplicable mystery is one of my favourite types of story and Sophie Hannah never disappoints. I liked Beth’s dogged determination to find the truth - driven both by concern for the children and a simple need to know - and often aided by teenage daughter Zannah (who surely has a glowing future ahead of her). 

There’s a bit of a danger, when a situation is quite so bizarrely inexplicable, of the actual solution being a bit of a disappointment. But while the denouement here is unavoidably slightly far-fetched - relying on people acting in ways which you can’t really imagine actually happening - it’s still both fair and satisfying.

I do miss Charlie and Simon, though. Are they ever coming back?
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I really enjoyed this. It gripped me so much that I had to force myself to put it down so I could look forward to reading more later.  The characters of Beth and her family were engaging and believable, particularly the sassy Zannah.  I had no idea what the secrets were that Flora and Liam were hiding and every time I thought I knew, I was wrong. The truth did stretch credibility a little, and the ending was slightly disappointing (I do not like these thriller endings),  but it was fun getting there. The epilogue was satisfying.
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Phew! Well, it's not often I read an entire book in a day, so that says a lot. Just had to keep reading to find out what the heck was going on?! Nicely written, maintains the suspense and sense of mystery, with a good dollop of confusion over quite who was telling the truth, or half-truths. Having a vivid imagination, I went through all sorts of possible theories: Stepford children? Bio-engineering? Cloned babies? Ghost story? Children forcibly treated with growth inhibitor?
Engaging and persistent protagonist, who also comes up with a few entertaining quotes on work-life balance while living with teenagers. I may put one or two up above my desk ;-)
A great read - and you'll be so caught up in it, it won't take long!
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A lot of us I'm sure have sometimes wondered what has become of those we have previously known in our earlier life but have now lost touch with. They may be from school, university or a previous workplace. What is the fate of the school swot, bully or that ultra competitive person who exceeded in every sport they took part in? (for the latter they are now running a carpet fitting company in Essex). Now bestselling writer of crime fiction Sophie Hannah shows that what you may find from your sense of curiosity (better described as nosiness) may have profound consequences both for you and the the subject of your inquisitiveness. 

When Beth takes a detour on the way to her son's Saturday morning football match to have a look at where Flora her former friend lives she by chance sees Flora leaving her car with her two children Thomas and Emily. Flora as of course aged in the subsequent twelve years from when she last saw her. But Thomas and Emily are still five and three years old. What is happening here! Is Beth mistaken, delusional or is there a far more sinister explanation? With a nice mixture of humour, mystery and chills this became the proverbial page turner. Well plotted with well drawn characters I'm sure that this will appeal to most readers who like a mystery read.
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A clever book - from the title right through to the end. A book centring on women, the meaning for them of friendship, their love for their children and what they'll sacrifice for the sake of both. Written with love and understanding, thie story will perplex, hearten and move you in equal measure.
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I spent a lot of time wondering how our main character Beth ,could see two children who hadn't aged in 12 years,and her ex best friend who was currently living in Florida.
No amount of thinking was ever going to come up with this story... I was thinking genetic tampering for sure,but the real story was more twisted and creepy than that.
A hugely entertaining read.
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I really didn’t know how this would pan out but I knew it would be good and it was better than that! So well written, tense and complex with clever moments they keep the reader guessing. Sophie Hannah is a truly accomplished writer and this was a joy to read, even if the subject matter was tense! I really loved it.
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I loved this book.  It is tense, gripping, hugely complicated and well written.- but then I am a fan of Sophie Hannah's books.

When Beth Leeson takes her son to  a football match, she is only minutes from the house that used to  belong to her best friends Flora and Lewis Braid whom she hasn't seen for 12 years.  It would so easy just to pop along and see if anything has changed.  She wasn't prepared for the shock of seeing Flora and her two children step out of the car (unseen by Beth).  Flora  understandably looks a little more mature after 12 years but ….. her children Thomas and Emily who would be around 15 and 17 haven't aged since Beth last saw them.

Maybe Beth should have left things alone and got on with her life with her family but like a terrier that won't let go, she wants to find out what has happened over the lost 12 years and as she digs further she doesn't like what she is unravelling.

Despite warnings from her husband Dom to let things rest, she endangers herself by finding out the truth and even if you think you have sussed it - believe me you have not!!

This is a great psychological thriller from Ms Hannah and sure to be a hit on the shelves next year.
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As soon as I read the synopsis for Haven’t They Grown I knew I NEEDED to read this. I was literally checking Netgalley every few hours just to see if my request was approved yet. 

And then I was approved. My plans for the day were swiftly cancelled and I started to read. Haven’t They Grown is truly brilliant, an absolute masterpiece of an idea. It’s written fantastically and I honestly couldn’t put it down until I knew how it ended! 

My only issue was Zannah, I didn’t like her as a character. 

This is a must read!
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After a standalone and the Poirot novels it's nice to see Hannah going back to one of her 'impossible' mysteries though, sadly, she doesn't bring back her Culver Valley cops. She certainly hasn't lost her touch for wildly convoluted plots and actually delivers a denoument that is as twisted and cruel as we have hoped.

That said, Beth can be an irritating narrator with her repetitive inner dialogue (yes, we're keeping up with the story, thanks!), her endless domestic minutiae (ok, fine to tell us she's using a lavender face mask in the bath to indicate she needs to calm her anxiety... but I really don't care that it comes in powder form and has to be mixed with water to form a paste - argh, stop!)

There are some credibility issues, especially around Zan turning detective with her mother when she should be revising for her GCSEs, but Hannah pulls it all together by the end. I'd have preferred a bit more drip-feed of discoveries to tighten the whole thing up and making it less of a rush to the finish, but Hannah has delivered another labyrinthine page-turner.
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